Braves obtain McLouth

The Braves have acquired All-Star outfielder Nate McLouth from the Pirates in exchange for three highly-regarded Minor League prospects. 

A Major League source had confirmed that the Pirates will send McLouth to the Braves in exchange for left-handed pitcher Jeff Locke, outfielder Gorkys Hernandez and right-handed pitcher Charlie Morton. 

McLouth, who is hitting .256 with nine homers and a .470 slugging percentage this year, will likely serve as the Braves every day center fielder.    The 26-year-old outfielder hit .276 with 26 homers and 94 RBIs last year.   


That is very good news.

I’ve been reading this blog nonstop since spring training began (I live in Ft. Worth) and I was really excited when I saw you guys hoping for Nelson Cruz, as he is my favorite Ranger.

I must say I’m a little disappointed.

What do you guys think of Mclouth? I’m hoping last year wasn’t an aberration…

oh. still pissed about Glavine.
but oh.

good job Frank.

On second though, I like it alot.
Charlie Morton? eh.
Locke? Young and talented. But guys like him come and go.
Gorkys is a bit of a disappointment but he was just a bonus since we got Jurrgens (who was the true gem) in the Detroit deal.
We still have Medlen, Hanson, Heyward, & Freeman?

is he signed through 2012, or am i mistaken?

so what are we looking at now – is the Schafer plan to wait til he’s ready and move Anderson out?

He is signed through 2011 and has a $10.65 million option for 2012. His salary breakdown: 2009 — $2 million 2010 – $4.5 million and 2011 — $6.5 million

McLouth is the now in center, and the later in left when Schafer gets it together. Now how’s that outfield starting to look to ya?

it’s almost enough to take away my Glavine heartache… putting another guy names Tommy in the rotation wouldn’t hurt either…

On second though, I like it alot.
Charlie Morton? eh.
Locke? Young and talented. But guys like him come and go.
Gorkys is a bit of a disappointment but he was just a bonus since we got Jurrgens (who was the true gem) in the Detroit deal.
We still have Medlen, Hanson, Heyward, & Freeman?

Forgot to mention, Hanson will make his big league debut on Saturday and Medlen is going to the pen.

and he’s a gold glover – nice!

Finally, the Hanson era begins.

A+ Move Wren!! Hanson gets to make his debut, McLouth is a Brave, we didn’t get rid over anyone really special, and Glavine is gone!
Great, great move!

Sorry, I retract Frank. Well done!

I know that everyone was kind of against the Glavine farewell tour AFTER Hanson and Medlen started their dominance in AAA, but most were for keeping him pre-spring training. But still… I’m absolutely shocked that he was released.. What a horrible move.. especially after getting him to undergo all the rehab. and he was ready to pitch this week.. It’s really just a giant kick in the balls to someone who really gave so much to the organization. I know that we need Hanson to come up and Glavine was blocking him, but still.. I’m at a loss. I’m shocked..
ANYWAYS.. I’m glad they made a deal for an outfielder who has some power and speed. Sad to see Gorkys go and he will be good, but probably not McLouth good. And we don’t necessarily need Locke or Morton at the moment with all the pitching depth.

the release of glavine is the same as the release of smoltz. you can not keep paying players and hav them on the dl for half the year.
the pitching staff seems to be coming around finally. the aquisition of mcclouth could be a steal. maybe we can finally get some punch in the line up. all you people whining about the release of glavine go back and look at the stats from last year and the last couple of years with the mets. as good a pitcher as he used to be he would never come inside on a batter. you have to admit the umpires really did expand the strike zone for him.

With a player like Glavine, it’s about commitment. You make a move and resign a guy like him who said they would only play for your team, who has done so much, you have to live up to your word for better or worse. ESPECIALLY after he goes through all of his rehab. I’m not an idiot; I think that at this point Medlen and Hanson are WAY better than Glavine.. but this is going to make the organization look horrible. Especially since Glavine was the head of the players’ union for so long.
OK.. Frank Wren about to talk with the guys on Peachtree..

Well, I doo feel bad about Glavine being strung along and the loss of what could have been a great moment upon his return. That said, it wasn’t as underhanded as some seem to make it out to be. The only reason we signed him to begin with was to use him to stave off super 2 status for Hanson. Now that that’s gone we don’t need him. On top of that we paid for his rehab. There are alot of clubs that may sign him now who wouldn’t have because the rehabs done. So in that respect we’ve helped him out.

Ok if we resign Glavine today, this is a VERY GOOD DAY even if the the Braves lose. resign glavine for cheap “Which his agent said he would do” I like the change of Center but can someone make me feel better?? PLEASE!

I doubt Glavine would sign with anyone else. Maybe now the Mets to piss of the Braves..
and jurjjens4nlcy.. what the hell do you mean?

