Johnson placed on the disabled list

Kelly Johnson will have to wait until after the All-Star break to attempt regain regular playing time.  The Braves have placed him on the 15-day disabled list with right wrist tendinitis.  

Brooks Conrad has been promoted from Triple-A Gwinnett to take Johnson’s roster spot.  Conrad has hit .259 with nine homers and a .769 OPS (on-base percentage plus slugging percentage) in 73 games this year. 

After Martin Prado produced a four-hit, four-RBI performance during Tuesday night’s win over the Phillies, he learned that he had earned the opportunity to serve as the Braves everyday second baseman.  He’d spent most of the previous month platooning with Johnson.

Johnson, who has hit .198 with three homers and a .590 OPS in his past 63 games, began this season as Atlanta’s everyday second baseman and leadoff hitter.

Conrad, who was acquired by the Braves as a six-year free agent this offseason, made his Major League debut with the A’s last year.  During his brief six-game stint in the Majors, he recorded three hits, including a double, in 19 at-bats. 

While Prado will continue to serve as the everyday second baseman, Conrad will provide the Braves bench with right-handed power potential.   He combined for 95 homers while spending each of the past four seasons at the Triple-A level with the Astros and A’s.     


Hopefully this isn’t the start of an awful downward spiral for Johnson. I’m not a big fan but I’d hate to see the guy’s career ruined. I think a change of scenery could really do him some good. It would be good for both him and the Braves.

Creative way to send Kelly to the minors? Gotta be. He needs AB’s to break out of his slump. You want to give him minor league AB’s so he doesn’t hurt your big club. Can’t send him to the minors because he’s out of options. Perfect solution: DL him and send him out on a “rehab assignment”.

Maybe Kelly’s also got a social anxiety disorder…..seems to be all the rage nowadays.

Conrad was pulled out of Gwinnett’s game in the 2nd inning, Kelly had an at bat in the Braves game in the 8th inning.

Can Conrad play any outfield? I seem to remember him a little from ST, but don’t remember if he was good with a glove, bat, or what. Wikipedia and his profile don’t give much up on him. Rother, PWH, thoughts? Other than the fact that they are just putting Kelly to the minors.

True, but Kelly wasn’t brought in to bat, he was brought in to pinch-run. We just sent a ton of people to the plate in the 8th so it worked out where he got an AB.

Why can’t they do this with Francoeur? Even though he has options, make up a story that he sneezed himself onto the DL.

Mark, what is the status of Omar Infante? Will he be rehabbing soon?

Hey Mark, I was just wondering if you have seen any of Julio Teheran. Last thing I heard he got shut down for the year since he is so young. Have you heard anything else?

I read an article saying he was starting for Danville?

I read an article saying he was starting for Danville?

He pitched 5 inn for Danville on 6/28 and gave up 1 run

I have my own theories but I want to hear yours: Why is McLouth not hounded for his ~250 average when Francoeur is?

Here’s my theory. Nate McLouth provides secondary offense. Jeff Francoeur does not. McLouth is batting .259/.340/.463 with 12 HR and 14 2B at a position where offensive production is hard to come by. Francoeur is batting .248/.282/.346 with 5 HR and 9 2B at a position where offensive production is much easier to find. We stopped referring to batting average as the most important offensive metric around 1990. McLouth does plenty of other things well (draws walks, steals bases, hits for power, plays a premium defensive position). Francoeur does not.

My theory was the SB, HR, Gold Glove, and the fact that batting lead-off lowers BA. I just wanted to make myself feel a little better that I’m down on JF.

Well McLouth far from deserved that gold glove. He rated anywhere from well below average to the worst every day CF last year depending on your methods. But he still plays CF. And Francoeur still plays RF, a position where you’re supposed to have to be able to hit to play.

The only thing that really sets McLouth apart from Francoeur is the power numbers. We all know Francoeur is more than capable of hitting 30 home runs a year but he just doesn’t. He is also capable of stealing 15-20 bases a year. Right now Atlanta is so starved for power I think McLouth gets by with a mediocre batting average.

