Hanson set to face Phillies

Tommy Hanson has already made Carlos Lee feel helpless while looking at two called third strikes this year.  He’ll attempt to do the same to Ryan Howard this afternoon at Disney.  Mike Gonzalez and Peter Moylan are also scheduled to face the Phillies.

Hanson’s third appearance of the exhibition season will prolong an already eventful day at Disney.  Garret Anderson is still limping and Jordan Schafer is once again smiling about the health of his left shoulder. 

As for Tom Glavine, he felt better about the arm strength he displayed while throwing a live batting practice session this morning.  He’s shooting to pitch in a simulated game on March 16.

Anderson, who strained his right calf on Friday night, was still walking with a definite limp on Sunday afternoon.  He’s not a man of many words and he’s not saying when he might be able to return to the lineup.  But I think you can assume he is going to be sidelined for two weeks.

Anderson doesn’t possess the youthful advantages provided Freddie Freeman, who is back in this afternoon’s lineup.  Bobby Cox had indicated the 19-year-old first baseman might need a few more days to rest his strained right quad. 

Schafer, who has been sidelined since Feb. 28 with a strained left shoulder, didn’t feel any pain while taking approximately 30 dry swings on Sunday morning.  He’ll take regular batting practice on Monday and possibly return to the lineup on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Today’s Lineup: 

Omar Infante CF
Martin Prado 3B
Kelly Johnson 2B
Freddie Freeman 1B
Yunel Escobar SS
Jeff Francoeur RF
Brandon Jones LF
Clint Sammons  C
Tommy Hanson P


If Hanson does well, I think we HAVE to have a 6-man rotation. He looks good so far. We are giving the Phills a taste of what they will be facing 4 times a year for at least another 5-6 years.

With runners on first and second and one out, Hanson got Howard to fly out to Infante in center.

Marcus Giles began the first inning with a single and then recorded his third SB (each against the Braves) to move into scoring position. After walking Ibanez and retiring Howard, Hanson ended the top of the first with a strikeout of John Mayberry.

Way to go Hanson. I wonder if Marcus Giles is trying to prove himself? You think? I just stumbled across some Saltalamacchia(spelling is probably incorrect) stats. 7-17 with 4 doubles and 5 rbis this spring. That is crazy. Can you imagine if we would’ve never traded for Tex and kept him. Have McCann behind the plate with Salty at first.

Marcus is probably trying to prove himself against the Braves. Salty has been killing in the Spring, but if we did keep him, he would have been the starting first baseman until Freeman was ready. It was best to trade him anyways. He is too good to not be starting.

Hanson recorded two strikeouts and allowed a run in the second inning. Jason Donald opened the inning with a single to left and two batters later he scored on Ronny Paulino’s double into the right field corner. Giles ended the inning with a dribbler to Prado at third base.

Yeah that’s what I meant for Salty. He also could’ve been trained for third base. I mean who knows how long until Chipper retires but when he does, who will take over? I haven’t really followed our minor league system so forgive me if I don’t know our depth but we are pretty shallow at third right?

Hanson worked a perfect third inning that included strikeouts of Jayson Werth and Howard. After falling behind with a 3-0 count against Howard, he ended the inning by getting the former NL MVP to swing through a curveball.

We don’t have “great guys” in the farm system at 3rd, but we can still get one or develop one when Chipper’s time is done, which hopefully won’t be for another 2-3 years. We have Prado right now and he is good so that’s all we need right now.

Hanson has struck out 5 people over 3 innings. That’s pretty impressive.

Speaking of strikeouts, Frenchy looks more impressive than last year. Averge wise not so much but at least the ball is being put in play, and his walks are a good sign as well.

Yeah it would’ve been nice to have Salty at first, but he REALLY didn’t want to play anything but catcher. Plus, having a huge spring training really doesn’t amount to a whole lot. Didn’t Blanco hit .400 or something last spring? and the one before that?

Mark, how many innings is Hanson supposed to pitch today?

