Kawakami appears to be fine

As soon as Joba Chamberlain’s line drive struck Kenshin Kawakami’s neck during Wednesday night’s game at Turner Field, I immediately thought about the Lance Berkman liner that struck Horacio Ramirez in the right side of the head during the 2006 season. 

One of the most horrific scenes in baseball is the comebacker that strikes a pitcher in the head.  Immediate thoughts rest on their physical well being.   Then when provided the confidence that they’re physically healthy, you can’t help but worry about how the event might affect them mentally when they return to the mound. 

Based on what I could gather from Kawakami during Wednesday’s postgame interview, he’s looking forward to getting back on the mound as soon as possible. As he spoke, it was easy to see the bruise that had formed at the base of the right side of his neck.  

While all of the questions were simply aimed toward his well-being, Kawakami twice mentioned the disappointment he felt when this event forced him to leave after just three innings of what resulted as an 8-4 Yankees victory.   

The loss is disappointing,” said Kawakami, who was perfect through his three innings. ”  “I’m happy that it just missed vital parts though. It could have been worse.”

Chamberlain, who had just five previous career plate appearances, was an avid Braves fan and his favorite player was Chipper Jones. 

Before Wednesday’s game, Jones signed a jersey for Chamberlain.  Then a short time later, he found himself joining the 23-year-old hurler and many others who were simply staring at Kawakami with the hope that he had avoided a serious injury.  
“When I hit the ball off [Kawakami], (Chipper) came over and said, ‘You’re not supposed to take out my pitcher,'” Chamberlain said. “He signed a jersey for me. I’m 23 and I’ve looked up to that man for a long time. It was pretty special for me.”


Glad to hear Kawakami is ok. Hopefully he won’t miss his start

I would have like to have seen what Kawakami could do against the Yankees. He was pitching great. Glad to know he is fine.

it seems like kawakami is turning the corner as far as adjusting to the style of play here in the US, and he is getting more comfortable every time out. Now, after watching the last few games i think it is safe to say the KJ needs to either be our utility guy or has to go bye bye. Bobby needs to stop holding on to KJ and regardless if the opposing pitcher throws right or left Martin Prado needs to be at second at least until omar is ready. And as for the power outfield, just a thought i think we should package a pitcher and GA to the NYY for either Swisher or Cabrera. Ga is a defensive burden to any team so being in the AL where he can DH is a much better fit, and the yankees have so much depth in the outfield i think it would be a move that would benefit both teams involved. obviously we will have to give a better arm to recieve swisher, but either one would help our team drastically! Frenchy is starting to come around and his batting average is over 30pts better than KJ so its safe to say that our black hole in the line up is KJ. Even if Frenchy is a career 260 – 270 hitter he is still worth more to us because of his defensive contribution….My vote is to drop the whole frenchy trade BS and lets get rid of the people we need to like KJ and GA!

Glad to hear Kenshin is alright. Hopefully he’ll be ready to go for his next outing. The way he is throwing right now, we definitely need him!
Kelly Johnson is worthless – literally. I hate to be harsh, but I have to call a spade a spade. Not only is he worthless in our lineup, he is worthless in trade value now! No team is going to want a mediocre defensive second baseman that is hitting sub .220
The Braves were quick to send Frenchy down last year – Why not KJ? He’s much worse!
I’m still pleased with the way we’re playing and we have a chance to take 2 out of 3 from the Yanks! We need this win tonight big time!

Chris Burke is lurking in the shadows in Gwinnett now. The leash is much shorter for KJ than it was two weeks ago I think. They didn’t bring Burke in to help fill roster spots in Gwinnett.
There is still something in the works, I’m just not sure what it is yet. Pieces are moving into place though.

Kawakami is a big game pitcher. If we make the post-season, Kawakami should start game 1. Or Hanson. I’m not a fan of ground-ball guys starting big games and Vazquez’s track record says he shouldn’t start any game 1.

I have a trade/demote Jeff Bennett campaign in the works. And I swear to God I will launch it if he screws another tied game. I want him demoted, but I don’t want to hurt his feelings. Maybe Jeff Bennett for Kevin Gregg. Btw, that was a joke. But Kevin to the Cubs pretty much equals what Bennett has done for us.