Man. Mclouth just flat dogged a fly ball. He looked kinda like GA with his hands on his knees the other night. Centerfielders are supposed to play D, right?

That’s what I mean. An average CF makes that play. But he’ll probably be average at the least when he shifts to a corner when Schafer’s ready. He does make a lot of good plays and at a corner where there’s not as much pressure to cover a lot of ground I have a feeling he’ll be just fine.

Conrad plays mostly 2B, a couple games of SS. He leads the G-Braves in HR and Ks. Which is about what he has done for the other teams he’s been on. Not a great defensive guy, but he switch hits and he doesn’t sneak them over the fence. Not a big guy either. Kelly is a better baserunner, Brooks has more power and will hit .250 or so. He’s a good guy with a very supportive family that is at almost all of the games.

Schafer, Norton, Johnson…..
All current members of the “Hitless Relocation Program.”

I always liked Norton because of his versatility as well as his ability to switch hit. Too bad his success last year hasn’t carried over.

Norton has gotten a ton of ABs in Gwinnett so he will probably be fine when he gets back to Atlanta. Johnson will get the same opportunity.

Norton’s a nominal switch hitter. He’s so horrible from the right side he might as well just bat left-handed full time.

That’ll do, Brooks.

He is definitely not Major League caliber from both sides. Nice dinger for Conrad. Colome was still with Syracuse last time they came through town. It had to help his comfort zone.

Welcome Brooks Conrad!

Yes, welcome to the Braves, Mr. Conrad.

Do you think Norton gets back to Atlanta, or do you think he stays in Gwinnett until DFA day?

Meanwhile, Charlie Morton is one hitting the Marlins! 5 – 0

Interesting, Brian McCann lays down a PERFECT bunt down the line. I guess that in some strange way I can understand why. Too bad they walked Escobar right afterward.

Blanco is overmatched in RF. Go figure.

You saw that too, Bill?

Blanco is hitting under .200 and plays below average outfield. He is what he is. If you have to play him, bat him 8th so he can walk in front of the pitcher. That is all that he is good at.

Ugly game, but I’ll take the “W”.
Small beef with Bobby tonight. I’ve been ok with all the bunts we’ve been laying down, but I will NEVER be OK having Diaz (who was 8-14 and killing the ball) bunt a runner over with Jeff Francoeur on deck. Terrible managerial move there. As far as I’m concerned, Prado and Diaz should NOT be bunting the way they are seeing the ball – especially with Frenchy on deck!

I firmly believe (even during the recent rough stretch) that we are the top team in the division.

Its just a shame bobby continues to throw frenchy out there night after night after night. It makes no sense that this guy is an everyday guy, I would start Diaz RF and GA LF.

How has the organization allowed JF to remain on the braves roster playing everyday and just killing our lineup???He has almost no power, no speed, no OBP and he cant hit for average. Release him, it is IMPOSSIBLE to do worse than him, and we should use blanco as our utility outfielder to give GA days off. Then once INfante is back he can be the utility guy in the outfield with blanco back down to where he belongs (AAA).

The decision to keep frenchy on is jepordising our chances at the postseason, with this remarkable staff. Please braves, this guy has been totally HORRIBLE for 2 years now, what are you doing, just release him

While it does sound like it could be just to get him a way to “rehab” in Gwinnett, I also feel like I’ve heard that he’s had this before, so is it really true that Kelly Johnson is suffering from wrist tendenitis or is it just a ploy to get him to Greenville without having to go through waivers?

Last night I thought: “I wonder if they will reward Conrad with a start and move Prado to first base.” I guess I was right… I don’t mean permanently, btw, just for today. He adds a bit of pop.

Brooks Conrad has played 15 games in Right in his minor league career…..

