Medlen to start Tuesday

Kris Medlen is going to make his Major League debut when he starts in place of Jo-Jo Reyes against the Rockies on Tuesday night. 

During the six starts he’s made for Triple-A Gwinnett this year, Medlen has gone 4-0 with a 1.07 ERA and limited opponents to a .167 batting average.   The 23-year-old right-hander  hasn’t allowed a run in his past 19 2/3 innings. 

With these dominant stats, Medlen has provided himself the opportunity to make his Major League debut before Tommy Hanson, who is widely considered the game’s top right-handed prospect.   Hanson, who is 1-3 with 1.99 ERA in seven starts for Gwinnett, is  still expected to be promoted to Atlanta within the next month or two. 

Reyes, who is 0-9 with a 6.58 ERA in his past 18 Major League starts, will now assume a spot in the Braves bullpen.  


Yep, and in his “non-start” he followed Hanson on opening day by retiring 11 straight hitters to get the win.

We have a surplus of arms, but we also have a surplus of OF. I think we need take advantage of that. With Francoeur and Schafer apparently manning right and center for years to come, we can put Jason Heyward at left in the next year or two. So where do we put Gorkys Hernandez? He’s a major prospect and many teams would love to have him. I would love to see Hernandez, Charlie Morton and Kelly Johsnon traded to the Orioles for Brian Roberts, Chris Tillman, and a young left handed starter.
Brian Roberts would be a huge help to our team. He would give us a true leadoff hitter. He annually has an avg around .290, and OBP of around .370, and although he is 31, he can still steal 25 to 30 bases a year.

What do you think Mark?

Glad to see Medlen is getting a shot. When I saw Reyes was gonna pitch on Tuesday I was hoping to take 2 out of 3 from the D-Backs but now we might have a shot at the sweep. I might be getting a bit ahead of myself but we are in good shape when it comes to the pitching matchups.

atl_braves: I would love that trade but we would be lucky if we got just Brian Roberts for those three players…
Morton has struggled at the major league level and Johnson has had periods of great struggle and to make matters worse, he’s in one of those right now. As for Gorkys, he is a good prospect but he is still very unproven.
And i know for sure they wouldnt include Tillman seeing as how they are in need of pitching.

That right there was one of those 3-1 fastballs that Chipper has been waiting to see.

I thought Hanson was pitching tonight? Why is Bueno in the game? Did I miss something?

I like the move of putting Jo Jo in the pen. He always seems to pitch well for two or three innings before he falls apart when starting. Plus it now gives Bobby an additional lefty choice out of the pen. Bring on the Kids!

Are you sure it’s Medlen ONLY?

wow sorry guys i dont know why i thought JoJo was gonna pitch against the D-Backs… I must be on something lol
He’ll just have to dominate the Rockies!!!!

I maybe the only Braves fan thinking this who reads this blog and the comments on it, but I think all the talk about bringing up Hanson needs to stop. The Braves already have pretty much made it clear by their actions that Hanson is not going to pitch before their timeline to avoid arbirtiation and with the starters we have now, I really can’t say I blame them. Look at tonights attendance for pete’s sake. They wouldn’t think about bringing him up now to boost attendance. The announcers said it was pretty much the biggest crowd this year and the only other homestands were pretty much marred by rain and bad weather and let’s face it, when its gonna rain, who wants to go sit out in the ballpark? I know I hate it when it rains when I go to a game. (ok, unless its maybe during a doubleheader but anyway). His numbers? He’s the hot prospect? Ok, we get it. No matter how much any of us moan and groan and shake our fists and hold our breath until we turn blue or call Frank Wren a horrible evil GM who must be shot at dawn is not going to change their minds and I don’t blame them. I love the Braves francise. This team, this city, I love it. And for the simple fact that calling up Hanson this soon will cost the team LOTS of money in the long run, I’m not for it. I want this team to compete for years and tying up a LOT of money in Hanson this soon, before we’ve even seen him pitch during a season in the majors is reckless and fruitless. Or perhaps fruity for thinking they need to do it. I’m only saying this because Im tired of reading that everyone thinks our biggest hope for the future is Tommy Hanson and that he needs to be here now to save the day before the evil rules the NL east again. He’s not coming up now, forget about it and quit complaining that they don’t. So many other factors on this team and everyone assumes that Tommy Hanson is going to come in and take them off into the sunset….uggh. Enough already. Im sorry I may be making some upset for this kinda talk but Im just tired of reading “Hanson needs to come up now. Frank Wren is evil for not doing it and he’s stupid for not doing it”. And before you comment, 2 more things. No, I’m not Wren in disguise posting this. And second, ..oh what the hey, go ahead, tell me im stupid and ridiculous for posting this without having 18 pages of copy and pasted examples of what Im talkinga bout but its late and I’m lazy enough not to do it.

