Braves may have made all their significant moves

Braves general manager Frank Wren has never been accused of being a procrastinator and with the trade deadline resting a little more than a week away, there’s a chance that he’s already made all of his significant deals.
This line of thinking could be altered if the Braves were to struggle during this week’s four-game series against the Giants.  But at the same time, this belief could be strengthened if they were to claim at least three of these four games against the National League Wild Card leaders.
Having won 12 of their past 18 games, the Braves entered Monday night’s series opener trailing the Giants by 4 games.   Seeing how the Phillies have become immune to losing since they were swept out of Turner Field earlier this month, the Wild Card race has become much more intriguing from a Braves perspective.
There’s no doubt that the Braves could benefit from another power bat and another veteran reliever.  But as the season’s second half enters its first full week, it’s apparent that the makeup of their roster is much stronger than it was a month ago.

“We like our club the way that we’re situated right now,” Braves general manager Frank Wren said. “We like the balance we have in our lineup.  We’ve liked our pitching really from the beginning.  I think we’re observing and if there are ways to improve, I think we’ll at least look at them.  But right now we like our club.” 

Wren improved two of his three outfield spots with the trades that brought Nate McLouth and Ryan Church to Atlanta.  The left field position has been improved as Garret Anderson has provided the offensive consistency that negates some of the defensive deficiencies that come courtesy of his suspect range.

This month, the Braves lead the National League with a .292 batting average and rank second in both on-base percentage (.366) and runs (84). 

Yes, the Braves are just five of 16 NL teams to have played 16 games so far. But the 5.25 runs they’ve score per game this month, look a whole lot better than the 3.57 runs per game that they scored in June.   In April they scored an average of 4.04 runs per game and in May they improved that mark to 4.66. 

“Up and down our lineup, I think we’re getting more quality at-bats, which we think will translate into more runs and more wins,” Wren said. “(Offense)  has been the area that has held us back.”

If the Braves truly believe they are in the thick of the postseason race, they’ll likely look to keep Javier Vazquez, Rafael Soriano and Mike Gonzalez.  As Type A free agents, Soriano and Gonzalez will only be moved for a significant return. 

Of course if they were to fall out of the race, the Braves could utilize each of these hurlers to help them begin building for the 2010 season and beyond. 

While Vazquez could be moved to provide the financial flexibility to gain another bat for the season’s final two months, the Braves are providing more indication that they’d like to keep the impressive right-hander around throughout the remainder of this season and possibly beyond. 

But  it doesn’t appear that they will have the financial resources that would allow them to keep both Vazquez and Tim Hudson around for the 2010 season.  Coming back from Tommy John surgery, Hudson won’t rejoin the Atlanta rotation before Aug. 25.  

If the Braves continue to win, the most likely candidate that they’d move before the trade deadline would be Kelly Johnson.  But as they found while attempting to deal Jeff Francoeur, there aren’t a lot of clubs lining up to acquire Johnson’s services.  

Johnson’s Minor League rehab assignment expires on Saturday.  So sometime within the next week, the Braves will have to trade him, place him back on the big league roster, or activate him from the disabled list with the intention of optioning him back to Triple-A Gwinnett’s roster. 

With Martin Prado manning the everyday role at second base and Omar Infante just a couple weeks away from being activated from the disabled list, there is limited need for Johnson in Atlanta.
Since becoming an everyday member of the lineup on June 30, Prado has hit .400 with two homers, a .458 on-base percentage and a .759 slugging percentage.  The Braves have won 11 of the 17 games played during that span.

“There’s a certain chemistry and feeling that every team has and when you feel like you’ve reached that right balance, you are a little hesitant to make a change,” Wren said.  “I know the guys on this club feel good about this team right now and that’s a positive.  That doesn’t stop you from inquiring and seeing if there are other things that you can do.  But we’ve done quite a bit already.”  


Mark, I thought bobby used gonzo last night to prove his fitness to lead to a possible trade? Otherwise using him and soriano made no sense whatsoever, with a key series coming up, in which we are going to have a ton of close games.

Isn’t Kelly Johnson out of options?

Does anyone else find it odd that our leadoff hitter has the lowest batting average (not including the pitcher) in the lineup…by .026 points?
Not to mention him having the most homers….
Found that kind of funny.

