Reyes looking to extend pitching dominance

As you know, it’s not wise to put much stock in Spring Training statistics.  But it’s hard to ignore what the Braves pitchers have been doing over the past week.  

During the five games that preceded this afternoon’s contest against the Phillies, Braves starters had worked 19 2/3 innings, surrendered eight hits, allowed two earned runs, recorded 18 strikeouts and issued six walks.  Before you grab your calculator, that equates to a 0.92 ERA.  

The 2.83 ERA the Braves pitching staff has compiled during Grapefruit League play is almost one run better than any other National League team.  In addition, Roger McDowell’s pitchers still haven’t surrendered a homer. (Now that Rother has declared that I’ve placed a jinx on Jo-Jo Reyes this afternoon, I’ll point out that every other NL team has surrendered at least six homers during this exhibition season.) 

It will be nearly impossible for Reyes to duplicate the dominant performance Derek Lowe produced while not allowing the Astros to hit the ball out of the infield yesterday.  But if the young left-hander continues to pitch like he has during his three previous Grapefruit League appearances, the Braves will have even more reason to believe he’s turned the corner.  

Reyes, who went 0-7 with a 7.81 ERA in his final 13 appearances (12 starts) last year, has surrendered one run in nine GL innings.  During his past two outings, he has worked seven scoreless innings, surrendered two hits and issued three walks.  

Realizing that there likely won’t be an available rotation spot for him in Atlanta to start the year, Reyes has had reason to seem more relaxed than he was last year, when he often panicked when he encountered potentially-damaging situations.  

If he continues to pitch effectively, Reyes could certainly prove to be a benefit in Atlanta this year.  The Braves want Tommy Hanson to continue his maturation process in the Minors during the early portion of this season.  If another starter is needed before Hanson is deemed ready, Reyes or Jorge Campillo would be the most likely candidates to move into Bobby Cox’s rotation.

Schafer returns:  Jordan Schafer, who has been sidelined since Feb. 28 with a sprained left shoulder, is back in the lineup today.  Both Cox and general manger Frank Wren said there is still plenty of time for Schafer to make the center field battle interesting.   But it still appears Josh Anderson is clearly the favorite in that battle.

Anderson update:  The Braves still aren’t sure when Garret Anderson might be able to return.  But once again, Cox said he’s hopeful that the veteran outfielder will be in his Opening Day lineup.  


Yunel Escobar SS
Jordan Schafer CF
Kelly Johnson 2B
Greg Norton 1B
Jeff Francoeur RF
Matt Diaz LF
Diory Hernandez 3B
Clint Sammons C
Reyes P


Wow, Reyes and dominance in the same sentence. The scary (cool, interesting, remarkable, pick a word) part is that it has been true.

Schafer hit a liner to left-center field and got thrown out attempting to turn a single into a double. He dove head-first into second base and showed no signs of discomfort as he jogged back toward the dugout….Kyle Kendrick worked a scoreless first inning.

Yeah, I’ve always said the Netherlands will beat the Dominican Republic twice in a three-day span before I’ll ever use “Reyes” and “dominance” in the same sentence.

I am just hoping that the whole pitching staff remains dominate. That would be nice.

Maybe the jinx is on. Marcus Giles began the bottom of the first with an infield single, advanced to second on a fielder’s choice and scored on Raul Ibanez’s single to right…Reyes came back and got Ryan Howard to look at a called-third strike on the outside corner.

Mark: How much of a battle is there for backup catcher? Sammons is hitting the ball pretty well, but is it Ross’ job to lose. Boscan also appears to be holding his own.

Mark, that was bruntlett, not Giles.

They don’t pay Felipe Alou enough to handle the press conferences he is having at home today.

would it jinx us to point out that we’re the only team in the league who hasn’t let up a homerun yet this spring? I was surprised when I saw the stats – every other team has let up at least 5. Our pitching is looking great!

With little help from his defense, Reyes ended up allowing just the one run in the first inning. After Jason Donald (I mistakenly said Marcus Giles before) began the inning with an infield single, Kelly Johnson had a chance to turn a double play or at least get retire Donald at second base…Yunel Escobar also committed a throwing error to prolong the inning, which ended with Marcus Giles flying out to deep left.

Sounds like the defense hurt him more than it helped him.

Boscan is non roster, so he isn’t really in the equation. Sammons has options and a reputation as not even a solid AAA player. Ross is a lock for going north to Atlanta. It would be nice to see Sammons progress and come in to his own in Gwinnett this summer.

