Refreshed after a day of relaxation

Had he opted to pitch for The Netherlands in the World Baseball Classic, Jair Jurrjens probably started this afternoon’s game against the Dominican Republic.  Had the result proven to be the same, he certainly would have loved the opportunity to celebrate the tremendous upset with his Dutch teammates.

But from what I hear (remember, I decided to take the day off), Jurrjens also had every reason to enjoy this afternoon’s outing against the Yankees.  He allowed one earned run and four hits in 3 2/3 innings.  While recording three strikeouts without issuing a walk, he seemingly displayed better control than he had in his two previous outings. 

After getting knocked around by Jason Heyward during Monday’s inter-squad game, Jurrjens was visibly frustrated. His ability to make adjustments and enjoy this improvement five days later further proves why so many of us believe this 23-year-old right-hander has such a bright future. 

He doesn’t possess a single pitch that will impress you more than his mental makeup. 

Jurrjens’ native Curacao’s talent pool is much greater than those days when it basically solely conisted of Andruw Jones and Randall Simon. 

The latest Curacao product to catch my eyes was Dennis Neuman, the 19-year-old right-hander who pitched today’s eighth inning against the D.R.  He’s currently making his way through the Red Sox system.

It was nice to see McCann get off to a good start with his three-RBI game while hitting eighth in today’s win over Canada.   His fourth-inning, two-run homer gave the U.S. a lead they wouldn’t relinquish.

Here are some of his quotes from today’s postgame press conference: 

(About the pitch he hit over the right field wall)

McCANN:  He was one of those pitchers that located all his pitches and kind of pitched backwards.  You get ahead in the count, you know he is going to throw you a slider.  You are behind, he is going try to sneak a fastball by you.
    So I went up there looking for something to hit, and, luckily, I got something in the innerhalf, and I didn’t miss it.

(About hitting eighth in today’s lineup)

McCANN:  You know, I was saying before Davey (Johnson)_asked if I ever hit eighth, I said I’ll hit 12th in this lineup.  I mean, it’s an unbelievable lineup.  Just a great team to be part of.

(About the patriotic honor of playing for the U.S.)
McCANN:  I mean, this is every kid’s dream, to put on a U.S.A. jersey, and especially walking in that clubhouse.  I mean, the first couple days we were in Clearwater, I mean, it was like, it was surreal, looking around the clubhouse and seeing all the talent that’s in that one locker room.  And, you know, hopefully we can all come together and, you know, try to win this thing. 





Forwarded from a previous blog:

Mark, what ever happened to Jason Perry? I was discussing replacement level over at that other blog down the street and someone suggested Jason Perry isn’t a replacement level outfielder. I looked it up, Perry has a career minor league OPS of 879 in approximately 2500 at-bats, which is a few miles north of bad. For instance, fan favorite failure Frenchy has a career minor league OPS of 808 in 1500 at bats. Also not bad. However, why is Jason Perry not in major league camp right now with the Braves trying to win a spot on the roster? Any insight? He seems like he belongs in somebody’s camp and I’m pretty sure he’s currently a minor league free agent. Seems like an inappropriate prospect to give up on. Plus he’s a power hitter, which is what we need.

It would have been nice seeing Andruw play for the Dutch, but oh well. McCann was awesome today. I hope he can keep it up. Vazquez was also very good as well. He didn’t allow any runs in Puerto Rico’s victory.

Yes, McCann looked good yesterday. The weight loss is obvious and he had a good approach in his at bats. Although I did get tired of the announcers going on and on about Jeter’s influence on McCann’s first AB. Seriously, do they really think one 2 minute discussion is going to cause McCann to alter his approach at the plate??

Anyways, on the downside of yesterday’s game, Chipper did not look good at all. He had no balance to speak of and honestly who looked lost. Struck out three times and hit a weak grounder to first. Spring still has a long way to go, but …….

Yeah, but Chipper has already homered for Team USA.

Tommy Mania, Round 3.

The first Hanson v. Howard matchup should be fun. 50-50 chance its a K.

Yeah I love watching Hanson. Can’t wait to see him pitch all year. Rother is right, the Howard/Hanson matchup should be fun to watch. Actually him against the whole Phillies team should be fun. They are a really great team and if he does decent, it should really show how he can do against a good hitting team.

Man that will be fun watching.

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