This team is looking good🙂 Hope we finish this game off ok, but we really do look like a 88-90 win team to me

Funny quote from Mac Thomason:
“So, what are we dealing with here? Well, our worst hitters play left field and first base, our biggest power threat hits leadoff, our shortstop is leading the team in RBI even though he got benched for a week for general douchiness, the offense of late has been carried by a man who started the year as the second-string utility infielder, our hotshot rookie CF spent two months on the team without ever revealing that he might have a broken wrist, our cleanup hitter found out a month into the season that he needs glasses, we have two pitchers in the top ten in ERA and both of them have losing records, our putative ace has the worst ERA in the rotation, three relievers are on pace to challenge a team record in appearances, and some people wonder if our Hall of Fame manager has Alzheimer?s. On the other hand, Francoeur is now a Met. Call it even.?

lol brilliant

I don’t think KJ is out of options.
Up 9-3 and Gonzo steps in for the 2nd straight day. Who’s up in the 9th for the non-save? Soriano? Unbelievable.

Just received confirmation that Kelly does have options remaining.

Thanks, Mark.

Bobby’s bullpen management is beyond ridiculous at this point. I mean Moylan has more apps than anyone in baseball followed closely by Gonzo and Soriano, and now we are bringing them into blowout games FOR WHAT? I mean even the idea of letting Hanson go back to the minors so that we could get temp bullpen help was nuts. The kid was on a roll and then we let him sit for 10 days? We start Medlen who had just kinda settled into the long relief role and now he’s back in a ninth inning appearance. WTF? I mean we have finally gotten some big leads and could be resting some of the guys. I mean Gonzo back after DL’ed and he get’s 2 appearance in a row. Somebody explain this circular firing squad to me.

Oh and I meant to say. Thank god Hanson is enough of a stud to shake off the early rust tonite and turn in another stellar performance. We shouldn’t have to lay that on the kids though.

Gonzalez was warming up when the game was tied and we were only up by 2. Once you have him warm you might as well use him.

should read: and **when** we were only up by 2.

Soriano hadn’t pitched before yesterday, since the 16th, do they needed to pitch him.


Looks like the Frenchy trade is working out for both players. Frenchy was 3-4 tonight and his first Mets homer. Church and Diaz make one hell of an outfielder.
Frank Wren deserves A LOT of credit… especially for the moves he DIDN’T make! Passing on Peavy and keeping Escobar, not over paying for Burnett, etc… Some of them were just plain lucky they didn’t work out (Furcal/Griffey).
In case anyone was wondering, John Smoltz is 1-2 with a 6.31 ERA. Another wise move by Wren.
Did anyone know that the Braves were leading the league in batting for July? If the rotation holds up and Escobar/Prado/Diaz keep mashing, Chipper stays healthy, and Canns and McClouth get hot… we could be looking at a run here.
Wow – did I just write optimism on this blog??? Unbelievable!

Soriano didn’t pitch tonight. I don’t really agree with him pitching last night, though. If I’m getting one of them into the game just to get work I stagger the appearances. Pitch Gonzo no matter what last night and Soriano ONLY IF NEEDED, then Soriano tonight no matter what and Gonzo ONLY IF NEEDED. That way, you always have one available unless you run into a slew of close games.

That type of “Pro-Frank Wren” talk is not going to be tolerated on here…..he did, after all, trade our farm system for Mark Teixeira (side note: no he didn’t).
Nice win for the Braves tonight. It was especially nice to see the team quickly respond to the misplay by McLouth. Hanson’s pitching was super sharp tonight, and he deserved to be picked up to get a “W” for a performance like that. Of course, the same could be said for Javy Vazquez’s entire season….Let’s keep it rolling tomorrow.

Love the positive vibe on the blog tonight…hopefully the team gets notice, as well. Just got back from the Mets series over the weekend and the atmosphere was almost playoff-like…not as many Mets fans, either, as there usually are at the Ted.

Wren has made some great moves that need to noted and the Frenchy for Church trade could be the biggest of the year. Does anyone have stats on how many more pitches Church sees per bat versus Frenchy. It has to be at least 3 to 4 more per…the dude seems to always have a full count…nice jack tonight too, btw…now Lowe is due for a 2 hit masterpiece ala Mad Dog…

First thing to make me laugh out loud for awhile: “Church and Diaz make one hell of an outfielder.” – bravomania.

billreef.. Nice job in finding something to complain about even while the Braves are doing well. I believe Hanson was optioned to keep him on schedule during the all star break, and Medlen pitched in place of the injured Vazquez, because he is the long reliever / SPOT STARTER. You should really get an award for being the worst poster on Mark’s blog. Maybe a dented up tin trophy of Chief Noc-a-homa.
Anyways! Awesome job tonight by everyone. Kelly was jealous that he couldn’t be there and so decided to drive in 7 runs in Gwinnett.