And yes, I’ll say it, Tommy Hanson has the potential to be an All Star Ace at some point in his career. I’m very happy he’s a Brave and I want him to stay that way a long long time. As long as he’s good. Will he be good that long? Will he have a great rookie season and then have that………dropoff that some rookie sensations have after a dynamite first year? (Scott Kazmir, I’m looking at you…) So think about it. Having him in the minors a little bit longer to avoid that ……..dropoff. And cheaper. Or…..bring him up now. Let him get banged around. Have him have a great first game, even a second. Then….he can’t go beyond 4 innings. He’s pitching 100 pitches before he can get 2 outs in the 5th inning. Back to back homers…..well, how can that affect a young pitcher? (JoJo, I’m looking at you.)

Well I will also say I am about 50% sorry for posting that because it kinda had nothing to do with the topic of the blog and possibly being perhaps a week late in needing to be posted but tonight I felt just drunk enough that I decided to post it even if it is kinda late. So any outrage of lunacy or debauchry that anyone wants to hurl my way, please post date your hatred for a week ago. Thanks ever so much. Jolly good.

Well you can’t really say that you have a sports blog until a fan or two has thrown in a random opinion after drinking a little bit too much.
I Don’t think fans on this site have looked at Tommy Hanson as our savior. I think that by and large Braves fans are quite pleased with where our starting pitching staff is (Jo-Jo Reyes aside). I find it very refreshing that Braves fans are optimistic about the future and enjoy looking at what’s just down the road both literaly and figuratively. Our farm system is one of the reasons that we have been consistently in the hunt for a division title despite not being a large market team.

After the game did I see Campillo out there celebrating? Is he back from a minor league rehab game or what happened? I’d love to see him back in our bullpen – he was vital last year as a starter.

Great win last night! Is anyone else concerned that Gonzalez has been getting raked recently? No need to say “I told you so” PWJHort. Although I’m still not ready to blame fatigue 1 month into the season. GO JACKETS!

I’ll admit we need some breakthrough games where our pen only pitches a few innings and even then only our long relief goes and not for very long. Gonzo does need a break, a two day break, at some point. Soriano and Gonzo are number 6 and number 7 in innings pitched – not a good thing, considering they are supposed to pitch an inning each at the back of ballgames. We need to see Carlyle, Bennett, and Moylan up there. BTW, anyone other than me think O’Flaherty is looking like a darn good closing option?

This is a long stretch of games, I hope Gonzo gets a chance to take a break. He did look good last night, I think he just left a pitch up. He was locating other than that. He has been dynamite this year, except a few hard luck games. In my opinion, he truly is one of the best closers in the game, even though he has a few BS this year, his stuff is great, especially for a LHP.

Anyway, we need to make of LONG relievers pitch the long innings and our stoppers like Soriano, O’Flaherty, and Gonzo be stoppers. That fact that O’Flaherty has pitched in excess of one inning in a role that should be a specialty role is a bit unnerving.

Not that I doubt Bobby, at all. He’s a great coach. It just tells me a little about his trust for our long relief… And I’m a guy who LIKES Carlyle and Bennett.

Hate to break up the parade of pitching comments but I just want to break something down. I know a lot of Braves fan didn’t want Andruw back but I did. I told all my friends that he would turn it around. At this time Garret and Andruw have about the same number of at bats. In 64 at bats Andruw has 19 hits. 7 of them doubles 4 of them homers. 8 singles. That’s it. 11 RBI’s. 16 walks and 14 strikeouts. To be fair Garret has only struck out 5 times and walked 4. He has 14 hits in 60 at bats. 5 doubles, 0 homeruns. 8 rbis. So take your pick. Andruw wanted to be here, can you say the same about Garret?

Oh and I just noticed one more staggering number. Andruw has an on base percentage of .439! And a slugging percentage of .594. Oh and he has one stolen base haha. Get in Andruw.