Did he make any errors(if so, was it a LOT?)? Does Bobby know this? If not, what is his phone number and/or address?😛

Seriously, though, did he play any other outfield? Does he have the range/arm? I guess I could check MiLB…

I seriously doubt he’s capable of playing right field in MLB. That was just a joke. He played 15 games in right in his 1,030 game minor-league career. He played 2nd 895 times, 3rd 73 times, Short 37 times, right 15 times, 1B twice, C twice (!), LF twice, and DH 5 times. He’s played every position except Center Field. 14 of his games in right came in 2008 and one came this year, so maybe the organization is thinking along those lines.. I doubt it, though. And for the record, for basic fielding stats.

Funny they say Francoeur has no speed, and yet of all the Braves that have been there all year (in other words, excluding McLouth), he has the most SBs… Anyway, let’s make it 6 in a row today.

The catcher stat is interesting as an emergency option. He sounds like a Prado-Infante type, though I’d love to see him converted to OF. I’m dying to see any sort of power numbers out of the outfield(Though Diaz and Anderson have come around and smashed a few balls for extra bases lately)… His Career average is a bit low, but I think it’s worth it if he can hit for power for a team starving for it.

Nice line up from bobby today, good move giving conrad some at bats after last night, he should be confident…..

Shame Kotch gets day off, he has done well last few days. But so so so glad the out- machine (JF) is out of the line up today.

We have to release him seriously! I know the plan is probably to see what he does rest of the year and then release him after the season. But unfortantly this isnt a good idea because bobby seems incapable of benching frenchy, whilst he destroys our team! frenchy shouldnt get the odd day off, he should get the odd day IN the line up.

I think bobby keeps thinking ‘oh this might be the series frenchy turns it around’, and so he continues to throw him out there. Obviously he never turns it round, and we find we cant score certain innings when JF and the pitcher are up.

Also, is there any reason to believe the braves are looking into trading vazquez? I really think we need to trade him, and use medlen/hudson in the 5th spot for the rest of the year.

At present, we are investing alot of our payroll in pitching, and its no surprise that we are lacking offensively because of this. I think we should try and package vazquez with either KJ, JF, Infante, CK to get a first base/outfielder signed for a number of years on a cheapish contract. There will be plenty of teams who feel that they are one stud pitcher short, and will be willing to give up a top position player

Where is the lineup posted pregame for those of us non-sportswriters and non-scouts? I’m very interested to see who is playing in RF today.

its diaz on gamecast on

line up is:

mcclouth cf
prado 1b
chip 3b
GA lf
esco ss
diaz rf
ross c
conrad 2b

TH p

Diaz is in right and Anderson in left. You can usually view the line-up 45 minutes before gamtime by going to scoreboard and box on the Braves site. I am looking for this to be the new line-up through the all star break, but am certain it won’t be. Go Braves.

JF is due to come and pinch hit in the 7th and GIDP with men on 1st and third with 1 out in a tied game

Good deal. I thank you fellas.

Is it just me or did GA look good running down that first out in that first inning? Maybe the few games off helped him out alot

If GA was in a race with a pregnant woman, he would finish 3rd. (Credit to Tommy Lasorda)

Ha. Defensive Replacement Casey Kotchman.

And Bobby uses Mike Gonzalez in 5 consecutive games….

Imagine this.

What if FW had done what he said he was gonna do in the offseason.

1) Signed Lowe and Vasquez.
2) Used the money he saved from NOT signing GA and KK and signed Dunn with it.
3) Honored his commitment to future HOF’er Glavine and used a combo of Tom, Morton, and Medlen until Huddy was ready to come back.
4) Diaz could have spelled Francouer so he could REALLY go back to the minors and get straightened out away from Pendleton.

We still would have had issues with lack of production in CF and 2B, but those have been resolved net/net.

We would probably be 5 games up in the division given how everyone else has played.

Why do people say frenchy can get straightened out? He is horrible, he isnt a proven major leaguer going through a rough streak who needs to sort some things out.

