There are potential benefits to moving Vazquez

FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal has posed the question, “why would the Braves trade Javier Vazquez?”

While understanding all of the points that Rosenthal made, I still think the Braves will at least explore the possibility of moving Vazquez if they fall out of contention.   But if they are stay alive, they won’t look to move the right-hander simply to free up money to acquire a big bat.  

Now while saying there’s a possibility the Braves will attempt to move Vazquez, I’ll also add that they’ll be looking  for a hefty return package that at least mirrors the one the Indians received when they sent CC Sabathia to the Brewers last year.

Because he was four years younger and obviously had a greater upside, you could argue that Sabathia definitely should have garnered a greater return than Vazquez.  But while doing so, you’re ignoring the fact that the Brewers basically knew they were parting ways with Matt LaPorta and three other prospects in exchange for just four months of Sabathia’s services.  

When Sabathia was traded last year, he’d made 18 starts for the Indians.  During that span, he went 6-8, worked 122 1/3 innings, posted a 3.83 ERA, registered 123 strikeouts and issued 34 walks.  Opponents hit .252 against him and produced a .306 on-base percentage.  

Through his first 18 starts this year, Vazquez has bettered those numbers.  While going 6-7 with a 2.95 ERA, he has worked 119 innings, recorded 136 strikeouts and issued 23 walks.  Opponents have hit .229 against him and produced a .270 on-base percentage.  

And instead of being a short-term rental, Vazquez will be under contract again next year at a cost of $11.5 million. Given that he’s averaged 215 innings and 195 strikeouts over the course of his past nine full seasons, he could certainly be viewed as an affordable commodity by a number of teams.

With some baseball executives saying that only a handful of teams are capable of adding payroll before this year’s trade deadline, the $3.9 million cost Vazquez would bring over the final two months of this season might eliminate some potential suitors.  In addition, his contract prevents him from being traded to one of the teams in the West Divisions of both the American and National Leagues.

But the Braves have to at least explore this opportunity at a point when Vazquez’s value may never be higher.  Dealing him could allow them to find at least one of the outfielders that they will be seeking during the offseason.

There was some thought that the Braves would begin the 2010 season with Nate McLouth and Jordan Schafer manning two of their outfield spots.  But with Schafer’s left wrist still ailing, there’s a chance that he’ll have to begin next season back in the Minors.  

Looking at the list of outfielders who will be available this winter, Matt Holliday and Jason Bay are the most attractive names available.   Unless Nate McLouth is able to persuade his good buddy to join him in Atlanta, I don’t see Bay as a possibility and Hank Aaron has a better chance than Holliday to be a part of the Braves outfield next year.
With Tim Hudson returning next year, the Braves already have a pitcher that will team with Tommy Hanson and Derek Lowe to give them the makings of a strong rotation.  But they obviously need  to add some offense and with Vazquez, they seemingly have a piece that will provide them the opportunity to upgrade their lineup before attempting to do so on the uncertain free agent market. 

As previously mentioned, if the Braves fall out of contention, they might also attempt to move Rafael Soriano and Mike Gonzalez.   There are a number of teams looking to upgrade their bullpens.  But with both of these potential closers being Type A free agents, the Braves are going to be looking for a strong return. 

While it still seems unlikely that the Braves will be able to move Jeff Francoeur this month, they are at least holding out hope that a team might be willing to take a chance on Kelly Johnson.  The Indians and Cardinals are among the teams who have previously shown definite interest in Johnson. 

And to provide an update on Schafer, doctors weren’t able to detect any damage to his left wrist during an MRI exam performed on Tuesday.  In attempt to gain a better view, a CAT Scan was scheduled for Wednesday.



I just wrote this in the previous thread, but it makes more sense here.
Just as PW said, Vazquez has been arguably the best pitcher in baseball this year and understandably a lot of people would want him to not be dealt. BUT.. Javier has a losing record. He gives up 2 runs or less each start and hardly ever gets a win. If you have one of the best pitchers in baseball and he can’t get wins with those amazing starts, then what is the point of having him? The trade of Vazquez for someone who could spark the offense would hypothetically give us enough strength to contend while someone like Medlen is on the mound. There’s only one real hole in the lineup and that’s the cleanup spot. Anderson/ Diaz / Franceour / Kotchman are all perfectly fine 6, 7, 8 hitters. But one of them needs to be replaced by someone to hit behind Chipper and in front of McCann. Everyone knows this. With that power bat, we should be able to compete with a Lowe, Jurjjens, Hanson, Kawakami, Medlen / Hudson rotation. Plus Vazquez’ value is through the roof right now and if I remember correctly he has the second highest salary on the team.
I’m not going to speculate on who we should get, but I think a Vazquez, Franceour / KJ, prospect trade would give us something pretty good. Of course, this would only work with a competing team that has a stacked offense and a faltering rotation, basically the polar opposite of the Braves.
I think we could be just as strong without Vazquez. We’re only 4 games out and 1 bat away. Who knows what could happen in the offseason. If we fall out of contention, then I definitely would move him. But I would DEFINITELY not move Gonzo AND Soriano.

viva… if we trade javy, we’ll have a guy thats giving up 4runs a game, compaired to 1-2runs a game. Like you said… whats the point of having a offense if the pitchers give up 4 runs a game? With Javy,Lowe,JJ,Kawakami,Hanson we have a 4.5 game chances to win with just 1 guys who can drive people in. I’m hopeing that’ll be Shin Soo Choo. Since they have some interest in KJ why not put a offer for him? His almost like Nate but he can hit for AVG too. Viva i understand you, you want a big bat too, but if we can get a team that can get about 3runs a game, thats good enough long as gonzo doesn’t screw it up.

If I’m Wren I’m listening on the 3 veteran pitchers (Kawakami, Lowe, Vazquez) and the two late-innings bullpen arms (Soriano and Gonzalez) only if we fall out of contention. If we’re still in it come July 31, Vazquez stays a Brave. If we’re out of it and I don’t get a very good offer for Vazquez, he stays a Brave. If we look like we’re going to make a playoff push I look at acquiring a competent RF without using any of the pitching staff. And I certainly don’t sell low on Kelly Johnson. That would be a colossal mistake.

I agree slightly with KJ, him and JF are worlds apart.

Its possible KJ has been struggling with this injury this year. JF has been terrible for 900 AB. KJ has been terrible for 200 AB.

i posted in the other post, but would the brewers be willing to take vazquez for fielder deal? They need pitching. Perhaps we could give them kotchman and vazquez for fielder?