I don’t know what got into the Atlanta brass today, but I am darn happy. The Tom Glavine farewell tour was only going to hinder the team’s chance this year and delay the future development of our organization. The package of prospects were the prospects we expected to deal to acquire any meaningful bat, and that we get a guy signed through 2011 with a 2012 option instead of a rental player like Holliday is fantastic. This was a bold and progressive set of moves that should considerably help and demonstrate a real willingness by the Braves to move forward intsead of hanging on to nostalgic notions. Hats off to Frank Wren, John Schuerholz, and the rest of the Braves management team.

again glavine is not the pitcher he once was. if you miss him that much you can pull for him if he gets signed by another team. you should not get so attached to one guy. i am not sure that he would help the braves anymore. you have to open your eyes and look at the big picture. we have enough pitchers that can only go 5 innings. we need some young guys that can get people out. it is not about who is the most popular. the braves did glavine a favor last year by resigning him and they did not get thier monies worth.

Theres not much more to say, but i am very pleased to see the days transactions and give the utmost credit to frank wren and the rest of the braves front office. The time had come for the braves to utilize the arms they had and unfortunately glavine was in the way. He was def. compinsated for the work he has done to rehab, and there should be no hard feelings. the thing for tom to do is RETIRE! as for the big trade, we can an all-star caliber outfield with power and speed and virtually give up nothing in return! Charlie Morton was going nowhere FAST and lock and hernandez have to many other prospects ahead of them, sorry guys best of luck to you in pittsburgh! GO BRAVES

Hey.. on a competitive level i love all the moves. they’re what everyone wanted. Power hitting leadoff guy WITH speed (STOLEN BASES!) to hit in front of our best RBI guy.. phenom pitcher will make his first start.. kelly will get to hit lower in the order where he thrives.. Medlen to solidify the pen.. Barton comes up to offer some speed.. Blanco will be AAA toast by tomorrow.
But… What happens when/if Jordan Schafer comes back?

The Braves have a solid chances at making the playoffs now. McLouth has power speed and a glove and we virtually gave up nothing. We have pitching depth and releasing Glavine was just a plus. Yeah he was great- Was. Tommy Hanson will finally come up and Medlen will be moved to the bullpen, which is an improvement there. Now does anyone feel like changing their NL EAST predictions?

It’s days like these when it drives me crazy that I live out of market. I am forced to watch the Cubs broadcast tonight on the MLB package and they’ve yet to mention ANYTHING about today. I need Boog and Joe walking me through everything that went down today.
When it comes to Glavine, it seems like his agent is telling one story and the Braves are telling another. Here’s what I’ve gathered: The Braves are claiming that they wanted Glavine to make more rehab starts and a possible move to the bullpen. Glavine refused and also refused to retire so he asked to be released. According to his agent and what Buster Olney is reporting, the Braves released him out of the blue because of his velocity and they were left surprised. Mark or anyone in the Atlanta area, what’s the scoop here?
Although I like the move and Glavine was prohibiting the obvious fix in our rotation, I hate to think the Braves strung him along and forced him to rehab and led him to believe he was coming back to just show him the door.
I like the thought that it was a mutual decision and that we allowed Glavine to rehab and get ready to move on. What are the chances of that scenario?

And we’re still a bat away. But all the prospects we gave up are expendable. McLouth is cheap and signed through 2011 with an option for 2012. I love the move, but we’re not done yet.

Mark, is there any such thing as a “take sign” from the 3rd base coach to the batter in the Major Leagues? I swear if I were Bobby, I would be micro managing Francouer’s ABs right now making him “TAKE” until he got two called strikes. He is continually 0-2 any way swinging at balls. He is SO undisciplined and it is frustrating to watch him.

Chipper is now a CUBS killer!

I’ve met Frank, and he is really a straight up guy. He didn’t set up Glavine for a big fall, he gave him every chance to show he can make it back, but he just wasn’t going to give the Braves 6 or 7 innings a game, period. The kids in the minors swing at his stuff, but in the Bigs, they will work him deep every time now knowing he only has 60-75 pitches to give any night.
Glavine also knows, ego aside, that he is not even one of the Braves top 6 starters now and that’s with Hudson still due in a couple months. It was ugly, but there really isn’t a nice way when they refuse to sit in their complimentary rocking chair.

Bravomania, if you pay the extra $5 for the premium package, you can select which broadcast you want to watch.

Buster Olney is a ridiculous parrot. Nobody gives their scoops to him. If the agent went there, it was because the rest of the guys, like Mark, weren’t buying it. Velocity is a convenient answer, ability to go past 5 innings is one key, getting hitters out with pitches in the strike zone is the other.

The Peachtree guys were saying that the scouts relayed that Glavine just didn’t have it. He would’ve been a great addition to the bullpen (no Bennett) but I’m not surprised that his pride or his pricetag didn’t allow it.

As far as the issue concerning Glavine’s release. The front office shot themselves in the knee in how they handled John Smoltz…and they managed to blow the top part of their face (including the frontal lobe of their freakin’ brain) with how they handled Tom Glavine. The man KNOWS the game, he made every effort and compromise w/ the front office so he could play for them and retire a Brave. Mind you…thinking about the big picture and the long term for the Braves organization…it was the right thing to do. But it could’ve gone down a lot better than it did. Based on what I’ve read thus far, Atlanta’s front office has shown ZERO CLASS, & ZERO RESPECT for Tom Glavine. Shame on them for that…they owe Glavine a lot more than that.