After Sammons season last year, I would say he has a lot to prove. Ross is already proven as a backup.

I don’t really think there’s much of a battle for the backup catcher’s role. But Sammons did just drill a two-run homer to continue Kendrick’s second-inning troubles. Francoeur began the inning with a single to left and went to third when Matt Diaz hit a ground-rule double to right…Even Jo-Jo is getting into the offensive assault…He just doubled off the center field wall.

Jo-Jo probably felt the need to hit the ball around because of his faulty defense.

Thanks Mark, would you say Boscan has a shot to back up Sammons in Gwinnett or does he go back to AA to work on improving that .235 batting average?

Reyes can hit too?

Hamels, Myers, Moyer, Blanton, Kendrick. Anybody really worried going heads up with these guys this season? Moyer is what, 102 years old? Hamels was a “dominating” 14-10 last season. The rest wouldn’t even make the Braves rotation. Also, anybody else notice Rollins scored less than 80 runs last season hitting in front of Utley and Howard? These guys can be had this season.

How many times can I mistakenly say Marcus Giles batted in the first inning? Mayberrry ended the first and Giles began the second with a double to left-center.

Reyes had a scholarship to Southern Cal as an outfielder. He can hit a ton. No Micah Owings, but pretty solid given some ABs.

Rother, Kendrick isn’t guaranteed the 5th spot in that rotation. In fact, I think he’s probably 3rd in the running. Corasaco or however you spell his name is in the mix. Chan Ho Park too, but he’ll be in their bullpen. JA Happ will probably win the spot. But yeah, their rotation is garbage.

I think JC Romero is suspended for the first 50 games due to a positive test for something. With Utley questionable in the early season, it could be a very rough start for Philly with Eyre as their only lefty and Howard a traditionally slow starter. Utley started like a triple-crown winner last year and almost single-handedly carried them till Howard woke up. I’m more worried about the Mets than Philly.

He should have taken Frenchy’s place at right and Frenchy should have just taken Reyes’ spot in the rotation. Francoeur couldn’t have been worse than JoJo at pitching and Reyes couldn’t have been worse than Frenchy at hitting. Maybe we would have won 2-5 more games.

Leec, that could mean Happ starts the year in the pen and Park, Corssaco, or Kendrick starts the year in the rotation. By the way, Jeff’s arm is back!

I’m rooting for Park to win the job. He’ll implode at some point

I now live in Philly and have on occasion listened to their sports talk radio station. We are not on the radar as far as they are concerned. They are just looking at the Mets as their only competition in the division. Ibanez was a good pickup for them but our starting pitching 1-5 should be better. If Lidge or Howard go down they look very beatable.

Forgot to mention they ruled Giles’ double an error on Diaz, who raced into left-center only to have the ball bounce off his glove….Schafer recorded an infield single to begin the third.

They are beatable. They won the division last year with Lidge blowing NO saves. If he blows 3, which would be a heck of a year, and they lose those games, they don’t beat the Mets last year.

Hey Mark, none of that “slanted” reporting about Diaz’s outfield play. I’m sure if he had been coming from the center field direction (as has been requested in “this here Blog” numerous times) he would have caught the ball easily.


What did Norton do?

Reyes worked a perfect third inning, which ended with Howard lacing a hard liner that found Greg Norton’s glove at first base. To guard against making yet another error regarding Marcus Giles, I won’t say anything more about that half inning.

Sammons just drilled another two-run shot that landed almost exactly where his second-inning homer had landed…Reyes followed with a single and Kyle Kendrick is now walking toward the clubhouse.

Ha! Reyes should start playing in the OF in AAA. That would be hilarious. Sammons has more HRs this game than he did last year in Atlanta. Where did all this power come from?

Right now, the Braves look great.

If only greatness were defined in March and not October

I’ve heard the phrase “And Werth’s throw is cut off by Ryan Howard” probably 5 times this inning.

If Sammons keeps it up, he could earn the name “Mr March” … look out Reggie

Like the ball being in Ryan Howard’s hand is going to stop a runner from advancing, LOL.

Thanks Mark, that’s all I have to say haha.

Call it a jinx. Call it fate. Call it inevitable. Call it whatever you want. Mayberry just drilled homered off Reyes, who was otherwise unharmed during the fourth inning.

Mark will probably be the most viewed blog this week. I really wouldn’t be surprised if he was.

We’ll put that under the category of “Playing with House money”, and give Jo Jo a pass, just this once.

*Mark’s blog

Oh well. It was a great streak while it lasted.