PWH~ We kinda have the same thoughts exepct for the part I still wanna trade Gonzo or Soriano for a bat if we can’t Shin Soo Choo or Ryan Ludwick(which probably won’t happen) for KJ.

Kotchman has hit a homerun! Go check if it’s raining dollar bills outside.

I want a bat as much as the next guy but the market isn’t looking great. I have heard a lot about the Indians have Choo in their plans for the future so I doubt they would move him. Ludwick I like despite the low average. He has cut down on his strikeouts so that is a good sign. There just aren’t a ton of options out there.

“At least diaz is availible for pinch-bunting duties”

I laughed out loud at that.

Normal order was resumed next at bat, francouer gets himself in an 0-2 hole after two pitches, and is soon erased.

He is now 3 for 20 in july with 3 singles. Meanwhile diaz is 12 for 24 in july with 4 extra base hits. And yet at this crucial point of the season, JF gets the start 2 days in a row. Sorry, just have to keep moaning about that :P:P

At least diaz is availible for pinch-bunting duties

It would make you cry if you heard Cox provide that as the reason.

Seriously though, pre season there was talk of fielder trade to acquire pitching for the brew crew. Is this not a possibility?

I doubt the Brewers are looking at moving their all-star 1B during the middle of a pennant race. They would be more likely to do that in the off-season when they can address the hole they create rather than in-season when the options are limited.

Fielder isn’t “impossible” but pretty unlikely. Hart and Hardy are both having pretty bad years, Weeks is out for the year, and Gamel didn’t exactly light the World on fire when he hit the majors. Dealing Fielder to get a pitcher would likely be self-defeating as their offense would take such a hit. The Brewers still seem very high on Gamel and from reports have been unwilling to consider him as part of any potential deal. He’s a butcher at third and is blocked by Braun in leftfield, so he could eventually be the Brewer’s firstbaseman, but I doubt that type of drastic move would occur midseason. Dealing Prince Fielder to get pitching is definitely not what Ryan Braun had in mind.

True, just an idea because the brewers know they have no chance of signing him when he becomes FA. He would solve ALL our problems pretty much with a single stroke. Maybe we can make a trade for him after this year. I think he has 2.5 yrs left till free agency??

I was thinking maybe we send vazquez to the brewers, who send us fielder, and then we and the brewers combine to send prospects to the NAt’s so they can send dunn to the brewers.

Its a stretch, and a dream maybe, but the net result for all teams would be this:

Brewers: +Dunn and vazquez. vs – fielder and 2 high end prospects

Nats: + 3 high end prospects. vs – Dunn

Braves: + fielder . vs . minus vazquez and 1 high end prospect.

Helps the nats because dunn is a waste for them (except ppl come to see him). Helps the braves because our rotation is still strong enough, and our lineup completely transforms. Helps brewers as they can put dunn at 1B, not a huge decrease from fielder, and an ace.

I guess we would then need to move kotchman, maybe to get back a resonable reliever who will be a free agent ater this year

Nat’s already said they are not dealing Dunn.

Why don’t we ever use our closers for 1+ innings? Even 1 1/3, sometimes 2? Almost every other club does it…

Then hopefully in the winter we can sign randy winn! Wow, what a plan i have devised, maybe i should give frank wren a call with my idea

Just a name to throw out, Nelson Cruz. I heard the Rangers are looking for pitching and they have a crowded outfield.

Well, what I was saying was.. if we can’t win games where Vazquez gives up 2 or less runs, then all is lost this season unless there is some giant turnaround. I just think that our pitching depth could support the departure of Vazquez and the arrival of someone who turn turn the offense into a 4+ runs a game group. His value at the moment could yield someone VERY good.

They won’t deal Cruz…..First, Vazquez couldn’t be part of that deal because of his “no trade to the West” contract clause. Additionally, the OF isn’t as crowded as people think. It’s crowded for this season, but Marlon Byrd and Andruw Jones are both free agents after the season. Cruz is still a year away from arbitration. If they deal an OFer for pitching my guess would be that it’ll be Marlon Byrd if Josh Hamilton proves healthy enough to man center.

Yeah no way Javy is going to piece of …. that they call a stadium. And like i said. 4run is all we need to win a game. Nothing else. Only way I would want Javy to go, its for a Star player. Nothing less. Not Nelson Cruz, Not Juan Pierre and Not Shin Soo Choo or Ryan Ludwick. We need a STAR for Javy, Nothing less.

Man, the things we can do when our pitching is on. Even though we dropped those 3, we are now, what, 7 of our last 10? Let’s hope the Phils falter again today…

The only issue is we really need to take the series at Colorado in order to hit the all star break at 500 and be in a position to roll after the all-star break.

tomatalk, Javy can be traded to the West but only with his permission. He may agree because Texas isn’t really on the West Coast, it’s in the middle similar to Chicago. I wouldn’t mind getting Marlon Byrd if thats all they were willing to give up, but it would require much more than just Byrd for Vazquez.

Viva, You calling Medlin/Jo-Jo/Parr Good Depth? Yes each of those pitchers giving up 4 runs a game is SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!!!! Oh what joy to lose a pitcher who only gives up about 1 runs a game. Yippy! Yeah. We can use KJ/Frenchy/Infante/Brandon Jones/Medlin/ as trade bait to get Ludwick/Choo/Cruz or any guy that has some pop in his bat. We don’t need to give up a Stud for a medicore player. Do you really think 1 player can drive in 3runs every game? No. Do you think he can drive us to the Playoffs? No.(Tex) So, try to think it out VERY carefuly cause trust me, i have thought about those thoughts too…

Just to throw this in for all the people who sh*t on Wren all the time.. How genius was the trade to get Javy in the first place? Plus, Bobby has been wanting him on the Braves for years.

Yeah biffsniff, I’m aware that he can always waive his contract right, but I assume he has particular reasons for listing it as N.L. West and A.L. West as opposed to naming the teams in California if he just didn’t want to be on the West Coast. I wouldn’t include Vazquez at all if Marlon Byrd was our reason for doing the deal. Of course if the Rangers wanted to return the Teixeira favor and deal us Justin Smoak as part of the package I could reconsider. Like I said, Byrd’s a free agent after the season so he’s essentially a 2 month rental.

Forget a Vasquez trade, just bring up Heyward already.