I will give the front office props for the trade for Nate McClouth though…we managed to get something we desperately needed while still managing to hang on to our golden prospects. Last note on the Glavine fiasco…it’s gonna take a long time for them to heal the black eye they’ve given this team for their lack of class w/ Tommy Glavine. The older fans like myself though, will likely never forget it.

I was pretty ticked off w/ Peachtree TV last night because I tuned in to the game to find a black screen. I was elated with how the game turned out. Maybe this miraculous win, is a result of Chipper’s post game interview (@ Citi Field), where he said: “I’d say the Baseball Gods owe us one, I’ve never had anyone slide into my glove and be safe…ever.” Or possibly this is a sign of things to come…maybe, just maybe, the offense is getting turned around. Or it’s a combination of both. I’d like to remain optimistic though and believe that this shows that they are getting better offensively, and McClouth is something we’ve sorely needed.


It is definitely a good start and I am struggling also watching the Cubs broadcast. Very interesting day. I am very curious to see what the next moves will be. Who is going down to the minors when McCloud reports? My initial thoughts are Norton may be released since he is not contributing too much? Then, I think they will keep Blanco as a 5th Outfielder and send Barton back as soon as they activate Hanson. It’s been a while since the Braves have carried 11 pitchers, but it is only temporary. Frenchy is back to frustrating me and swinging at horrible pitches. Last night was nice, but how many games can he cost us swinging at bad pitches. I just realized that the reason they can carry 11 pitches is Medlen has already made the move the bullpen, they still have 7 relievers.

I copied this post from Mr. Bowman’s last blog to here b/c I didn’t realize that there was talk here as well…so I’m not a bot or anything. I can understand why they released Glavine…I’m just not convinced that they handled it in the best way. But I don’t really know anything…and who knows how much we’ll ever know. What was done was the smartest thing for the team now and for the future…again I just questioned the methods and candor in which it was handled. Thank you Tom Glavine for all you’ve done as a Brave…it was one of the joys of my life to meet you and the rest of the ’92 squad when I was a boy. I hope and pray all the best for you.

Let’s all welcome Jeff “game over” Bennett to the mound. It was a nice comeback while it lasted.

Hey now, maybe, just maybe……

Very nice.

bluesman, Last time I checked, Braves don’t owe Glavine anything, last time I checked, he ran off to the Mets for 5 years, and the Mets didn’t want him back, he ran back to the Braves. So, Glavine owes the Braves for even letting him come back.

haha – I thought the same thing Rother… Bennett scares the hell out of me.
And if anyone should understand the business side of things it’s Tom Glavine. Mr. “Union Man” himself followed the money to our division rival. I felt much worse on a personal not about the loss of John Smoltz. But the more I think about it, the more I realize Glavine should understand the nature of the business. Throwing in the mid 80’s won’t get you very far in the majors.
I have a feeling that once Saturday rolls around we will forget all about it. We can now look forward to a rotation of the future containing Tommy Hanson, Jair Jurjjens, Tim Hudson, Derek Lowe, and Kris Medlan / an outfield consisting of Nate McClouth, Jordan Schafer, and Heyward. Throw Freddie Freeman, Brian McCann, and Chipper Jones in that lineup and you have one hell of a squad!

dammit Bennett – a lead off walk in the 11th inning? Seriously?

Since I finally found an article that talked about what happened. I have to recant what I said about how the front office handled Glavine. It seems as though he was given every chance to prove he can pitch and they weren’t convinced; so he seems to have made the situation difficult for himself. My apologies to Frank Wren and the front office.

‘joejoe146’: Point taken. Despite what I was implying in my comment…I was speaking out of ignorance in terms of how the front office has worked with him since he’s tried to come back from his elbow surgery. I know he left…although there’s no reason to be too broken-hearted about his time in Queens, NY…because he didn’t do anything for them.

Kevin Greg’s in… Braves win

Or not…..

Such a flurry of roster moves. I need a few days to digest them. When’s the all-star break?

Such a flurry of roster moves. I need a few days to digest them. When’s the all-star break?

I agree, very good day, in spite of loss

I tried to come up with one sentence to best describe how essential today’s moves were and how pleased I am with where we are and perfect the fit was for our team and it’s:
Jeff Francouer is now officially our #8 hitter! GO BRAVES!
Oh and does anyone else happen to think that that Barton kid looked like a muppet walking around the bases tonight, but he was definitely safe on that play so I wish him a warm welcome.

Great, now Frenchy will see even more bad pitches with the pitcher hitting behind him. He’ll never see a strike… which means he’ll never swing at strikes… which means he’ll swing a bad pitches… which means, well you get the picture.
I’m curious as to how long they are planning on keeping Schafer down. If he has a few good weeks and they want to call him up, could this possibly spell the end of Frenchy in Atlanta? Not sure. I hope not.
But I actually agree with PW – we are definitely still a bat short!

