Schafer makes the cut

Jon Cooper, who is covering for me tonight, just called to confirm that Jordan Schafer won the starting center field job.  In other related news, the Braves confirmed that they’ll open the season on Sunday night in Philadelphia.

As expected, the Braves will start the season with eight relievers and Jeff Bennett claimed that final spot.  The eight relievers are Mike Gonzalez, Rafael Soriano, Peter Moylan, Blaine Boyer, Jorge Campillo, Buddy Carlye, Eric O’Flaherty and Bennett.

The Braves also announced that Schafer will wear No. 24.  That jersey is going to be a popular seller for many years to come.


hey mark,
where can i get a Schafer jersey? My brother and I are looking to get it as soon as possible because Jordan Schafer is the same name as a friend of ours who died in sept. and whats more ironic is his birthday was on the 24th so it works out perfectly.

lewis – there’s always the option of just going to the online store and going the custom jersey route….that’s likely to be quicker than waiting for the official clubhouse or other stores just mass making them.

As for the move, I really think it’s the right one. Aside from the back and forth about “seasoning” and “who’s the best” etc., there’s another reason I’m in favor of it. I’d say most fans and the organization are excited about the young guys like Schafer, Hanson, Heyward, Freeman, Hernandez just to name a few, but frankly I would not want to see all these guys coming up within half a season of one another. It’s just too much to hope that all young guys catch on to the M.L. competition and day-to-day demands all at once. Hopefully it’s Schafer now, Hanson sometime mid-season, and perhaps Heyward sometime in 2010….that trickle of the young’ns hitting the big club is much more desireable to me than seeing them all arrive at once.

mooney – remember the Baby Braves? I seem to remember them doing alright.

Mark, Cooper said that there will be a platoon in left field. Was that a mistake? Cause I remember hearing that Anderson was going to get the majority of the playing time out there. Or maybe they want to start with a platoon since he was injured. Either way, I hope Matty Diaz gets his fair share of ABs.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to seeing the Braves kill the Phils on Sunday.

what happened to escobar..does it look serious?

I remember a number of times over the years when Schafer’s name came up in trade talks; props to the Braves for not pulling the trigger.


It’s not that it never works, but it’s certainly not something you want to rely upon. I’m not saying it’d be the worst thing ever, all I’m saying is if you give me the choice, let them not all be new to the majors at the same time. That was my only point, and by the way, the organization was none too happy about having to bring up McCann and Francoeur and Boyer and Johnson all that close to one another.

Who thinks we should sign Dallas McPherson?

If McPherson can be signed without the Braves having to keep him on the 25 then please do it. Just let me move my car first. I think they have us parking along the street in left field at Gwinnett, and there is no way I park where he hits it on purpose.

I guess all is forgiven when is comes to Schafer? Forget last year?? I really feel that Blanco was not given a chance or an opportunity when he came back from the WBC. Its though he was penalized for leaving to play for his home country. This guy can play!! He was terrific in the WBC, he’s been a star player in winter league, and overall had a good Rookie season, Blanco has proven he can play with and against some of the best in the majors. The media was against Blanco getting the job from day 1!! Schafer was a star in spring training, no doubt, I just hope he can live up to the hype surrounding him. Not quite a fan yet!! I would of preferred Anderson or Blanco to start. Time will tell. I wish all the best for Anderson with the Tigers and for Blanco starting his season with Gwinnett. I ‘m sure Blanco will return to the majors soon!!

Blanco could be a legitimate outfield option for several teams — this team just doesn’t happen to be one of them. His baserunning and defensive lapses take him out of the running to be a truly threatening leadoff hitter, and his rather low slugging % takes him out of a 2 hitter option. He’s probably best suited to be the 8th or 9th hitter for an AL squad.

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