Soriano highlights Monday's workout

Anderson, Anderson and Francoeur. Seriously, should I have actually laughed out loud while wondering if this sounds like a law firm or an outfield trio? Actually there’s no need to answer that.  I just read over it again and formed the same stone face that Rafael Soriano displays whenever we ask him a question. 

Speaking of Soriano, he actually impressed Bobby Cox today with the velocity he showed during the bullpen session that preceded his first live batting practice session of the season on Monday morning  All indications are that the right-handed reliever’s elbow is healthy. 

Kenshin Kawakami followed Soriano on the mound and showed more consistency with his  location than he had when he threw his first live BP session on Saturday.  The Japanese hurler mixed in a few more breaking balls and received some compliments from the hitters that he faced. 

“You can see how that guy could have a lot of success by putting the ball where he wants it and where hitters don’t like it,” Kelly Johnson said. 

Charlie Morton impressed Cox with a solid bullpen session and then possibly strained an oblique muscle while throwing to hitters.  Over the next few days, the Braves will gain a better understanding about how much time Morton might miss.

There’s a slight chance that Garret Anderson could undergo his physical and join his new Braves teammates near the end of Tuesday’s workout.  Regardless as long as everything goes well, he’ll likely be officially introduced on Tuesday afternoon.

After Monday’s workout, many of the players headed out to participate in Tim Hudson’s charity golf tournament.  While practicing his swing, the always witty Peter Moylan said, “I’m the new John Smoltz and I’ve got the hairline to prove it.”

– Mark Bowman


Congrats to you (and your readers) for the No. 1 overall ranking on the Latest Leaders just posted on the community blog here at the MLBlogs Network!


Maybe it’s just spring, but I have a good feeling about this
team! Lowe and GAnderson were great additions, I think. Nice blog! I enjoy your writing.🙂

Thanks Mark. I appreciate that info and I certainly appreciate everybody who has shown interest in this blog. Rother, bravomania, vivabeta, david and julia, you all have regularly provided great comments and I look forward to hearing even more opinions over the next few weeks and months.

Glad to hear that Soriano seems healthy and hopefully he won’t fall apart like last year. If he, Gonzalez, and Moylan can stay healthy, I can’t think of a better late inning crew in the NL besides maybe the one that was bought by the Mets.
Speaking of Braves relievers, I’m going to go watch the HBO show whose protagonist bears uncanny parallels with a certain infamous ex-Brave, whose name I will decline to type out.

Speaking of John Rocker, have you ever seen this Will Ferrell impersonation?

HAHAHA that’s hilarious. no I never saw that. I kind of missed the whole Rocker thing because I was in college at the time and didn’t watch much tv. I stumbled across his website recently and man, is that guy a real piece of work or what. His comments about John Scheurholtz are priceless.

Thanks for the kind words. I’ll keep routing for the Braves, and working on my typing. Oh, for the record, the “n” key sticks, it isn’t me every time.

Wow Mark… that’s impressive. #1 blog for a team who usually can’t sell out a home playoff game… not too shabby! Thanks for the shout out too. It’s been fun reading a posting… but I gotta say my productivity at work has declined a little bit. I got the message that Tommy Hanson will not be pitching Sunday night against the Phillies. Thanks for the heads up. I got my dates wrong. Any idea of who will be starting this Sunday?

When Soriano first got to Atlanta I really liked how intimidating he was. If anyone got a hit off him you could see it in his eyes he was about to grind the ball into dust when he got it back. Maybe it’s the elbow, but I didn’t see that last season. When he is right, he can be dominating with that slider.
Does he have any friends on the team, or is he pretty much a loner? He either needs to get with the program or move on this season.

Also… this blog has been my homepage the last week or so. You get a view every time me or my life log on!

Great post on Soriano I have been wondering about him with all the negative comments I have been hearing about him. I like Rother’s question though about is he a loner? If so it seems like he really wouldn’t fit into a Braves clubhouse that I would believe is one of the better ones around the league. Mark have you said anything about how you think the outfield will work its way out now that Anderson is with us?

*meant “wife” not “life” in previous post…

I don’t know if I’d necessarily call Soriano “a loner”. He’s just very standoffish like Farnsworth was. Just talked to Chipper for a bit and he said Francoeur will be “the key” to the season. That might seem to be a little drastic. But I think we all know what he’s talking about…Chipper is the only regular not making tomorrow’s trip to Lakeland. Jurrjens, Reyes, Acosta, Marek and O’Flaherty are all scheduled to pitch.

Morton doesn’t seem to be overly concerned about the strained muscle on his left side. He likely won’t throw for another week and at that time the Braves will have a better sense about the severity of the injury.

The reason for the comment is it has been my observation that while everyone “Likes” to win, not nearly as many guys “NEED” to win. Soriano strikes me as a guy who falls into the first category. Chipper, Glavine, Smoltz, and Francoeur would be classic NEED to Win guys. I know the Braves can’t get 25 of those type A+ guys as it would reach critical mass in the clubhouse, but the “whatever” set has to go.

as long as he gets outs and does his job… i don’t really care what type he his. glavine’s not really a “win at all cost” guy either.

True enough, just take the ball and get the outs. Soriano can be so good. There were games that the other team didn’t have a prayer of hitting that guy.

How has Gonzalez looked so far? Has the velocity of his fastball gotten back to where it should be? Soriano is good, but I love watching Mike Gonzalez pitch. He has one of the coolest deliveries in all of baseball.
Is Moylan going to have to alter his sidearm delivery because of the surgery? It would be a shame if he did. He’s pretty much unhittable when he’s on.

I’m curious to hear about Blaine Boyer’s condition post-smoltz workout. Is he in better shape? Bringing heat? Your observation?

Gonzo is great. I love it when talent and personality show up in the same place. He really gets the crowd going. In a penant race Turner Field will be absolutely rocking along with him.

congrats mark!!good blogging !!soriano is a big factor for this team we need him in the back end of the bullpen,if you get him an gonzalez healhty that good a good part of the bullpen maybe not mets caliber by a heck of alot cheaper!! mark are you the reporter i was talking to on sunday at disney that is a big springstein fan? just curious good job biggin keep it up!!go braves!!!!!!!

Nice to see the blog off to a good start and getting some recognition.


With G. Anderson signing becoming official today and Glavine making his way to camp next week seems like the Braves will need 2 roster moves. You told us earlier that Tim Hudson will be moved to the 60 day DL for one of the moves do you still think Lerew will be the other?

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