0224.. I’m calling Medlen a suitable No.5 starter until Hudson comes back. Our starter (Javy) who gives up 1 or 2 runs a game has a LOSING RECORD. Our other starter (JJ) who has had an ERA around 2.00 all season has a LOSING RECORD. They should each have 12 wins so far. If you can’t win with that then what is the point? Adding a big bat to the middle of the order could change the chemistry of the lineup, acting as a catalyst. If you don’t know what that means, look it up. And when did I ever say to trade Javy for a mediocre player? If you could raise your attention span enough to read an entire paragraph, i wrote “his value at the moment could yield someone VERY good.” Tex didn’t drive us to the playoffs because that year our bullpen was awful and we couldn’t just muscle our way in.
It would be a risk, yeah.. and trust me, I REALLY don’t want to trade him. Just pointing out the upside of the situation, as Mark did as well.

The situation should have been that Wren beautifully reconstructs the rotation.. our 3 brilliant relievers returned from surgery.. Tommy Hanson comes up mid-season and dominates as he did in the minors.. Francoeur returns to form as Chipper predicted.. Schafer proves that he is our CF of the future.. Kotchman would show that he has the capability to hit 20 HRs a year.. Kelly continues his success from the end of last season.
NONE of the situations we predicted for the offense came true. ALL of the situations for the pitching came true. I just think it would be a damn shame to squander the brilliance that the pitching staff has shown all year. We’re all frustrated.

I thought the braves should’ve gone after Derosa. That was before the Cardinals got him though. He would’ve been good cause he can play almost anywhere and has more homers than anybody on the Braves.

Thanks. I don’t know what Catalyst means…… How stupid do you think I am? My point is.,we don’t need that big bat. We need a guy who can drive in runs other than Esco. I did read that part. I understand where you’re coming from. Plus I’m pretty sure you already know JJ and Hanson are the only ones in the Rotation you call “Untouchable” cause they’re pract like Greg and John.(Hoped that Jo-Jo would turn out but. You know what happened there.) Maybe Huddy will take a Home Discount, than Yeah, That could happen, but in a way, i think Huddy might ask for more than right now. Lets just hope your right… I’m more in the lines of 5% trade 95% dont.

Don’t you wish the Braves would’ve signed Ibanez instead of Anderson.

Haha.. I was just giving you a hard time.
The Phillies will always have the ability to come back late in the game from a 3+ run deficit because of their ability to hit the long ball. The Braves do not have that luxury because they’re forced to constantly play small ball. Stringing together 5+ hits/walks in an inning is not an easy proposition and will rarely be done. The amazing rotation paired with a meek offense is why we won only one championship during the 13 year reign.

Though we have also seen what a great offense and a crappy pitching staff can accomplish (see: post Tex trade 2007).

Yeah what about Javy for Ryan Braun so then Gamel can play left for the Brewers

“Why don’t we ever use our closers for 1+ innings? Even 1 1/3, sometimes 2? Almost every other club does it… ” (Neverwhere)

Because we have 2 closers. Might as well limit their innings to maximize their effectiveness. Of course, Bobby constantly throws them out there in non-save situations and over-works them on three and four consecutive days (let’s remember these are two of the most injury-prone relievers in MLB right now and they’re both coming off major surgery rehab), so I probably don’t have much of a point. But that’s a logical reason. Though there’s plenty of evidence that my reasoning isn’t actually at work.

Just a side note on the prospect of trading for Shin Soo-Choo. He still owes Korea military service before he is 30. Its a two year min requirement. And the last article I read stated that Korea had not given him any indication they would waive his service time. The only time they even hinted of releasing him of said service time was if he helped win the WBC.

Lookin at Choo’s stats I think he we probably be another average player. The braves need a 350 pound juiced player who can hit 50 homeruns.

You guys that bust on Bobby Cox do realize there are other coaches on the staff. I don’t see anyone hating on McDowell. Bobby does listen to his staff, you don’t get that many wins by doing it on your own. I haven’t see anyone doing it recently but people are probably hating Frank Wren for not making any trades and begging Shuerholz to come back. Shuerholz has even more power than Wren. If Shuerholz wanted something to happen it would have by now. It is a ton of people’s faults not just Cox and Wren.

Maybe not 350, but 250.

vmsbaseball.. do you think Refrigerator Perry can play first base?

Moneyball.. I don’t know if you’ve been around here long enough, but the opinions on the abilities and teaching style of Terry Pendleton has been largely documented, with very little positivity. There’s not much to complain about concerning McDowell, since the pitching staff has been great, with the exception of a few implosions, but that’s just baseball.

Remanber last season when we blamed Roger for Injuring all our pitchers….*sigh* Anyways Shin Soo Choo is good, his a all around player. Near Five Star.. Good Defence,Speed,Power,Contact, but the arm… I don’t know. He’s almost like Nate execpt the Contact part where Shin beats him at. I was also wondering about the military thing. Maybe if he shows how good he is in the MLB, The Korean’s might waive it. Who knows? and vms… I would rather have a .300 avg player with 25hr than a .200 player with 50 hrs(Andrew). It’s just my opinion…

Oh, there’s plenty to complain about concerning McDowell. I don’t want to get into a coach hating debate. And McDowell wouldn’t be the first coach I want the organization to replace (tossing Bobby aside because I know the organization won’t get rid of him and I’m not sure I want them to anyway). That’d be Brian Snitker number 1, Chino Cadahia number 2, and Terry Pendleton number 3. The ones I really like are Glenn Hubbard and Eddie Perez (and Bobby Cox, though I question if he’s still got it. For now I assume he does for the sake of position). But I think McDowell has a lot to do with the abuse of our pitchers and the fact that they’ve seen so much DL time in the past 4 years. Not entirely his fault. But I seriously doubt he’s even close to innocent. Whoever is responsible for letting Moylan get to 92 innings in 2007 should be fired (or given a seminar on pitcher abuse). Seriously. That was completely irresponsible and abusive. Tossing aside the 68 and 2/3 innings he threw over a decade ago in the Twins organization with their rookie ball team, Moylan had 73 and 2/3 innings career innings leading into 2007. I’m not talking about big-league innings, either. Minor league plus major league. And you’re going to throw him out there for 20 more innings than the recommended amount? I realize he was excellent, but you just can’t do that.

Moneyball I don’t think everyone is hateing Wren cause his not tradeing, we’re just mad cause everything we thought would happen didn’t(read viva’s comment) And almost everyone with the right minds knows that Shuerholz has like 75% say on what goes.. with bobbys 20% and Wrens 5%… just kidding. But still, we know Shuerholz has a big say on almosst every trade.

I think the main cause of Moylan’s injury was his delivery not his frequent use. His arm angle is one of the most stressful angles you can use. Other than a complete submarine delivery there isn’t a more stressful delivery. His style is going to come with injuries. I mean, they do tell you not to throw sidearm as a kid for a reason.

