Glavine encouraged after live BP session

Before leaving the stadium on this afternoon, Tom Glavine turned to Matt Diaz and said, “If you go deep today, you owe me.”

About an hour earlier, Glavine had thrown approximately 20 pitches during a live batting practice session against Diaz, Jason Heyward and Brandon Hicks.  While still feeling some crankiness in his left shoulder, the 42-year-old southpaw was encouraged with his location and the consistency of the movement of his changeup and curve.

“He told us what was coming and still all of us rolled over two or three (of his pitches),” Diaz said. “He’s just got that location and that movement that’s vintage Glavine.  Obviously he wasn’t rearing back.  It’s just fun to see him back out on the mound again.”

Glavine will likely throw another live BP session on Sunday.  He’s still hoping to make his Grapefruit League season debut late next week.
Anderson set for debut:  Garret Anderson will make his Braves debut against Venezuela this afternoon.  Freddie Freeman is hitting cleanup and as expected Jeff Francoeur will serve as the DH.  Francoeur plans to play the entire game and compile at least four at-bats.

Derek Lowe will be making his second start of the exhibition season this afternoon.

Needing arms:  Because they want to protect some of their arms for the start of the World Baseball Classic, Venezuela will use Braves Minor League pitchers Brad Nelson and Kevin Gunderson during portions of  today’s game.

Blanco absent from lineup: Braves outfielder Gregor Blanco is hoping to get some playing time with Venezuela over the next few weeks.  But he wasn’t part of Thursday’s lineup.  Venezuela’s starting outfielders on Thursday were Endy Chavez, Bobby Abreu and Carlos Guillen.  Magglio Ordonez served as the designated hitter.

Odds and ends:  Jordan Schafer has been out since spraining the A/C joint in his left shoulder while diving for a ball in Dunedin on Saturday.  Braves manager Bobby Cox said the outfielder will likely return to action in three-to-five days…Right-handed pitcher Charlie Morton is still waiting for the Braves to clear him to start pitching again.  He strained his left oblique muscle nearly two weeks ago.. Braves president John Schuerholz confirmed that he’s not interested in the Nationals’ vacant GM position. .

Today’s lineup:

Josh Anderson CF
Omar Infante SS
Garret Anderson LF
Freddie Freeman 1B
Jeff Francoeur DH
Brandon Jones RF
Martin Prado 2B
David Ross C
Diory Hernandez 3B 


Mark, apart from Lowe, who is scheduled to pitch?

Eric O’Flaherty, Jeff Ridway, Steve Marek, Anthony Lerew and Emiliano Fruto are also scheduled to pitch today….Tommorow night’s pitchers vs. the Astros will be Jo-Jo Reyes, Jeff Bennett, Boone Logan, Manny Acosta and Phil Stockman.

Additional note: Andres “Big Cat” Galarraga is Venezuela’s bench coach

Thanks for the update, I’m looking forward to seeing Bennett, Logan, Acosta, and Stockman tomorrow night.

Lowe walked two of the first three batters he faced and uncorked two wild pitches that allowed Endy Chavez to score But he came back to strike out Miguel Cabrera and then got Magglio Ordonez to hit a grounder back to the mound.

Jon Granado held the Braves scoreless in the bottom of the first. Josh Anderson grounded out and both Inante and Garret Anderson hit fly balls to center.

Freeman and Francoeur have drawn consecutive walks to begin the bottom of the second.

OK, time for a little experiment. Today’s topic is Jynxs .
The Braves are now in their 8th game of the Spring and they haven’t given up a single HR yet.
Expected result (having just said that):

Brandon Jones stalled the threat by grounding into a double play and Freeman was left stranded at third, when Martin Prado deep fly was caught in right-center.

First three batters this inning for Venezuela are Cesar Izturis, Chavez and Melvin Mora…we’ll definitely know you’ve placed a jinx if Izturis goes deep.

no rother!!! You were suppose to enjoy the moment!!!! AHHH

Did you change the Anderson thing on Yankee game yesterday? It listed Garret Anderson when I checked it out but now it says Josh.