So because everyone was throwing in their 2 cents about the Braves pitching staff, I thought I would do the same.

Derek Lowe – Love him, Big game competitor with a fantastic, yet inconsistent, sinker. If it doesn’t sink, Lowe will not win.

Jair Jurrjens – My favorite Braves pitcher obliviously (My name). He is great and definitely a future stud, although it could be argued that he is one now.

Javier Vasquez – I am a Braves fan living in the “White Sox” part of Chicago, and my friends were happy when he left. Now, however, they have to watch Javi strike out everyone while lillibridge stikes out bases loaded. He is a great addition and n even better player.

Kenshin Kawakami – I hope he learns keeping the ball come is the key, if not he should be shipped out.

Kris Medlen – Since my name is also Kris, we share a special bond. Thats right, I said it. Anyways he should be able to keep it going in the Majors.

Mike Gonzales – He is a great pitcher, a B+, but he is even better with Soriano behind him

Rafael Soriano – Same as Gonzo, except Gonzo in front of him

Peter Moylan – I think if he had more talent in the bullpen, Moylan should be sent down to AAA to get his velocity back

Jeff Bennet – Never liked him. I am very nervous when I watch him pitch, even if its a 9 run lead (Remember last year against the Phillies? TWICE)

Buddy Caryle – One of my favorites. I really like him last year when the rotation sucked, he would go out in the 3rd inning and shut the door on the opposing line up. This year he is going through struggles but still one of my favorites.

Jo Jo Reyes – He will be a great #3 pitcher, maybe #2. Just not with the Braves, I think we should trade him before he turns into Chuck James.

Eric O’ Flarity – I do know how to spell his name but I do know he is a great pick up. He seems to be in a nice groove, but I don’t have an opinion yet.

Tommy Hanson – I honestly think he should be brought up in August , around the same time as Hudson. But what happens after we will have Lowe/Jurrjens/Hudson/Vasquez/Kawakami/Hanson/Medlen/Glavine.

I think Vasquez will be traded, Kawakami will be moved to the bullpen and Glavine will retire. and Medlen will be demoted.

Mark. I have a Question:1- Tim Hudson2- Derek Lowe3- Jair Jurjjens4- Javier Vazquez5- Tommy Hanson6- Kris Medlen7- Kenshin KawakamiOk, given this number of starters, I’m getting the feeling that the braves are either going to trade Jurjjens and/or Medlen or they’re not going to resign Tim Hudson. I know is too soon to start thinking about it, but i would like to know what are your thoughs about that.
Any of you guys feel free to discuss!

Why does anyone want to trade Vasquez? Is this the final year of his contract? Does he have a Tim Hudson sized contract already and is going to be worth 80 million so that we can’t afford him?

Ok, this has got to be the end for Jeff Bennett. This is the 3rd time I believe that he has walked the bases loaded and then walked in another run. He’s going to be the one who is either going to be DFA’d or sent down. Even Bobby can’t give him another chance after tonight. Unfortunately, the whole tone for tonight was set by Chipper and Escobar. After the good top half of the first Kawakami had, everything went downhill. And I agree with you Jurrjen4nlcy that Carlyle is one of my favorite guys. I wish he had been brought in after Parr pitched an inning.

Carlyle walked in a run too.

… and then promptly gave up his second home run in as many appearances. Bobby Cox said on Wednesday that he would rather Carlyle give up a grand slam than walk in a run, so I wonder how he feels about both.
I have no idea what to say after this loss. Losing 12-0 to the Diamondbacks in inexcusable. There is some sort of mental block that the Braves appear to be fighting at home. We will also need for for someone to pick up the power mantle again. The reason that we thought we didn’t need a 40 homer guy is because we have many people who could hit 20HR. It appears that many of the Braves didn’t get that memo. Fortunately, there is plenty of season left to go.

jimphelps, If your referring to my comment about trading Vasquez, you must understand the difference between things I want to happen and things that could happen. I like Vasquez a lot. And yes he does have a big contract: 09:$11.5M, 10:$11.5M. So a trade is possible…

Oh I know about Vasquez definetly having value if he was to show up on the trade market. I know how much Lowe, Kawakami, and Glavine cost the Braves this season. And since we had traded for Vasquez, I didn’t know how much it would take to hold onto him and how long we had him for before his current contract ran out. And it figures with my luck that as soon as I say I like Carlyle that he would do about 3 times as worse as Bennett did already. But then again, I can’t take all the credit for it. Chipper and Escobar did a great job of that in the first inning.