This will be a tough loss, come on moylan, double play please

Well I blame that loss on Bobby Cox

Yea it’s all Bobby’s fault. I don’t know how some of you guys can call yourselves fans when you are so negative towards Cox. Bobby is one of the greatest managers of all time and easily the best in Braves history. Get over it. He knows more about baseball than all of us combined so stop bashing him. He isn’t the one of the field failing. It’s the players’ fault for poor play, not Bobby. If Bobby was so bad why is he one of the most desired managers in the game to play for? Atlanta is one of the top franchises in America as voted on by the fans and the coaching staff is a factor.

So we should just blindly accept that every decision he makes is the best one? And if we don’t we’re not real fans? Look, Bobby is a great manager. I’m not sure if he still is, but he certainly was at one point. Strategy and bullpen use have never been his strengths, though. And he’s abused Gonzalez and Soriano this year, two injury prone relievers coming off major surgery. You can’t use them games in a row. Here’s what Buster Olney wrote last week:

These are the NL East bullpen abuse numbers, the last in the division-by-division examination, and the statistics are not pretty. As the NL East plays out, there are going to be some very, very exhausted relievers, and the last weeks will play out as a battle of bullpen attrition. Again, if you’ve been reading, these are for contenders, so with apologies to the Nats.

Key: For every pitcher below, three numbers are listed for games and innings pitched. The first category is current total, the second is projected total and the third is career high total. The “NA” will refer to rookies, and former starters.

Atlanta Braves

Only four National League teams have gotten more innings out of their rotation than the Braves, whose rotation is anchored by Derek Lowe, Javier Vazquez and Jair Jurrjens, and yet Atlanta has five relievers on pace to make 73 or more appearances, including Peter Moylan, who is on track for 87 appearances. Several Braves relievers are on pace to obliterate career highs in appearances and/or innings pitched, not a good sign.

Mike Gonzalez
Games: 35 | 82 | 54
Innings: 33 | 77 | 54
Work on consecutive days: 13

Peter Moylan
Games: 37 | 87 | 80
Innings: 26.2 | 61 | 90
Work on consecutive days: 11

Eric O’Flaherty
Games: 36 | 85 | 56
Innings: 25.1 | 59 | 52.1
Work on consecutive days: 13

Rafael Soriano
Games: 31 | 73 | 71
Innings: 32.2 | 75 | 72
Work on consecutive days: 10

Jeff Bennett
Games: 32 | 75 | 72
Innings: 32.2 | 75 | 97.1
Work on consecutive days: 9

I never said he wasn’t a great manager, but I blame the loss TODAY on him. It’s not like that 8th inning got out of hand by sloppy defense, it was because Gonzo has been overworked. Though it isn’t Bobby’s fault for the bullpen sucking today, he still decided to go with Gonzo, again.

And who do you suppose pitches instead? Soriano? Oh no he pitched yesterday. Moylan? He pitched the past two days. O’Flaherty pitched today and on the 2nd. Seriously, the “overworked” excuse is the most overused excuses in baseball. They are professional athletes. They can perform more than two days in a row. He may have some fatigue from time to time but adrenaline takes care of it most of the time. If Gonzo can’t pitch he would have said something.

I don’t blame Bobby for the loss today. I’m going to blame him for decisions like the one he made today and the ones in the past week where he’s constantly used Gonzalez and Soriano when one of them goes on the DL or loses effectiveness. Today the bullpen was so cashed Bobby should’ve used Medlen and Acosta to finish the game. And we would probably lose. But at least we’re keeping the important bullpen arms fresh and healthy. Sometimes you’re in a situation where it makes sense to use the back end of your bullpen but you can’t because they’ve been used too much over the past week. That situation was today. This isn’t the first time this has come up this season. Bobby just lacks the ability to say, “No, I can’t use them today. They’re injury prone relievers coming off major surgery and it is more important to have them healthy down the stretch than to win this game today”. And Gonzalez does a really admirable job of down-playing the fatigue and abuse. But the front office and coaching staff need to step in from time to time and say, “no, you can’t go today”. But they never do. Because they obviously don’t run the organization. I’m convinced sponsors do.

