Anderson is coming to Braves camp

A Major League source has confirmed that Garret Anderson has agreed to a one-year contract with the Braves.  The veteran outfielder is expected to arrive in Florida to undergo a physical within the next two days and an official announcement could come on Tuesday. 

While Anderson doesn’t possess the power that he did earlier in his career, he certainly provides the more power potential than Brandon Jones, who might have platooned with Matt Diaz in left if the Braves hadn’t gained the veteran outfielder that they’ve been seeking.

As opposed to their plans for Ken Griffey Jr., Anderson might not necessarily be used in a platoon role in left field.  He hit .293 with a .774 OPS against right-handed pitchers last year and .290 with a .704 OPS against left-handers. 

During his career, Anderson has hit .299 with a .481 slugging percentage against right-handers and .291 with a .441 slugging percentage against left-handers.

– Mark Bowman 


So is this really a done deal? I’m not going to come back a couple hours later and see a headline like “Yet again, Braves are spurned”

Until the physical is complete, the Braves certainly aren’t going to recognize this as a done deal. But you can certainly say that the “i” has been dotted and that things will be done when the “t” is crossed. Also I just learned that the it’s a one-year $2.5 million contract with no incentives.

Hello Mr. Bowman, I was just wondering if I could get your take on this. Do you think that signing Anderson is a better move than getting Edmonds? Edmonds definitely has more power and played more games in the outfield than Anderson last year, as Garret DH’d in 60 games. What do you think?

I personally welcome Anderson. I really wish we had ponied up the money for Abreu, but I’ll take what we can get.

I guess this’ll work. I thought Anderson was terrible but from wat was said here it sounds like he could be a tremendous asset to us. Go Braves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t like it. I rather have Edmonds or in-house.

This better not be another joke just like the Furcal and other rumors .if it is i’m going to be pissed ………………I like Garret Anderson and always have ,great hitter/Fielder/great guy .good pickup Wren .Lets hope this is not another one of them JO:KE RUMORS !!


Do you know the specifics on the incentives laid out for Garret Anderson (such as playing time, performance, etc.)?

Just wondering, are you going to continue to update the potential starting line-ups and bullpen for each game in ST as you have in the past (I think it used to be under “notes”)? I hope so…

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