LaRoche stuck in Baltimore but plans to play Saturday

Adam LaRoche plans to be in the Braves lineup when the face the Dodgers at Turner Field on Saturday afternoon.  But first, the 29-year-old first baseman is going to have to get out of Baltimore. 

After learning the Red Sox had traded him to the Braves on Friday afternoon, LaRoche planned to catch an 8 p.m. ET flight to Boston, pack his truck and then catch an early morning flight to Atlanta.

But things have became complicated when weather delayed his flight out of Baltimore for approximately three hours.  Thus he’s now scheduled to arrive in Boston around 1 a.m. and then return to the airport for his 8:30 a.m. flight to Atlanta. 

“If Chipper (Jones) was a good teammate, he’d send his plane up here to get me,” LaRoche said.

When told about his close friend’s  remark after Friday night’s loss to the Dodgers, Chipper said, “Call him back, tell him to hold his breath and see how far that gets him.” 

While he certainly would have liked to have avoided this travel dilemma, LaRoche is looking forward to renewing acquaintances with Jones and the other Braves that were with him while he spent his first three Major League seasons (2004-2006) in Atlanta. 

“It’s going to be fun,” LaRoche said. “It’s nice to go back to somwhere that you’re familiar with.  I’m really looking forward to it.  But I’d be also be lying if I told you I didn’t love my experience in Boston.  That was really a great week there.” 

After being traded by the Pirates to the Red Sox on July 22, LaRoche had the opportunity to renew acquaintances with his good friend John Smoltz.  The two only had one opportunity to share a round of golf together.    


We made Jason Schmidt look like Cy Young tonight…

Man, as a Red Sox fan, I REALLY wanted to keep him in Boston. I still don’t understand the reasoning of trading a left-handed 1B for another left-handed 1B. Perhaps, Kotchman, is better suited for the bench role.

Anyway, I really hope that LaRoche has a great remaining season. Good luck Adam, good luck Braves. We hardly knew ye.

What in the world? Kotchman a great glove and a lefty 1st bagger for LaRoche who is not as good with the leather but might hit 10 more dingers a year for ya, I just don’t get it unless the friendship between Chipper and Adam is such a big deal that it might get Chipper hitting HR’s more? Otherwise I just don’t get it. Hope it works out for all concerned.

Are we serious ? Didnt we go thru this before. Laroche strikes out way to much and and it seems like hes got his head somewhere else on defense..if ya know what i mean.

Stop already with the misinformed comments. LaRoche is an excellent defensive firstbaseman. If you prefer Kotchman because he strikes out less, fine. For my money, I prefer LaRoche because he WILL hit more homers and this is a lineup in desparate need of power.

I had no problem with Casey being the stop gap till Freeman was ready. I can’t say if this deal was good or bad until I see what Wrens plans to do this off season. I’m still hoping that we get DeRosa and resigns Soriano and Gonzo this winter but I’m not holding my breath on that one.

Last night was not fun, but we did have our stinker lineup out there. It’s tough when two of your best hitters aren’t playing.

When Kotchman was here, people cried out for someone with power, now that we have LaRoche again, people want Kotchman. LaRoche will bring some power to the lineup and he brings a little offensive diversity to the group. He is not the line drive hitter than Casey was in his time in Atl, and he can provide that necessary extra power, especially in the days where Brian McCann is being rested. I like the move for now. I do agree with wisbrave in that the true analysis of the trade can not be seen until the offseason. If we don’t resign him, I will probably be scratching my head unless we sign someone else.

Any word if LaRoche will be in today’s lineup vs. the Dodgers?

Bowman says on Twitter that Prado is back in lineup but LaRoche is still unaccounted for. He has apparently landed in Atlanta but hasn’t made it to the ballpark.

Laroche has arrived. Batting 5th today

Adam LaRoche walked in the clubhouse at 2:55 p.m. ET. He’ll bat sixth this afternoon. Prado is back in the lineup today. I’ll post the full lineup in an entry that will go up in about 20 minutes.

Wow!!! Is Laroche go good, he will bat 5th and 6th? I don’t think that will work. Doesn’t matter. Dodgers will prevail. All you have to do is get Lowe upset and he will fall apart.

I’m realy not sure that I understand the reason for the trade but i’m glad to have Adam back, but at the same time I do want to win and Casey was heating up pretty good with the stick so I hope that it all works out!

I like this trade because LaRoche does provide more power then Casey did. Casey is better defensively but we are in need of power. LaRoche is a free-agent and the Braves might be willing to sign him who knows maybe Wren has something up his sleeves for next year. Stay Tuned.

Yes, Adam is starting today….

lets put terry pendelton back at first or call fred mcgriff

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