Braves not interested in Penny

It’s been an eventful and hectic week for the Braves.  But contrary to an report, a Major League source said that the Braves don’t have any interest in acquiring Brad Penny from the Red Sox. 

If John Smoltz gets through another rehab start tonight, the Red Sox will view Penny as even more expendable.  But the Braves won’t be among the teams showing interest in the big right-hander. 

With Tommy Hanson’s arrival on Sunday, the Braves will have form a rotation that they envision keeping in place for the rest of the season.  If Kenshin Kawakami would struggle, Kris Medlen could vacate his bullpen spot and return to the rotation.


Should of known, it’s Olney that said it, then again, I said take it with a grain of salt.

its like onley just spits out ideas that come up in head and calls them “rumors”. what an idiot. we might indeed move jeff but it sure as he ll wouldnt be for a veteran pitcher….

i guess he has never seen us play this year and did not know of our offseason acquisitions and just assumed that we needed pitching because we needed it last year. what a dou.che this guy is….

thank you mark for your accurate reports. we appreciate them!

Thank you for calming me down! I was a little worried when I read this “rumor.” The Braves definately don’t need starting pitching. Also, they can’t trade Jeff without a player to plat RF in the deal, right?. I think they need to send him down as well and let him get some confidence in that so called “swing.”

Buster Olney is the “Chris Mortenson” of the MLB. What a joke.
By the way – how sick would our lineup be if we made a move for Mark Derosa or Matt Holliday now?

Great job Mark! As Atlanta Braves fans we appreciate the facts about our team when rumors are publized. It sounded false to me at first, happy to know the truth.

Hey for anyone that cares I know this is early but Schafer found his swing last night going 3 for 4 with a homerun, scored 4 runs, with a walk, and NO STRIKEOUTS!!! Hopefully this continues and we can place him back in CF and move McLouth to Left

Thanks for the post on Schafer, glad to hear the demotion has spured him into getting better, or atleast has not put him in the dumps. If Schafer comes back I would look for mclouth to move to right field and maybe a trade with francour to aquire a prospect and some bullpen help, but I doubt Schafer comes back this year unless an injury happens or we get a good package for Frenchy

I can come up with a better one than that. Francouer and Kawakami to Texas for Cruz and a minor league Outfielder.

hi Mark, I don’t know how often you check the comments section but I found a few bits of information it would be nice for you to comment about:

1) Are the Braves interested in Ryan Spillbourghs (1st reported on MLBTR) and if so where does he fit into their plans since they already have 5 outfielders on their mlb roster?

2) Are the Braves interested in Mark DeRosa still and what price would it take for them to get him back onto their team?

3) Along with Blaine Boyer and Wilson Betemit DFA and (presumably) free agent(s) what are the chances they bring these Atlanta staples back to their home ball club?

4) any chances on any of these other ATL alum coming back (whom I believe are free agents):

Paul Byrd
Mike Stanton
Daryle Ward
Odalis Perez
Rudy Seanez
Marcus Giles
Phil Stockman – I know he was released but maybe they could put him back in the minors after he recovers from injury
Chuck James – same with him
Jeff Ridgway
Matt DeSalvo
Jorge Julio

MUshelbyman (pen name)

oh before I forget:

5) what are the Braves plans with Nate McLouth? Are they planning on him becoming the Full time LF after this season, assuming Jordan Schafer can come back at full strength and contribute at the Major League level?

6) are the Red Sox really scouting Jeff Francoeur? Does Dayton Moore have any interest on bringing Frenchy to his ball club?

7) Have you heard any definite interest from ball clubs about Tommy Glavine? a reunion of sorts with Stan Kastan and the Nats? a Maddux-esque Dodgers pick-up? or, helping Jon Daniels and the Rangers with the AL West?


Besides DeRosa, there isn’t a name on that list worth talking to. What a motley crew of has beens and never wuzzzes.

Wingatsm, the answer to 99% of your questions could be answered by asking this question, “would you want this person playing for your team?”

Hey Mark, I’m a little interested as to why you haven’t spoken a word about Glavine being released…what up with that?

Mark prefers to overlook the bad with the good, and Mark has posted about Glavine a lot on the offical Braves website

Buster Olney must’ve been confused. What a silly rumor. We’d have no use for Penny.

Don’t know if there’s any validity to this (probably isn’t because it’s just a commenter relaying information that a radio show host might have said):

Nashville radio says Francouer and a minor leaguer to Boston, Brad Penny to Colorado, and B. Hawpe to ATL?

PHW, I researched that, and can confirm that it is not true.

Hahaha.. good lord.. Mike Stanton????
Hawpe is killing it this year but I would bet that if the Braves go for another outfielder for Jeff, they’ll look for a right handed bat. With the optimum lineup, that would leave 2 righties (with LF platoon) and Chipper. Also, I believe one of the reasons Jeff is still around is that they love him in the clubhouse. The presence of another personality like G Anderson in RF would have to be worth a guaranteed 50 points in average, 15+ HRs, and 30+ RBIs. Or something like that..

Oh and I can’t believe how much of a PR nightmare the Glavine issue has become. What the hell was Schuerholz thinking? Do the Mets and Phillies have spies in the Braves’ front office? Is Saltlake running the show up there??

I hope the Braves stick with what they have right now, I would hate to see Jeff go. Maybe a trade for a left fielder would be better. I still feel like Jeff has the ability to be a great player and I would hate to see him become great elsewhere. Stick with what we have for a few weeks before pulling the trigger

I’m with atl08; wait a while. I’m glad that with McLouth in the lineup, there will be less pressure on Frenchy to perform, and he can relax and play his game instead of trying to meet everyone’s expectations/demands of him.

thank goodness…we need Penny like a hemmroid!!!

How about trying to put something together to get adrian gonzales from san diego kotchman has great defense but lacks power

that would be awesome wdfielding, I agree Kotchman has no power…

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