I say this, hire Chipper as hitting coach when he retires.. wait about 2-3 years, and let him rub off his magic to some players. And/Or use Chipper dad, He thought Chipper how to hit this good so why can’t he teach others?(aleast in the minors) I WANT LEO BACK AS OUR PITCHING COACH!!!! I don’t care if you hate him or not, he was the best pitching coach with the Braves EVER.

I realize a lot of the press around Pendleton hasn’t been good but that isn’t always his fault. He can’t help a player unless they want to be helped. He tried to help Andruw Jones and Druw didn’t want any of it. Chipper Jones says Francoeur’s problem is he has too many hitting coaches and listens to what every one of them has to say. He doesn’t do stuff on his own. As for Wren, during the off season I saw a lot of “get Wren out, get Schuerholz back in.” That’s why I brought it up. If these coaches were so bad why is Atlanta one of the most respected and highly thought of organizations in sports, let alone baseball? They were ranked I believe the 14th best franchise in America this past year. Coaching staff and as well as ownership are factors.

If bobby wasn’t here we would be at 30th best franchise in America. Understand? Bobby is our identity.. and Chipper.

“I think the main cause of Moylan’s injury was his delivery not his frequent use. His arm angle is one of the most stressful angles you can use. Other than a complete submarine delivery there isn’t a more stressful delivery. His style is going to come with injuries. I mean, they do tell you not to throw sidearm as a kid for a reason.”

No. Under-handed deliveries are much more natural than over-hand deliveries and thus cause less stress on your arm.

Well, that’s a relative thing though. Hurling any object through the air 80-100 mph over and over again is inherently stressful. I heard Orel Hersheiser say it just recently: “When you sign up to be a major league pitcher you also sign up for the surgeon’s table.” PWH’s point about the heavy increase in workload is much more worrying than the relative harm that a particular arm angle places on the joints.

PW is right about that one.

Have you guys ever even played baseball? I was a pitcher for 11 years and I can personally tell you that throwing side arm puts more stress on your elbow than throwing overhand. Just as a little tid bit, don’t listen to Hersheiser. For a professional he is one of the dumbest human beings I have ever spoken to in my entire life. Not to mention he is an arrogant jerk that makes fun of the kids at the Little League World Series.

I’ll agree with you that Hersheiser sucks. Just look for interviews after the 1995 World Series. He’s crying in every one of them. And yes, I played baseball. But that doesn’t qualify me to talk about which delivery puts more stress on your arm. My education in Engineering, specifically my bio-mechanics course, does however. And throwing under-hand puts less stress on your elbow.

Science also proves that throwing sidearm is in fact more stressful than overhand. Throwing sidearm puts more torque on your elbow and will increase your chances of tendinitis. Look at some guys who do throw sidearm. Moylan, had TJ. Randy Johnson, shoulder problems. Orlando Hernandez, arm trouble as well. Jake Peavy, teams were reluctant to trade for him because of his lower arm angle paired with a violent delivery.

You were a pitcher when you were 7 years old?


What package does it take to pull Alex Rios. I know he has a hefty contract, but i think he’s a good fit

I should point out that most likely neither that or his overuse is responsible for his injury. He had a bone spur, which is something that just happens, not something that develops because of arm slot or overuse. My point about his overuse is just an example. Regardless of whether or not his overuse was responsible for his injury, it was still irresponsible to let him amass 92 innings.

Well, I certainly don’t share the same animus for Hersheiser that you guys do, but that’s really not important anyways. I just thought his quote was a good way of emphasizing how inherently violent the pitching process is. Didn’t really matter who said it, I just liked the quote.

I never pitched. And when we were 7 we used a pitching machine haha.

Yea I was vivabeta. I started playing organized baseball when I was 6. jbashby I would think another outfield bat in return. I read I think on MLBtraderumors Toronto is looking for pitchers and middle infielders. So maybe Brandon Jones along with James Parr or Todd Redmond and a solid SS/2B.

When I was 6 or 7 we used coach pitch…at least PWH got a pitching machine. I still remember getting beaned by the darn coach in back to back at bats and I was a small kid.

Unfortunately I have a feeling that Moylan may be one of those guys that just gets injured. It was a good quote I just thought I’d add that thing about Orel. He comes to the Little League World Series every year (I live in Williamsport) and last year on his way out he made fun of the kids playing. A lady asked him to sign a portrait she made of him and he refused saying it was horrible and she should give up on art. Yea I wasn’t too pleased about pitching that early. Throwing 4-5 innings when you’re 7 isn’t fun😦

You are right,Orel is a jerk.You can tell by looking at him and listening to him talk.In regards to trading any our top end starters,what do you put in the 5th spot till Huddy comes back.I only see medlin at this pitching 4 to 5 innings before he gets into trouble which will put more of a strain on our pitching staff. who wouyld you bring up to take his place in the pen?I would like a power bat too but at what cost?

You guys never played baseball. Yeah, all 7 year olds bat off of pitching machines.

I guess that the Braves pitchers have realized that if they give up more than one run., they will lose.

As to the comparison of Javy for a hitter. A good hitter has an imapct in every game. One starter with a 3.00 ERA gives you a 1 run advantage every 5 days. That equals .2 runs per day. Do you think Dunn is producing better than .2 runs per day? The Braves oversigned pitching because everyone they signed last year was old as dirt. They didn’t accomplish one of their two stated offseason goals, sign a power hitting outfielder. Now they are paying for it.

From Baton Rouge Braves’ Gun: First post, long time Braves fan–Play Infante in RF. The dude can hit. He is a real baseball player like Prado. He runs well, has a good arm and will not sulk under any circumstance (think JF or KJ). Understand that these two guys–Prado and Infante– are the key to the Braves being successful–they are smart, disciplined ballplayers who gut it out. They also have winning attitudes. Conrad, although less talented is in the same vein. Tough guy. He could prove to be a brilliant move. He is always in the middle of something good–a hit, an 8 to 10 pitch at bat (again think Prado and Infante), an rbi or an unexpected but excellent defensive play. These 3 guys are what the Braves have been lacking. Frenchy goes to AA to shorten his swing and learn how to hit or if not–and this is most likely– he can join the Navy–that way he can still look at himself in the mirror wearing a uniform. KJ goes away and Wren does not trade Javy V. for anyone because the guy has the best stuff in baseball. He is just beginning to scratch the surface of his potential. If you trade anyone, then make it Gonzo, Jo-Jo and a water boy for another bat, at 1st base or the outfield–either way, after Infante comes back and with Prado playing everyday and Conrad helping to wear the other guy’s pitching down, our offense will take off–remember–attitude is so incredibly important to a teams offensive approach. Remember the Phillies last year? The catalysts were Victorino and Rollins. Also, Medlin needs to start– he is along the lines of Greg Maddux with his tremendous ball movement but he needs to know he is going to pitch every 5 or 6th day and he will settle in just fine. If we were to trade a starting pitcher at this moment, why not Lowe???

cela.. i don’t really know where to start in response to that post..