I don’t think the sponsors run the team. I still think John Shuerholz does. Atlanta is still a classy organization because of him. People bashing Frank Wren earlier this year also frustrated me. Everyone seemed to want Shuerholz back. He has even more power now. If Shuerholz wanted a trade to happen he would of done it through Wren. Shuerholz is still the brains behind the team.

Gonzo strikes me as one of those players that will go into a game any chance he gets, whether it’s good for him to do so or not.I was out of the house this afternoon and couldn’t follow the whole game on TV, but when I was checking the score on my phone and saw the box score, my first thought was “why was Gonzalez brought in again?”That’s one criticism I have of Cox’s style… he overuses his best relievers (and sometimes his worst ones).

I think we should make a move for Juan Pierre.
All he did for LA in Manny’s absence was hit .320 and steal 20 bases. Now he’s on the bench. Surely LA could use some bullpen help or another starter to shore things up and set them up for the playoffs. Put him in Center and Move McClouth to right field and bat him 3rd. Pierre leadoff. That would be awesome!
I’d also like to see a move for Adrian Gonzalez. Could we package Kotchman, Frenchy, and someone else to the Padres for him since they are out and dumping salary?
Expendable players – Kotchman, Frenchy, Kawakami, Vasquez, Medlen, Infante, KJ, and anyone in the bullpen.
We are still a bat away and 4 games out. A move needs to be made! We have the pitching to play with anybody!!!
What do you guys think? Am I asking too much here?

Let’s not give away too much Major League talent in a trade deadline deal. Kotchman could go in the Gonzalez deal, but let’s not string together 4 of those guys or we will have holes again. I’d send Freeman with Kotchman to SD for Gonzalez if I knew we could sign him. A bird in the hand and all of that. He is young and it is doubtfull Freeman will turn out actually better than Gonzalez, very good yes, better than Gonzo, that’s a stretch.
Let’s make a deal.
Of course Towers and Wren are not exactly “chummy” right now.

I would actually prefer we kept Infante. He is versatile and he came up with some huge hits last year. He deserves to have a spot when he gets back. Unless San Diego is offered an entire team I really don’t see them giving up Gonzalez. They may be dumping salary but he is only making about 3MM. Pierre would bring the speed Atlanta wants but his defense is below average. He can track down a ton of balls but his arm is horrible. Him and Johnny Damon have the worst arms in the league. A tee ball team would be tagging on him all day. It’s that bad.

Yeah – I know about the bad arm. That is something to consider. We are starving for a lead off hitter. I love McClouth, but .260 and 12 homers is more of a line for a number 5 hitter. I think Pierre’s runs and stolen bases would make up for his horrible arm.
And I wouldn’t want to give up too much for Gonzalez – but with our pitching in tact for three plus years, a deal for him would make since. We are ready to win now. Plus, Gonzalez is in his mid 20’s and has A LOT left to give to a club. Freeman is still a couple of years away.
You’re right though Rother. I don’t see Wren jumping at the opportunity to make a deal with Towers.

I agree, Pierre gets way more credit for his legs than he should get for his actual net value to a team. He couldn’t through Kotchman out, and he is almost impossible to move on the bases.
Infante is as good as there is at what he does, and he probably should start regularly. He is a solid, winning baseball player.
Prado continues to prove the Braves wasted 200+ ABs on a guy who was the 3rd best choice at 2B this season. We’ll see KJ in Gwinnett real soon.
Schafer is pretty much done for the year now. Maybe next year for his coming out party.

The nice thing about Pierre is that we wouldn’t have to give up much to get him… I don’t think. The Dodgers aren’t really in high demand right now, although I’m sure they love the fact they have a pinch runner like Pierre to go to on their bench.

Our biggest systematic weakness is our inability to hit for power. Acquiring Pierre doesn’t solve, or even attempt to solve, that problem. He was really hit-lucky (.355 BABIP vs. career .318 BABIP, and he hardly ever hits homers, strikes out, or walks, so he lives on BABIP) during his starting tenure this season and will most likely regress. Plus his contract is horrible. 09:$10M, 10:$10M, 11:$8.5M for a singles hitting left-fielder with a noodle arm and who has 13 career HR? Not the kind of player I want the Braves to go after.

