Schafer sent to Gwinnett

OK.  It’s official.  Jordan Schafer has been sent back to the Minors to regain the promising form that has been absent during the first two months of his career. 

While Gregor Blanco prepared to make his first big league start of the year on Tuesday afternoon, Schafer packed his belongings and prepared to re-introduce himself to the Minor League level with Triple-A Gwinnett.

Blanco, who spent the entire 2008 season with Atlanta, got off to a slow start with Gwinnett this year.  But over the past two weeks, he has hit 348 (16-for-46) with eight strikeouts, a .426 on-base percentage and a .391 slugging percentage.    <p>
The Braves remained patient with Schafer through the season’s first month.  But since his last multi-hit game on May 7, the young outfielder has hit .160 with 25 strikeouts, a .229 on-base percentage and a  .187 slugging percentage.  <p>


UGH. Why??? Why not at least bring Barton up?? Blanco isn’t going to provide the team with anything but mediocre hitting / speed / defense.

When a below average AAA ball player is considered a better option than the existing solution in the majors, that is TRUE DESPERATION. Blanco really is just plain not good.

What was the roster move Mark?

sure is funny how certain guys get a short leash, but other like Frenchy get 5 years and they still havent pulled him out of the lineup. Should be the same for all players, but I guess Bobby likes his pretty face or something. Maybe Jordan should bash the org right now like Francine did last year and he’ll be back real quick

Im fine with sending Schafer down to find his swing and Blanco’s been hitting .400 over his last 10 games, but I cant for the life of me see why Francoeur still gets in the lineup and Diaz rides the pine. The guy sucks and should’ve been cut last offseason when he felt like he should get $4 mil in arb after hitting .230 last season.

another thing, if we are wanting to win its time to say thanks to Glavine and bring up Hanson. Move KK to the pen and let Medlen and Hanson hold down the back of the rotation.

Glavine and Francine need to go

csg, he actually hit .350 over 10 games.

Overdue move. Schafer needs to hone his considerable skills away form the glare of MLB.

Blanco(despite my friend rother’s harsh assessment will be fine) Schafer’s skills warrant a kid glove approach are are worth saving.

Schafer is the long term answer IMO. nothing wrong though with Blanco being here now.

In 2012, C. Johnson, Schafer, and Heyward will be our outfield. Since, Heyward won’t be up until late 2011, early 2012.

That sacred 40 man roster is killing the Braves. Schafer will now get a chance to strike out in peace in Gwinnett, and Hanson will love having him in center instead of Blanco. I see him every day at Gwinnett and trust me when I say this, he gets to nothing, and catches only half of those. He isn’t getting the errors on tough chances and dives, he’s getting them on awful throws and straight up drops.
Of course now that I have said all of this, he will promptly hit .350 for a couple weeks and steal a couple bases along the way. But he will be himself again very soon, and we will all be yawning again.
Once again, who is the backup center fielder now? Or from the reality files, who is the starting center fielder now? Let’s hope this is a showcase of Blanco for trading purposes, where we get a major leaguer for a major leaguer this way.
The lack of available talent is truly staggering at this point. How on earth did we get to this point?

Cody can put a ball into orbit without a doubt, but he has a long way to go if he is striking out 200 times in class A. His 17 HRs is already the 4th best season ever at Myrtle Beach, and its June 1st!!!
Can you imagine BP with Cody, Heyward, Freeman and Owings in the cage together? Wow.

You know, this is a horrible move if we want to win now. It may be good for Schafer’s development, but Blanco, Anderson, and Frenchy may be the worst defensive outfield of the decade. And it isn’t like any of them make up for it with the bat. Awful decision. Blanco isnt the answer to any question except “why is the best at laying down a bunt single at AAA”.

What bugs me about this move is this….Is Francoeur THAT much better than Schafer? Do we keep throwing him out in RF simply because he’s making 3+ mil this year? The Braves need to understand the principle of sunk costs and warm a seat on the bench for Francoeur. Why all the patience for Francoeur, when his last 2+ seasons have been atrocious, pathetic, whatever adjective you want to use? That said, I’m fine with Schafer being sent down…he obviously isn’t ready, but deal with Francoeur, too.

Francoeur and Schafer are apples and oranges.

Francoeur is who he is, sending him to AAA will do absolutely nothing to improve his game. Schafer still has room in his game for vast improvent and possesses the skills to strive for improvement.

Braves need an upgrade in RF but nothing is coming in short order. No bat that we would want will be moved before July. Baseball trades of any substance are virtually non existent in the Months of April,May,June.

Schafer still has room for vast improvement.

Great post, David.

Take out Francoeur, put in Diaz. It is that simple. The OF defense is bad now. Let it be. Sit Frenchy.

I think this is long overdue personally. It’s worth a shot really! Heck, hitting .250 is an improvement.

