Cadahia gives Escobar an earful

Placed in Yunel Escobar’s shoes, I probably wouldn’t have reacted favorably had I been charged with the error that he was given during the fourth inning of Thursday night’s game against the Yankees. 

And there’s certainly a chance that I would have fired off some kind of expletive. But I don’t think my Irish temper would have led me to fully mimic Escobar’s unprofessional reaction. 

When Escobar pointed toward the press box in disgust, he provided the reminder that he’s still immature.  While continuing to sulk with his hands on his thighs during the next two pitches, he clearly showed a lack of respect for his teammates and the game. 

Braves bench coach Chino Cadahia took Escobar behind the dugout and gave him an earful when the inning concluded. 

Based on the accounts of multiple sources, Cadahia berated Escobar with greater vigor than he ever has in the past.

While we can hope that this is the last unprofessional act committed by Escobar, you have to assume that it won’t be.  This is his third Major League season and as time has passed it’s become clear why he essentially led his former Double-A Mississippi manager Jeff Blauser to decide he didn’t want anything to do with the coaching profession. 

After Cox benched Escobar in the middle of a June 14 game in Baltimore, I used this space to talk about how his stubborn personality makes him difficult to coach.  At the same time, I pointed out that he’s arguably the best all-around talent on the Braves club.   <p>

Based purely on talent and the fact that he has one arbitration-eligible season remaining, Escobar ranks as one of the game’s best bargains and there’s undboubtedly a number of teams that would be interested in his services.    

Right now the Braves don’t have any intention to trade Escobar.  But as he continues to show immaturity and a lack of professionalism, he’s providing the club more reason to wonder if there will ever come a time when the majority of the attention he draws is based on his tremendous physical skills.


God, I’m just wondering when somebody gives Anderson an earful. He just sat and watched a grounder dribble through while he sat with his hands on his knees. What a tragedy he is on defense. Bad attitude, bad glove, bad arm. This team is so poorly coached right now. And who is the team leader? We know Chip won’t take on that role? McCann, too nice a guy? Someone needs to be the Captain of this team.

Esco needed a tongue lashing. he probably needs a smack in the head. he is doing exactly what you tell little leagers not to do. Does anyone know— can he be sent down to gwinnett or is he out of options.

right now there is no team leader. this is a sinking ship. everyone needs to bail. It is too late for this year, if this is Bobby’s last year (lets hiope) all of the coaching staff needs to go. this is a terrible team to watch every day on tv.

Esco needed a tongue lashing. he probably needs a smack in the head. he is doing exactly what you tell little leagers not to do. Does anyone know— can he be sent down to gwinnett or is he out of options.

right now there is no team leader. this is a sinking ship. everyone needs to bail. It is too late for this year, if this is Bobby’s last year (lets hiope) all of the coaching staff needs to go. this is a terrible team to watch every day on tv.

What a piss poor bottem of the 8th. 2 on 0 outs heart of the order strike1,2,3 strike1,2,3 strike1,2,3. that is just freakin sorry. can’t swear on the blog. this is just a sorry excuse of a team.

I still don’t see why this is such a big deal. I mean, it’s annoying but there are plenty of bigger problems. Mostly I think it just gives the awful fans who post on here another thing to complain about. Escobar is just a young kid who is probably not the smartest guy in the world but he’s one of the best players we have.

He is not a young kid anymore. he is 26. when you have a player with an attitude problem such as his it brings down the whole team. I am not disputing the fact that he is a good player. If you were manager would you want to put up with this every day? It looks like the only way to fix all of the problems is to start from scratch. The problem with that is it would be anothwe few years before you get back in the playoffs.

I think billreef hit the nail on the head when he said “This team is so poorly coached right now.” Unfortunately, it’s not just right now, but the last four seasons I am sorry, but REALLY, it is TIME for Bobby Cox to admit he is no longer capable of managing at the top level (take a look at his line up gaffes from earlier this season, and the resulting call-ups & send downs and DFA’s!!!).