PWJ – Yes. But our second biggest systematic weakness (and arguably our first) is our inability to get on base, steal bases, and score runs. Thanks for the BABIP stats. However, you can’t argue that a player in the top four in the league in batting average with 250 or more ABs, and OBP., and second in the league in stolen bases, can not bring any value to a team (the Braves) lacking in speed and offensive production. There’s no calculator in the world that can make that argument… noodle arm or not. A player that is top 4 in average and OBP, and top 2 in stolen bases would be a great addition to the Braves. Especially if it wouldn’t take much to get him. He’s only on the bench now that Manny’s back.
The money issue would be the only argument against it in my opinion. However, this team is starving for a true lead off hitter to jump start innings and get into scoring position.

… and the power issue would be resolved by making a move for Adrian Gonzalez. That should be the first move it Wren can make it happen.

”Our biggest systematic weakness is our inability to hit for power.”

Whilst this statement is true, i would argue our biggest weakness is giving the most at bats to our worst players. Whilst giving KJ so many at bats is understandable based on strong years the past two years for a 2B, the fact JF has our most at bats (easily) this year IS A COMPLETE JOKE!!!

Find me another organization that gives their worst hitter the most at bats. Such a joke. They need to release JF NOW. EVery at bat he has has such a high chance of being unproductive, that having him on the team is just pointless.

bravomania… u gotta remanber… he has a terrible contract. 10m+ for a guy that gets on base/steals/has a noodle arm/and has NO POWER. Whats the point? We can get on base, we just can’t score them. If we get gonzo it’ll be a amazing addition but Juan? seriously? You gotta be a big bone head to pay someone 10m for them to steal bases and get on base. If he had power I wouldn’t mind. But he has no POWER at all and that is what we REALLY need. Not a person who gets and base and stands there for like 5min while we can’t drive him in. We need a POWER or even a guy that can drive runs in consisantly like esco. Not a dam blonco with less power and more contat.

zidane… we need to trade him, not release him. If we trade him we aleat get something back. If we give him away we’re just thrwing money away.

I just played wit the numbers a little. The guys we have brought up from AAA are hitting 26-134, or .194. The guys we have sent down were 88-442, or .199. That’s 576 ABs at under .200, or 2 full batting order positions to this point. Remembering that we also have a pitcher’s spot, that makes fully 1/3 of the Braves batting order slots coming in under .200.
So I ask once again, how the F***** can anybody sit there and say ALL of this is Francoeur’s fault? Get a life fellas, he has been bad, but worse is not hard to find, it’s name has been Schafer, Johnson, Norton, Blanco, Canizares, Hernandez. Jones and Conrad have been alright, but they were part of the group that produced the sparkling .194.
Add to this the fact that Schafer is the only defensive player on that list who can even get close to being called average, and you can see it is a minor miracle the Braves are at or near .500.

Francoeur is out of the lineup again tonight…Got to Chicago a little later than I thought, will write a more extensive entry later…also, I don’t think you should fret too much about the possibility of the Braves moving Escobar. I’m still not getting any sense that they have any desire to do so.

I don’t see how its a miracle we’re close to .500 I see as a underachivement that we arent even at .500. Plus we all want Franky to come out of that “slump”.. Plus, we don’t want a kid from the minors playing at RF everynight. We want a kid/person from the majors who can hit and play. If you want to see a player hitting .230 and with a below avg bat and chokes everytime theres a player in scoreing pos, come over here to gwinnett and watch the game. If you wanna see a player that hits .260+ with a good bat and and drive in runs.. come watch the braves NEXT year or whenever we add a bat that doesn’t hit like a kid from the minors.