Hate to see Glavine go, but it’s time. I’d rather have a guy who throws a upper-90s heater and a wicked slider than a guy who is on the very tail end of his career. This isn’t a farewell tour; this is a team trying to make the playoffs.

You add a guy with Hanson’s stuff to what Lowe, Jurrjens, Vazquez and (to a certain extent) Kawakami have done so far, and you’ve got a heck of a rotation.

Getting McLouth without having to give up Medlen or Hanson or Freeman or Heyward is, simply put, a steal for the Braves. You get a guy who hits for power, has speed, plays great defense, and he’s an outfielder! Wren filled glaring holes (power, speed, outfield production) with one move.

I agree that it’d be great to add one more bat, but I think what we saw yesterday puts the Braves in great position to win the East. It won’t be easy; it never is. But the Braves are much more of a factor now than they were 24 hours ago.


Here’s a scary thought, what if Lowe and Hudson teach Hanson their sinkers to go with the mid 90’s high cheese, knee buckling slider and change up he already has? It would be like trying to lift a bowling ball over the infielders.

What happened last night that brought Cox out of the dugout in the fourth? I saw a bit of it on the video of frank wren but had no idea what really went down.

Excited to see Hanson pitch, I saw his very last minor league start in Syracuse, was amazing, and I’m excited to get some more hitting. Hopefully we can push for the playoffs now…

I wonder if Blanco or Francoeur are on their way out. They have Diaz/Anderson/McLouth/Blanco/Norton/Francoeur all in the outfield, right now. They aren’t going to get rid of Diaz, Anderson, McLouth, or Norton. So, I think another trade involving Blanco or Francoeur is in the making.

One of Blanco and Barton will get sent down when McLouth passes his physical and the other will sent down when Hanson is called up on Saturday.

What would be the point of calling up Barton on Wednesday, then sending him back down on Saturday? That is pointless. I still think Blanco or Francoeur are on their way out. And I forgot to add Barton to my list of outfielders.

Neverwhere – Cox came out of the dugout because that play should have been a “strike ’em out, throw ’em out” double play. The batter checked his swing and obviously went around and McCann threw out the runner at 3rd. They wanted an appeal and didn’t get one. I was watching the Cubs broadcast and they showed the replay of him and he definitely went around.

Because they didn’t know they were going to be able to swing a deal for McLouth when they called up Barton. That sort of changes things…….

Congratulations Braves fans from a Pirates fan Be thankful that you follow a team that tries to win. Sadly our owner only cares about the bottom line. Speaking for Glavine, as an outsider, not the way I wanted to see him end his Braves career. Good luck and God bless you Nate. In fact he already has blessed you. You are going to an organization that is a winner. We will miss you Nate.

OK so the whole francouer situation is getting a little frustrating, i totally agree that it be mandatory for him to take a pitch or two, but i think the true answer to a lot of the offensive struggles, is getting a hitting coach who knows how to fix problems. Im sorry but TP is not the answer. I am kind of anxious to see what the lineup will look like with Mclouth and i wonder if there is a way to protect frenchy so he doesnt have to bad 8th. All in all i think yesterday was a giant step into the right direction and i thank the braves front office for proving to us they want to win! And finally as far as Glavine goes, he should have realized that his abilities as well as his potential were not what they were, and he is not the tom of old. We have FAR better arms itching at the chance to contribute ( Tommy Hanson) and we will see much better results not only short term but long term as well. If Glavine truly wanted what was best for the Braves then he would have retired or even pitched one last season for the league min. so he could retire a brave!

Scouts were in 100% agreeance about his inability to get major league hitters out. His fastball topped out at 82 and he was noticably exhausted after 68 pitches in his most recent start. I love Tom and hate that it had to happen this way, but it did. And this is a big step towards getting away from our attachment to players. Who is next? Choices include Garret Anderson, Greg Norton, Jeff Bennett, and Jeff Francoeur.

Hey Bradley! Can you put a bug in someone’s ear in the Braves front office and ask them to make one more trade?
Package Kotchman, Blanco, and if needed a quality pitching prospect (not the top 3 prospects please); make a trade with the Chicago Cubs for John Fox (i think the names right).
Put him at first base and watch this team steamroll everybody else. He’ll have a fairly small salary to contend with so the Braves could possibly free up some money to spend near the trading line for a down the stretch pitcher.
Again if that’s necessary at all which I doubt.

Boy did I screw that up!!!!
Tell the guys to make this trade and we’re headed for the playoffs.

Mark do you have any info. on Heywards injury? On another blog people are saying that Heyward was moved to the Danvile Braves because of an injury.

Unless it is for an outfielder or involves KJ, I don’t think we’ll see another trade for awhile. I think Frank Wren believes he has the team together, except for maybe a power hitter that he can get closer to the deadline when more people are dumping players… And the only place he COULD go would be OF(Any position because I think McLouth is moveable), 2b, and MAYBE if we package Kotchman up, 1B, but I really think Kotchman is a vital piece of this team. Look at his numbers.

We also now have, without a doubt, the BEST rotation in the NL. When Hudson comes back we will have, arguably, the best in MLB. I hope Hanson doesn’t run into troubles – he was VERY dominant last weekend here in Syracuse but he ran into troubles due to a couple of stupid errors on his teammates part.