Totally different topic here but I found an interesting debate on a blog regarding Manny’s situation. Here it is.

Diaz over Frenchy is a defensive upgrade. Offensive too. Frenchy should only play right vs lefties and Diaz should play right against his platoon advantage.

it’s about time they send schafer back to AAA. they to seat junke jeff out more often.

Diaz over Frenchy is a defensive upgrade. Offensive too. Frenchy should only play right vs lefties and Diaz should play right against his platoon advantage.

I just don’t get this move….I think most of why this is a bad move has already been said: a) Blanco’s got nothing in the tank, b) Schafer is immensely talented defensively (at a position that is traditionally defense first, c) if you’re not gonna get much out of your outfield, at least play good defense. That’s now out the window too.
No one’s happy about the amount Schafer has been striking out, but he’s going to do it. He did it at all level of the minors, and frankly, our farm system does not have the best track record over the past 10 years of producing major league hitters. I’m not sure what they’re going to do for him. Amazing that we promote a guy in Blanco with very little future and yet keep our shining Triple A star burried behind the farewell tour for a 40-something with little to nothing left in the tank.

That’s true, apples and oranges. But I’m not suggesting sending Francoeur to the minors like Schafer. I’m advocating a bench role. Diaz is an improvement over Francoeur. So bench Francoeur. Brandon Jones would be an improvement over Francoeur. Anyone with a pulse would be better than Francoeur. My point is simply while we’re in the mode of improving our team in CF, lets do the same in RF.

The only thing I can think of is that if the Braves’ are actively trying to pursue trading Francoeur, benching him certainly wouldn’t do much for his value. However, I think that ship sailed a long time ago and the Braves can’t expect to get much for him in return.

Josh Hamilton just got hurt. That might totally screw any chance we had of getting Cruz.

I’ve been watching the Cubs game and the Braves look terrible. No hitting, whatsoever. It’s time for a big shake up.

Regardless of the outcome of this game, I once again believe in the crowd at turner field. They went CRAZY in the 8th and then we got the game back in the 9th.

Good job, btw, Franceour. I needed a hit like that from this team.

That home run just gave Francoeur a license to suck for 2 more weeks before Bobby benches him again. I don’t wish suckage on any brave, but if he is going to suck and this delays a plan the organization had for moving him, well, I’d rather just lose the game and get a competent outfield out there quicker. But hopefully we’ll be seeing more average, power, and lack of out-making from Francoeur and the problem corrects itself.

You would think that a true Braves fan would be happy for Francoeur’s game tying homer and hope that this will give him some confidence and momentum to get hot and help the team. I can understand pessimism… and as frustrated as I get with Frenchy – the team is better and the city of Atlanta is better off IF he succeeds. PW – you’re crossing the line man. And don’t think I’m saying this because I have a man crush on Frenchy. Example – My least favorite player on the Braves is Kelly Johnson. However I would NEVER pull against him! I want him to succeed. I want him to prove me wrong. It’s just not what you do as a fan. It’s embarrassing to see you pulling against a Braves player. It’s shameful.

We really need a hot streak being 4.5 games back from first and 2 games behind 2nd. We need EVERYONE to start hitting. Maybe talking about trading Frenchy will get him to actually perform better on the field. At this point in time, I don’t give who is playing just as long as they are doing well. We need out bullpen to keep it close and our field players to get contact on the ball. Blanco got robbed once or twice last night of a hit by the way.

My post says I never wish bad things for any Brave. And I am happy for him and I do hope this gives him whatever he needs. As I stated. What I meant was between having to endure a lot more crappy Braves outfield and losing that game I’d rather just lose the game. But like I said, I hope the problem will correct itself. That’s the most ideal scenario for every involved party, all fans (self included) too.

We’ll all be monitoring Schafer at Gwinnett to see how he pans out there.

As far as suggesting that we bring up Barton instead of Blanco… I somewhat disagree for two reasons. One, Blanco has been the hot bat compared to Barton. Two, 40-man roster… nuff said. Who would we cut to make room?

Oh, PWHjort, to say that Diaz is a defensive improvement over Francoeur is probably the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. I mean, just ’cause his bat hasn’t been there as much as we’d like doesn’t mean that he’s fallen off with the glove… or with his arm. Imagine how much more often teams would try to take that extra base with Diaz in RF versus Francoeur… and how many more runs would consequently be scored.

Barton is on the 40 man roster and even if he weren’t we have a free space on it. And Diaz has much better range than Francoeur, though Francoeur has the best OF arm in the game. Probably closer to even than I portrayed, but Diaz is the superior defender.

Schafer along with working on your swing, try the humble pie too. Your “swagger” is far from being earned, besides it looks bad for the team. This isn’t the Spankees!!!

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