Just another odd southpaw

When I entered  the clubhouse this morning, I saw Boone Logan’s left hand adorned with gauze. Naturally, I responded with, “Have you been playing with Blaine Boyer’s apple slicer.”

Logan said that he regularly places gauze on his hand in the morning. After imitating Rafael Soriano with a stone-faced reaction, I later saw the big left-handed reliever on the field without any gauze, tape or padding on his hand.  With this I further concluded that southpaws are simply a different species.

Speaking of left-handers, Garret Anderson was moving around the clubhouse with relative ease this morning and he said his strained right calf has progressively improved over the past few days.  After seeing him lift his leg and bend over to pick up his keys with relative ease, I think we can project that he’ll likely be in the Opening Day lineup.

Fortunately for Anderson, he hasn’t felt the urge to start jumping around like Jair Jurrjens did after the Netherlands defeated the Dominican Republic again on Tuesday night. 

“I’m surprised that nobody called the cops on me,” said Jurrjens, who opted not to pitch for the Netherlands during the first round of the WBC. 

Jurrjens wanted to pitch in the second round this weekend.  But in order to do so, he would have had to replace a injured pitcher from the current roster.  When he never received word that this opportunity had arisen, the 23-year-old right-hander prepared for this afternoon’s start against the Nationals.

If the Netherlands continues their miracle run, Jurrjens might join the team for the semi-final round.  But as great as this story has been, I think we can all assume that it’s nearing its end.

Remember Dennis Neuman, the Pedro Martinez-clone, that I was heralding after watching him pitch a scoreless inning for the Netherlands against the D.R. on Saturday?  Well he’s obviously also subject to the jinx factor of this blog. 

But after issuing two walks in Monday’s loss to Puerto Rico, the 19-year-old Red Sox farmhand came back Tuesday and tossed 1 2/3 innings scoreless innings against the D.R.

“He’s going to be good,” said Jurrjens, who worked out with Neuman in their native Curacao this winter.  “He has heart and he knows what he wants.”

Now that I’ve exhausted my charitable Dennis Neuman public relations campaign, it’s time to return to Braves info.  Jordan Schafer opened some eyes when he returned yesterday and the highly-regarded outfield propsect is back in today’s lineup to serve as the right fielder. 

Matt Diaz and Jeff Francoeur were permitted to go home after this morning’s workout.  Both are scheduled to travel to Jupiter for this weekend’s two-game series against the Cardinals and Marlins. 

As for me, I’m not making the southbound trek down the Florida Turnpike.  But I’ll likely post at least one blog entry on Friday or Saturday.  Tommy Hanson is scheduled to start tomorrow’s game against the Marlins and Kenshin Kawakami will go against the Cardinals on Saturday.

After Jurrjens exits today’s game, we’ll place our focus on Mike Gonzalez and Kris Medlen, who are both scheduled to pitch.

Today’s Lineup:
Josh Anderson CF
Jordan Schafer RF
Yunel Escobar SS
Casey Kotchman 1B
Omar Infante 2B
Martin Prado 3B
Brandon Jones LF
David Ross C
Jurrjens P


I guess Frenchie earned a day off.

Can’t strike out when you don’t play – the streak continues!

Mark – Is Vlad Nunez going to Gwinnett? I don’t see him on any of MLB’s Braves’ rosters or non-rosters. From his AAA stats from last year it looks like he could lower his whip (1.43) and his age (34 in three days). Can you also give us the dates of when the rosters need to be reduced? Thanks.

Speaking of “Where are they now”, Where did Chris Resop go?

Jurrjens and Daniel Cabrera both worked perfect first innings…If there is room for him, Nunez likely will pitch for Gwinnett this year…He’s not a non-roster invitee. He’s just been utilized as an extra pitcher in some games this year…The Major League roster will likely be set on April 3 or 4. Once this is done, the organization to will make the final tweaks to their Minor League rosters.

Resop was sold to Japan in July and I think he’s still pitching over there.

How far up the Cuban Baseball Ladder did Yunel Escobar get before he came to America? have you talked to him about any of the current WBC Cubans? That Chapman kid brings some serious heat. I think he’d enjoy Atlanta after he got “lost” eating lunch with Yunel next week in SD. You know how that “happens” once in a while when the Cubans are in the States. Since he’s 21, Janet Reno won’t send him back or anything.