Even out bullpen looks good, with Medlen, Soriano, Gonzo, O’Flaherty pitching on good days(set-up men, like, if we are winning)… If Moylan stays consistent add him in there, Acosta has been damned good so far… Bennett is our only poor performer… We need him, or someone like him(Carlyle or Campillo would be better but they are both on the DL), though, because we need an innings eater if our starter goes down early.

These moves, while a bit sad, as I liked Morton and obviously Glavine was a legend, have made me MUCH more excited about this game.

This team, rather.

wisbrave, They say it’s undisclosed, but think it maybe a hip flexor injury, which he suffered with earlier this year.

PWHjort, I think (or should I say “hope”) it almost has to be Francoeur or Anderson next–at least that would benefit the team more. And, to me, it’s almost a toss up between the two; Anderson doing a bit more offensively as of late, but still a liability in the field and, Francoeur, the exact opposite. Norton, sure he’s a strong possibility, but he’s not really in the big picture anyway. Bennett is a strong possibility with Medlen moving to the pen.

Any word on the line-up for tonight? I like Escobor behind McCann and everybody else down a spot in the order.

I just pray to God that we’re not finished with outfield reconstruction, but you almost have to wonder if the Braves will still work the trade front after moving 3 solid, though dispensable, prospects in the McClouth trade. Medlen might still be available; has anyone heard if Medlen is tradeable or not? I imagine he would be, even though I think he’ll make a solid contribution in middle relief.

And, if we’re going to solve our other problems internally, why not bench Francoeur in favor of Diaz, and platoon Francoeur/Anderson in left?

This Lineup Should Be Very Nice:
Nate McLouth (The best leadoff hitter we have/STEALS BASES)
Casey Kotchman (Puts the ball in play/very though out) Chipper Jones (He’s Chipper F’ing Jones) Brian McCan (Best hitter to protect Jones)Yunel Escobar (Good with RISP)Kelly Johnson (Likes the 6th spot)Garret Anderson (Also good with RISP)Jeff Francouer (See more balls, which hopefully stop his free swinging/improve his eye)Pitcher (Well obviously)
What do you all think??

Escobar (Because, that’s the best place for him.)

I like mine better.

I believe the Braves are 1 player away from “GREAT”, this is a playoff caliber team by chance (meaning if the Mets choke so hard that we would be the wild card). So we do have the ability to go, we need to play well in our division, etc. If the Braves could land a a bat to put in between Chipper and McCan, and our pitching keeps up, It’s over, So long 3 year drought (which seems longer than 3 years)

Joe, Yunel grounds out way too much, I think Casey is better, and I know a lot of people don’t think him, but he’s already proven he is one of the more consistent batter in the lineup, and his defense isn’t that bad either

Write it down:
Kotchman (Prado)

BTW, I have been saying all season that it is time for Chipper to hit 4th and be the protector instead of the protectee.

Kelly has traditionally hit well in the #2 slot. We will see how it all plays out.

The Brave’s Scouts and personnel people evaluated Glavine and reported that they did not think he could retire major league pitching. Tom, it’s business. You asked for the release. We understand it is hard to hang them up.

I want to point out that Smoltzie could very well be in the same situation soon when he goes through rehab. Getting out the minor leaguers is only a PART of the evaluation process. I still question whether Smoltzie will ever pitch effectively in the bigs. It’s not his heart I question. It’s his age and his arm.

The Braves, Frank Wren had tough decisions to make yesterday, and I believe that they made GREAT decisions for the future of the Atlanta Braves.

To Tommy and John, thank you for all you gave. Thank you for the memories. It was difficult on us when we said goodbye to Hank Aaron, Phil Niekro, Dale Murphy and it is difficult saying goodbye to you. The decisions were sound.
God Speed!

Now, let’s go win the division.

Francoeur should be in the 9th spot, he will hit in front of McLouth, which he will get more strikes to swing at. Jones wants in the 3rd spot, and what Jones wants, Cox gives to him.


“retire major league hitting”

1. Alfonso Soriano LF
2. Ryan Theriot SS
3. Kosuke Fukudome RF
4. Derrek Lee 1B
5. Mike Fontenot 3B
6. Reed Johnson CF
7. Koyie Hill C
8. Andres Blanco 2B
9 Carlos Zambrano P

1. Kelly Johnson 2B
2. Yunel Escobar SS
3. Nate McLouth CF
4. Chipper Jones 3B
5. Brian McCann C
6. Garret Anderson LF
7. Jeff Francoeur RF
8. Martin Prado 1B
9. Jair Jurrjens P

I’m wishing him the best. But beware, he’s only been an above average players for about 3 months of his career, the rest has been mediocre.