After Izturis grounded out to short, Freeman ranged to his right to field a Chavez grounder before making a perfect throw to Lowe at first. Mora ended the inning by striking out…Fighting through rother’s jinx, Lowe retired the final eight batters he faced and allowed just one run and no hits in his three-inning stint. It will be interesting to hear what he says about those early control problems.

I would say if it happens it happens a little later. Lifting a Lowe sinker out of the yard is a lot like picking up a manhole cover.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about Darion…our stats dept. might have changed the box score…but i didn’t change anything on the blog.

Mark, are you, like, sitting in the stands with a laptop?

Ok never mind then. It was the Live Box Score thing and it listed Garret Anderson yesterday instead of Josh. Now it is changed though. Any chance we see Reid Gorecki today?

After a few more homerless innings, we will begin calling it a “Homerless streak”. Then they can start putting pressure on themselves to “Keep the streak alive”. And someone at ESPN will eventually ask the aged old question “Will you be better off just letting up a HR, rather than dealing with all of that pressure going into the playoffs.”
At that point we can all have lobotomies and watch ESPN Classic episodes of “All things Jeremy Schaap.”

The best jinx I’ve ever witnessed came in November, when ESPN displayed a graphic that showed Ball State hadn’t committed a penalty in something like 2 1/2 games. Honest to God, they committed a penalty on the very next play. CONSTANTLY mislabels Josh Anderson as Garret Anderson.

Has anybody ever seen the two of them in the same room? on the same field???

Anderson, G. comes before Anderson, J. on the pick list. The guy setting the box score is probably auto-finishing the name.

… before today

You mean like Michael and LaToya Jackson?

Omar Infante began the bottom of the fourth with a single off Brad Nelson (loaned from Braves Minor Lg. camp) and G. Anderson followed by popping out to third base.

If this game ends in a tie, Bud Selig says the Braves are allowed to include Chipper and Mac’s HRs, unless we are playing the Brewers.

Is Nelson throwing over-handed?

Yea probably. Anyway Diory got Atlanta’s first hit of the day. Let’s not say anything to jinx the Braves. If you think of something, just keep it to yourself.

Freeman delivered an opposite-field RBI double to left to tie the score at 1-1…Francoeur followed by drilling a 3-1 pitch over the left-center field wall.

Wait Frenchy got a hit! Tiger or Smoltz must have given him some good advice! Or maybe he plays good after a game of golf.

I meant to put a question mark on the first sentence.

Not only did Frenchy get a hit but a dinger to boot…..Wooohooooo!!!!

If Francoeur went yard on Nelson I’m not going to get too excited.

The box score thing is still shows the 3 inning. Its very slow

Chipper and Mcann both have HR’s off Philly that’s always good to see. Yeah watching the box scores really sucks.

i wanna know where you guys are even watching the box score.

never mind, found it

well I’m not really “watching” it but I am looking at it from time to time on

well “it” hasn’t happened yet but with Ridgway it might.

I would argue that the homer off of Nelson was “it”

Rosenthal is an idiot. Can you imagine a world where ANYBODY would pick him or Buster Olney to get a real story out? They are both tools when disinformation is needed.

No “it” has to do with the pitching staff, scroll up a little. There’s an experiment going on today.

Ridgeway must not want there to be any drama surrounding who makes it in the bullpen as the left handed specialist.

Just got back upstairs from talking to Lowe and Garret…i didn’t see it, but I can tell you what Ridgway did…he issued consecutive walks to Izturis and Chavez, hit Gerardo Parra with a pitch and then left after allowing a two-run single to Cabrera…Fruto allowed Venezuela to take the lead with an Ordonez RBI single…Heading to the bottom of the sixth, Venezuela is winning 4-3.

Dammit Ridgway. Just when things looked good.

“No “it” has to do with the pitching staff, scroll up a little. There’s an experiment going on today.”

Nelson is a Braves (Gwinnett) pitcher, is he not?

Is Nelson going with Venezuela to the WBC?

Not today. Loop hole in the control group. Somebody got the mice mixed up.