Rother’s jinx has already started to affect us because Escobar struck out.

One for one already yikes. Apologize to Yunel for me. He probably got called out on a pitch a foot outside and doesn’t know why the ump would have rung him up like that. We know though, don’t we.

I’m sure their 260+ lb. backup catcher would be up for a lunch date too. I like the pajamas the Cubans play in.

It was a smart move on the Nationals manager’s part to limit the number of Domincans playing today against Jurrjens. They obviously would have had no chance hitting off of him this particular week.

Jurrjens issued a walk in his scoreless second inning and Cabrera stayed perfect with the help of right fielder Austin Kearns, who fielded Martin Prado’s blooper and then fired a strike that beat Prado to first base.

I’m sorry that shouldn’t have said “stayed perfect”, Cabrera actually surrendered a leadoff single to Casey Kotchman and then got Omar Infante to ground into a double play.

That little move is going to cost Prado. The guys are pretty merciless about getting thrown out at first from the outfield. It is going to take a while to live that one down.

What happened to Prado while he was at first?

oh nevermind

hahaha “sold to Japan.”

Prado’s nonchalant jaunt toward first base was as embarrassing as the awkward trot Cabrera just displayed while going around the bases…Cabrera, who will enter this season with just 14 career at-bats produced a one-out single to right and held his helmet as he strided with Chad Paronto-like grace toward first base. He advanced to second on a Lastings Milledge single and then nearly was passed by Milledge while attempting to navigate his way toward the plate on a Ryan Zimmerman double to right-center.

It really surprises me that Prado didn’t hustle to first base. He seems like an all out player. Hopefully the players will give him such a hard time that he will never do that again. Bobby runs such a soft camp that the players must police themselves. This team has been very impressive without their two stars in the lineup. GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!

It doesn’t surprise me that Prado didn’t run it out. I’ve been seeing the Braves do it for years. Don’t get me wrong I love Bobby, but Bobby’s soft camp and really soft locker room is such a downside to the Braves. What I am saying is that it doesn’t seem like the younger players care. Jo-Jo’s attitude and Yunel’s are the worst. We saw it a few years ago when Adam Laroche did the same thing going to first base. Wanting to play your hardest and wanting to play is a big difference. I just think Bobby could be a little harder on the guys. Although they are adults so they shouldn’t have to have a guy tell them to do their job. What do you guys think?

I don’t think you can blame that on Bobby… and I don’t think the Braves have ever had a big problem with bad / lazy attitudes. Remember Bobby benching Andruw for not hustling? When it comes time to drop the hammer – I’m sure Bobby does. Escobar plays hard but you can see a little bit of cockiness. I think that kind of stuff is more on Chipper and Smoltzie (when he was here). Frenchy and B-Mac are coming into those veteran roles as well. Trust me – Prado will be addressed. Maybe not by Bobby, but someone in that locker room will handle it.

What do you mean WILL handle it? I guarantee you that has been done already. Probably more than once in the dugout today. Remember when Escobar had his little “issue” his rookie year. It was taken care of on the spot. He just needs to tame that Cuban swagger a little. If you saw them play this week, most of them have that bat flip and the rest. It is part of the way they do things down there, and it takes a little while to break the habits. They are the baseball equivalent of “streetballers” in Cuba from what I have seen.

Soory, but I don’t see Prado as an everyday starter. He better hope Chipper doesn’t go on an extended DL jaunt. I think D-Hernandez has a better upside offensively.

Jurrjens ended up allowing two runs and three hits in four innings. Each of the hits he surrendered came during a two-run, third inning…Gonzalez is rocking on the mound again and his breaking ball looks pretty crisp. My guess is that he’ll say he wants to gain some more consistency with that pitch…He worked a perfect inning with a strikeout and two fly outs.

Is that evaluation of Prado based on his Minor League batting title? His career .300 average in the Major Leagues? or his 25 ABs this spring?

Schafer just had a nice double and then stole third. I hope he makes the opening day roster. He showed he has speed, maybe not quite as much as Anderson but he makes up for that with his power. As of right now he is playing better ball then Anderson.

I sure am glad some of you have that much confidence in Bobby because I sure don’t. If he was a much tougher manager I think we would have more than one world title. You do not have to be tough all the time but there are times when you call a player out in front of others in order to make a point. When there is an issue and someone gets called out it shows the others that IT will not be tolerated. You never hear about Bobby calling a player out and that is why they love him but there is such a thing as tough love and this team needs a lot more of that. It kills me to hear Bobby yell at them to take it easy on the way to first when it appears they will be out. You can always walk back to the dugout! GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!