We HAVE the players, but not the coaches capable of getting the performance levels out of those players: FIRE THE COACHING STAFF – ALL OF ‘EM!!! Let’s get someone in who knows how to motivate, coach and inspire, cuz Bobby just don’t cut it anymore and it looks like yet again we will finish 2nd last or even worse in the Division this year!

You are probably corerect. When Fredi Gonzalez to Fla. The Braves started going down hill quickly. I just hope the manager is not TP. Maybe we should get the manager from AA Mississippi. At leat he seems to have some passion for the game

Pouting or not he is one of a handful of players on this team. Put him at second or better yet third Send Chipper
who wont even bend over to catch a ground ball to retirement before all we can remember is this Chipper
and move on. McCann need to move to 1st escobar 2nd
Mcclouth center and thats all you have 3 position players 6 pitchers Jurrgens, Hanson Meilden, Vasquez, Soriano, Hudson. Trade all the rest of it for the best prospects you can get and pray for 5 years. This of course will assume you get the Mets President John Sureloss and his sidekick
Frank never wrens off the braves payroll and some realizes Cox has demintia and really doesnt know where he is.

It is time for Bobby to leave. There is absolutely no fire on this team and he is doing nothing to help right the ship. It is time to bring Phillip Wellman up from Mississippi and give him the managers job. He will be able to relate with the youth that is about to hit Atlanta. Just think in 2011 this could be the line up they place out there on a daily basis and it will be loaded down with youth and great promise.

1. Jordan Schafer – cf
2. Yunel Escobar – ss
3. Jason Hayward – rf
4. Cody Johnson – lf
5. Brian Mccann – c
6. Freddie Freeman – 1b
7. Chipper Jones – 3b
8. Martin Prado – 2b

I just wish that we would have kept Elvis Andrus instead of trading him for Mark Texeria. I do not think Yunel will be around come 2011 due to his immature ways. It would also be great to have a good young prospect in the minors that could take over 3rd but heck, there is always the free agent market if Chipper falls apart.

What are other peoples opinions? Is it time for Bobby to leave?

Bench him till he decides to change his ways. I see no other way to make the team better. And I mean mentally for the team, the team needs to understand what the consequences can be for poor play and/or attitude. And other players will soon recognize what the standard or policy is within this organization.

The players that I see that bring the entire team down are: Escobar(Immaturity on the field), Anderson(Body Language/lackidsical), and Bennett(Stupidity/no self-control).

All of these players are suppose to be professionals. I see no professionalism in their play this season.

Goes to show Bobby is not running the team but the team running itself. There use to be a time when Bobby would not stand for attitude. Just ask Bob Wickman or John Rocker.

I didn’t know this was a referendum on Bobby Cox’s managing style, anyway I digress.

As for Escobar he is a tremendous talent. Arguably top 3 in the NL.

In recent weeks he has made some questionable plays but now I read fans call him and idiot and question has baseball IQ.This is the same player who in his rookie season in Arizona against the Diamondbacks in a 1run game stole 2nd base when then DBack’s closer Jose Valverde was paying no attention on the pitchers mound, steals 2nd and changes that innning. He was the lauded as a terrific player who hustled and kept his head up.

Escobar right now is playing with a bad hip. Some fans on here bash the players, ie Chipper Jones, for being out of the lineup with every little nagging injury, now a player plays through it and he is still criticized. Some fans have said this team plays with no heart and doesn’t care, well we see that Esobar is not one of those players. He does care and YES he could handle himself a whole lot better but you don’t through the baby out with the bath water.

Escobar is closer to the solution in getting this team turned around for the future than he is a problem. And for those that want to trade him just ask yourself as you look at SS in baseball, which one of the them would you REALLY want to have.

Question for Mark B,
Kotchman’s power numbers are a joke.
Is there anyway the Braves could play D. Ross on first base?