This is for brav3stillidie.
You should check the guy’s stats and news articles on the Cubs website before you criticize my idea.
This a power hitter that’s just finding his stride as a young 26 years old player.
The Cubs are scrambling to find an open spot to play him on a regular basis.. … that’s how highly they think of his talent.
Kotchman wouldn’t be the centerpiece of the trade…. the promising pitching prospect would be the centerpiece.
At triple A this year before being called up: .423 BA, 17 HR, 50 RBI’S…… that’s triple crown numbers at this point in the season..
After recently joining the major league club he’s batting .429.
YOU’D RATHER HAVE KOTCHMAN? MOVE THE GUY…. NOW!! Jake Fox is going to be an inexpensive player for years to
come because he doesn’t have that much major league time.
He may not be an Edgar Pujols… but I think he’ll be an impact player for a few years to come.

Starting 8:
Fox —- if the Braves have the smarts to trade for him.

There are a couple of reasons Fox isn’t ideal. 1) He’s, regardless of talent, still a rookie. Rookie hitters are notoriously unpredictable, and that leads into the bigger point, 2) He has NO position. He’s a liability at every position the Cubs have ever put him at. The Cubs aren’t scrambling for a position for the guy, they simply don’t have one. He has NO position whatsoever. He’d be a great A.L. DH, but in the N.L. he’s got no position and only becomes a liability unless he can produce at the same Triple AAA levels, which by the way, many other players have done what he’s done at the Triple A level with more upside. I’m not meaning to bash you, I just don’t think he in anyway is the answer. Certainly not over Kotchman whose a plus defender and has at least an M.L. level proven bat.
As others have alluded to, we’re still a bat away. McClouth was a fantastic step, and now finding a corner outfielder whose serviceable is the key. Frankly, DeRosa makes a lot more sense now based on what he’ll demand given the brevity of the commitment and what we need him to do.

I like lineup either way…utilize McLouth’s speed at the top…or have him hit 3rd which would definitely work since he would see tons of straight stuff with Chipper behind him and plus when he gets on he could use his speed to steal 2nd and get in scoring position for Jones…course that might take the bat out of Chips hands but then BMac has 1st and 2nd with a fast guy on second and a chance to do some damage. Talking about making other moves…Derosa would be a good fit but then what about Anderson?? He’s starting to come around after his delayed Spring Training (May) because of his injury(s). And if Anderson gets hurt hopefully Shafe can turn things around and come up and put either Shafe in center and McLouth in left or vice versa either way nothing gonna fall with both of their ranges and with both there bats and speed at the top it would be devestating…of course this depends if Jordan can turn it around. But with Jake Fox you’ve GOT to be kidding me!!!!! To trade Kotchman and prospects for another guy whos basically just a prospect who’s had a great year in triple A is CRAZY. Hes got a grand total of…..SEVEN at bats in the Show. So he got lucky a few times to get 3 hits. You shouldn’t be braggin about how he’s got a .429 average. He’s just 3 for 7. Lucky him. Soon big league pitchers will find and exploit his flaws and he’ll but just another big league rookie trying to adjust, the same way what happened to Jeff. Fox is definitely not worth Kotchman with prospects and plus Casey’s offensive ability you have to consider all the runs he saves at 1st base defensively. If Fox is as good as you say he is, he won’t be inexpensive for long. And also its not like Kotchman is rakin in the Texeira money. He’ll be here for another year or two and then Freddie Freeman will take over at first. And by the way, who the heck is Edgar Pujols???????

Get over your man crush on Jake Fox shinelikeitdoes..he’s not God

My guess on Fox, and this is this: I’ll start this by noting is based 1) a bet Rich Harden’s health continues to be a question and 2) the M’s give up a bit on Jeff Clement, but: a) Jake Fox for Jarrod Washburn straight up, or b) Jake Fox and Sean Marshall for Eric Bedard. Again, that’s speculation on my part, but the M’s are the A.L. team with pitching to spare and a void in the offense where Fox might work.

Mark. Any chance we get some quotes from Chipper on the Glavine thing? I wanna hear from him about it.

“this is this” should read: “and that’s it”

I really wonder if the Pirates’ GM thought he owed Wren after we got screwed on the Jason Bay trade last year. Cause the more I think about it.. if McLouth finishes as well as he did this year, we will have pulled off the steal of the season.

I think Chipper is pissed about batting clean-up, haha we will see what happens. I think Bobby is just testing McLouth’s ability and so what. I hope he would eventually lead off when/if Frank gets an extra bat. Btw how great is Frank Wren? pretty great! This is what he has gotten us:
Jair JurrjensGorky HernandezOmar InfanteWill OhmanJavier VasquezDerek LoweKenshin KawakamiEric O’ FlarityGarret AndersonDavid RossCasey KotchmanNate McLouth Better Yet look what he avoided: Jake Peavy AJ Burnett John Smoltz Tom GlavineBlaine BoyerGiving up HansonGiving up HeywardBTW I’m supper pumped about Hanson and McLouth and kind of over the Glavine issue

Hey! You guys are whining about needing another bat in the lineup and how this Fox guy is an unproven commodity.
Answer this:
What makes you think this Freddie Freeman guy will make it at the major league level? He’s unproven as well. Think about that.
Would this be the first ever trade of a top pitching prospect for a top position player? NO! Braves have plenty of pitching prospects and will get more in the draft.
“EDGAR’ is what I call Albert Pujols of the Cardinals. (Inside joke that you don’t need to know about).
Why are you so in love with Kotchman? Career stats: .270 BA (average), .337 on base %, .412 slugging percentage (kinda weak for a 1st baseman don’t you think? What was Galarraga and Fred McGriff’s career slugging percentage? Huh?
No, the Cubs don’t need Kotchman at first but he would be good trade bait next month if they’re shopping.
Did I mention anything about Jake Fox being GOD? I think not. I think he’s an inexpensive player that the Braves need and will produce in Atlanta.