Yeah 69 I totally agree with you. He could be a lot tougher. And those who say he is tough enough, obviously 1 world series title in the past 20 years or so does show that his style makes him a winner. Definitely. Maybe if he was as tough on the players as he was on the umpires we might win a few postseason championships.

Bobby’s too classy to call a player out publicly. That’s why he has an office… and we don’t.

Schafer looks like a man on a mission right now. That can only help the team. It is also nice to see Brandon Jones looking more like the 2007 version than the 2008 version. I hope he has a big year in Gwinnett.

I agree braves10. Anderson’s speed could certainly prove beneficial in Atlanta. But Schafer is just such a dynamic talent.
I understand the “business” reasons for choosing Anderson, who is out of options. But Schafer has the potential to be a difference maker, who is also subject to this blog’s jinx factor.
As I was typing that previous sentence, he struck out.

Diory has more power and will steal more bases.

… than Prado

Mark, do you really think the organization is going to stuff a 34 year old in the AAA Gwinnett bullpen? I know it’s nice to have insurance in case someone gets hurt, but with all of our pitching depth and the quality of the AAA bullpen, I hope they release Vladimir Nunez and let him find a job elsewhere. I’m sure the Pirates would sign him. Anyway, did we ever hear about Jason Perry?

Gorkys Hernandez has entered the game. This is the first appearance this year for the young center field prospect, who will likley begin the year with Double-A Mississippi.

Diory isn’t as good as Prado defensively and Prado is a better contact hitter.

Hey they said it was Diory Herdnandez that entered the game on the box score not Gorkys

Does an office make you a good manager now?

I hope Carlyle does good.
Mark what happened to Morton? Where is he now?

I think Nunez will relate well to folks in Gwinnett. Every team needs a veteran.

Diory looks like an up and comer for sure. I doubt he’ll steal many bases, he doesn’t have much history of that, 8 of 17 last year in the minors, and only 50% the year before, but he is supposed to be one of the guys to watch.

Darion, Morton strained some muscle in his leg the first week of camp. He should be back soon. Bobby Cox had very good things to say about him before he strained the muscle. And Emarc, I agree. However, this guy deserves a major league job somewhere and it’s bad for the development of your organization to have 34-year-olds taking up space in the AAA bullpen. Moreso out of respect for his career they should let him find a job on a major league club.

I was looking at Diory’s ’07 numbers b/c they both were in AA then. He definitely can work on his steal success % but I have to think Bobby has to like his aggressive style nonetheless. Probably better to get caught stealing then to stroll to first base.

Thanks for the info

You missed the point, methinks, 69braves… we all know Bobby deals with his players privately as opposed to someone like, say, Ozzie Guillen.

Mark, how was Gonzalez’s velocity during his inning of work?

Papilgee4evaeva, I heard his fastball topped at 91 and he threw a lot of slurves.

PW, speaking as a fan, I would keep him in AAA if possible because he put up decent numbers in Richmond last year. As his agent, yea, I’m calling the Pirates, Nats, Rangers, Rockies, O’s…

Help me papilgee! What was the point? Do you think a player should never be called out in public? Name one time other than Andruw that BC has done it! You can be well respected by the players and still make a point in public.

Gorkys struck out to end a three-run third inning, during which Brandon Jones recorded another RBI single. Freddie Freeman also added a two-run single.

He put up pretty decent numbers with the big club last year too (crappy K/BB but good ERA). I just don’t see him in the organization’s long-term plans and since he’s so old and has earned his respect (He’s a former closer ala 2002 Florida), he deserves a chance to sign with a major league club. There’s no sense in keeping him in our AAA bullpen, he isn’t a prospect anymore. The only reason we signed him last year was because we needed the bullpen depth with everybody hurt. Barring something similar, we won’t be using him with the big club. And he isn’t in our long term plans.

I seriously don’t think Bobby yelling at Andruw would have increased his batting average and I know for sure that Frenchy would not have had a better season if he got back to the dugout and Bobby was chewing him out all day. Insinuating that if Bobby yelled more he would have won more championships is ridiculous.

The Braves should’ve traded Andruw for a 1st round draft pick so they could’ve drafted another punter.