Darion, I’d have to say the power came from Kendrick’s arm. That’s not a knock against Sammons. It’s simply the frustration that was created by the fact that I was one of those 10 individuals who actually put Kendrick on their fantasy team last year.

whoops… sorry if I jinxed us… at least Frenchie hasn’t struck out yet! oh crap, I should stop writing these things.

Next, Mark will have Yanni and Roy Orbison and Friends concerts on the Blog to help raise money from “dedicated bloggers like you”, who “make it possible for great Blogs like these”

Haha I liked Mark’s comment after I said that. Nice reply. No hard feelings though. We all knew it was coming. I will take 1 hr in how many games?

Phillies are very high on this Mayberry kid.

I guess Marcus Giles didn’t believe all the hype about Francoeur’s arm. Reminds me of the day Luis Gonzalez tried him twice and got rung up twice at 3rd and home. Live and learn, it’s one base at a time on that side of the outfield Marcus.

Yeah, I was at that game and remember Gonzalez looking up in disbelief the second time he got thrown out.

He was pretty sure he had that one, it was really funny on television. He did everything but pull out the PDA to make the notes.

Shouldn’t people know by now? Didn’t he lead in assists a few years ago? I love his arm. As an outfielder myself it is amazing to watch him.

Way to go JoJo!!! Keep raising your trade stock! Schafer / Diaz / Hanson / and Reyes having great springs! I love this team!

His arm was unbelievable in 2005-2007 and crappy in 2008, much like the rest of his game.

It looks like Schafer has recovered. He seems pretty determined to make the team.

Rough day for Jeff Bennett. The Phillies have scored five times this inning and there’s still just one out. This Mayberry kid is pretty impressive. He just doubled off the right field wall. Coming into today, Bennett had allowed two runs and five hits in four innings.

I’d like to see Schafer make it. I’m not sold on Josh Anderson. He swung at way too many balls in the dirt last year

Is there any way to hypnotize Jo Jo into thinking he’s playing AAA ball when he is actually in the majors? Maybe if we could also build a time machine and go back about a year, we wouldn’t have had to trade for Vasquez or sign Kawakami.
And although he was terrible last year, there were a few of his starts where he was lights out.

You want to un-do the Vazquez trade or un-sign Kawakami? Regardless, it’s good to have depth. Kawakami represents the Braves tapping into the Japanese market and Vazquez is going to have a huge year. Here’s a quote from the chat yesterday:

[Comment From PWHjort]
If Javier Vazquez is in the conversation for the Cy Young at the end of the season would you be surprised?
That would not surprise me. Of course Vazquez could always just pull his usual trick – great K and BB rates and a crappy ERA.

CC Sabathia got to his pitch count, and target runs against, in 1 and 2/3 innings against the Tigers, who still don’t have Granderson, Cabrera, Guillen, or Ordonez back yet. How many million was that again? It’s all monopoly money to them but there it is. The Red Sox nation is smirking to themselves in the background again.

I’ll take both Vazquez and Kawakami no matter what Jo Jo does, did, or could potentially do. They are top notch professionals that will keep the Braves in every game they pitch. They are both better between the lines and between the EARS than Jo Jo EVER will be.

Amen, (B)rother to Vasquez and Kawakami

I think Schafer should make the opening day roster. But I think the starting nod needs to go to Josh Anderson. It’s his time to show what he can do. He has blazing speed and will turn a lot of singles into doubles. Let Schafer get some major league experience coming off of the bench. At the same time – if he starts putting up Longoria type numbers as a rookie – then you can’t ignore that and he gets the job. As we break camp, I still think it’s Anderson’s job to lose as he is the prototypical leadoff hitter we have been missing for some time.

bravomania, unless garrett anderson starts the season on the DL, there’s no room on the roster for both josh and schafer

Did the Braves ever get out of the 5th? The Boxscore is “stuck” on happier times in the top of the inning.

Well, I’m not necessarily saying i would undo those moves. Just saying that Jo Jo was always pitched as a possible #2 starter, and if last year he showed what he was capable of instead of blowing it left and right, then we would’ve been looking for 1 less starter in the off-season. Everyone knows he has amazing talent.

Should we be giving up on Blanco in light of Schafer’s performance this Spring? Is he trade-able?

*a potential #2 starter, not possible.

Diory Hernandez is quietly having a solid Spring. I feel very comfortable calling on him to back up Prado should Chipper tweak another oblique.