Someone has had a little too much to drink…I did lol at the Navy remark though. Low blow, but funny. Beginning to scratch the surface, yea a 10 year vet scratching the surface. He’s been really good for a while now. Just flown under the radar. Comparing Medlin to Maddux right now is a little foolish. Trading Derek Lowe, if no one else wanted to pay him that much money why would they trade away players to pay them that much money? Infante should get healthy before playing anywhere.

Washed up Andruw just hit his 12, 13 and 14th of the year. Wonder what the difference might be? MAYBE HE HAS A HITTING COACH!!!!!!!! Just a thought do the Braves have anyone with 14 HR?

I believe McLouth has 13. McCann would have that many if he wasn’t out for a month. Chipper has been in a slump. Frenchy has had too many people give him advice. No one else has any power.

Don’t drink as I’m Irish–as I said first post so if I don’t understand the protocol, my bad. In comparing Medlin to Maddux I was referring to Medlin’s ball movement which is tremendous, at least when I have seen him. As far as a low blow to JF, I’m sorry but I have seen him leave more men on base via strike-outs or double-plays than I ever could have imagined. That has got to really wear on his team-mates. I expect Lowe to make a strong comeback–hopefully by his next start and keep your eyes on Conrad. Thanks for the response.

As soon as I see “Ken Rosenthal” I immediately discard any information that follows…..Anyway, why not be both buyers and sellers? I typically think of selling as giving up Major League talent in return for high end prospects that won’t come to fruition for another couple of years or so; and buying, obviously, the opposite. Deal from a position of strength–pitching. Extend Soriano, and pray to God we don’t overuse him, and trade Gonzo and Vazquez, perhaps throwing in a couple of sweeteners as well. I think we could net a solid return of both prospects and a good bat that could either help us make a run at it this year or, more than likely, regroup for next.

As for Frenchy, I remember Chipper saying that Francoeur listens to all of his thousands of hitting coaches, or something like that; but, also, he said that Frenchy’s problem was that he couldn’t feel his problem. Yeah, he’s being told what they are, but until he feels it himself all the advice is pointless. It’s like telling a fat person they’re overweight, but all that person feels is a six-pack. They’ve got to feel the problem before they can correct it.

It’s certainly hard to dismiss the turnaround Andruw’s had since visiting with Rudy Jaramillo. When I saw him early in the season (I haven’t seen his AB’s as much recently) there was no doubt that he was staying on the ball better, going straight away or opposite field better, and in general just looking more in command of the strike zone. His peripheral statistics look much like his last big season, 2006. I certainly wonder though whether given the wear and tear on Andruw (and his lack of physical conditioning) that the switch to the American League in a part time role has also benefitted him. He DH’s a good amount, hasn’t played centerfield all year, and generally only plays 3-4 games a week as opposed to 6 or 7. Much credit goes to Texas for straightening him out and finding a more effective way of utilizing Andruw.

Yeah, Andruw’s 14 HR come in 160 AB. That’s like a 56 HR season with an assumed 640 AB. He’s still not hitting for high avg. but that doesn’t matter according to the saber bunnies. What do you think? Could he have played LF as well as the slug? Could his RH’d bat have broken up a LH’d heavy lineup? Oh well, he never would have recovered here anyway. The staff here poisioned that well a long time ago.

Yeah, Andruw’s 14 HR come in 160 AB. That’s like a 56 HR season with an assumed 640 AB. He’s still not hitting for high avg. but that doesn’t matter according to the saber bunnies. What do you think? Could he have played LF as well as the slug? Could his RH’d bat have broken up a LH’d heavy lineup? Oh well, he never would have recovered here anyway. The staff here poisioned that well a long time ago.

choo has to serve in the n. korean military, he is to big of a risk

Dear Fellow Braves Pitchers,
We have figured out a way to put our team in position to win every time. If you stick to this formula, you will see a tremendous amount of wins and will set us up for a great play off run.
Our secret formula – All you have to do is give up 1 run or less the rest of the year!!! That’s all you have to do! It’s that easy. You can thank us later.
Javy Vasquez and Kenshin Kawakami

P.S. – We understand you may be a little frustrated by this logic.
Not to worry! Your teammates have assured me that they will at least score 2 runs a game most of the time. Even if it may take them 12-13 innings. Just keep trucking along. And remember 1 run or less and we’re play off bound!!!
– Javy and KK

Funny, Bravo. All I’ve got to say is let’s sweep the Rockies, rest up, and come out of the break on fire and convince Wren to go get a bat.

As far as Andruw goes, let’s remember he plays in one of the easiest parks in baseball to hit in. And if you look at his splits, that’s where he’s done the majority of his damage. He’s also been under-exposed to RHP.

Andruw Jones’ numbers are decieving. He hasn’t faced a whole lot of right handed pitching. I’m not convinced he could have worked his problems out here in ATL.

I dont think the culture of blaming coaches for a teams failure is productive. The players have to take responsibility for their performance, and only once they take responsibility, will they be in the best position to improve their performance.

Now, if TP is hopeless, then sure, fire the guy. But to blame JF and other troubles on TP lets these guys off the hook. In conclusion, I just think its a dagerous culture to go around firing coaches, as it sends out a message to the players that they are untouchable. Trade/release the non-performing players to send a message to the rest of the guys on the team.

If the coaches have a track record of coaching teams that go on to underperform year after year, then make a change to the coaching staff in the off season i think

If you preach nonstop about letting the ball get deeper and going the other way, you make it almost impossible to turn on a ball. This leaves the hitter with little or no power. Sound like anyone we know? The Braves need a new hitting instructor. Period. If you don’t believe in coaching being the problem, what exactly do you think they pay that group millions of dollars to do? The message may have worked for the individual (Pendleton) himself, but the version of the “vision” that we see through the players performance indicates clearly that the message does not translate at all. Remember please that great players usually make lousy coaches with very few exceptions. My ability to do math is of little benefit to my students. My ability to teach math is all that matters. I have to put what I know in terms they can understand. TP clearly does not get his message across if we are to believe it is the right message, or worse, his message IS the problem. Either way, the Braves are playing checker while the rest of the teams are playing chess.
We already know that Bobby is not a great game manager. His reputation was built on managing a clubhouse and a season. If the preparation is not exceptional, which clearly it is not, than the result of the two is going to be sub par, which clearly it is.