While we’re at it, either lose Bennett to let Medlen get the innings, or send Medlen back to AAA to let him get some innings. His development is being completely stalled with Bennett eating Major League per diem food still. Bennett is not so good that he is worth messing up Medlen over. Pay attention BC. You’ve never been a good game day manager, and your reputation is built on managing a team through the season. Bennett is a move for the betterment of the team, and the development of a young star. If you need another guy who throws low/mid 90’s and has little or no command, how hard is that guy to find? Bennett hasn’t been that sinker ball guy to get the ground ball for a long time, if ever.
Find the pitching coach a new toy, this one doesn’t work. It is time and effort wasted trying to make an 80 out of a 70 and watching a 90 turn into a 75 while you do it. The upside of Bennett is MLB serviceable. The upside of Medlen is MLB solid or better. It’s time to realize that and act accordingly.

Breaking News!!! – Martin Prado goes on 15 day DL for sore groin. Braves fans wish him a fast recovery while Prado gets high fives from father and male peers. It has also been reported that Hollywood will make a movie about Prado’s journey call, “Venezuelan Pie.”

Sorry if anyone thought it was real. It would been a lot funnier if it came 2 weeks eariler, but I just thought of it.

That might be the worst joke of all time.

It’s nice to read all the nice comments about kawakami from all the people who were sh*tting all over him up until 2 weeks ago.

Has anyone else become more of a proponent of Instant Replay after last night’s botched call on Cano running on the infield grass, interfering with Mac’s throw, and subsequently 2 Yankee runs being put on the board? 2 Big arguments against replay are: 1) Baseball games are already long, and instant replay will only make it longer; and 2) The “human element”– bad calls from humans are just part of the game, and we need to just accept that they’re just honest mistakes.

My problem with these arguments are 1) replay would take less time than it does for the managers and umpires to argue about it. I mean Bobby was out on the field for a long time last night. 2) Let’s step into the 21st century like every other major sport and implement replay on a larger scale than what we currently have.

PWHjort, I agree–I think KK does appear right now to have the nack for stepping it up againt more formidable opponents, but these are still only regular season games and we’re still dealing with a small sample size. I hope it turns out to be the case, though. Also, I know Lowe isn’t necessarily sexy out there on the mound, but remember he may be the biggest “big game” pitcher in Red Sox history, winning every post season clincher for them back in O4′. Granted, that was several years ago, but I’d still feel pretty good about throwing Lowe out there anytime during the postseason. As far as Hanson is concerned, I’ve been very pleased with how he’s performed so far and everyone expects him to have growing pains, but if he continues to put himself in difficult situations inning after inning, eventually it’s going to come back to bite him. And, until he can show the same dominance at this level that he showed in the Minors, I think it’s too early to consider putting a rookie in a Game 1 situation.

Here is the problem, or at least one of them with the instant replay thing. The disputed call in many cases leads to the rest of the play. There is no “stop here and put it back the way it was” in baseball like there is in football. Fare/foul can’t be a replay thing because people are running and “replay rule” doubles would be a hideous addition to the game. In football they have adjusted the way they call the plays. It is always a catch or a fumble until proven otherwise. That type scenario wouldn’t work in baseball. The umps have to call it correctly the first time, not the “easier call to fix” solution.
It would have to be limited to disputes like obstruction in the basepaths. Maybe hit by pitch situations as well, sort of an Escobar rule. How many times in the last two seasons did the Braves get runners called out in the same situation running to first on bunts. It was almost like the umps got wind in the spring that the Braves were teaching guys to stay left on the way to first. Our guys were getting called out way more than the league average.

Rother, I absolutely agree–definitely needs to be more limited than other sports, but certainly more than what it is now.

I’ve always been a strong advocate of being patient with Kawakami.

All Jokes aside.

Jeff Bennett to the DL with a fractured bone in his left hand.

Probably punched a wall, I know I did last night myself.

Boone Logan recalled from Gwinnett.

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