I don’t see any place for Blanco on this team, but I doubt too many teams are rushing to get a guy whose greatest talent is that he goes from first to third as fast as anyone in the game. He’s a .250 hitter with little power and while he is fast, he makes a lot of bad decisions in the field. Assuming he’s out of options, I suspect we could send him to Gwinett without anyone claiming him

Let’s see:
Jones, Prado, Escobar, Infante, Johnson, Kotchman
McCann, Ross,
Anderson, Anderson, Francoeur, Diaz, Norton, Schafer
That’s 14. Maybe in April Bobby would carry 14 position players, but it will be 13 again for sure in May. So who goes back to AAA at that point? Schafer is the only guy on the list with options. Actually he hasn’t even been put on the 40 man yet. So, is it worth 4 weeks in the “Bigs” for all of the financial triggers it sets off? It’s hard to say. He sure looks ready though.

I agree, it would’ve been nice. Though even if we could count on Reyes as a number 4 I’d have done it the same way Frank Wren did.

vivabeta, have you noticed that ever since Glavine left for the first time, the Braves haven’t had a consistent lefty for more than one year?

I think it’s unlikely we’ll carry 14 position players unless our starters demonstrate 7-plus innings consistently. Although Glavine probably won’t be activated until just before his first start, we’ll probably carry an extra reliever, especially since we have hard choices to make there.

Here’s a trade rumor starter: Xavier Nady and Rafael Soriano make approximately the same money, both are free agents at the end of ’09, and the Yankees desperately need a right-handed setup man.

Whew Bennett looked like Ridgway or last years Reyes when he was pitching. Amazing he didn’t allow a home run.

Seriously, there is an entire wave of decent starters that are going to be blocked complete for their window of opportunity with the Braves. Lowe, Jurrjens, Vazquez, Kawakami are all here for 3 plus years, and Hanson has passed all of the rest. That leaves Jo Jo, Parr, Morton, Campillo, and anybody else at Richmond last year on the shelf past their expiration date. Redmond, Medlin, Marek, et al, are already at Mississippi and will be ready when the Braves need them in 2 or 3 years. That’s a pretty serious logjam that the Braves have to maximize value for, probably within the next full season. The trade deadline should be very interesting this year for the Braves. I also think they will begin to pull the trigger by the end of Spring Training depending on who comes available. What a nice situation to be in.

Ill pass on the Nady thing. We have enough outfielders who are all young (excluding Garret) and are all under control for a while. I’d rather have young guys playing.

Anybody notice Jeff is 2-2 with 2 RBIs. That’s great for him.

Vasquez is only signed through 2010, but I agree with you, Rother. Should be an incredible year for Gwinett with that rotation. I can’t help but think Campillo will be traded before the season starts, though. We don’t really have a place for him, and we have so many other guys that could be called up if a starter goes down. A lot of teams need starters, and he was a double-figures winner for a team that lost 90 games last year. He should bring a really good prospect or two.

A Scott Boras “one and doner” will NOT be appearing in a Braves uniform at Turner Field again any time soon. Especially one who has a Yankee contract. Nady can play, but I would ask why so many teams have already decided he wasn’t what they needed at his young age. They ALL had better options? Not likely. There must be more to the story.

yeah i would rather have Soriano in the pen and take a chance on Schafer and/or Heyward if need be.

here’s an interesting scenario – What if at the trade deadline we have a log jam of value we need to trade, Frenchy has 15 homers and 55 rbi’s, Schafer has earned an everyday spot or Anderson brings incredible value as a lead off hitter, and Garrett Anderson is having a decent year. With our rotation set for the next few years and a bullpen as deep as it needs to be… who / what do we go after? Your thoughts?

My guess is we go after a power hitting left fielder to protect Chipper and put us in place as a legitimate play off winner.

If Frenchy has 15 HRs and 55 RBIs at the trade deadline and we have cf under control, we won’t need to go after anyone. We’ll be 10 games in first place.

GA was picked up off the clearance rack, even though he is a Boras guy, so he doesn’t really count.

And let us not forget Hudson returns in August.

I think in my mind that either Campillo or Bennett get traded for prospects either before the season starts or after the season. I could also see Blanco getting traded to a team like the Mets or Chicago since they love Hispanic players. I don’t know what the team salary will look like next year because of Chipper and if we resign Gonzalez and Soriano. Glavine and Norton will probably retire or (in Norton’s case) leave.

And don’t forget we have Hudson coming back at midseason. I also hope we can resign him. I think signing Glavine will come back to bite us in the butt this year. He really is just blocking Hanson and Reyes’ way. We also shouldn’t have signed Kawakami for so much.