The point to having all of the talent at AAA is that the Braves don’t have to keep giving innings to the likes of Carlyle, Bennett, and Parr, and in turn giving away valuable wins.
The 40 man roster does drive the decisions and because of last seasons woes, it is stock full of very mediocre pitching. Boyer is gone, Bennett and Carlyle should be. They just don’t get the job done at the Major League level.
Parr, Redmond and Morton are ok, but not even the best guys on the AAA team. Add Jo Jo to the list and you can see the dilemma Wren faces. He has to decide for each of these guys what to do as their options are running out. None of them crack the Atlanta Braves top 8 or 9 starters list, and really don’t have a chance to during the 3 seasons they have options while on the 40 man roster. Bennett and Carlyle are a little different because they don’t start, but there are better options available for their spots as well.
It takes more than one season to clean up the roster after a season like the Braves had last year. Now you can see why they had to go out and get guys like Elmer Descens and Jullian Taveras to finish the season.
A house cleaning is in order now that the new wave is ready to hit the scene.
I hope Medlen trusts his stuff on Tuesday and doesn’t start nibbling.

Medlen now moved to Thursday.


Francoeur sucks. He’s worse than last year. He’s currently got a .252 average a .272 OBP (worse than last year), and a .371 SLG %, OPS+ of 65 (That is, he’s 35% worse than average, pretty un-heard of for a regular, also worse than last year’s abysmal 72 mark). Struck out 18 times, walked only 5. He has an OPS+ of 69 with men on and 86 with RISP. He’s come to the plate 48 times with RISP and knocked in only 19 runs. This would be excusable and you’d be able to write it off as a slump or insufficient sample size if he’d been a consistent producer his entire career, but he’s NEVER been a good player. He’s been good at making outs, thats about it. He’s an out-making machine and he’s dragging our team down. The only reason people like him is because googly-eyed girls think he’s cute. He sucks. He’s finished. And the sooner the Braves realize this, the better.

Frenchy’s Career Stats (first 4 years)
Avg – .268HR – 73RBI – 3242B – 117K – 430BB – 115OBP -.312
Andruw Jones (first 4 years)
Avg. – .248HR – 80RBI – 2572B – 93K – 368BB – 179OBP. – .320
I guess Andruw sucked in the late 90’s as well.

Andruw Jones provided secondary skills. Walks, excellent defense in Center, Slugged .476 (Frenchy has slugged .430), and had an OPS+ of 107. Andruw Jones was an above-average player despite batting only .248, that’s because he had skills to make up for his deficient batting average. Frenchy has zero secondary skills except his arm, and all of his success is dependent on batting average, the most variable hitting metric, and despite the .268 average, he’s been well below average, posting an OPS+ of 91 for his career. Once Andruw’s batting average came along, which tends to happen with experience, he grew into a super-star. If Frenchy’s batting average ever improves, he’s still an average at best player, because he doesn’t hit for power, doesn’t get on base, doesn’t cover a lot of ground in right, and makes outs like it’s his job. The fact is, people in their early to mid 20’s are supposed to improve. Francoeur has done the opposite for 3 straight years. I’ve had enough.

Bravo, you played ball, and you understand.

Thankfully, baseball is a game that drives statistics. Statistics do NOT drive baseball, no matter what little new age stats some people happen to have programmed into their HP Scientific calculator. OPS+?? only Boog Schambi would even care about a secondary statistic like that. Same goes for the Defensive range stat. Whatever. Way too many factors like who was covering second, was the infield in, how hard was it hit, etc. for that stat to mean anything. Money Ball is a total joke because it is a reactive endeavor. The A’s are the worst team in the league as well, in case anybody cares.

Frenchy “sucks”, but he produces 2 out runs. Escobar is “useless” because he has the lowest number of pitches per AB in baseball, yet he is hitting .300 and the two of them are leading the team in RBIs.
A walk is not and never will be as good as a hit. Anyone who has made it to their third year of little league knows this.
On Base Percentage is not an indicator of great players or great play. And, OPS compounds the same distorted stats multiple times. If a guy comes up with one out and a man on third and he walks on close pitches, his OBP may be 1.000, and his OPS goes up, but he didn’t do his job. If he grounds out to second scoring the run, all of his numbers go down but his team wins the game. THAT’s BASEBALL.
Teixeira and Dunn will never be key men in any winning line up because they NEVER knock in the big run. They are way too easy to walk in those situations.
These are FANTASY ball players, not winning ones. There is a difference, and Bravo and most of the rest of us know that.