Ozzie Guillen will end up in the same scrap heap that Larry Bowa is in. Billy Martin got fired every two years or so because nobody wanted to play for him. Lou Pinella same way. They get the job done that way short term, but it is impossible to sustain that type of clubhouse atmosphere. If you whip the horse all day every day you eventually get your teeth kicked in.

Bobby yells too much as is! My point is there needs to be some accountability by the players and BC is the one who has that responsibility. If you screwed up on your job in front of others and kept doing it would you not expect something to be said to you in front of the ones you messed up in front of. This is part of the maturation process which I think players need more of on this team. I never said yell, I did say called out to make a point. You learn a whole lot by being publicly reprimanded and I am not sure Bobby understands this. This is just my opinion but that is what this blog is about. GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!

What Bravomania said, I agree with completely. Oh yeah, the last (somewhat) public gesture Cox made was to DFA Bob Wickman after that game against the Reds.

Schafer really wants to make Wren and Cox (and J. Anderson) lose sleep at night.

3 of the best coaches over the last 15 or so years are Cox, LaRussa, and Torre. None of them are very intense and they have been getting the job done.

He was pretty clear publicly how he felt about Jo Jo last season as well. If Jo Jo was right handed he’d be scooping ice cream at Baskin Robbins already.

Please don’t bring up Bob Wickman’s name. Too many bad memories and losses.

Papil, Bobby Cox doesn’t make roster moves, the front office does.

I never said to get on a player for poor performance but I did say to let him know when he does not hustle or makes mental errors over and over. There is a big difference in not performing your job and not caring about what you are doing! I hope that as adults we know that difference and the players do too. Accountability is not a bad thing but makes a team closer and more comfortable with each other. As a fan I think each player needs to be accountable for his performance as does the management. I am accountable on my job and I spend my money to support MY TEAM! GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was in the clubhouse and didn’t see Heyward’s homer. From what some of the guys in the press box are saying, it’s arguable whether the umps saw it. Some guys are saying that the ball landed at the base of the CF and was mistakenly called a homer.

But I from what I hear, the Nats didn’t argue. So I’m going to side with what the umps saw.

Mark – How did Medlen look??

Lets talk more about the GAME. What is happening and who looks good today

I’ll count it.

Is Heyward’s only position right field? Or can he play any outfield spot. The more and more I hear about this young Atlanta outfield the more excited I get.

The difference is, when Bobby needs to talk to one of his players, he doesn’t go looking for Peter Gammons to say something about the player, he pulls the player aside and tells him to his face. If baseball was really about the press conference, Buck Martinez would still be a manager, and Steve Philips would be a GM. We as fans do not need to be involved in the process, our ticket money does not buy us that level of access.

I would love to see Schafer make the team right now, but at what expense? We need Anderson in the lead off spot and we already have a log jam in left. To have Schafer come off the bench would not do him any good. Whatever level he is going to be at, he needs to play everyday. I think he is ready for the show now, but how do they make the room?
Anybody willing to eat the money for GA and say thanks, but no thanks?? I like an outfield of Schafer, Anderson and Francouer.

There ARE times when we DO need to know not for our benefit but for the players benefit. Not public humiliation just public discipline. There is a HUGE difference! I am not saying to do it every day or every week but occassionally every good manager needs to use the public as a tool to educate! GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!

I’m starting to think that Frank Wren might have been alright to not bother signing Anderson. But it’s nice to have the insurance. This outfield in the next year is going to be so much better than last season.

I don’t know that we NEED Anderson in the leadoff. I think Cox feels comfortable with a number of different guys who could easily play at the #1 spot. You can even make a case for Schafer, he leads the team in SB’s this Spring. Schafer is my sentimental favorite over Anderson because I’ve been tracking him since he was in Rome.

so then i ask you… what makes you think bobby doesn’t do a good job in keeping his players accountable? i’m sorry man… i don’t think your observation of bobby’s management style carries much weight at all. you first started out by insinuating he would have won more games and then you changed your tune to more “public accountability”… bobby’s job is not policeman. that’s for locker room veterans. bobby’s job is to manage the team. i’m glad we don’t see what goes on behind closed doors. but trust me — he has command of that clubhouse. i don’t really think him roasting a player in a manner for all his team mates to see is a good choice either. to your early point — if i screwed up at work, my boss would pull me in his office and have a private discussion with me. he would not publicly reprimand me. again, you insinuating that bobby would have won more games and championships if he would call more players out to the table is absurd.

