Maybe Anderson is coming to Atlanta

Whenever asked to respond to something that has been written, Nationals president Stan Kasten often replies, “Do you believe everything that you read?”  In doing so, he’s often provided reporters at least a sense that the story actually does have some validity.  <p>

With this in mind, I’m not totally believing everything that I wrote after Griffey decided to go to Seattle.  At the time, the Braves said they were going to give their young outfielders a chance to show they’re ready for the Majors.  For some reason, I actually bought into it like one of the victims of a ponzi scheme.

Like Griffey might have changed his mind, I’m now doing the same.  Now, I’m of the opinion that the Braves have definite interest in Garrett Anderson and may be working to get a deal done with him in the very near future.

Anderson, who will turn 37 on June 30, hit .293 with 15 homers and a .758 OPS (on-base percentage plus slugging percentage) for the Angels last year.   While his power has declined with age, he has hit at least 14 homers each of the past 11 seasons.

Stay tuned.  We may have more updates as the day progresses.

– Mark Bowman


He can go back to the Angels.

Garrett Anderson is 20 pounds of suck in a 10 pound casing. I don’t even think the ATL FO is so sabremetrically disinclined not to notice it. .774/.704 OPS RH/LH platoon split last year, 815/751 lifetime – whoopee. A move of stunning stupidity if it happens


DOB already says that a deal might be in place for Anderson. What do you think about that??

I certainly get the sense that talks are moving in the right direction. With this possibly being the final acquisition of this wacky offseason, maybe we shouldn’t make any more assumptions. But I’ve received indication from multiple sources that this Anderson deal could get done soon and that he’d likely get a contract ($2 million plus incentives) similar to the Braves offered Griffey.

Dave O’Brien says it’s a done deal now. Do you concur?

This is good, I rather had Anderson than Griffey anyway.

Breaking news. Garret Anderson was going to sign with the Braves but after the AJC jumped the gun, he changed his mind and will sign with the Mets.

David O’ Brien took a sever beating, and is lying on the hospital. Sources say Tim Hudson was responsible.

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