For the purposes of the experiment, the HR cannot come off the bat of a Braves hitter. That would cause the “booing” of your own team which is not allowed as it was deemed “counterproductive” by the investment group who put up the funding for the experiment.

Boredom on my part has reached “BoreDUMB” on my part Today I fear.

Rother – apparently it’s not counterproductive to fill up your stadium with fans of the opposing team. There should be a discount for GA residents of 5 years or more.

I think Mark said Gunderson was going to pitch for Venezuela as well today to save their pitchers for the tourney.

I can’t wait for games to get going out in Gwinnett. The stadium is less than 4 miles from the house.

Alright. Thanks for the info

A-Rod Might Miss April

ESPN’s Stephania Bell suggests ten weeks could be a light estimate, if Rodriguez has a labral tear.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post offers other ideas for third base if A-Rod is to be out for a considerable length of time: Scott Rolen, Melvin Mora, Brandon Inge, Hank Blalock, Chone Figgins, Adrian Beltre, Blake DeWitt, Martin Prado, and Mark Teahen.

I don’t think we should trade Prado if the Yankee’s come calling. I just figured I’d post this to see what everyone thinks.

I appreciate everyone who set me straight on Francouer yesterday. If he goes into a slump during the season maybe he can call Smoltz and Tiger for a round of golf. It was good to hear he hit a homer today even if it was against a minor leaguer. The team seems to be coming together nicely and I for one sure hope it continues. GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could see Seattle dumping Beltre’s big contract on the Yankees for some prospects.

I would trade Prado but I’m sure the Yankees will reach higher if they need to.

Mark – I’m not sure if this is the proper forum, but I thought Eric Campbell and Kala Ka’aihue would get invites to spring training. They seem to be two of our better power prospects in the system. Has their stock dropped? Have they been traded?

Campillo- 3 innings, 3 hits, 3 strikeouts, 2 runs allowed
Scott Diamond- 2 innings, 0 hits, 0 runs allowed, 2 walks, 2 strikeouts, Got the Win against the Yankees
Concepcion Rodriguez- 2-4, 2 doubles, 1 run scored, 1 RBI
Brian McCann- 1-2, Solo Home Run, 1 run scored, 1 RBI
Chipper Jones, 1-4, 3-Run Home Run, 2 runs scored, 3 RBIs, 1 walk

Mark please give us an update on the game. This box score thing is killing me.

8-4 atlanta. they scored 5 in the bottom of the 7th

B-Jones should get player of the game for attempting to steal a base. Way to be aggresive, baby.

I think Kala Ka’aihue struggled really badly in Hawaii this winter, striking out almost half the time. Where did Campbell play this winter, in Mexico with Schafer? I don’t remember. My guess is Freeman just passed Kala Ka’aihue on the progress chart.

Now we got the younger guys up there. Should be interesting.

Did we score 5 runs with only 1 hit?? That’s not too bad. Just a lot of walks and a base-clearing double.

I like Freeman and Heyward so far, I’m not complaining, the future looks quite promising. Is there a website for the Mexican league? Anybody speak Spanish?

Kala Ka’aihue will struggle mightily wherever his destination is this season.

He has a bigger loop in his swing than Andy Marte.

4A material at best and may struggle to reach that level.

I guess I should just follow the Rangers since that’s where half our farm system ended up. Good day gentlemen.

Try these, first is for all Braves in Winter Ball:
Next is for just the Mexican League:

Greg White got a hit against us

I see K-Rod introduced a few of the kids to the majors last inning.

You got that right. He fanned all three of them.

3 guesses what Andruw did in his first AB today.

Anyone notice we had more runs than we did hits? Or that we had 1 single the whole day? Pretty interesting.

Andruw? GRAND SLAM???????

Freddie Freeman’s right quad is still bothering him and Cox is planning to sit the 19-year-old first baseman for a few days. Freeman says he only feels discomfort when he’s running and doesn’t believe he necessarily needs to rest his leg. But then again, what would you expect to hear from a teenager who has drawn Cox’s praise on nearly a daily basis for the last two weeks?

Can I get a clue rother? Was it something that would have required just three pitches?