Great win Braves!!!!!!

You are not reading all of the comments. I do believe that part of the job BC has is to get the most out of his players- this is called managingyour talent. There are times when you can motivate them by being publicly hard on them- it will not work if you do it all of the time- and there are times when you need to be public with your praise- this will not work all of the time either. Bobby does plenty of the public praising but not hardly any of the public calling out. I do think we would have won more over the years if the players knew they were at risk of some public rebuke- which they never get. If everything is sunny and happy all of the time you get to accept that and expect it. A little variety is good. Last year I got so tired of hearing him praise someone after another one run loss. Occassionally you need to say so and so was not doing his job today and he knows it and I know it! GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!

Let’s get this out of the way, Cox said Heyward’s homer landed halfway up the black facade behind the center field wall. I’m sorry for even mentioning that someone in the press box wondered whether it was a homer…

emarc: Medlen looked good again, allowing just a chop single in two scorless innings. His fastball is live. His changeup is above average and his breaking stuff is pretty impressive.

Cox’s postgame thoughts on Medlen: “He can drop any pitch he wants on you in any count. That’s what makes him so special.”

I always encourage debate on this blog. But one thing I probably should have said earlier is that Martin Prado will never be considered lazy. He simply made a mistake today.
It happens.
While he might not be the most talented player, Prado is the kind of guy you want to take to battle. He’s worked hard to make himself a legit big leaguer and there will likely come a day when he’s given the opportunity to prove he can be productive on an everyday basis.

Thanks Mark!

Awesome. Medlen seems very versatile. I guess he’ll start in Gwinnett since he seemed to handle AA pretty well last year. I’m glad they gave him 2 innings. Any indication as to whether they see him as a starter or reliever long term?

69Braves – I think we are in agreement that sometimes that kind of public reprimand is necessary. What we disagree on, however, is that Bobby doesn’t do it enough. Andruw, Wickman, JoJo, etc. He does it when the situation calls for it. I really don’t see that more of that would have won us more games… but to each his own.


emarc: I’m not sure the Braves know exactly how they want to use Medlen. He’s had success in both roles, but it’s hard to ignore what he did after he moved into Mississippi’s rotation during the second half of 2008.. My guess is that he’ll start the season in Gwinnett’s rotation.

Yellow Jackets up by 8 on Clemson with 2 minutes left if anyone was wondering… go jackets!

Thanks bravomania! I guess we will agree to disagree then.
GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!

Hanson, Reyes, Medlen, Parr, Morton – not a bad AAA rotation!

Bravo, you need to stop using words like “ridiculous”, and “absurd”. Argue your point intelligently and respectfully or nobody is going to take you seriously.

emarc, that could also include Campillo.

Mark can you drop everything and give us all an update on the status of Jason Perry? We all await breathlessly.

30 teams have deemed him unworthy of even an invite to their MLB camp but I and I alone know better from simply staring endlessly at his minor league OPS.

Who said being a GM is hard, I do it every day in my fantasy league.

Now back to a serious question and point, Mark I see Carlyle,Bennett and Campillo all competing for one spot as currently constructed-Long man.

Health permitting I see Gonzo,Moylan,Soriano,Boyer,Acosta,Logan as 6 locks leaving two spots open needing only 4 starters until Mid April.

Last two spots a competition between the above trio and throw in Medlin and O’Flaherty as people with an outside shot?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this Bowman.

PW, oh yea, I guess Campillo is in the AAA rotation too unless we can find a way to squeeze both he and Carlyle in the pen, at least while Glavine heals. Alternatively, maybe Hanson is likely to start the season in Mississippi and then work his way up to Gwinnett.

I’m very curious about Moylan too. Will he really be ready by opening day? With the depth that we are displaying this Spring in the pen there’s no need to rush him.

Emarc, that’s a possibility. Though since Hanson put on a dominant show at AA and in the AFL already, he doesn’t have anything to prove against prospects. He’s probably penciled in for AAA. As for Campillo, my best guess is that he’s going to be in the AAA rotation. In case of injury, he’ll be 30 minutes away and the organization likes him as a starter, especially after last season. This leaves 4 guys for 3 spots. Reyes has got to be 1. Medlen will be one if he doesn’t crack the Braves’ rotation. Morton and Parr will be in the mix for the last spot. I don’t know how the organization tends to handle these things.

