Griffey says he hasn't made decision

During a phone conversation with’s Jim Street this afternoon, Ken Griffey Jr. said that he hasn’t decided where he’ll be playing this year.  The 39-year-old outfielder said he could decide to play for the Braves or the Mariners later today or tomorrow.

“We are still kicking things around with my family and have not made a decision,” Griffey said. “This is the first time in my career that I’ve been a free agent and it’s nerve-wracking.”

Citing a source close to the veteran outfielder and familiar with the on-going negotiations, <i> The Atlanta-Journal Constitution </i> reported early Tuesday afternoon that Griffey had chosen the Braves over the Mariners.  <p>

Griffey and his agent Brian Goldberg said that report wasn’t accurate.

Braves general manager Frank Wren was scheduled to meet with Goldberg on Tuesday afternoon.  In the hours following that meeting, Griffey could announce his decision.

While Griffey hasn’t revealed his decision, there’s still certainly reason to believe that he’ll end up with the Braves.  But until he makes an official decision, there’s at least reason to wonder if he’ll end up returning to Seattle, where he began his Major League career 20 years ago.

– Mark Bowman


What promise might that be that he made to Seattle? What could he have possibly said that would hold him up in a decision and still possibly play for us? Just curious, but if he renegs, it’s renegging either way, right?

Asphalt, I’m just saying that he might have told the Mariners that he’d at least touch base with them again today before making a decision.

All I can figure is the Mariners did a lousy job making Griffey feel wanted. You know what his wife and kids are going to tell him to do. Did DOB get out there a little early?

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported early Tuesday afternoon that Griffey had chosen the Braves over the Mariners.

Griffey and his agent Brian Goldberg said that report wasn’t accurate.

This reeks of Terrence Mooreūüė¶

As long as it doesn’t scare him off.

Bowman, you said this was going to be a fun offseason. Isn’t this about the 20th time it has been reported that the Braves were getting a player and then minutes later they say “uh.. I didn’t commit to anything.”


That would be Terrence “You think he should know” Moore.

Maybe so, Viva, but unfortunately, there’s nothing anyone can do about morons who choose to abuse their “freedom of the press”. It’s people like that who give the good ones like Mark a bad name.

Yeah, in hindsight, “fun” certainly wasn’t the appropriate word. With these ongoing Griffey/Glavine talks, it feels like the offseason hasn’t ended. But isn’t this stuff still more interesting than having to read about how Jo-Jo Reyes “is going to turn things around this year?”

Somebody seemed to be attempting to play a cruel joke earlier this afternoon, when as we were talking about all of the “misses” of this past offseason, MLB Network goes to footage of a Rafael Furcal at-bat against Jake Peavy. Not sure where A.J. Burnett was at the time. But Vegas has posted 1:5 odds that he was in the trainer’s room.

Jo Jo only turns
around” to watch the HRs fly by over his head.

Fun / Ulcer inducing… same thing.

Fun would be evaluating John Smoltz’s golf game with Tiger and his presence in the clubhouse. Fun would be discussing how anyone would hit rotation consisting of Jake Peavy, John Smoltz, Derek Lowe, and Jair Jurjjens.

I consider this offseason stressful. It has probably shaved an entire month off of my life.

Nonetheless, thanks for taking us along for the ride Mark. You do a great job at what you do and I always enjoy reading your take on everything. You may have the best job in the world.

I haven’t written this yet. But I’ll throw it in here. When I asked Reyes if he was bothered by the fact that it seemed like Glavine would be joining the team, he simply responded “It is, what it is.” Come on. Give me the cliche answer before you give one of these nonchalant responses that further provides reason to question your attitude and willingness to fight for a job.

The bleachers in the outfield thank Glavine. They will take less of a beating now the Jo-Jo is out of the mix.

I literally laughed out loud when i read that last post bravomania.

Well, maybe he’s just facing the reality that he would never get picked over Glavine in Spring Training even if he pitches brilliantly. It’s always a blast to watch him throw a genius game and then get destroyed in the following 3-5 outings.

I go back to the fact that Jo Jo is the only player I can ever remember Bobby Cox calling out in public. I actually had a funny interlude with Mr. McGuirk about Elmer Dessens late last September as well. I doubt I’ll put that one in writing, suffice to say I knew he wasn’t going to be hear Lonnnnnng before Elmer did.

Is there anyone else the Braves might want to pick up if this Griffey deal unfortunately falls through? I don’t think I could handle a B Jones/Diaz platoon for another year. Maybe Otis Nixon in left? If Glavine doesn’t accept the Braves’ deal, I hear that Oil Can Boyd is making a comeback.. who knows?

I have to agree with Bravo, Mark. I think you do probably have the best job in the world. I’d count me as a close second though if I can get the opportunity to put the Braves’ equipment on one of my trucks for the trip to and from spring training any time soon lol. Put in a good word for me.

Better yet, hook me up with any club’s equipment, although the Braves’ truck would be the only one reaching it’s destination in a timely manner lol. I might accidentally dispatch the others to the wrong locations.

Unbelievable to think he never has been a free agent!


We might receive official word on Griffey’s decision within the next hour or two. As for Glavine, I think we’re going to have to wait at least one more day before learning that he’s reached an agreement with the Braves.

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