On Base Percentage isn’t the end all be all statistic. There isn’t one. But it is the most important offensive metric. Just because a player puts up a .400 OBP doesn’t make him good, but that’s one heck of a start. Other things like SLG%, batting average, home runs, RBI (yes, they are important for the games, but lousy for evaluating talent), SO%, etc are important, but On Base Percentage is the most important. This can not be intelligently disputed. Francoeur sucks because he makes outs at such a high rate. Outs are bad. It’s simple, really. When you have someone batting down in the order but ranking near the top of the league in outs made (which he has for a long time), he’s probably not a good player. Now, if he’s showing other skills, like hitting home runs, hitting for power, playing great defense, and driving in runs at an acceptable rate (19 in 48 PA’s with RISP is completely unacceptable, the fundamental problem with RBI is the concept should’ve been created as a rate stat, not a counting stat), then you can get around the fact that he’s making a ton of outs. Francoeur is doing none of those things. And THAT’S why he sucks. He doesn’t do anything right except use his arm in the field and give the opposing pitchers easy innings.

On Moneyball, that is a piece of literature. I’ve never been one to endorse it. It’s really a bunch of crap because Michael Lewis makes it seem like Billy Beane completely threw his scouts out the door and created a team off of a computer program, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Nobody who knows what they’re talking about thinks Moneyball presents a good model to run your franchise on. But some of the concepts in it are valid. (i.e. OBP is the most important offensive metric)

OPS+ is a standard and very useful metric. I won’t go into fielding stats, but I encourage you to check out John Dewan’s Fielding Bible. Great stuff. You’ll change your mind about fielding statistics.

Pretty much every mainstream media member has conceded the fact that Frenchy sucks, so it’s not like I’m going out on a limb here. There’s only so much below-AAAA level production I can take. And Frenchy’s out-making is just too much. It’s time for that hack to go.

Spot on take rother.

Far too many, think that an equation can be made between fantasy baseball and the number crunching that drives that game and actual MLB games.

Not even close, and I thoroughly enjoy fantasy baseball and have for 20+ years. Never made the silly assumption that the numbers that drive that game can be juxtaposed to an actual MLB team.

While I do agree that Francoeur has been overhyped and has under-delivered, we still don’t have any better options in house at the moment.

I’m all for Wren taking a look at possibly packaging Francoeur and one of the surplus arms and see what may be available when the deadline approaches if Francoeur is still struggling.

While agreeing with our colleague PWHjort that Francoeur’s numbers are not impressive and his secondary skills are limited I try to keep it all in perspective and realize quickly that we could be in a worse situation in RF.

We could be paying 9M dollars annually(plus acquistion talent) for the stathead fave Brian Giles.

Giles truly eye popping numbers:

BA .173
OBP .263
SLG .252
OPS+ 41

Back to on the field stuff of current nature.

Would really like to see a couple of internal minore moves that could help our middle relief.

Parr could be optioned to AAA today with Acosta being recallled(he’s pitched very well lately)

TehnThursday when Medlen’s contract is purchased one of the Carlyle/Bennett duo could depart.

Other departs when Campillo returns.



Our best staff configuration IMO. For the time being.

I don’t know where all this “fantasy baseball” talk is coming from. I don’t play fantasy baseball. Never have. But attempting to quantify production is not a new concept and did not come with the advent of fantasy baseball. And it is useful. Being scientific and intelligent rather than blindly accepting something as dogma is the correct approach. Of course, blindly accepting the findings of various scientific and intelligent studies as dogma is also very bad.

OBP may does not translate into wins.
30% of the top 10 OBP teams last season had losing records, ATL was one of those.
30% of the top 10 run scoring teams were not in the top 10 in OBP.
50% of the top 5 teams in wins in each league were not in the top 10 OBP teams.
Last I checked wins are what they play for. OBP is not the best indicator of wins, statistically, on a team level, it doesn’t indicate anything.
37.5% of playoff teams were in the bottom half of the league for OBP.
The reason is this, the top team in the league had a .358 OBP, the bottom team a .317. The difference between the two is one time on base per 25 PA. That is one intentional walk per game basically, and statistically irrelevent.
It is not the prime indicator of anything.
OBP and OPS are jacked up for great player because they are feared hitters. The walk is almost always the lesser of two evils. The walk saves a run in many cases (probably most cases), but it rewards the player for not getting anything accomplished.
Thankfully, some truly great WINNING players find a way to get the run in, even if they have to ground out to second or lift a fly ball to center field on what would have been ball four to do it.
Bottom line is that the box score is a small portion of a baseball game. Walking when the team needed the ball put in play, or when batting with two outs late in a one run game looks ok on paper, but it doesn’t produce victories.