Mark – Hope you make it to Wrigley for game time.
bravesfan – We are paying the 4 headed monster of Kelly Johnson, Jeff Franceour, Garret Anderson, and Greg Norton 9.5 million dollars this year. So I wouldn’t think it outlandish to pay a guy 10 million dollars for a .328 AVG, a 400+ OBP., and leads the league in stolen bases… opposed to paying 9.5 million for a combined .210 AVG, a .287 OBP, and 10 stolen bases (previously mentioned 4-headed monster)… Juan Pierre is on pace to drive in 50 runs as well. Compared with KJ’s 40, Frenchy’s 66, and Anderson’s 60 – it’s not that far off is it? Especially considering Pierre will score more runs than any of them.
I’m not head over heels in love with Pierre. I just know he was given an opportunity to play in Manny’s absence and he earned every amount of praise he is receiving now. And he’s on the bench. The Braves could really use power… but they could really use a true lead off hitter to get on base and reek havoc on the base paths. I thought it was something worth discussing since the Dodgers no longer need him. We have the excess of talent and pitching to make our team better. Can anyone argue that Pierre, if he continues the year he is having, would not help this team in? I don’t think so.

Funny line from Bradley: “Hart plays right field and is hitting .250. He’ll fit right in.”

Bravo, I just seriously doubt Pierre is capable of sustaining a .328 AVG (and thus the OBP). If you normalize his stats to adjust for the high BABIP (I set it at his career average, .318), you come out with a guy hitting .296/.357/.379 making 10 million dollars and no defensive contribution. You’re also talking about a guy in the middle of a career year. He’s been a nice story so far, but he’s now riding the bench for a reason. And yeah, he steals a lot of bases, but he isn’t particularly productive with the steals because he only steals at a 75% rate (which basically means every time you run you’re wasting your time). Apart from this year, he’s had exactly ONE year of above-average production. That was in 2004 when he hit .326/.374/.406 with 45 steals (24 times caught so he actually COST his team runs with his baserunning). The Dodgers would give Juan Pierre up for a bag of baseballs if the team would take on his contract. But there aren’t any takers. And that’s for a reason. He’s not worth half of his contract.


Frenchy is in an offensive position, he is paid more than the guys you mentioned, and its not just his woeful average, but his horrible OBP and Slug% and zero speed. He is completely worthless, and we are paying him a decent salary to be worthless. AT least we are not wasting valuable money on blanco or schafear, AND these guys (rightly) dont have the most at bats on the team!!!!

How can you argue that the braves are stinking it up by giving arguably their worst offensive player the most offensive oppurtunities (at bats). This seems like a recipe for disaster!

Mind you, I am a british braves fan, and so maybe you north americans are seeing something I am missing😛

Mark – I would sell my soul to be able to follow and write on the braves! I envy you so much! Must say i think you do a really nice job though, thank you😀

bravesfan – frenchy isnt in a slump. He has been the worst player in the MLB in his position for 900 AB.

It is surely no longer even close to being a slump, and is now just being not good enough. Its just amazing thats its virtually impossible to do worse, and yet nobody else gets a chance to play RF on an everyday basis

I personally find it ridiculous that Cox sticks it out with Frenchy game in and game out, but Johnson has never gotten that kind of support. He’s always been benched or platooned when he struggles, and the ridiculous part of the platoon is that he hits lefties way better than righties thus taking away opportunities to break out of his slump. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always liked Prado and am extremely excited about what he’s doing, but I want to see the same thing done pemanently with Frenchy and Diaz.

Why do you think i put a quotation mark around slump. Everybody knows he is stinking up the braves right now. I have a feeling we prob gonna trade him for a low lv prospect. Zidane we have always been a Pitching Team. With a few bats in the lineup but yes, we have been stinking like …. lately. The 4 headed beast is better than Juan, all of them combined = about over 100rbi… and since franky and GA is prob gonna end up with 50rbi’s each they’ll get aleast 100 rbi’s + aleast 12homeruns which is better than the 1 homerun juans gonna it for 2 years.(about how long it’ll take for the ball he throws to reach home.) By the way, im pretty sure we won’t be seeing franky/GA/ or KJ to come back next year, cause i already see the OF as this

i know it isnt the best OF in the world but it’ll be an imporvment.

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