Griffey and Glavine still the buzz in camp

There’s still no definitive word that Ken Griffey Jr. has chosen the Braves over the Mariners.  But we’ve reached a point where I’d definitely be shocked if Griffey wasn’t stretching alongside Chipper Jones and Brian McCann on Wednesday, when the Braves hold their first full-squad workout of the season. 

Even if Griffey makes his decision today, there’s a chance the Braves wouldn’t hold a press conference until Wednesday.  At the same time, they could officially announce that they’ve reached also reached an agreement with Tom Glavine.

These signings could prove historic for the Braves. I still haven’t found any other instance where any of the six members of the 600-homer club have been a member of that club while playing with one of the 23 pitchers who had already joined the 300-wins club. I’ll let you know if Elias provides verification later today.

If the Braves do indeed get both Glavine and Griffey, they will have to remove two players from their 40-man roster.  My guess is that right-handed pitcher Anthony Lerew and outfielder Gregor Blanco will be the roster victims.

I walked in with Jeff Francoeur today and there certainly didn’t  seem to  be any indication  that he’s disturbed by the fact that it appears he’ll be going to Phoenix for an arbitration hearing on Friday. 

It still seems quite hard to believe that Francoeur even has a chance to win the $3.95 million salary that he’s requesting.  As for Kelly Johnson, it still appears he’ll reach an agreement before his scheduled arbitration hearing on Thursday.

— Mark Bowman  


More power to Jeff if he can keep the business side separate and not take it personal. Big IF though….

I don’t blame Jeff for trying to get all that he can right now. It’s no secret that this season will make or break his career. If he returns to the Frenchy of old… or even more consistent than the Frenchy of old… he will get the contract he’s always dreamed of. If he tanks this year, his career is all but over. I am a huge Frenchy fan and nobody wants to see him succeed more than I do. With that said, if he loses this arbitration hearing… or even if he wins it… he better go out and have the season of his life because if he doesn’t, he will need to answer to why he took the braves to court. Kudos to you Frenchy for getting all that you can now!

Neikro/Aaron 600+ 300+ club

Neikro/Aaron 300+ 600+ club

Sorry, Nuxy’s 300 didn’t come until 1985? with the Yanks.
My bad.

Sorry should have clarified that like I had in the earlier post. I’m looking for teammates who have played together while having already reached these milestones. And with verification from Elias, it has been confirmed that Griffey/Glavine would be the first such duo.

Griffey will be a spare 5th outfielder and hit .220 and Glavine will go 6-9 this year. Write about something relevant and leave the washed up over the hill player reporting to someone else.

Glavine would be a fool not to accept whatever the Braves offered him.

While you are probably righ on the 40 man deletions, I would think it would be much eaiser to get Clint Sammons through waivers than Blanco.

Ross is signed as the BUC for the 2009-2010 seasons.

Veteran BUC market is absolutely flooded right now, no other team will claim Sammons and on the remote chance they did he’s easily replaced.

Good point on Sammons. I could certainly agree with that.

When top propsect Jason Heyward arrived in camp on Tuesday morning, Peter Moylan greeted him at the door and carried his bags to the locker. The 19-year-old outfielder, who was facing high school competition at this time last year, is expected to see consistent playing time during the early weeks of the exhibition season.

If Tim Hudson is on the 60 day DL, then he should not count against a roster spot.

Blanco will clear waivers, so will Lerew. There is very little market for no power, no run outfielders. Lerew hasn’t should he can throw a pitch in 2 plus years. Heck, Mark Prior cleared waivers and he had actually shown himself in the Majors. Young backup catchers that project as every day catchers don’t clear waivers, unless they have arm trouble.

The thing with Sammons is that the organization has no depth at the catcher’s position. He won’t be removed from the 40-man.

Tell me it isn’t T. Moore that broke the Griffey story. I SOOOOOOOOOOOO wan to believe it is true, but……

I’m curious as to what the future now holds for Charlie Morton… I don’t think he was “right” during his time in the big leagues. He can be a solid starter, but may be squeezed out in ATL.

Trade bait? AAA?

I just posted a new blog that will allow you what to debate what you make of the fact that Ken Griffey Jr. told’s Jim Street that he hasn’t made a decision yet. My initial guess is that he’s possibly delaying the process because of a promise that he might have made to the Mariners. But I’m still guessing he ends up with the Braves.

No MLB team projects Sammons as an everyday Catcher at this level. More than likely no other team projects him as even a BUC.

Braves were disappoited last season with his efforts, thus they signed Ross to a 2 year deal.

Now Bowman has the access to know how TPTB feel, but my point is that Sammons is organizational filler that if he survives speaks volumes about the lack of catching depth in the org.

He did look overmatched when he was up in Atlanta. No wonder McCann to 1B hasn’t gained any momentum. With that stick, he needs to go there eventually I would think. No problem, there are probably 6 or 7 more Molinas ready to come up to the Majors, we’ll just get one of them, lol.

Oh cool, you mean we’ll have another option for multiple choice in “Name that Molina”? lol

I’m just saying that he might have told the Mariners that he’d at least touch base with them again today before making a decision.

Like the 6 Sutter brothers in the NHL back in the 80’s

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