Vivabeta, that is totally uncalled for. There is absolutely no reason to disgrace Chief Noc-a-homa like that. I would trade that Coke bottle to bring his tee-pee back anyday lol.

Good win last night. After reading that article on Kelly Johnson, it seems we have a good hitting coach in Gwinnett. Wouldn’t it be smarter to bring him up to the big club instead of wasting options on sending guys down to him to get fixed? Although, I guess this “rehab” assignment doesn’t count as an option?? Not sure. That entire article seemed to be a huge slap in the face to TP. Not that he doesn’t deserve it, just sayin.

Mark, given all the unbelievable chatter about the Braves trading Escobar, do you think it’s a better idea for them to lock him up to the same type of contract given McCann and turned down by Frenchy? Dispite his sometimes surly attitude and occassional mental lapses, he is proving to be an outstanding player on most nights. They would be hard pressed to get back to his talent level if they let him go.

Well Escobar is represented by the same agency that represents Rafael Furcal and Schuerholz vowed the Braves wouldn’t work with that group. Though I’d love to see Yunel sign a long-term deal this off-season.

Really? I thought Moylan was the only one represented by them. Well Esco needs to be the exception! He’s made some awesome plays at short since the break. He’s shown great range and solid glove. I would like to see a deal get nailed down this offseason. The only thing that concerns me is that the better he gets, the bigger his head will get. After Chipper’s gone, who’s going to hold him in check? That’s a problem I’m willing to take on because the good outways the bad.
Hopefully Diaz proved to Bobby once and for all that he needs to be swinging away and NOT BUNTING! I’m so tired of our best hitters giving away outs! I’m glad he wasn’t able to get those bunts down. I’d much rather have a bases clearing triple.
Does anyone else want to see chief noc-a-homa come back? I miss him… but I guess he wasn’t very “politically correct”.

PW, Escobar isn’t represented by the Tellem agency. Moylan is the only Brave currently represented by them.

PW, Escobar isn’t represented by the Tellem agency. Moylan is the only Brave currently represented by them.

PW, Escobar isn’t represented by the Tellem agency. Moylan is the only Brave currently represented by them.

PW, Escobar isn’t represented by the Tellem agency. Moylan is the only Brave currently represented by them.

PW, Escobar isn’t represented by the Tellem agency. Moylan is the only Brave currently represented by them.

PW, Escobar isn’t represented by the Tellem agency. Moylan is the only Brave currently represented by them.

Sorry for all of those posts….something crazy went on with my computer..and now I can’t delete them.

Wasserman media represents Alex Escobar, not Yunel Escobar.

It’s nice to hear KJ is seeing the ball well, but the last sentence of the report from Gwinnett says that Brooks Conrad is the likely candidate to be sent back down to AAA when Johnson returns. Conrad is a blue-collar gamer who has fought his way to the show and has been so valuable to the makeup of our team. I really hope he stays, or at least comes back up when the rosters expand in September!

There is no such thing as the Tellem Agency. Art Tellem is the sort of flagship agent for the Wasserman Media Group, the group that Paul Kizner (Furcal’s agent) works for and the group that represents Yunel Escobar.

If the Braves recall KJ they should hold onto Conrad and release Norton.

I know that everybody seems to like Conrad, but there is a reason he hasn’t made it to the bigs, he’s really not that good. Besides, the Braves will need a left handed bat to offset Prado and Infante and they are paying Johnson way too much money to keep him at AAA.

Here is a quick glance at the Teixeira trade after 2 years. The Braves have produced 43 HRs and 189 RBI from Tex and Kotchman. The Rangers have gotten 20 HR and 93 RBI out of a catcher that was never going to start in Atlanta because of Mac, and **** that was never going to start in Atlanta because of Yunel. They have also received a 13-8 record with a 5.76 ERA from a pitcher that would never have started a game for Atlanta. So far, it is a better deal for Atlanta. The best, and really the only player in the deal that would have ever been an impact Brave is Feliz, and he is still in AAA becoming a reliever. So it certainly wasn’t the “worst trade in history” as has been stated fairly regularly here.
Dealing players that are not all star caliber for a player that is makes sense. They knew what they had in Salty, Harrison and Andrus, and they knew a better player was in Atlanta blocking each of them. Texas got the space fillers they needed, and in Feliz MAYBE a star of the future. Atlanta made their run and fell short. It was worth the minimal risk of losing Feliz.

