While waiting on Griffey…

There’s a chance we’ll hear something about Ken Griffey Jr. within the next few hours.  Then again we might not know anything until tomorrow.  It doesn’t appear the Braves or Mariners are planning to make an announcement tonight.

My gut feeling remains that he’ll choose the Braves.  But guarding against the chance that he’s suddenly hired Paul Kinzer to serve as his agent, I’m not making any guarantees.

As for Tom Glavine, there was certainly reason to believe he and the Braves would have reached an agreement today.  But it looks like it will be at least one more day before things get finalized with the veteran hurler.

In other camp news, Tommy Hanson tore the nail of his right index finger during his live batting practice session on Wednesday.  He should be cleared to resume pitching in the next few days.

There’s a chance Kelly Johnson and the Braves could reach an agreement tonight.  But if not, the second baseman will leave camp on Wednesday to prepare for his arbitration hearing in Phoenix on Wednesday.

Kenshin Kawakami threw with some more velocity during his bullpen session and even mixed in four curveballs.  The Braves are allowing him to get ready for the season at the pace that he used while in Japan.

In an earlier post, I guessed that Anthony Lerew and Gregor Blanco might be the two players removed from the 40-man roster to accommodate Griffey and Glavine.  I’m now changing that prediction to Lerew and Phil Stockman.

– Mark Bowman


Mark, in your expert opinion, what do you make of the time Griffey and Glavine are taking? Internally they’ve had to have made decisions by now. There’s not any negotiating left to do. I can understand Griffey’s hesitation because he obviously has a delicate situation with his old team and wanting to handle that appropriately… but what the heck is Tommy waiting on? Surely they both know what there next move is.

I believe the Braves planned on waiting to make the announcement tomorrow anyway. It seems like with all of the A-rod crap today, nobody would even pay attention if the Braves announced the signing of either Glavine or Griffey. Do you think that could be it, Mark?

Why does everyone hate Stockman? Give the man a chance to show what he can do!

With Griffey, I think there are certain individuals in the Mariners organization that he wanted to talk to before making his announcement. I’m saying this while still confident he’ll choose the Braves. Because he won’t be coming to camp for at least another week, Glavine’s situation isn’t as time-sensitive and Wren placed most of his attention in Griffey’s direction on Tuesday. I don’t think the delay in either of these cases should cause alarm.

Nobody is hating Stockman. But he’s out of options and with a health history like his, he will likely easily pass through waivers. The same couldn’t be said for Blanco or Sammons.

Mark, you touched on other things in camp. What’s it looking like for Johnson and Frenchy? Does it look like Kelly’s gonna sign? What I’d really like to know is how Francoeur’s swagger is looking. He’s got to be nervous. I have all the confidence in the world in my own abilities, but after hearing stories from other players, there’s got to be some inkling of doubt in his mind. Can you give us some insight?

Also, you touched on Kawakami and Lowe. How about Vazquez? What is your take on how he’ll perform in more of a pitcher’s park?

Who do you think will start at 2nd? Once the offseason ended, I said Prado, but now I’m not too sure. I doubt either one will get traded (at least not until midseason) now that we are about to have all of our needs. I personally think that they will both split the time unless one gets really cold or gets injured.

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