I believe a hitting coach isn’t there to make bad hitters good, but rather to help good hitters get out of funks, recognize small defects in their swings, and to make appropriate adjustments. In TP’s case, it’s really hard to see that. It’s very common for hitters, once they recover from slumps, to credit their hitting coaches with help recognizing their problems. I don’t know that I’ve seen much of that in Atlanta. I’ll use KJ as an example. I know there are a lot of KJ haters in this group, but he has shown tremendous promise in years past. Last year would’ve been a disappointment for him had it not been for his incredible September. Everyone had hoped/expected that to carry over to this year, but it hasn’t. Now, has his injury contributed to that? Maybe, but I’m hesitant to place too much blame on the injury because his struggles, for the most part, have been season long. KJ is a good hitter, who has shown great plate discipline in years past, but that has disappeared and you have to wonder if TP has influenced that. If not, what has he done to help him adjust? Francoeur? Well if good ole’ Rudy couldn’t help him, who can?

you know it seems like we always go round and round on specific topics ( myself included ) but i feel like the club is really starting to make strides in the right direction. It is obvious the KJ has faltered and the right moves have been made so in my eyes we can right him off and forget discusing him ( unless his name comes up in a trade ). And we have a couple of different options for the outfield, whichever it may be that resolution is not far awayl. I have been a JF supporter through all his struggles, but the truth is he doesnt cut it and thats the bottom line. Adding conrad was a great move and i think he is a permant fixture on the team at least for the time being! When Omar comes back to have the Trio of Omar, Conrad, and Martin is going to be a huge help to the organization….And once again congrats to Martin ( he is the 2b man for the long haul)! If you all remember we were 9 1/2 games out at the break in ’91 so to say that we are anywhere near out of it is ludacris. Credit bobby and the front office for the changes that have already been made and lets continue on to the one common goal, WINNING!

BF62 – I appreciate the optimism. Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but we tend to win 2 or 3 straight and everyone sings Kumbayah. Then we tailspin and drop 6 out of 8 and go 19 innings of scoreless innings. I am of the belief that this is a .500 offense no matter how you slice it. Offensively we should have been swept by the Cubs. We can’t depend on our amazing pitchers to shut out opponents every game. I hope I’m wrong. I really do. I just don’t want to get too excited. I was there after sweeping the Phils and then we were embarrassed by the Nats. A spade is a spade.

using the players we have what a lineup this would be:

RF Omar Infante
2B Martin Prado
CF Nate McClouth
3B Chipper Jones
C Brian McCann
SS Yunel Escobar
LF Matt Diaz / Garret Anderson
1B Casey Kotchman

I would love to see this lineup card i think the run production will definitly increase

@ bobbycoxismyfather – Kinda makes you wonder if Frenchy is allowed to talk to Jaramillo during the season.
It’s interesting… Pendleton has been the hitting coach since 2001, and only recently have we dropped in power (remember ’03? although that was a FA year for both Lopez and Sheffield).
I wonder if the staff is corrupting the aggressive young guys that have come up.

Nobody gets “healed” in less than a week without donating large sums of money to Benny Hin. KJ is already playing for Gwinnett, in case any of you were worried about his “injury”. Hopefully some time away from TP will benefit him. And if so, is it easier to funnel your line up through Gwinnett to be cured, or is it easier to bring in a person, who can do the curing?
It is getting more and more difficult to give TP a pass for the state of the Braves’ hitting. There just aren’t any success stories for him to run out there in his own defense. Prado is not a TP product by any stretch of the imagination. Escobar certainly doesn’t listen, and it is too early for TP to be “tweaking” McLouth. McCann and Chipper are natural hitters that TP doesn’t mess with either. There is nobody that it can be argued the Braves get the most out of BECAUSE of TP.

Well even if firing TP is the correct way to go, this shouldnt be done mid season.

Also, its not TP’s fault that bobby keeps sticking JF in the line up. SPeaking of which, let me just go back to that decision yesterday by bobby to start JF and GA in the outfeld.

GA and JF are a combined 7 for 42 in july (with 6 singles). Diaz in july has hit 12 for 24.

When someone is hot, i say get them in there till they cool off for a 10-15 AB stretch. This is especially true when the alternatives are either on breif slumps, or 2 year slumps

Added to that, chipper was out of the line up yesterday again. Thus, the lineup was already looking far from fearsome. Throw in bobby’s bizarre selection, and we were extremely lucky that the cubs couldn’t field the ball, and helped us to a victory

papilgee4evaeva, I think they can talk to each other during the season. Earlier in the season it was mentioned that they had had a conversation where Rudy basically said, “what are you doing?”–referring to him straying from their gameplan or from the adjustments they had made in the offseason. That said, I’m sure their contact, if any, is limited because Rudy’s not paid to help Frenchy during the year and, lets face it, probably has had enough work to do aiming to resurrect Andruw from the dead.

As far as TP is concerned, this is a results-driven business. If the results aren’t there, it’s time for a change. Perhaps it has nothing to do with his philosophy, but it’s a matter of connecting with the players or helping them to see things or understand things. Whatever the case, all that matters is that something is amiss and the results aren’t there.

That said, I’m not necessarily advocating anything in particular, only that something needs to be done. If you keep your coaches, then we need to change players around. If we think the players we have aren’t the problem, then the coaching staff needs to be tweaked.

What’s important is that something gets done. Standing pat won’t help because, as has been pointed out, we’re a consistently inconsistent team that is probably going to hover around .500 unless change is involved.

TP had Franco and/or Gallaraga on the bench back then as well. He may have also been feeling his way along and not trying to change anyone yet, being that he was just starting out.
Let’s also not discount the fact that PEDs were certainly playing a role in Atlanta just like they were in the rest of the league at the time. Many of the power guys at the time were certainly candidates to be on any “list” that was created. The two names mentioned above would be interesting interviews on the subject, as would Lopez, Sheffield, Bret Boone, Klesko (who was his best friend on the team back then? A young third baseman whose name escapes me), Caminitti, Rocker, et al. Water under the bridge, but still a factor in this discussion.

God, i would be so depressed if chipper wasnt clean his entire career

I’m not opposed to coaching changes mid-season, when appropriate. Look at Colorado. Players have stated publicly that it wasn’t the managerial style differences between Hurdle and Tracy that spurred their recent success. Rather, the firing of Hurdle lit a fire under the players. In our case, replacing TP wouldn’t be inappropriate mid-season because the results have been far from adequate, regardless of whether or not you think TP is truly the cause.