Personally, I think the agency would benefit from Yunel not inking a deal and testing free agency in a couple of years. If he keeps it up, he would be rewarded handsomely.

I think Brooks Conrad’s height (5’11”) and not his lack of ability has kept him out of the bigs. Everything I’ve seen from him (ST, AAA, and MLB) screams “I’m more than just a AAAA player”. But so frequently scouts simply dismiss players because of their height. It happened to Tim Hudson (who wouldn’t be in the big leagues if Billy Beane hand’t insisted he could succeed despite his height) and Brooks Conrad won’t be the last person it happens to. But everything about him (numbers and not) suggests he should be in the bigs and not in AAA. Except his physique.

Rother, we traded 6 years of 4 players and 5 years of 1 player for a year and a half of Teixeira. When it’s all said and done, the Rangers will have won that trade by a landslide.


Can we get an update on the signings of our draft picks. From looking at past drafts most of the guys who are going to sign would have by now and it would appear that we havent signed anyone yet. takes care of draft signing news. The Braves don’t announce non-major league signings. We’ve signed a great deal of our picks including 3rd rounder David Hale.

David Hale was 2nd round. He went to Walker and was in my son’s class. We read that he was going to stay at Princeton and graduate.

I’m sorry, I guess you were right. I don’t know where my daughter read David Hale was staying in school, but I just read he was going to sign.

He already signed. He’s on the Danville roster. And he was the 3rd round pick. The Braves didn’t have a 2nd round selection. That pick went to the Dodgers as a compensatory pick for signing Derek Lowe.

Though he was the Braves 2nd overall selection. Just happens to be that their 2nd pick was in the 3rd round.

I say we bring up Johnson and hope that he can do well so we can trade him because we have Conrad, Prado, and we are getting Infante back in a few weeks.

PWHort, The Wasserman media group (who employs agent Arn Tellem – I just didn’t state it correctly) DOES NOT represent Yunel Escobar. That link is inaccurate with regards to Escobar.

Here is a link to the Wasserman Media web site:

Click Management, and then Baseball. You will then get a list of ALL baseball players represented by Arn Tellem/Wasserman Media. Yunel Escobar is NOT on their list…but Alex Escobar is on the list. Email them and confirm it if you don’t believe me.

3 years from now, Harrison would still be our 8th best starter, Salty would still be Gwinnett’s every day catcher as would Andrus at SS. None of those guys would have cracked the Braves line up at their current positions. Escobar has all star talent if he can change the public image around as he matures. McCann is already a perennial All Star. Neither of them were going to get moved to open a spot for Salty and Andrus. Harrison is another in the long line of average at best 4th starters the Braves minor league system has produced. With the current contracts for Braves starters, and their talent level, Harrison was going to be a G-Braves for years to come. Even if he does good things for Texas, he wasn’t going to get to do them for Atlanta.
I’d still trade 3 yawns and a raised eye brow for one big cheer given the depth the Braves had at the time. Feliz is the only player of significance in that deal, the rest are just the foam peanuts in the box Feliz came in.
The Braves got one shot at the playoffs that’s it. But they didn’t exactly mortgage the key to their future doing it.

The Braves Texeira trade was one of the worst trades in major league history. I doubt that any team ever raids their farm system for a 1 1/2 year rental like the Braves did with Tex.

The Braves severely depleted their farm system for nothing.

In defense of Rother – Every last one of you was giddy when we made that deal for Tex. Had Texiera ignited the spark that Fred McGriff did when he came over mid-season in ’93, all of ya’ll would be praising the move… even if he only stayed until a bigger contract came along. It was a gamble, but as Rother has already pointed out, none of those players would even be starting for us right now. If we had any resemblance of a bullpen that year, we would have won the pennant and Smoltz would have been a 20 game winner. But since we missed the playoffs and Tex followed the cash – all of the sudden it was the worst move ever? No way. I was excited to get Tex at the deadline and each and every one of you should admit as much. It was fourth and short and our front office decided to go for it instead of punt. We get the first down, it’s a brilliant move. If we come up short, it was terrible. It’s not that black and white!