Hanson ended up allowing one earned run and four hits while recording seven strikeouts in four innings. He retired eight of the final nine hitters that he faced and seemed to get stronger as the outing progressed. He ended his outing with a strikeout of Paulino.

Kelly, Freeman and Yunel began the fourth inning with singles and Francoeur followed with a sac fly to right. Like JD said earlier, the most encouraging thing Francoeur has shown is the fact that he’s putting the ball in play with regularity.

When talking about the teixera trade i would say salty is only the third best player we gave up. Neftali Feliz is the #9 prospect in the game and Andrus would have been perfect to play short which would have allowed us to shop yunel a little harder over the off-season

I have to say that 7 K’s over 4 innings is very impressive. Great outing by Hanson. The game is going good so far.

And Hanson matched the performance of Blanton, except Hanson struck out 7 more guys than he did.

Moylan looked great during a scoreless sixth inning He got Howard to ground back to the mound and then got Mayberry to strike out for the third time this afternoon. The Aussie reliever, who was making his second appearance since undergoing Tommy John surgery on May 8, walked Jason Donald before ending the inning with an Eric Bruntlett groundout.

The Braves are running away with the game now.

Once again our pitching is unbelievable. Basically nothing in the last three games.

Like everyone else, I would love to see Hanson in the rotation at the beginning of the season, but it won’t happen. Bobby will bring him up when someone gets hurt or is slumping. He’ll spend at least a few months in the minors. They’re not going to go with a 6 man rotation, and I don’t see Lowe, Vasquez, Jurjjens, Kawakami, or Glavine not being in the rotation at the onset of the season (barring any injuries).

Our pitching has been unbelievable the whole spring. It’s crazy how much it has changed.

Oh and we still haven’t given up a home run yet this spring.

Again, it’s just spring training, but we’re playing this well without Chipper or Canns in the lineup at all. I think the Braves are going to surprise a lot of people this year.

I’ve really been enjoying the WBC. Especially when we have two players representing the Braves. Chipper is looking lost at the plate though. He’s guessing and has no clue what’s coming. You can tell he’s off balance too. He’s stranded A LOT of runners on base too. The bright side of that is that it’s early and Chipper is a professional hitter. He will adjust. It is a little concerning though. Our offense will not produce anything close to gaudy numbers and Chipper’s bat is essential!

The not-so-bright side is Chipper’s side. He’s out AGAIN for a few weeks with a strained oblique.
We need to start thinking about a 3rd baseman. “Honesty compels me (Skip Carey talk) to say” Chipper won’t play more than 110-120 games this season. This is going to be Prado’s coming out party, or the Braves will need to make a move. Chipper is becoming relegated to being a “plus while he’s in there” type of guy. Sad but true. Next will be the hammy tweak, or the sore quad. It’s pretty much permanent at this point. We cried about Griffey’s durability, but pretend not to notice that he played in 40 more games than Chipper over the last three seasons. I hope that Chipper stays healthy, but recent history doesn’t seem to back that up.

Wow – I had no idea. I figured Davey Johnson pinch-hit for him because we had a big lead and Chipper was struggling. I agree with you Rother. Every time I see Chipper swing the bat, I cringe! It’s been that way for a few seasons now. Even when I see him run the bases I’m praying he makes it without pulling / tweaking something. It would be foolish to expect him to play more than 110 games. Another interesting aspect is that he is in the middle of contract negotiations. What will this do to his relationship with the Braves? What will they offer him now? I hear Andy Marte is still floating around there somewhere…

I get the sense that Chipper might just miss a few days. His agent told me that he left the game before actually feeling a pull. Going to head down to talk to Bobby. But everybody I’ve talked to so far doesn’t seem to think this is anything major.

There is less loop in a good rollercoaster than there is in Andy Marte’s swing. He cleared waivers and is still getting ABs this spring in Cleveland.