I agree zidane. I would be completely devastated if I found out Chipper was on steroids. Not only is he my favorite baseball player he is my favorite athlete. Ok natedawg, if you want quality you have to give up quality. You can’t trade away our crap for another teams treasure. I’m not saying Sanchez is a treasure but he is one of their best players.

Alright, here we go…Sanchez from Pitt is available. KJ and JF for him? Solves any 2B problems for now. He has always hit well against us. He could join his buddy Nate.

The times are messed up my post is supposed to be after natedawg.

If the Braves are to have a shot this year, what they need is a BIG bat whose power will strike enough fear into opposing pitchers that they?ll avoid walking Chipper. No additional ?hit for average? or ?swing for the gaps? hitters will add significantly to the tools Bobby Cox already has available (and I agree with others on this board that the continued preference for Francouer over Diaz is strange). The only two hitters in the major leagues who fit the Braves? immediate need and have been the subject of any trade speculation are Cecil Fielder and Adam Dunn. If a package of Vazquez/Francouer/Kotchman/Johnson could bring one of these bats to Atlanta, it might be worth the sacrifice. The Nats, of course, would flip Vazquez to someone else for prospects?hopefully not the Phils or Mets. If the Nats are really committed to keeping Dunn, and the Brewers are not going to trade their leader in a pennant race, then the Braves should not trade Vazquez.

basically, i cant see (without payroll flexibility), how it is possible to add a bat without trading vazquez away for that bat.

2nd Base is not a need position. Sanchez is proven at 2nd base but is not neccesarily at upgrade at 2nd over Prado. Prado his for avg, hits for doubles, and can play behind the runner.

If your are gonna trade go for a need posiotion (corner outfield) and address this teams problem. Luke Scott, Josh Willingham, Jeremy Hermida, Ryan Ludwick are some of the under the radar moves we should be looking at, at the trade deadline with a more permanant move addressed in the off-season.

If we could give up vazquez+kotchmann for p.fielder then i think we should do it.

Or, get the nats involved to ship dunn to brewers as part of the deal

No, we need a genuine clean up hitter. Thats gonna cost alot of money. So to create the payroll space we would have to move someone. That someone could only be vazquez

Sanchez might be the only hitter available, but he has a relatively large $ contract. You guys are right, we need a big bat, but Sanchez would be a better option than the ZERO chances that we have with some of out hitters with men on base. He DOES have speed also, since we have NONE it sure would help. There just are no AVAILABLE and affordable options I guess. ANY ideas on how to get Sanchez and dump some of our dead weight? I know, I know…you can’t get something for nothing…’looks like Bobby has to work with what he has at this point. I think Frenchy should be collecting a few more of those splinters from the bench. I think big bat options are out until the offseason.

Jeff Francoeur is in the line up on a daily basis because with all righthanded starting pitchers, his arm keeps runners at first and second, and other runners at third after base hits when they would normally try to take the extra base. This is simply not the case with any other option in RF.
That is the only reason I can come up with why Bobby sticks with him hitting the way he does, and it is at least a semi-legit argument. Most teams get no offense from C, SS, CF. The Braves get most of their offense from these positions. RF, LF and 1B are supposed to be offense producing positions, but if the Braves can afford one of these to be more of a defensive position, RF is clearly the one.

I agree it is a thumper type bat that is required. Given that we have starters and closers to trade, look for a team that is in position to separate from the pack with an additional arm in place. Detroit seems the obvious choice given their bullpen/closer status. Soriano or Gonzalez would certainly be high on their list, and they have a history with Wren. Marcus Thames is the guy that would probably be offered, and it wouldn’t be a bad deal for the Braves. He can put the ball on the moon and play LF or 1B in a platoon.
Every day studs with manageable salaries do not exist out there. Remember that the FA salaries were way down last winter and almost certainly will be again this winter. Taking on a monster 2006 era salary for anything less than a perennial All Star would be a big mistake, especially if you are even thinking of signing the guy long term. Better to let somebody else rent the guy we want, then buy him on the clearance shelf during the winter meetings. I cannot see a blockbuster deal happening at all for the Braves in the next three weeks. But a deal for a power guy like Thames is not impossible.

Oops! I will jump off of the Sanchez wagon for a while. ‘Also forgot the we have Infante coming back soon, HOPEFULLY! That should fill infield holes. I think that Prado is a great utlility guy, but he is not used to being an EVERYDAY starter. We will see how durable he really is in August. ‘Hope that he holds up.

Poor Prado, the guy wins a batting title in AAA and everybody acts surprised that he can hit. Then he breaks in to the line up and everyone thinks he can only be a utility guy, just because he had to be one to get any playing time at all. What does he have to do? How exhausting do we really think playing 2B for 3 hours a night is anyway?

I will give Prado his due recognition…he is a good ball player. I recognize that 3 hours per night is not too much to expect from a pro athlete, but he has been banged up with some leg problems. He also has some of our needed speed if he stays healthy. Too bad our manager doesn’t think that steals are part of the game.
It is also a shame that Blanco can’t hit right now…he could supply some more “stealability.”

Blanco seems to be fast, but he never steals, so it doesn’t really matter if he is or isn’t, because he just doesn’t run. If that is all on Bobby, then we know where the problem lies. If it is lack of aggression on Blanco’s part, then he needs to get used to picking up his chili dogs at the Varsity Gwinnett instead of Spring Street, because his legs are the only potentially major league quality part of his game.

I’m curious as to why Atlanta isn’t looking to trade Lowe instead of Vazquez. I like Lowe, but Atlanta could eat some of his contract and move him to someone like the Brewers or someone looking for starting pitching. If I was Wren, I don’t think I would trade Vazquez unless someone like Braun was being brought back in the deal. In my opinion Atlanta should target Rios out of Toronto to play CF and move Nate to RF. Lowe seems more expendable than Vazquez right now, you package Lowe with a good prospect and you can move him. I bet the Yankees would bite for Lowe. What do you think of this trade proposal to the Yankees.
Yankees get Lowe, Frenchy, Redding and cash
Atlanta gets Swisher and Hughes
Atlanta trades for Rios, something like this

Toronto gets Cody Johnson, Medlin, Hicks and Gonzo
Atlanta gets Rios


Actually I’ll update my last post, I switched a few names around on the trade aspects.

Yankees get Lowe, Frenchy, Gonzo and cash
Atlanta would get Hughes and Swisher

then the next trade
Toronto would get Cody Johnson, Melin,Hicks and Redding
Atlanta would get Rios

What do you think?