Though Campillo did make a seamless transition from the bullpen to the rotation last year, so I don’t think keeping him ready for an emergency situation will be a road-block in his battle for a roster spot.

Logan wrapping his hand in the sterile safety of gauze makes sense when you consider that he’s been with the Braves long enough to bear witness to as many of Bobby Cox’s gold-digging excursions as we long-term fans. Seriously, he’s gotten both cavities of that old-man honker so stretched that he can now do some fist-deep spelunking. Also consider that Cox likely returns to his hotel room after a day in that Florida heat and sleeps all night in that recirculated air called central air-conditioning. Logan’s lefty-logic is likely along the lines of: the morning is the time at which a fella is most likely gonna need to “clean house.” Next time you see Logan’s hand wrapped, wait ’til he takes it off, then check it for any “Denver Nuggets.”
BTW, I kid because I love–see my next comment.

OK, everyone who says Bobby ain’t tough enough on his players, consider that the only manager in recent memory to win as many World Series as you seem to think Bobby should have won is Joe Torre–definitely NOT a guy known for showing up his players with public displays of anger. Reason being, it’s bush-league at best. Maybe that kind of crap is the way you were coached growing up, and maybe that’s the same reason you never made the adjustments at the coach-pitch level of Little League and thus have no baseball career of which to speak (or about which to blog impudently). Check out this quote from a GQ article on no less a source than Chipper Jones (URL appears below the quote):

He would also try to assert himself in the clubhouse, twice criticizing the team?s play, only to be ?aired out big-time,? he says, by manager Bobby Cox and some of his teammates. ?They had conversations with me about ?the way it?s done here.? And okay, I learned from it. I won?t say another word. And I haven?t. That?s one of the reasons I?m not the vocal leader that some fans in Atlanta want me to be.? With an ironic smile, he says, ?I?m what the Braves have made me.?


PW – I only tend to use words like “absurd” and “ridiculous” when I read things that are “absurd” and “ridiculous”. I think most will agree with me when I say that your implication that Rick Ankiel should be in right field instead of Jeff Francoeur, and your quote “Francoeur sucks” is “absurd”. Judging by the response given to you by other Braves fans on this blog after that comment — I don’t think I’m the only one willing to give Frenchy more than a bad year to throw away his contract and talent. Rother revealed that if we went by your logic… we would have canned Dale Murphy in the first three years of his career… so my “ridiculous” comment is completely warranted. Sorry if it hurts your feelings though.

Also — I will always stand behind my feelings that Bobby does not need to yell and publicly criticize his players to win more.

Lets put all that to rest and talk about the Braves ’09 season!

“I think Bobby Cox and the whole Atlanta thing is a joke. So what if I dog it jogging to first, don’t pay attention in meetings, and completely mailed in the second half of the season when I didn’t get the contract I wanted. What do those guys know? Just because they beat us in the World Series. ”
signed, Lenny Kofton. (the names have bee changed to protect the sorry, lazy, and useless).

Don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but just thought I’d remind those concerned parties that the He-Man Bobby-Hater’s club tends to hold its meetings over on Dave O’Brien’s blog, AKA The Darkness on the Edge of Town (so named by me because the virulent, reactionary aversion to even moderate displays of reason and intelligence they have over there is downright frightening).
I can only think of 2 instances where a player’s snafu led to the Braves losing the World Series, and in neither case would Bobby ceasing to be Bobby Cox and instead channeling Bobby Knight have helped:
1. The 1991 World Series, Game 7, rookie (of the year) Chuck Knoblauch dekes established veteran Lonnie Smith (who was in his 4th WS with as many clubs). It was Game 7, so what point is served by Bobby calling him out? There is no Game 8.
2. Mark Wohlers serves up a fat one using the slider, his 3rd best pitch, to drunk-driving enthusiast Jim Leyritz in Game 4 of the 1996 Series. I’m sure there was some behind-the-scenes discussion about that pitch after the game, but that whole team went into a tailspin, despite still being tied 2-2 in the Series. Again, nothing Bobby calling out Wohlers in a public forum would have done to remedy the situation, especially since it was Pac-Man Belliard who botched a double-play ball that led to Wohlers having to face Leyritz, and it was Bobby’s choice to walk Bernie Williams to load the bases for Wade Boggs in the 10th inning. What should Bobby have done there, yell at himself in a mirror, publicly?
Let’s see, what else? They outscored the Blue Jays in the 1992 Series, but still lost, so what amount of public excoriation is appropriate for a team that was hustling at its peak performance–the Jays were clearly a superior team, as they went on to win again in 1993. Well, the Braves won in 1995, but they really could have scored more than one run in the clinching Game 6, and Glavine giving up that one hit in 8 innings is simply unconscionable for a man making his salary. Oh yes, and they had the audacity to lose to the Yankees in 1999, a team in dynasty mode, winning the second of three consecutive championships.