For all you Kotchman lovers:
Career stats for Galarraga, Kotchman, McGriff:
Galarraga: .288 ba, .347 ob%, .499 slg%.
McGriff: .284 ba, .377 ob%, .509 slg%.
Kotchman: .270 ba, .337 ob%, .412 slg%.
Like I said …….. Kotchman is average or below!!!!

Why keep him and his salary? Get a better bat?
Get what you’re paying for!

There’s no guarantee that Shafer is going to make it in the bigs either. Think about that?…………….. You’re willing to have him in the lineup and struggling but you don’t want a first baseman who MIGHT do the same but probably better?
Making trades is always a gamble brav3stillidie. Have the guts to make the move.

If Fox couldn’t cut it, then give your hero Freddie Freeman a chance. The cost of the gamble would be very cheap.

Shine, Kotchman has the best defense of anyone on this team and is for sure a gold glover, he also puts the ball in play nearly every at bat. Through the recent news the Braves are obviously planning on competing this year, and they can not do that with an unproven player in Fox. I love your dedication in him though…

How the hell isnt Mccan #1 in ASG voting?? This is just like Soto last year!!

I wouldn’t expect Fox to carry the team. I think he would be an offensive equal to Kotchman (a career punch & judy hitter).
There would be 7 other proven position players in the lineup at the same time you know.
It’s not that I’m dedicated to Fox in particular; I’m sure that he is the extra power bat needed in the lineup. That’s all.

And he would be inexpensive too! (ask Wren how important that is!)

That’s all I’m going to say on the subject… WREN makes all of the calls….. so why do we bother discussing this as if we know squat anyway.

Tell me now……….. how many gold gloves has Kotchman won???? Oh yes, – NONE!
How many games does a good glove man WIN?
Not as many as you think.

For what its worth, Fox is a big time thumper that has more HRs in his last 150 games of AAA than Freddie Freeman has in his minor league career, which doesn’t even include AA or AAA yet. He is blocked by Soriano, Lee, and Ramirez at 3rd, so the Cubs will never be able to use him. He is only up for the June InterLeague DH role, and because he was hitting .423 with almost 40 extra base hits, 17 HRs and 50 RBI in AAA Iowa.
Not to mention Freeman was pretty much a statue with 2 left feet at first base in Spring Training, so the “defensive issues” are going to be part of the package regardless. Kotchman can pick it, but his lack of power will eventually do him in with the Braves. The problem is nobody will take him because of the lack of power, so he is either a throw in or the Braves’ to keep.

Thank you rother for the insight.
You stated my point better than I ever could.

You’re right about Kotchman as a throw in.. but that’s exactly what I’ve been saying all along.. He would not be the main player in the deal… he would be a little extra value to the new club as part of the deal.

You’re right.
We only give opinions…. not make the decisions.
Have a good day.

To change the subjuect away from Kotchman or Fox. I think both sides make a terrific point in regards to the (potential)offense of Fox and the proven defense of Kotchman. The real problem for braves fans is that Kotchman doesn’t have 35-50 homerun power. We all would love to see a true number 4 hitter. One the allows Chipper Jones to hit 3rd and McCann to hit 5th. And that what we thought we had in Teixeira. The fact that we had to give up Salty, Elvis Andruws, and Matt Harrison whom are all producing for a 1st place texas team really burns braves fans. And thats one reason why Kotchman has never been accepted by braves fans( that and the obvious lack of power). I have even heard of Casey Kotchman been described as an out sider. He is no more of an outsider the the recently acquired Nate McLouth and I sure fans will have no problem embracing him with open arms.

Some fans have to just realize that you can’t run your professional mlb team like its a fantasy squad. You are not going to get Prince Fielder (for example) for Jo-Jo Reyes and Buddy Carlyle. Other teams are trying just as hard to win as we are. Also you cant have half the farm designated as untradeable if you want something in re-turn. In recent days I’ve watched braves fans say the are so happy with the McLouth trade because Hanson/Freeman/Heyward/Schafer/Jurrjens/Esobar and some have even said Medlen anr not included in the trade. (Although minor league numbers of Medlen may have him a bit over valued in braves fans eyes). I ask you Braves fans we all agree that more power would be nice but what are you willing to give up that is of value. You are not getting Albert Pujols or Adrian Gonzalez for Jeff Francour. Esp. after some fans have suggested batting him 9th after the pitcher or having Bobby Cox give him the take sign until he reaches two strikes(that one made me laught for 3 mins).