If Frenchy has 15 HRs at the end of July, he’ll have 70+ RBI by then as well. Where he hits in the order he won’t be up with the bases empty very often at all.
The rent a stud would have to be part of a trade where we send a position player currently on the Major League roster to get. It is really hard to make that guess before the season starts. None of the projected roster spots are held by guys that can be sent down again.
I don’t see the Braves as buyers barring a key injury. They don’t have a DH spot to rotate people in and out of to keep them happy or at least pacified.

I wouldn’t trade Campillo for prospects until later in the season, when we know Hudson is coming back. I see Glavine spending time on the DL and likely at least one other pitcher will go down for a spell, so having Hanson, Reyes and Campillo on call will be valuable. I also think with our outfield depth I am confident that some of them will exceed expectations.

Where’d the Slow Pitch softball game come from? It’s a good day to have a bat in your hand in Clearwater for sure.

I’ll stand by what I’ve been saying all along – We have the depth and talent on our team to keep us afloat in the division. We will be there in the thick of everything… however, don’t let this great spring fool you. I still don’t see us running away with anything. We are in the toughest division in baseball. We have the depth at pitching to keep us right there… but my opinion is that we will definitely be “buyers” at the deadline. At least I hope we are. We have loads of talented players to move and it would be a shame to let them sit there and not be used in improving our team.

Why am I just now seeing that I could have been listening to the game?

Oh yeah, Jeff had a good hitting game. Let’s see if he gets more confident and, therefore, more powerful as ST continues.

Ok we really don’t need to allow any more runs. Put Hanson in to finish the game.

Let’s all thank Jeff Bennett for bringing the can of Jet Fuel to the match striking party.

Here’s who I proposed we look at if we’re trying to get better at the deadline:

I really hope Gorecki makes the team. He has had an amazing Spring so far. I’d rather have him than Schafer to begin the season.

Campillo isn’t that valuable on the trade market because he’s a) only had 1 year of success, b) 30, and c) a lot of people think last year was a fluke. He’d be worth a medium-level prospect. I’d rather trade a Morton or a Reyes and get a stud prospect. If that’s the route they choose to go (trade pitchers for prospects).

Bravo, you see that the move would have to be major leaguer for major leaguer, right? If we sent prospects, we would have to outright release somebody to do get the new guy on the active roster. It will be very interesting when the time comes, and probably a big surprise how it goes down if it does.

I think Josh Anderson is probably part of the trade that clears 1 spot on the roster if we trade for an outfielder and if we trade for a 1B Kotchman is probably part of the trade.

It gets really tricky if it comes as a result of Chipper “breaking a nail” again, or McCann getting hurt. There is no safety net for either of those guys like there is everywhere else. Either of those situations triggers a blockbuster deal if the Braves are still in it.
Josh is a yes or no question that will be answered by the deadline for sure. He would be a very nice forth (fifth?) outfielder and pinch runner late, as long as his BA holds up playing regularly.

In this hypothetical scenario where all the outfielders are doing well, i would see Kotchman and prospects being traded for a power 1B. Maybe Morton before Reyes since there is a lack of southpaw starters. All depends on the circumstances.

Oh and I think the AL East might be a tougher division than the NL East.. but it’s definitely a close call.

There would be a serious bump to the payroll if any big deal were to go down. Most of the position guys like Kotchman, etc. are making very little compared to anybody actually worth bringing in. An established Big Dog first baseman is going to cost well in excess of $10 million a year. It would gut the Braves roster to balance that $$$ at all without moving Soriano in the same deal.

I know you guy’s are going to give me crap for this but if we make a trade I’m hoping for Brian Roberts. I like kelly Johnson, but another switch hitter in the line up would be great especially at top of the line up. His speed and defense would compliment our team and I’m not a big fan of HR hitters unless they can play great defense.

Maybe we can just be like the Rays of last year and sneak under the radar with solid pitching, young talent, and a decent order top to bottom… without the mega star at the trade deadline. In order for that to happen – Frenchy HAS to have a career year, Chipper HAS to stay healthy, and Schafer / Diaz / Anderson / Johnson / Kotchman HAVE to step up ala Longoria, Upton, Pena, etc..

I doubt the Mets or Phillies will be paying us much attention at all… ala Rays last year.

wisbrave, since Johnson can hit lefties fine, I don’t see the value in trading for a player who has the same kind of game but is 5 years older. Plus, you can pretty much bat Kelly anywhere in the lineup, whereas Roberts only bats at the top.