This is the most amazing Braves team I’ve ever seen. No correct that this is the greatest baseball team of all time. We are super fast on the basepaths, we hit really well for power and average. This is a run scoring machine.

billreef – why is it that every time you post something on here I want to go gauge one of my eyes with a plastic knife?

We have a superior coaching staff that has this team prepped and ready every night. We never seem to go into slumps. We do all the little things so well. We use our players wisely and boy is our front office sharp. We only trade all of our prized pospects for really productive rental players that help us win the pennant each year. We get to enjoy the success that these guys have with their new teams, but we don’t care we are a real juggernaut. Sometimes we even win THREE WHOLE GAMES in a row!!!!!!!

By the way, Viva, Hanson didn’t pitch when he went down. He had a ten day layoff. I check my facts before I print them.

Sorry, Bravo, Sounds like a personal problem to me.

The Braves are finally starting to look like a legit contender for the division title. I know the Phillies are on a 9 game winning streak, but I think they still will have some bad stretches left this season, while the Braves should have a great second half. The Braves bad luck is gone, & has been sent to the Mets with Jeff. When Hudson comes back, our rotation should give us a chance to stay close to the Phillies, & near the top wild card spot. The Giants are a good team, & this series should show where we stand the rest of the way. As for the trading deadline, Escobar is a star, & unless we get a young star in return, NO WAY. Vasquez is a great pitcher, but makes a lot of money like Hudson. Vasquez consistently pitches 200 innings year in & year out, & I’m scared that Hudson will become the next Hampton. If it were up to me, the last 2 guys I would trade would be Escobar & Vasquez. I also think the additions of Nate & Ryan clearly give us more consistency at the plate. If we’re playing in June, It’ll be because of the trades we did & didn’t make.

I did email them. I’m unsure on this one, I don’t know who to believe. Cot’s usually never has wrong information. But Yunel has switched agents more than once, so it’s entirely possible that he used to be represented by Wasserman and isn’t anymore. We’ll consider this one unresolved for now.

Some time in the not so distant future, David Wright goes down south for a duck hunting trip one October. He rents a pair of waders, borrows a 12-gauge from Adam LaRoche, and gets all the camouflage he needs for the hunt at his local Wal-Mart. He spends the night at a hotel near the lake he?ll be hunting on, wakes up at 3:30 AM, gets ready, and heads to the lake. After he gets to his blind around 5:00 AM, he waits until the sun comes up and the ducks to start moving. For three hours he furiously pursues his limit, but to no avail. Just as he?s ready to call it a day, one duck shy of his limit, he sees a crippled wood duck flying and figures he might have a shot at getting his limit. He takes a rather long shot and somehow connects with the duck, sufficient to knock it to the ground, though it lands away from the water.

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Escobar is represented by Adam Katz…McLouth left tonight’s game with a lower back strain. I’ll provide an update when I return from the clubhouse…Giants hadn’t previously allowed 19 runs in consecutive games this year…the challenge is enhanced tomorrow night when Lincecum takes the mound for the Giants.

PWHjort, the Mets don’t play at Shea anymore and Chipper can’t hit a walkoff if the Mets are the home team.

Gosh I hope McLouth is ok even if he is in a minor slump.

Katz is employed by Wasserman Media Group. It’s settled.

Yeah, I always make stupid mistakes like that when I write things I’m not used to doing. (like jokes). I caught the Shea one after I posted it.

Any word on McLouth?

McLouth says he’ll definitely play tomorrow. Esco said he’d rank that first-inning double play that he turned with Prado as the best of his career.

Well, what was wrong with him then?

strained lower back

The score was 8-1 when he exited. It was just a precautionary move.