My overall thoughts are this to brave fans, is we are close, very close to being a world series type ball club and thank God for that. (Watching the decline of this team the past 3-5 yrs has been painful. I’m still having Mark Redmand nightmares) We may be a bat away, but the next brave more may be the most pivitol. Whether its trying to get Brian Roberts to sure up 2nd base and the leadoff spot or Matt Holliday/Carlos Lee for the Outfield. We can’t afford to give up too much ie JD Drew for Jason Marquis and Adam Wainwright. If we really want Holliday the front office has to be ready to pay up in the off-season and not give up key prospects and let him walk away. Patience may be the best way to make the brave team feared for the next 4-5 yrs.

Just something to think about.

Is anyone else bothered by the comment that Tom Glavine made about if he had known he was still pitching to make the team that he wouldn’t have gone to Rome?

That bugs me. You would think as a professional, every time he toed the rubber he would be pitching like he was pitching to make the team.

If you still have it in you Tommy, then go to another team and prove the Braves wrong. I am sure every Braves fan will be happy for you if do, but right now there is another Tommy waiting to carry the torch forward, so it’s time to move on.

As someone whom watched Fox on a regular basis in AA(Tennessee Smokies)

Trust me when I tell you while having an off the charts power bat, he will not, nor can not play any position in the field on any type of daily basis at the MLB level.

In the NL he’s right handed pinch hitter that could be a third catcher in an emergency.

If he’s in the AL add some DH duities to the above and that’s it.

He won’t start more than 50 games in the field in his career and that’s if it(career) lasts a long time and his health permits.

To compare it to terms that we as Braves fans would relate to, Bryan Pena would appear to be a Gold Glove contender when compared to Fox at C,1B,3B or OF.

katjam, I think what Glavine was getting at was that he was always working under the impression that, if healthy, he’d be pitching in Atlanta. The Braves had given him that impression, not vice versa.

The beef I have with how Atlanta handled it has nothing to do with the fact that they chose Hanson over Glavine. That was the right call and our team will be better off as a result of it. My problem is that everyone and their dog knew that Hanson was due for a midsummer callup to the bigs. Everyone. It was no secret, especially after his performance in the AFL. Knowing that, and after we had just acquired Lowe, Vasquez, and Kawakami, why sign Glavine in the first place? I really and truly think they did it out of fear, especially after of the Smoltz situation. I think they did it just to look like they gave him a try, not because they really ever thought he had something more to offer. When they signed him, I thought, “How are they going to find room for him?” If they had just said, “Look, Tom, thanks for everything you’ve done for this organization, but after last season’s struggle to keep pitchers healthy, we’re not in a position to take gambles on anyone’s health this upcoming year. We need to move in another direction.” Something like that, and you’re done with it. It wasn’t just Glavine that was operating under the impression that he’d be up here if he proved healthy. There have been a number of quotes from Cox and other players essentially saying the same thing. They were all surprised, too, with his release.

Again, it could’ve been avoided if we had just done the common sense thing this past fall.

katjam, I think what Glavine was getting at was that he was always working under the impression that, if healthy, he’d be pitching in Atlanta. The Braves had given him that impression, not vice versa.

The beef I have with how Atlanta handled it has nothing to do with the fact that they chose Hanson over Glavine. That was the right call and our team will be better off as a result of it. My problem is that everyone and their dog knew that Hanson was due for a midsummer callup to the bigs. Everyone. It was no secret, especially after his performance in the AFL. Knowing that, and after we had just acquired Lowe, Vasquez, and Kawakami, why sign Glavine in the first place? I really and truly think they did it out of fear, especially after of the Smoltz situation. I think they did it just to look like they gave him a try, not because they really ever thought he had something more to offer. When they signed him, I thought, “How are they going to find room for him?” If they had just said, “Look, Tom, thanks for everything you’ve done for this organization, but after last season’s struggle to keep pitchers healthy, we’re not in a position to take gambles on anyone’s health this upcoming year. We need to move in another direction.” Something like that, and you’re done with it. It wasn’t just Glavine that was operating under the impression that he’d be up here if he proved healthy. There have been a number of quotes from Cox and other players essentially saying the same thing. They were all surprised, too, with his release.

Again, it could’ve been avoided if we had just done the common sense thing this past fall.

Tell me now……….. how many gold gloves has Kotchman won???? Oh yes, – NONE! _______________________________________________________
How many MVP awards, batting titles, All Star nominations has Fox won??? Do you see how you argument makes NO sence. This is legitimately Kotchman’s first eligible year to win the Gold Glove, Which I think he should.

Right, Kotchman is my guy (along with Johnson, Jurrjens, and McCann) and he hasn’t made a single error as a Brave. Gold Glove Caliber!! He has 8 errors in 400 games. Let me repeat that: He has 8 errors in 400 games. And most of them came in his rookie season. Chipper has made 7 errors in 40 games this season. Kotchman’s D is very underrated.

I think the moves made were great glavine was in the way. Remember Tim Hudson will be back later this year we have plenty of pitching, and plenty of pitchers better than glavine

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