Kala Ka’aihue’s defensive skills have always prevented him from becoming much of a prospect. From everything I hear, Campbell is a good dude, who often marches to the beat of his own drum. If he displays some more maturity this year, I guess there’s a chance we might see him in camp next year.

Bobby really liked the way O’Flaherty threw today. There’s obviously a chance that the lad and Logan could both begin this season in Atlanta’s bullpen.

5 hits, 8 runs, ha ha ha 9 walks, very nice. Walks might not be exciting but it means our guys are taking pitches and I definitely like that. I noticed that we are almost averaging 3 doubles a game, not bad we might not have much HR power but we have some gap power.
Frenchy so far this spring training not striking out, got a few walks. a couple hits, a home run and it’s still only spring training. I look at it as good confidence building so far. Now if this was his start of the season then I would be a little worried.
Yes Andrew struck out again, too bad I am hoping he can turn his career around. I see no reason to kick a guy while he’s down, not that I’m saying anyone here is bashing him, but I’ve read on other blogs getting bashed. Although I can’t blame the Dodger fans for it except they should direct it toward their front office for making such a stupid deal. There was a reason the Braves wouldn’t offer anything close to what the Dodgers did. I still have a lot of respect for him for what he accomplished with the Braves.

Mark, what ever happened to Jason Perry? I was discussing replacement level over at that other blog down the street and someone suggested Jason Perry isn’t a replacement level outfielder. I looked it up, Perry has a career minor league OPS of 879 in approximately 2500 at-bats, which is a few miles north of bad. For instance, fan favorite failure Frenchy has a career minor league OPS of 808 in 1500 at bats. Also not bad. However, why is Jason Perry not in major league camp right now with the Braves trying to win a spot on the roster? Any insight? He seems like he belongs in somebody’s camp and I’m pretty sure he’s currently a minor league free agent. Seems like an inappropriate prospect to give up on. Plus he’s a power hitter, which is what we need.

I would have given Perry a chance. He seems like he could be pretty good. I definitely wouldn’t mind having him stay.

Mark, giving you one clue would put you at an unfair advantage over Andruw, who doesn’t seem to have any.

No viva, it was just a 3 run homer. Mark had the clue right, it was a 1-1 pitch, so it only took three pitches. And I also have some ocean front property in the Cactus League for sale (thought I’d add a little twist on some of those cliches from the other day).

Hey guys .. and girls? I just created a blog… not that the world needs another Braves blog… but my first post is a tribute to a certain veteran we lost this off season. I was thinking it would be good to ask people to comment on their thoughts / memories / and best Smoltzie moments of all time. Check it out. Let me know what you think!

Bravo I think your first guest interview needs to be Saltlake. I’m sure we all want to hear what makes him/her tick.

rother i think that’s a good idea. SaltLick is on to something. you all will be eating your own words when Wren trades Franceour and Tommy Hanson for Adam Dunn and releases Josh Anderson after signing Jim Edmonds to play center field. I also heard that the Braves might send Jurjjens to AAA to make room for Reggie Jackson who will be playing left field.

“SaltLick is on to something. you all will be eating your own words when Wren trades Franceour and Tommy Hanson for Adam Dunn and releases Josh Anderson after signing Jim Edmonds to play center field. I also heard that the Braves might send Jurjjens to AAA to make room for Reggie Jackson who will be playing left field.”
Hey while we are at it, let’s trade McCann for 10 Maple bats and sign Corky Miller to be our starting catcher!

If McCann got the used bats from Miller, would they be “Corked Bats” at that point?

OOOH.. that’s a pretty brutal pun. I think Corky was accidentally using plastic bats last year, which resulted in him hitting below .100 for the majority of the season. Man… bad defensive or whatever, I really wish Javy would’ve been on the team making a couple errors but at least not being a sure out 9 out of 10 times. He also wouldn’t have been at home developing his own bats with that stupid skull logo. Come on.. MLB bats with skulls on them? Chipper might as well start buying all of his gear at Hot Topic in the mall.

Haha true. And yes they would be considered Corked Bats.

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