Well it looks like the wild card is in our future since the Phils are going to 76-0 to end the second half.

peter gammons mentioned on baseball tonighht about possibly trading Vazquez to the rangers for a bat…. any otheer possible rumors going around?

billqueef.. another excellent post. I, like a lot of other guys on here actually get excited when our favorite team is doing well and get bummed out when they don’t do so well. It’s bad enough to storm the castle when the team is in a slump, but it’s awful to complain even when they’re playing great baseball and assume they’ll start sucking any moment. Who knows, maybe they will, but hopefully they won’t. And as for the Hanson thing, obviously it didn’t hinder his performance whatsoever.
In the past 2 days I had a long drive to and from Virginia from New York City and it was awesome to listen to the first 2 games of the SF series. I think the extra playing time for Anderson is really paying off, and the platoon in right makes so much more sense. Too bad no one can figure out how to beat the Phillies.

viva LasVegas:
I guess I am just a realist. This team is playing great right now but it’s still the same team it was last week. I love it when they play well, but I don’t allow myself the luxury of getting all starry eyed. Nobody roots more for this team than I do, but until they are getting their rings fitted I won’t let up. My comments aren’t negative, they are disciplined. What do I think the team can do to play better? No one is exempt from a critical eye. Sorry if that offends your tender sensibilities but I won’t let up until we are jumping and rolling on the field.

reading that the oakland a’s are wanting escobar for holiday and cabrera but the braves cant take the 6 million of holiday contract. now if the braves should trade yunel Braves fan should ask for Bobby head on a platter bc this trade would make the teixeira trade all over again but worse. trading a player that is helping the team for a long time like escobar instead of getting a rent a player for a year then him going to the free agency and making the big buck elsewhere.. does the name Drew sheffield and traded away decent players like salty dye schimdt marquis millwood and now seeing guys like elvis andruw in texas. Mr Wren u should fire Mr Cox and hire a younger manager like willie randolph or maybe hire within like eddie perez or someone.

frank wren has done an A plus job as gm this year. adding mclouth to center to replace a strugling rookie. getting church (who gives you a great at bat every time) to replace a struggling frenchy. and with all due respect to tommy glavine, the move to release him was a good one. now when we get huddy back we should move kk to the bullpen. if we can continue to score off the giants in this series then it is quite obvious that we dont need another bat. were playin great right now. our small ball style of play to go with an electric rotation is all we need. unless we can get a power outfielder for cheap well be fine. i dont think we need a power first baseman. kotchmans defense is enough for me to cancel out his lack of power. were a great club in every area except power but if we keep this style of play up to hell with power. were good right now we can win with this. and if we get to october think of the three man rotation you could have. vazquez, lowe, hudson; or jurjenns, hanson, lowe. there are so many possibilities and our bullpen will be stacked in the postseason. we gan win with this! GO BRAVES!

For about a month I have thought that it would be crazy for the Braves to deal Vasquez with him having such a great season. But with the emergence of Tommy Hanson, it might make a lot of season. You could easily package Vasquez and another player for a big time bat…. however i am not all about getting rid of Vasquez for a two-month loan.

i meant to type “sense” instead of “season”, sorry about that.

I think Wren has a done a very good job, I thought that reaching out for Furcal was kind of odd, but that didn’t work out anyways…. He picked up David Ross who has been a fantastic pickup. He traded for Vasquez and Logan, both of which have been productive, one more than the other you can guess. He got Lowe just because he had to get someone, otherwise we would have been up the creek without a starting rotation. However, now, he’s restored a great starting rotation (not quite the old days, but pretty close) and we have some great young guys, and a couple of veterans to lead the way. Why I have had a couple of questions about Wren’s direction, you can not deny he has put together a very good team. Let’s just hope that we make the playoffs….. BTW, Garrett Anderson has received ALOT of criticism but if he hits close to .300, give a veteran influence, stays out of trouble (which is a big deal now-a-days), and knocks in a few runs how is this a bad deal?? He was a no-lose situation for the Braves. I know everyone fears he will make an error to cost the Braves the playoffs but chill out, he has definately contributed in many ways, some of which show in the games, and some that will not.

ok i know i maybe smoking some good stuff but what if the braves made a go at josh hamiltion. The rangers want a pitcher then give him javy medlen and maybe an outfielder maybe church blanco or barton.

ok i know i maybe smoking some good stuff but what if the braves made a go at josh hamiltion. The rangers want a pitcher then give him javy medlen and maybe an outfielder maybe church blanco or barton.

Vasquez will probably never have any more value than now, it may not be a bad idea to shop him around. I’m not saying that they have to trade him, just might not hurt to see what could be put together….

The Braves should have kept Frenchy. Church is ok but doesnt have much power. Francoeur has been hitting in NY

no way, Frenchy was hitting .240 at best with no power. Not quite the Dale Murphy everyone hoped he would turn out to be. That stubborn attitude will get him nowhere fast.

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