I dont understand how in this situation its a coaching problem. There grown adults, if you need to tell them to go out there and give it there all then, there is a problem with the player, this isnt little league, where the coach has to tell 12-13 yr olds to pay attention to the game. The problem is b/c there the player nothing they do is bad, if a coach tries to punish them, they run to higer managment for example Willie Randolph and Jose Reyes.. The players run the teams now not the managers and that is where the problem lies in most cases… SO lets start docking pay and or suspending players and if that doesnt work then you release them.. Its that simple

Ross is a beast and probably our best “value” of the offseason. Seriously. He can rake.

I got a kick out of all the people saying Kotchman had a tough year last year, and that his numbers were going to improve. “He’s a 15-20 HR guy, that hits .300”. It was his career best season offensively.
Reality is, he is a guy who occasionally wraps a ball around the foul pole for a HR, and he has always been a .280 guy. At Turner Field, it would be a big year to see him luck into a 10 HR season.
Canizarez is the only semi reasonable option at AAA, but he has never hit over 13 in the minors either, and his defense will eventually show up to be an issue.
AA has no power ANYWHERE.
Myrtle Beach has sock everywhere, but they won’t be ready for a while. I hope the Big Three (Heyward, Freeman, Cody Johnson) all get moved to AA at the All Star break or soon afterwards. Then we can start to get a feel for their time tables to ATL a little more.

Escobar’s style of playing and attitude can equal the actions of Milton Bradley. He is athletic and has great baseball skills. But his actions can be very immature like 3 year old. It doesn’t help the team for someone to act like that.

it has everything to do with coaching. when you cant do the fundimentals ie,sacrifice bunts,hit and run,stealing at least once in awhile,working the count at least once in awhile,running out ground balls. i love bc but it looks like he doesnt have it anymore

It does seem sometimes that the only piece of the “professional Braves work ethic” that the younger guys got from Smoltz, Glavine, Maddox was the Tee-Times schedule.

Our two lowest batting averages in the lineup don’t total to the lowest batting average on their lineup card. Well, Vazquez, I apologize in advance.

The situation with Escobar is another reason why the Mark Texiera deal was the worst deal the Braves have ever made under the current administration. Elvis Andrus would have been the perfect SS for the Braves with his superior defense and he has hit better then expected. Escobar has a better bat but the lack of hitting on this team has not helped him in covering up his mistakes, it has only put more pressure on him. This should serve as a lesson to the Braves that unless you are sure a player you trade your future for is going to sign with you long term, don’t make the trade. One chance at a playoff birth is not worth giving up your future. Especially for a team that doesn’t draw unless the team is in the World Series.

People are too quick to blame Cox. AKA the most respected coach in the game. The fact is, he doesnt have much to work with. Look at 1st basemens’s offensive output in the division, they have Delgado, Howard, we got Kotchman (lmao). Look at 2nd basemen’s offensive output in the division, they got Uggla, Utley- we got Kelly Johnson, centerfield, Beltran, Victorino, we got Blanco

i’ve complained about anderson since he was picked up. i can not believe he is in the major leagues. i can’t. Diaz at least hustles. IMHO, Diaz should play LF the remainder of the season. Period. Cut our losses and cut Anderson.

Escobar: I love him. I hate him. what can i say?

The problem is not with Bobby, the coaches or the players. The problem lies upstairs. The best GM in baseball history is the team President and the guy hired in his place has been absolutely horrible. The latest case in point…Smoltz just pitched wonderfully again last night and where did Glavine end up? I love Tom Galvine, but in the off season it seemed that Wren had the choice to either take a chance on one or the other and chose to go with the man that left the organization, not the one who had remained loyal. If an almost career long Brave leaves what does that tell you? The talent is there, Bobby is Bobby always has been, the scouts are doing a great job. We need a new GM.

The braves bull pen will kill them before the season is over even if they add a bat.

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