Some of you have missed the whole point of our discussion. It is not that you yell at players when they make mistakes but it is that you let players know in a way that they will understand that errors of lazy play and mental errors can not and will not be tolerated. Anyone who has ever played the game knows errors are part of the game but when you are not focused and don’t try that is another story. These errors should never be tolerated on a team as they become a cancer( see Manny and the sox). That is the point. Yelling is not acceptible but letting someone know in a public format that behavior is unacceptable is sometimes a good thing. Not doing it every day or every week. Only handle it publicly when it continues to be a problem. I sure wish Chipper wouldn’t back off of some good constructive criticism. Criticism will not kill you but it sure can help you focus! GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just because people don’t agree with you, does not mean they missed the point. I think it goes without saying that everyone knows that taking plays off and making mental mistakes is uncalled for by a professional baseball player. Hell, I won’t tolerate a lack of hustle from my 13 year olds. However, making a public display of it, will not correct the problem. You even mentioned the Manny/Red Sox deal. Did all that public squabling do anything for either side? It might have helped Manny actually, since it lead to him getting out of town, but it surely did not help the Red Sox. I’m not trying to say Bobby Cox is perfect, but I think he does a much better job than most managers with handling the team. You can pretty much point to two plays the last two seasons that caused the team to go into a tail spin that they just couldn’t recover from. Adam Laroach’s famous “I’ll take my sweet time getting to the bag” bone head move. That play extended the inning and cost the Braves not only that game, but set the wheels in motion for the horrible June that put them too far back to recover. Then again last year. They were still holding their own in the divsion, until Kelly Johnson dropped an easy fly out that once again extended an inning and lost the game, creating yet another tail spin. Neither of those plays are BC’s fault. Was he supposed to publicly get in their butts before those plays happened to try and prevent them?? I just don’t feel like the Braves employ the kind of players that public criticism would be called for. And after all, they are just human beings. They may have a special talent for throwing, catching and hitting a baseball, but they still put their pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else.

Well.. Adam realized he had ADHD as a result of that play and ended up fixing the problem. Not exactly his fault.

I didn’t want to bring up the ADHD thing. I think he always knew he had it and was taking meds. I don’t think that play made him realise it. ADHD didn’t make him mess that play up. He was just a victim of overestimating the other players lack of hustle. I’m sure he figured the runner would just give up the out, but the other guy didn’t and he was left with egg on his face. I wasn’t trying to blame Adam or Kelly for everything that happened the last two season, but I firmly believe when the wheels fall off the bus, there is always a point in time where you can pinpoint the first lug nut popping off.

Anybody have any updates for today’s game??

The Boxscore shows us using a pitcher hitting and the MArlins using a DH. Interesting.

That is interesting. All sorts of different stuff happens in these games. Looks like Hanson is doing well again. Getting outs without having to strike everyone out, I like that. Did the error lead to the runs in the first?

Yeah rother Bobby wanted hanson to swing the stick and Marlins as Home team can set the rules for themselves.

I for one wish all MLB would abolish the DH.

That wouldn’t be fair, then all the “used to be roid” guys who have broken down again won’t have a place to play. And young athletic players would have to fill the spots for less than the $10 million/yr the average DH gets. How does any of that make sense? You’re not going to use that old (but true) argument that we would actually see better baseball, are you? Next thing you’ll be after the 4 man rotation, and not using 4 pitchers to get 3 outs in the same inning when only one guy gets on base, and so on and so on……
I knew I liked your thought process Dave.

Oh Dad, I know he’s just a puppy (Hanson), but can we keep him? We’ll take good care of him.

that reminds me of my kid. he wants a german sheppard so bad he can’t stand himself. He told me that he will take good care of it and keep it in his room. So, if we need to keep Hanson in room, I’ll give up mine.

