LaRoche has arrived

After enduring quite a wacky travel experience, Adam LaRoche finally arrived at Turner Field at 2:55 p.m. ET or 65 minutes before he prepared to play first base and bat sixth against the Dodgers. 

Carrying a Boston Red Sox bag and wearing jeans and a t-shirt, LaRoche walked into the Braves clubhouse and immediately started receiving playful jabs from his teammates and coaches. 

Chipper Jones came around the corner and greeted his close friend with, “I can deal with the frayed jeans, but a t-shirt?   Then the veteran first baseman added, “You spend five whole days and they give you a bag?” 

After he was traded by the Pirates to Boston on July 22, LaRoche played six games with the Red Sox and then learned on Friday afternoon that he’d been dealt back to the Braves, who had employed him for his first three Major League seasons (2004-2006). 

“Does this mean we all get free deer now,” Braves bullpen coach Eddie Perez said while playfully making reference to LaRoche’s passion for hunting.  

After hitting a career-high 32 homers in 2006, LaRoche was dealt to the Pirates in exchange for Mike Gonzalez. 

When Gonzalez greeted LaRoche with a handshake and man hug, the first baseman smiled and said, “I never thought we’d be together.” 

When LaRoche learned of this latest trade, his plan was to fly from Baltimore to Boston to quickly pack a few items in his truck and then fly to Atlanta this morning. 

His travel problems began when his 8 p.m. ET flight out of Baltimore was delayed for three hours.  They were prolonged this morning, when the bomb scare at New York’s LaGuardia Airport caused his flight out of Boston to be delayed. 

But LaRoche eventually arrived at Turner Field and donned the No. 22 jersey that had been previously worn by Casey Kotchman, whom the Braves traded to the Red Sox in exchange for LaRoche.

Barbaro Canizares was optioned back to Triple-A Gwinnett to create a roster space for LaRoche. 

Nate McLouth 8
Martin Pado 4
Chipper Jones 5
Garret Anderson 7
Matt Diaz 9
Adam LaRoche 3
David Ross 2
Diory Hernandez 6
Derek Lowe 1


MArk – don’t they have other options for SS untlil Yunel or Infante are back? How about Prado or Burke? It is tough to win with a hitter batting 150 and even less (I bet) with RISP. His defense is fine, but the Braves need offense, as everyone knows.

There really isn’t a better shortstop available right now. Class A Rome just announced that Infante will begin his rehab assignment with them on Tuesday. He likely won’t be activated until at least the 15th. Hopefully Escobar is able to return within the next couple of days…Brandon Hicks is struggling w/ Mississippi, hitting .224 w/ 4 homers and 102 Ks in 95 games. His best month was May, when he hit .247. He’s hit .284 in 74 ABs vs. LHPs and .208 in 265 ABs against RHPs.

Why not play Kelly or Prado at SS and the other at 2nd? Or bring Conrad up until Escobar is healthy? There are multiple options that are infinitely better than Diory. His lack of offense is horrendous and really holds us back. I’d rather see Kawakami out there t short and hitting to be honest…

You have to take into consideration that Diory only has 78 at bats, who knows maybe he’ll heat up and help produce runs!

Yeah. Lil Homeboi has a point. Look how long it took Greg Norton to put together two consecutive pinch hit performances together.

Haha Mark on twitter: “An earthquake in North Georgia this morning and now Diory and Norton both have consecutive hits.”

Hopefully this will slow down to a trickle for a couple of days the jabroni’s calling for a bunch of non options at SS.

Namely Brooks Conrad,Chris Burke and their ilk.

Too much influence from the “pocket protector” set.

“Glove doesn’t matter, only the bat”.

No team managed by BC will ever have the SS position being manned by a slightly less than adequate defensive 2B.

I like Conrad ,wish he was here as a Pinch hit bat. Adds hustle and character, but for God’s sake stop the nonsense of calling for him to play SS. Not gonna happen under any circumstances.

Like Mark stated above and on more than one occassion Hernandez is it until Esco returns.

Just a guess but I believe that Hernandez will stay even after Infante returns.

The way Esco dives over the plate coupled with the desire by pitchers to work him inside, he’s(Esco) going to always be at risk for sporadic time off from HBP.

If Hernandez remains that frees up Infante to be used in any manner and at any position BC sees fit without worrying about having someone on the bench to play SS.

My guess for the bench composition upon Infante’s return is:


Will stay that way until Aug 31st when Wren will either call up Schafer and put him on the DL or dump the 12th pitcher for a day and add a position player from the minors.