Anyone who played the game at a competitive level knows that everyone has a different role in the lineup. Your frustrations with Francoeur’s performance are misguided because you expect him to be someone he’s not. I am satisfied with it because I don’t expect the world from him. He’s there to drive in runs. Plain and simple. And he’s done a decent job of it. Could he do better? Sure. Right now, he’s a number 6/7 hitter who will drive in 85 – 100 runs, bat .250, and hit 15-20 home runs. Any team would love to have that production from their number 7 guy. He has Jordan Schafer and the pitcher batting behind him. I don’t care how often he gets on base because I am not counting on those two to drive him in. I want Frenchy to put the ball in play and drive in runs. I could care less if he walks or not. If you expect a George Brett type player + 30 home run power out of him than of course you’re going to be let down. As someone who played the game for 18+ years, after the terrible year he had last year… it truly is remarkable that he has altered his stance and approach and has been mildly successful. I think that once the season progresses he will turn it on another level. If not, I’m still pleased at the rate he is driving in runs.
I think the thing that is most frustrating is the potential he has to be that 5-tool player. I agree that it is somewhat frustrating that he hasn’t tapped into that potential… but it is what it is. And what it is is productive. I stand by my opinion that to say “he sucks” is completely ignorant.
Like Rother, with two outs, runners in scoring position, and Schafer on deck… I don’t want Frenchy to be selective and walk… because his role is to DRIVE IN RUNS and not walk.

Once again, baseball dictates statistics. Many times negative statistics produce the winning result where positive statistics do not. Add trading a run for an out in the 8th inning of a 7-2 game. This happens quite a bit. So does a pitcher staked to a 6 run lead throwing the ball down the middle and saying go ahead and hit it. In the end baseball drives the stat sheet, not the other way around.
It is the difference between making history and recording history.
It is a nonsensical passtime to try to make baseball into the result of the statistics it produces. That is 180 degrees out of phase with the reality of the situation.

Bravo, email me at JR111863ATAOLDOTCOM when you get a second.

As Glavine continues to go through his simulated game, it appears that his left shoulder is fine. But courtesy of a Greg Norton line drive, the 43-year-old lefty might be nursing a nice bruise on his left thigh. After a very brief break, Glavine continued to pitch and didn’t seem to be bothered by the liner…OK, I’m going to continue to write my next Francoeur-related entry.

Greg Norton is such a pimp.

Statistically speaking of course…..

Nice takes from rother and bravo.

Well stated analysis enjoyed both takes.

Rother, there is no statistic that correlates more with runs scored than on base percentage. Taking 1 year’s playoff teams, halfway comparing them to their team OBP’s relative to the league, and trying to pass it off as analysis may look good to people here, but it isn’t analysis. It’s crap. Do the words “sample size” and “statistical significance” mean anything to you? Talking about only 1 part of the game (run scoring) as it relates to the entire scope of the game (wins, playoffs, etc), is also balogna.

Plus, we’re not talking about team wins, we’re talking about player evaluation. And there isn’t a better simple metric to evaluate a player’s value than OBP. You could get into VORP, WAR, etc.. (Francoeur was negative in all of those last year and is currently negative in all of them, meaning he’s costing the team wins), but there isn’t a better simple metric than OBP.

Plus, you could also look at it this way.
70% of the top 10 OBP teams last season had winning records, ATL was one of those who did crack the top 10 but had a losing record because teams scored at will against Reyes, Morton, Parr, Boyer, etc..
70% of the top 10 run scoring teams were in the top 10 in OBP.

That argument is much more convincing than yours. Using the exact same evidence.

