Chipper sets self up for fond farewell

While concluding the 2007 season in Houston, the Braves had the opportunity to watch Astros fans shower Craig Biggio with appreciation as he ended his career-long association with one organization. 

The farewell ceremonies definitely had an emotional effect on Chipper Jones, who left Houston with an even greater desire to enjoy the rare opportunity to spend his entire career with one organization. 

I can’t find the exact quote, but I remember Chipper saying something like, “If my hometown fans ever provide me even a fraction of the farewell that Biggio received, I’ll consider myself to be a lucky man.”

Some time late in the 2012 or 2013 season, Jones might indeed have the opportunity to be showered with appreciation from the Atlanta fans who have followed him since the Braves took him with the first overall selection in the 1990 Draft. 

He was an 18-year-old kid named Chipper then and he’s now a 36-year-old iconic figure who still fittingly goes by the youthful name.   While his stoic demeanor might suggest otherwise, the veteran third baseman loves the game of baseball and has undeniable passion for the Braves organization. 

In many ways Jones is a lot like many of you who felt the ups and downs of the rollercoaster that Braves general manager Frank Wren experienced during this past offseason.  The inability to land Jake Peavy or A.J. Burnett upset him and as you know the fact that John Smoltz went elsewhere initially infuriated him. 

Some of you might believe he should have handled the Smoltz situation in a different manner.  But that was Chipper being Chipper.  In the process, he provided fans a chance that he does indeed live and die by the daily events that shape the only organization that he has ever known.

It was nice to be around for Biggio’s farewell weekend.  But from a personal standpoint, the emotions created  that weekend will pale in comparisons to the ones that will be felt in 2012 or 2013, when the Atlanta fans will be given a chance to show their appreciation for the kid that they’ve never known as anything other than Chipper.   


Good for Chipper. Now he can relax and play his 100 or so games a year in peace.

I am very happy he will stay a Brave for the rest of his career. At least we know we have 3+ more years of one of the classiest players to ever play the game.

It’s a good sign that management took care of this in the pre-season, I think it will give Chipper even more motivation at each at bat. Maybe now that Chipper’s mind is settled he can knock some sense into Will Ohman’s.

This is surely a positive for Chipper and the organization.

Mark – That’s a great take on Chipper and his career. Very well written. I’m still holding out hope that Smoltzie has a decent year and he can end his career with the Braves in the same manner. He needs to retire with a tomahawk across his chest too.

… and I’m still bitter that Hideo Nomo stole the Rookie of the Year title from Chipper in ’95!

btw – I’m sitting in the airport in Las Vegas. I checked the sportsbook today before I left and they have the Braves at 84 and 1/2 wins this season… I took the over!

Are they giving the CF job to Schafer instead of delaying his arb. clock and sending Blanco to triple A? I see Schafer is in tonight’s lineup and Blanco isn’t getting much playing time or starts.

I think starting the season with Blanco to up his trade value and delaying Schafer arb. clock is a win-win situation. Then if Blanco starts the season poorly, Schafer isn’t far away to take over. Thoughts?

Winfield will appear this Sunday night before ESPN’s Braves-Phillies opener. Dave Winfield joins ESPN as ‘Baseball Tonight’ analyst. I figured I’d throw that out there for anyone that cares.

wisbrave, as mark has said, it is pretty clear Schafer has won the CF job. If the Braves planned to send him down, and start Blanco in CF, then Gregor would be playing wayyy more often, starting in center, against major league pitchers. He’s only played in like 2-3 games since his return. i think we can expect him to be the starting CF down the road in AAA Gwinnett.

that being said, AAA is going to be stacked with pretty good minor leaguers:

G. Blanco-OF
Joe Borchard-OF
Matt Young-OF/INF
Brandon Jones-OF
Reid Gorecki??????-OF
Brooks Conrad-INF

not to mention the pitching rotation…..


Is J.C. Holt still with the organization in the minors?

atlbraves, yes Holt has appeared in some games as an extra and he’s definitely smaller than the fish that Francoeur caught tonight…check out the latest entry that I posted. It includes a picture of Francoeur and his fish.

I can assure you that when that day finally arrives in September or (hopefully) October, 2012/2013, one will struggle to find a dry eye in the Turner Field stands. I hope Chipper enjoys every minute of these next few years. God knows, we need a healthy Chipper Jones. Him and Griffey have the most beautiful lefthanded home run swings in the game. He and Tommy are the last vestiges from when magic coursed through the walls of Turner Field and Fulton County Stadium.
14 straight titles is one of the greatest achievements in the history of sports. Not even the Yankees and all their millions could match it. Not one franchise in any major American divisional sport has matched it (NHL’s Detroit Red Wings, I believe, are the closest; closing in on 10 straight)

I’ll be there for sure for Chipper’s last game. Hopefully he can win another ring before he retires.

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