McCann has ditched contacts

Brian McCann has come to the realization that he can’t cure his impaired vision with contacts. Thus the All-Star catcher will explore one more alternative before facing the possibility that he’ll have to once again undergo Lasik surgery.

McCann has ordered a pair of prescription Oakley glasses that should arrive in time for him to begin another Minor League rehab assignment next week.  He’s hoping to get better results than he gained with the contacts on Tuesday and Wednesday, while playing for Class A-Advanced Myrtle Beach.

“The contacts didn’t work,” McCann said. “They made my eyes too dry.  I tried using drops and it would be fine for a while, but then it would be blurred again.  We’re going to try the glasses as a last resort.”

McCann, who is eligible to come off the disabled list on May 8, has experienced blurred vision in his left eye since Opening Day.  He has attempted multiple of remedies with the hope that he won’t have to undergo the same Lasik procedure that was performed on him after the 2007 season.  

McCann has been told that his inability to wear contacts is a result of the original surgery.

“When you do Lasik, it changes the shape of your eye and right now the contacts don’t fit the shape of my eyes,”  McCann said. 

Although his problem has been with his left eye, McCann was prescribed contact lenses for both eyes earlier this week.  While he played two games for Myrtle Beach, the power in his left lens was  -.50 and the power in his right lens was -.25.

McCann will likely begin his next rehab assignment on Monday or Tuesday.

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Why didn’t he just get the surgery over with from Day 1? Is the surgery not guaranteed to work either? It seems like if he had Lasik from Day 1 of 15, he would have been able to come off the DL immediately. Now it seems like it’ll be even longer before he comes back.

Surgery is risky and could ruin his career. So taking the necessary time to try to find a solution that doesn’t involve potentially career-ending surgery is a good decision. Brian McCann’s long-term health is THE most important thing in our organization right now.

Ok so I am getting a feeling that the Braves are going to absolutely explode tonight…I see a big game from Frenchy and I think Clint Sammons is going to continue the great back-up catching for Bmac…I think you will see Sammons reflect what he did during Spring Training like Brandon Jones did. Go Braves and plz make Mr. Hampton wish he never left the Braves!!!!

Great to see that Frenchy has the cleanup spot tonight. I was hopeing that he would get moved there at some point this season, but I didn’t think it would be this soon. Well with Bmac out for the time being it makes sense.

As of right now with the performance we have been getting from Infante in the lead off I think we should move to a line-up that looks something like this:

1. Jordan Schafer CF
2. Omar Infante 2B
3. Chipper Jones 3B
4. Jeff Francouer RF
5. Brian McCann C
6. Casey Kotchman
7. Yunel Escobar SS
8. Brandon Jones/Matt Diaz LF
9. Pitcher

The primary pinch hitter should be: Kelly Johnson
Trade Norton and Anderson for a bullpen arm or an extra outfielder

And that is why Frenchy belongs in the clean up spot…I have a great amount of respect for him with the effort he put in this offseason to correct his swing and it is paying off greatly…I wonder if we could ask Pendleton to move on or fire him and pick up the hitting coach from Texas

Frenchy’s homered on his first pitch of the season and during his first at-bat in the cleanup role…That blast off Hampton gives the Braves three homers from the fourth spot of the order, equaling the number they’ve received from the leadoff spot.

Mark, was his homer a nice shot or did it just get out? It looked like Sammons had a nice hit but sounds like Bourn robbed him.

Frenchy’s was four or five rows deep in left-center…Sammons’s ball sounded great off of the bat. He just hit it to the deepest part of the park against a center fielder who had the speed and athleticism to get there…Schafer’s diving grab in right-center was also pretty nice.

Mark, any word on when the game is to continue? The Braves win if it is called correct?

Alright, I need a show of hands, who wants to see Bennett in ANY key situation again, EVER?
I don’t think I have ever even heard of a guy with a WHIP over 2.0 and an ERA under 1.00 this many innings into the season. With that kind of luck he should have spent April in Vegas. He’s getting great help when he gets pulled, but good grief how can Bobby keep calling his name?
Great game anyway, Go Braves!!

He’s the 12th pitcher on the staff for a reason. He’s the guy you use in a no-leverage situation, when it doesn’t matter if he gives up a run or 2. I.e. blowouts (either way, just be prepared to yank him if he starts tanking and you’re not on the wrong end of the blowout).

If you have to constantly be prepared to yank him, go ahead and pre-yank him by kissing him goodbye. Bring in Medlen, use Carlyle as the baseball version of Mr. Irrelevant, and move on.
Getting someone else up everytime you use Bennett doesn’t save the bullpen at all. Why waste Gonzo in a 7-2 game with a real game less than 15 hours away.
Besides, Parr is number 12, and really needs to be saving his road trip per diem to use at the Mall of Ga food court when he gets back to AAA.

So you want to be a Major League GM, try this one on:
The Braves have used 6 pitchers on their 40 man roster in AAA this season, Charlie Morton, Todd Redmond, Manny Acosta, Jo Jo Reyes, James Parr, and Luis Valdez. Results:
77.1 innings, 61 K, 28 BB, ERA 3.61, WHIP 1.44.
Not great, not bad, and certainly not full of compelling arguments to make the 40 mile drive down Interstate 85 to Turner Field.
Enter the other guys, Tommy Hanson, Kris Medlen, and Mariano Gomez, results:
69 innings, 75 K, 24 BB, ERA 1.43, WHIP 0.94.
Clearly a compelling argument in each and every case.
However, they aren’t on the 40 man roster, and it is very complicated to hail them the limo they should have waiting for them to take them down that same yellow brick road.
It sure is fun to be Frank, isn’t it?

I forgot Boone Logan, sorry Boone. He’s running at:

ERA 4.91 and a WHIP of 1.73 (too many walks) in 11 innings,

which just further solidifies the point being made.

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