Francoeur looked good again today, while once again showing patience and the willingness to drive the ball the opposite way. Just think how much better he’d have been if he hadn’t skipped that one extra at-bat to go play with Tiger.
After going 2-for-2 with a sac fly today, he’s now gone 28 at-bats without a strikeout. The most important key to his success so far has been his willingness to stay committed to the new approach that he adopted this offseason. With his recent success, he’s starting to reap the fruits of his labor.

I may be thinking with my heart instead of my head but I really think this year will be a breakout year for Kelly. This theory has helped me to win my fantasy leagues. Generally a player has a breakout year at age 26-28. This is true of most of those players but you have to look at a lot of stats in order to make this judgement. Most of those indicators point toward Kelly having that type of year. I have missed on players before but most of the time you can count on these indicators. Kotch could be ready soon for a year like that but time will tell. If I had to make a judgement on him right now I would pass. GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone know of a way to watch the USA game today without the MLB network?

Ed Eagle, who is covering the WBC for us in Toronto, informed me that Chipper took batting practice today and said he doesn’t believe playing this weekend would put him in position to aggravate his slight oblique strain…Chipper isn’t in tonight’s lineup vs. Venezuela.

bravo, you were throwing out a number of “what ifs” there and I did the same a few weeks ago while talking to a fellow scribe who has been doing this job longer than I’ve been alive. He said he’d always found that if you have too many “ifs” in Spring Training, you’re usually going to come up short during the regular season. While respecting that theory, I’d have to say the Braves are in position to leave Florida with fewer concerns about their “ifs”. Over the course of the past few weeks, Moylan, Soriano, Kotchman and Francoeur have all provided encouragement. I still have some concerns about Kawakami and Glavine’s health. But at the same time, I’m even more confident that Tommy Hanson will be ready when he gets the call. For the most part, I’d say I’m more optimistic about this team than I was when camp started.

After the off season we had, I couldn’t agree with you more. I am more optimistic about this season than I have been in years. I like our team from top to bottom. My only concern right now is if we’ll be able to match those games where our opponent ends up scoring 5 or more runs. Of course only time can tell those answers. The “what ifs” make for fun discussion though… and since I love talking about the Braves… I love bringing up the “what ifs”.

If San Diego is willing to part with Adrian Gonzalez maybe Wren could look at acquiring him. He’s under team control through 2010 with an option for 2011. Though they probably wouldn’t want Kotchman because they’ve got a great 1B prospect near mlb-ready.

Campillo had me looking for my Montezuma headdress last night. He just kept dangling that ball of yarn, and the cats just kept swing out of their shoes. It is fun to watch “pitching” in a world of “throwing” sometimes.

Gregor had a great night yesterday and Campillo didn’t do too bad himself. Brian McCann went 0-2, but it didn’t matter.
Looking forward to today’s game with JJ on the mound.

Jurrjens wanted to pitch in the second round for the Netherlands. But in order to do so, one of the pitchers on the current roster would have had to be removed because of injury. Because he hadn’t received word this morning, Jurrjens is planning to pitch against the Nationals today. If the Dutch continue producing miracles, there’s an outside chance Jurrjens would join them for the semis.
JJ said he was surprised somebody didn’t call the cops on him after the Netherlands beat the Dominican Republic again on Tuesday night.

That would be a nice fresh arm to add for the next round. I fear that all that is left from this week is a glass slipper for next round.

Here is another Jinx list for the day. Francoeur, Infante, Kotchman, and Escobar have a combined 91 plate appearances without a strike out this spring.

I’m fine with JJ pitching with the Netherlands today. I was wondering if he could. I would be cheering for him.
Mark what happened to Morton? I haven’t seen him yet this Spring.
And rother it was good the way it was! Now they are all gonna strikeout this game!

Is Tommy Hanson pitching Friday or Saturday this week?

Mark – Is Vlad Nunez going to Gwinnett? I don’t see him on any of MLB’s Braves’ rosters or non-rosters. From his AAA stats from last year it looks like he could lower his whip (1.43) and his age (34 in three days). Can you also give us the dates of when the rosters need to be reduced? Thanks.

Roth, Hanson is pitching Friday. Darion, Morton strained something in his leg and should be back soon. Emarc, Nunez is very old (34) and if he doesn’t make the opening day roster I doubt they’d stuff him in Gwinnett. He’ll probably get released so he can find work elsewhere.

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