Peter – Since you are a Tech fan I am trying to give you a break. You’re a numbers guy so am I right to assume you’re a Tech grad or student?
Anyways – Let me put it as simple as I can. Some guys are paid to get on base. Some guys are paid to drive in runs. When it comes to Francoeur – he is the latter of the two categories. You could argue that teams who get on base more are better, and I can argue that teams who drive in more runs are better. Again – what good does it do Frenchy to get on base with the number 8 and 9 hitters behind him? You’re over analyzing man. Am I worried about Kelly Johnson’s OBP? YES! Am I worried about Frenchy’s… not so much. It really is that simple.

I think you have to compare apples to apples. OBP is far more important for a 1-2 hitter than a 6-7 hitter. I would be interested to find out how Francoeur compares vs. other 6-7 hitters in all offensive categories, vs. other RFers, and vs. other 6-7 RFers. The fact that he leads the Braves with 19 RBI’s means little when you compare him to the other RF’ers in MLB and see that, besides triples (3), he is not in the top 10 in any offensive category. His stats even pale in comparison to other RF’ers on sub-mediocre teams (Hawpe-COL, Markakis-Bal, Choo-Cle…). My impression was that we were relying on him to generate more power than last year and so far I don’t see that improvement. Regardless of his role or mission on this team the Braves need him to step up.

Am i the only one that would rather have Diaz in Left than G. Anderson?? Why can’t i like him in Left Field? I wanted to, but i just can’t. Is it that he never appears to hustle? that every routine fly ball to left makes me break out into a sweat that it’ll be dropped…again???? Help me help myself. Diagnosis, please?

I am a tech undergrad. Chemical Engineering major. Francoeur’s job may be to drive in runs, but he isn’t doing a good job of that. He’s come to the plate with RISP 48 times and come away with 17 RBI. That’s not good enough. The reasons he’s not driving in enough runs are A) strikeouts. Too many. 18 already. You can’t drive in a run if you don’t put the ball in play. B) bat speed. His bat speed is up from last year, but it’s still not at the point where he can do a whole lot with the pitches he gets, even when he’s seeing the ball and hitting his pitches, which brings me to point number 3. C) Selectivity. You can’t drive in runs if you’re swinging at 0-0 breaking balls in the dirt and 0-2 fastballs in on your hands and above your eyes. Selectivity doesn’t mean you’re drawing a lot of walks, selectivity means you’re swinging at YOUR pitch, making the pitcher throw something you can do what you want to with. Not swinging at the pitches the pitcher wants you to. The Red Sox have had that mentality since Bill James was hired in 2003, and look what they’ve done since. Finally D) Power. He isn’t hitting for any power. 3 HR, 2 3B, and 4 2B (one of the 3B was a gift because their RF lost it in the sun). This has a lot to do with selectivity. You can’t hit for any power on bad pitches. Taking those and making the pitcher throw you something you can accomplish your goal with, be it driving in a run with a sac fly, hitting a line drive to the gap, hitting it out of the park, etc is what good teams do. And Francoeur completely lacks this ability. His bad OBP alone doesn’t make him a bad player. The fact that he doesn’t hit for power, average, get on base, cover a lot of ground in right, run well, or drive in runs at a competent rate makes him a bad player. Like I said, OBP isn’t the end all be all stat. But there isn’t a lot Jeff Francoeur does right. Including, according to you (and me, I think driving in runs is a big part of), his job: driving in runs.

I have to say, I was not thrilled with the Garret Anderson signing and I was fairly critical of it. And I still cringe every time a ball is hit to left when he’s on the field, he’s miserable in the field. But I’ve sort of come to like his bat in the line-up against RHP. And he’s a very useful LH bench bat when a LHP starts.

Dear P,
G Anderson sunk DLowe last night. how many times will we watch his limited range and sub-par fielding cost us a game…
NOTE: i am sure i would like him as a person, but my health is shaky and i don’t think i can last an entire season watching him (not) play left field…Forgive me, Anderson fans.

I don’t think Frenchy will ever be as good as Andrew because he does not have an ability to punish the mistakes. Andrew killed mistakes like he is going to break the ball in half. Frenchy is still learning right now but I don’t think he can post an number like Andrew did for the Braves. However, he covers reasonably big area but right field does not require so much range anyway. His arm is still great and I believe his power number will be up but I think should be traded away from the Braves. Turner field is not a suitable place for him to hit in and Pendoton’s hitting philosophy is not suitable for him too. I think if he can get two months of Matt Holiday and create a spot for Jason Heyward to come up in the future, Wren should make the trade.

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