Lowe has game

Jeff Francoeur would obviously love to avoid an arbitration hearing. But before going to play tennis with his wife Friday night, the young outfielder’s greatest concerns actually centered around what he’d just seen Derek Lowe do on the golf course. 

“When Smoltzie left, I thought for sure, I’d be the best golfer on the team,” Francoeur said. “But I’m not sure that’s going to be the case. Derek Lowe is good.” 

A Braves All-Star catcher who wished to remain anonymous went one step further by saying, “Derek Lowe is the best golfer I’ve ever seen.  But don’t write that because it will make Smoltzie mad.”

While looking for new courses in the Ft. Myers area, Smoltz is probably too busy to read about what his newly-slender,  unnamed former batterymate is saying  But he wasn’t too busy to respond to this this Lowe-hype with a text message that simply read, “Whatever”. 

Now that he has wind of Lowe’s golf skills, Smoltz’s competitive spirit will probably lead him to travel to the Orlando area on a day when he can test his golf game against the new Braves ace.

“Lowe is pretty consistent,” Francoeur said. “He’s always going to be in the low 70s.  But Smoltz can go lower.  If they played 10 times, Lowe would probably win three or four times.”

Two days in Florida and already I have two blogs that include stories about what the boys are doing on the golf course.  Tomorrow’s entry will detail the game of “arbitration chicken” being played by Francoeur and the Braves. 

Actually there really isn’t anything new to report on the Francoeur arbitration front.  It still appears that a hearing is inevitable and I’m not sure this is good for either side.

Francoeur has arrived in camp with an enhanced sense of confidence that could certainly be destroyed when he has to listen to the full-scale attack the Braves plan to utilize in the arbitration hearing.

While saving some money, the Braves will also be creating the possibility that Francoeur’s confidence will be shaken to the point that he’s unable to avoid a repeat of last year’s struggles. 

Let’s just hope there is a resolution before next Friday’s scheduled hearing. But with that being said, I don’t see this happening. 

— Mark Bowman


Maybe the MLB should start a golf league!


Glad you got a blog up and running. Don’t post often but certainly read everything you and David O’Brian have to say and appreciate all the information you provide.

Wish there was some way Jeff and the Braves could avoid arbitration. Feel like it won’t be pretty.

Give Mr. Wren an A+ for his efforts this year. He said he was going to get 2 starting pitchers…he got 3 (and he re-signs Glavine that will be 4). He got 2 relievers (O’Flaherty and Boone). A much-needed backup catcher. And, I’ll give him credit for Kotchman and Marek, too.

Not sure the Braves need to find an OF power bat.

I believe emphasis should be on re-signing Glavine and extending Chipper’s contract.

Thanks again…and I love golf.

This blogging thing seems fun and to make it successful I will attempt to respond to as many comments as possible.

I’ll try to figure out how to change my tag. But for now, just recognize that udflyers 96 is me, Mark Bowman.

Julia per your request for an MLB golf league, I don’t know enough about every Major Leaguer’s game to suggest an All-Links team. But I can’t see how anybody would be better than Smoltz.

Instead, I’ll give you the three Braves players that I’ve covered that would provide the most enjoyable round.

While I’d certainly like to play with Smoltz, I don’t think he’d have too much fun waiting to 20 minutes per hole while I navigate the woods like a forest ranger.

I’m going to go with:

Greg Maddux — Some might refer to his humor as raunchy. I simply refer to it as hilarious.

Adam LaRoche — This is one of the coolest dudes you’re ever going to meet. He loves hunting, country music, beer and baseball (I believe in that order). As long as he doesn’t mistake me for a deer while I’m in the woods looking for a ball, I think we could have fun on the links.

Chipper Jones — Another good ol’ country boy who loves the Steelers and his Florida Gators. My only fear is that he’d start doing the annoying Gator Chomp after drilling long putts.

Who are the three Braves who would fill out your ultimate golf foursome?

Hello Mark, I like Lowe and his pitching .He has 1 of the top 5 sinkers in the game i think .would u rather have Derek Lowe a guy that wants to play with the Braves or Jake Peavy a guy that doesn’t really wanna play for the Braves ?As a Braves fan i was pretty upset that Peavy didn’t wanna come to the Braves ,but he can stay in SD for all i care lol do u think Lowe is an Ace caliber pitcher ?

A Braves All-Star catcher who would like to remain anonymous. That is hilarious. Doesn’t exactly leave much to the imagination as who it could be. I really like McCann. It should be interesting to see how he has changed after hearing he has lost weight. I think it will do more to save his knees rather than adding speed.

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