I think that we should just abolish the pitchers hitting rule. Our team would be a little better in my opinion since we could get another position player playing. Plus Chipper wouldn’t be so injury-prone. He could have started DHing last year. We could definitely scored more runs that way. Our pitchers would also last longer in the game. Pitchers hitting in my opinion is a little pointless, but of course that is MY opinion.

Anyone notice Frenchy? He looks a lot better than last year right now.

It’s not premature to start planning the parade route, is it??

I’m concerned about our lack of power. Sure we can hit .310 as a team with 5 extra base hits a game, score a ton of runs, and have a pitching staff that has an ERA around 3.00, but we need a fat slob that might hit 35 HRs, costs $12 million, and plays no defense.
Can I get a big WHATEVER from the crowd?????
If the Braves keep it up, crusty old has beens like Jim Edmonds will pay them just to be on the team.

Darion, if you want to watch baseball with a DH then go find an American League team to watch. Baseball has been around for like 170 years. The DH has been around for 36. Pure baseball means the pitcher hits. I mean, your entitled to your opinion, but it just seems to me, if that is the type of baseball you want to watch, it’s already available. And for all the if this and if that… most of Chipper’s injuries have come from hitting. Running the bases, brusing his hand from jumping over a defender, and let’s not forget the whole black eye from the ball bounching back off the top of the cage. So playing as a DH would do nothing to keep him healthy.

katjam you have such wisdom that I can only say look at your first sentence! GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!

interesting stat – Jordan Schafer is leading the team in stolen bases with two more than J. Andsersone’s 1 sb. He is also hitting 114 points higher than Josh Anderson. In my mind, Anderson had the starting CF job… but I’m not so sure anymore! He better show some more of that blazing speed we’ve been hearing about!

OK, 69braves, time to put up or shut up. You’ve attempted to backtrack a bit, seeing as how so many here disagree with you, so here are the relevant quotes that you would have us believe are the essence of your argument: “Yelling is not acceptible (sic) but letting someone know in a public format that behavior is unacceptable is sometimes a good thing.” And then, “Only handle it publicly when it continues to be a problem.”
Provide examples, or at least one example, of when any Braves player “continue(d) to be a problem” on any issue, such that Bobby Cox “letting someone know in a public format that behavior is unacceptable” would have proven to be “a good thing.”
I don’t think you can, largely because players come to the ATL knowing in advance what is expected of them. Otherwise, they are summarily dismissed at the end of the season (traded, released, granted free agency, etc.) and allowed to become some other club’s problem, cf. rother’s example of Kenny Lofton. Any player determined to be lazy and not get with the program is not going to be motivated to change by anything Bobby Cox could have said publicly about them, especially an inveterate veteran like Lofton.
The problem isn’t anyone missing the point, it’s that you provide no reason for your point, reducing it to the level of flatulent opinion-mongering (i.e., there is no substance to your bull$#!+). I’m letting you know in a public forum that behavior is unacceptable.

O.K. yellowhammer here is some more flatulants for your nostrils! 1. The continued trotting to first base by many of our players shows a lack of hustle( I guess everyone can’t be Matt Diaz). This is and should be considered unacceptible behavior but you can hear BC in the background encouraging them to go “easy”. This would never be accepted in little league!2. Attitude like Francouer showed last year before and after being sent down. This can be a cancer on a team if not addressed and you can’t always leave these things to the “veterans” to correct. The nature of the attitude was very public as was the criticism of the front office and management.
I can even make a point without reducing myself to childish venting and profanity. GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have an idea for all of you guys. You both made your arguments and you don’t agree. Time to drop the issue. Quit dragging it out. Seriously.

Thanks jd! I agree with you. I just had to answer to being called out. GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man Frenchy has been on a hit streak. He looks a lot better now.

Bummer on the loss but Francouer and our pitching was encouraging. I would’ve liked to see KK give up less hits but it’s all good. Good outing for everyone.

Hey Mark Bowman, on your lastest post you got Hanson confused with Hansen. Look
“Tabbed as the game’s fourth-best prospect by Baseball America, Hansen heads the cast of young pitchers that have created so much optimism. The 22-year-old right-hander, who is expected to join the Atlanta rotation at some point this season, is seemingly the best power-pitching prospect to come through the Braves’ organization since Smoltz.”
Just wanted to let you know.

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