On a brighter note, Andruw seems to have “Righted the Ship” and is leading the Rangers in ABs this spring. He still has only those quick 10 Ks but is up to .273. Go get em Andruw. I’m rooting for you, as long as you’re in the American League.

I guess it’s a little too early to go into panic mode. I should have learned that by now huh? I’m sure pulling out of the WBC is the necessary action… even if it’s a little tweak.

Come back to Disney and rest, do some work in the cages, and get ready for the season!

I would still be pleasantly surprised if he plays in more than 120 games. Things just seem to be coming together too nicely right now. I am interested in how this injury, as minor as it could be, plays into contract negotiations.

I hope it isn’t major, that not be a good thing. I’m sure he is being extra careful being that it is the WBC not the Braves. We need his leadership in the games as often as humanly possible. They won’t miss him at all on that team, and he wouldn’t be here for another two weeks anyway.

Tommy Hanson is just a complete stud on the mound. Anybody else noticing he has been the most dominant Braves starter so far? Kawakami has been sharp as well. Vazquez looked pretty good for PR , and Jurrjens handled the guys that were wearing Yankee uniforms the other day (not sure who they were, but they did have Yankee unis on). We know Lowe will be good. There just literally is nowhere to put Hanson. Maybe in May when the schedule starts to get consistent. The beauty of that is Bobby can pick the “spot” in the rotation that Hanson gets, which I’m guessing will create some interesting pitching mismatches in the Braves favor.

Don’t forget JoJo too. If anything, we are building a pretty good base of trade options. Once we get a better idea of what we will need to add during the season to put us over the hump, there will hopefully be plenty of teams already out of contention looking to dump some bats! I’m curious to see what they will do with Campillo and JoJo when we break camp. I would love to have Campillo back in the bullpen but I understand their desire to condition him as a starter. I don’t see JoJo as anything other than trade bait. Although we are lacking lefty arms. If Glavine goes down or struggles we will need to have a left arm to take his place in the rotation.

I can’t get past the part that it seems Bobby really doesn’t like Jo Jo. Last season they had a big time falling out of some sort, probably attitude related. Bobby called him out publically, which I have never heard him do before. I just can’t see Bobby keeping him for that reason. He surely has some talent, and a great spring may net the Braves a very good player. I just really doubt that player will be Jo Jo himself. Maybe the Pirates will go straight up Jo Jo for Tom Gorzelanny or Zach Duke.

Heyward just homered off Emiliano Fruto. The ball landed about 15 feet lower than the homer he drilled off the scoreboard while facing Jair Jurrjens in last Monday’s inter-squad game. Kawakami has allowed one run and two hits in his first two innings. Matt Kennelly doubled to begin the game and scored courtesy of two groundouts induced by Kawakami.

Mark, who are we rooting for in that game?

Heyward now has two more homers off Atlanta Pitching than the rest of the major leagues this spring.

Now Heyward just drilled a monster shot over the right field wall off Kawakami, who had allowed a double to Freddie Freeman earlier in the third inning. Fans in Myrtle Beach better take advantage of the opportunity to see these two 19-year-old phenoms early in the season. I’m not sure how long they’re going to be there.

They both seem to be ready for Mississippi. I wonder how the rearranging will be done. There are some decent players that were ahead of them in Myrtle Beach last season, like Jon Owings, but I would expect all of them to get jumped soon by the dynamic duo. I don’t think either Freddie or Jason will see Gwinnett. If they are killing it in Mississippi, they’ll get sent straight to Turner Field. AAA is pretty much a graveyard for blocked position players. That’s why the Yankee AAA teams are always so good.

Gorkys as well, but he is strictly a CF.

If I am a member of the Atlanta Braves pitching staff, little Jason Heyward isn’t seeing another pitch to hit the rest of the spring. He can go yaka on the rest of the GL. Our pitchers have given up three home runs this spring all to our own prospect. I can’t decide if I want to be excited or worried about that.

Heyward reminds me of Cliff Floyd with two good knees. Every time he hits the ball you can almost hear it scream.

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