Let me ask a silly question, when the Braves had Teixeira to trade, arguably better than every player that has been mentioned in this blog, they only got Kotchman and Marek. So I ask you, why would these guys that you keep mentioning for the Braves to go get require the Braves dumping half of the named prospects in the organization each time. It doesn’t take 4 players to get a guy like Rios, especially if there is a bonafide MLB closer in the deal. If the other team thinks it does, move on to the next guy.
One or two of these trades I keep seeing for rentals and the Braves organization will be set back another 10 years. A little decaf goes a long way everyone. We aren’t that desperate.

I have proposed a few trades, my only point being, we are keeping the core prospects together and not having rental players. I believe Rios is signed thru 2014 and Swisher has another 2 years left and Hughes is young, I don’t think he has hit the arb process yet. My years might be wrong but I’m close. So are we really sending out the future for rentals? The Texiera trade was stupid. Atlanta got caught with their pants down and paid for it dearly. Rother, I don’t see a difference in letting Gonzo in that trade at tops we will only be getting back picks in the end for him. I don’t think Atlanta resigns him in the off season. Just a guess. What are your thoughts?

Mark, have we good news on Infante?

I think they said Infante was going to start dry swinging (just a bat, no ball or tee) to loosen the hand up again during the All Star break. Then they progress from there. Easily another month from the sounds of it. Although I’m sure he is in a hurry toget back now that Prado is starting. He doesn’t want the window to open and shut while he is on the DL.

A couple of points.

I would much prefer takeing a lesser return on the incoming bat and try to move Lowe than Vasquez.

I would try to move Lowe for a middling return just to get out from under the contract.

Rotation I hope to see for 2010.


If Lowe is unmoveable because of his bloated contract then I would dangle KK.

And before anyone talks abot KK being the key to opening up the Japanese market, just file that away for never going to happen.

The one thing I’m sure of is that the next CBA will make all talent procurement come through a draft.

No more bonuses for Strasburg and his ilk, No more teams fighting over the Sano’s of the world. No more posting fees for Japanese talent.

All talent will come through a worlwide draft and will be slotted taking the negotiating hammer away form Boras and his ilk.

That scenario is going to take place you can count on it.

It’s the one thing the owners want. The Drug testing the luxury tax all other stuff will fall into place Owners won’t mention anything about a salary cap but will get the worlwide slotted draft in place.

As Spring opened I would have said Gonzo stays and Soriano goes, but now I’m not sure which the Braves want to keep. Both are MLB closers at this point. I’m not sure how Peter Moylan figures into the mix. Before the surgery he was as nasty and automatic and any closer in baseball during his inning of work. After the break he may be there again. We have to be careful how many of these guys we let go because it isn’t like there is anything left in Gwinnett. The Bennetts and Carlyles of the world won’t get us where we want to go. We need to get legit bats in any deal involving any of those 3.
Remember Moylan has the same agent as our boy Furcal, and you all remember what Mr. Scheurholz said about future dealings with that guy. Interesting added twist….

That has to happen David. It is a complete joke that Boras is as powerful as he is, and with Fehr gone they are more likely to get reasonable demands out of the players. It is the perfect time for a new CBA with the attendance figures as down as they are right now, and the US Economy in the tank. The FA market last winter was a big indication that the owners are turning the coming to their senses. NY not withstanding.

So when Cuban trade is opened up again, please tell me Escobar is buddies with that 20 year old left handed kid that throws 101, and he wants to come over to Atlanta to play with him.

Chipper isn’t in tonight’s lineup. Maybe he’ll be able to convince Bobby to put him in there during BP. Also Francoeur is back in there again tonight instead of Diaz….Will have more when I return from the clubhouse.

why doesnt bobby put diaz in right instead of francoeur every night??? the team is much better with diaz in the lineup over francoeur.

I heard that Cuban that throws 101 is gonna sign with the Yankees or Red Sox (figures). I also read that he may actually be 26 or something like that.

Seeing Francoeur in the lineup on a regular basis instead of Diaz can be likened to walking in on your parents, as a child, doing the deed….absolutely disguisting.

Is it common knowledge how old the cuban who plays 101 is? The only reason I say that is because you two differing by 6 years on his age reminds me of a funny story in football in the UK. There is a player called Martins, who hails from nigeria, and was with the italian side inter milan. A few years back he completed a transfer to newcastle united in the UK, for something like 15 million ($25 million i guess). What was funny, is that I think newcastle bought him on the udnerstanding that he was 22 years old (i cant rmember the exact ages). ANyway, after a little while newcastle started to question Martins age, because some poorer countries dont have detailed birth records. A minor row ensued between inter milan and newcastle about this player, i guess newcastle felt like they may of been ripped off by a used car dealer might rip off his customers. To this day, nobody knows the true age of this player!!

Random post, back to baseball…I am genuinely angry about JF getting put out there every night. It really really annoys me. Its so unfair to diaz, and its also killing the braves. Diaz is smoking hot, he has 1 0 for 4 day and bobby drops him for 3 games running whilst JF (.245, no power, no OBP, only singles) seems untouchable. Poor diaz, what more can the guy do?

Javy Vazquez will miss Sunday’s start with a lower abdominal strain that has been bothering him for a few weeks. An MRI exam has provided the Braves more hope that he’ll be available for first turn after the All-Star break.

I was about to make my prediction about this series before it started and then I read that. So I change Vazquez to Medlen in my post, as I assume he’ll take the turn?

We take 2, one from JJ and one from Lowe, and Medlen and Hanson get shelled. It sucks that Hanson has to take his first loss into the all star break but I think he falters bad tonight at Coors Field. Lowe recovers and JJ pitches a decent game, and max 1 HR combined.

Now, I hope I’m wrong on the bad stuff.. but..

Well, remember that discussion we had last week about Yunel batting 5th? We have seen two at bats, and both results – he drove in one, and hit into the DP. Again, he leads the league in ground balls.

Yeah Barry – but one thing about that at bat by Yunel… growing up learning about the game, I was always taught that there are 2 different types of hitters that you never ask to bunt under most circumstances (unless in extra innings and only need one run). 1 – your power / rbi hitters (3-4-5), and 2 – your hot hitters (batting like .500 in his last 10 abs). Yunel Escobar is leading the majors in runners in scoring position. There are 0 outs and a runner on second. Yunel squares around to bunt. Luckily he misses the bunt. Of course he triples in the run when he swings away. Bobby asked Diaz to bunt the other day too. Those situations are just completely wasting outs and it drives me freaking crazy!
Sorry – just had to vent about that!

of course i say that and the yunel goes and grounds into an inning ending double play with the bases loaded… go figure.

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