Either way it will enable the Braves to go with a 14/11 mix on a possible playoff roster instead of the 13/12 employed during the bulk of the season.

I read so many negitive comments by some of the expert “baseball writers” I was happy to see LaRoach get some good hits and make good defensive plays. I’m glad for the trade, i believe we we should not have traded him.
He will do us good, he is a good firstbaseman.

jabronis…??? Are you serious? Any of the 2nd basemen i named would definitely provide the offensive capablilites to cancel out any defensive liabilies they would come with (and I mind you, the liabilities i speak of would be minor). You are acting as if Conrad, Kelly, and Prado would be completely clueless defensively at SS. Do you really think Diory’s horrible bat is better to have in the lineup than any of those players at SS? You’ve gotta be kidding me, especially calling me a “jabroni”. Besdies, we’re talking a fill in for the next few games, IMPORTANT games that could decide how the rest of the season plays out. We can’t afford to be shut out every other game…the bottom of our order needs to get on base and Diory doesn’t do that. Yes, he produced some today, but one game is supposed to “slow down the jabronis…”? We’ve seen Diory, and he can’t do the job offensively yet.

The jabroni’s comment was tongue in cheek. Should have known better in a blog. My apology.

That being said though, the simple Fact remains that as long as Bobby Cox is manager and I suspect no matter who writes the lineup the following people are not options in any way at SS short of a catastrophic injury situation.

Martin Prado
Kelly Johnson
Brooks Conrad
Chris Burke

It’s Diory until Esco returns.



Peter, I defer to you to help BCERASUOLO82 out. And guys, don’t everyone send him an invite to your fantasy league at the same time, it might overwhelm the server.

Sorry, rother. I can’t read all-caps posts, makes my eyes bleed haha.

I do think that having Diory in for the next couple of days in the best option. From reports and from what i’ve see he has the best range of any of their other options. When you have pitchers like Lowe and Jurrjens going which induce a lot of ground balls it is important to have someone that can go and get all of those attempts. Diory is beginning to swing the bat a little better, it is asking alot for a rookie to come into his first season and be success at the plate when he only gets a few at bats every other week. It is important to get him up to the plate and get him some at bats to make him more effective.

I really wish people would think before they type. This is becoming frustrating.

Prado at Shortstop and Kelly at 2nd

The best option would be Conrad at 2nd and Prado at short

Prado at 3rd Chipper at short and Kelly at 2nd

Prado at 3rd Chipper at short and Conrad at 2nd

McCann at shorstop, Chipper at Catcher, Prado at short, Mcclouth at 3rd, Diory at 1st, Laroche in center

Heh, I’m just amazed the Braves would outright release Jeff Bennett. According to some of the posters on here, Jeff Bennett was one hot trade commodity. Had we been willing to deal him AND Kelly Johnson in the same deal, Hanley Ramirez would be wearing a Braves uniform right now.

I’m really confused at what longballhitter put. Was that a joke?

If it was it wasn’t particularly well thought-out with McCann and Prado both playing SS.

I assume it was said with tongue firmly in cheek.

That being said though which one would be more troubling the though of BMac at SS or LaRoche in CF?

Need a W tonight with a solid effort from JJ. Also need a 5-2 West Coast swing. 4-3 at worst.

I don’t think there’s any question that the scariest between those two is McCann at short. At least, as someone else has noted, Laroche was a former pitcher, so he’d at least be able to help in the OF with his arm. My personal vote would be for Chipper behind the plate…..with the leg injuries he goes through, I’d put the over/under at 3 batters before Chipper went down with a season ending leg cramp.

the last one was a joke (i figured prado and Mccan could help eachother at shortstop and chipper at catcher).

The other ones are serious options. chipper was a good shortstop, though that’s a lot to ask of him with the range and arm needed.

I read somewhere McCann used to play second base before he realized he was too slow and moved to catcher. He wouldn’t have the range but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a decent glove out there.

They’re all professional baseball players and athletes. They can all field ground balls and catch fly balls… but to put them at those positions in a major league setting just because of what they used to do in high school or little league is ridiculous.
Back when Raphael Belliard was hitting 8th in the line up and batting .150 he was more than enough… Diory is suitable at short defensively until Yunel comes back. Until then, no Chipper at Short- stop suggestions…PLEASE!
Where has all the sensible blogging gone?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Chipper Jones, but there is no reason to even think about him playing SS. With all of his pains and injuries, the last thing you want is for him to bounce around the infield and have the opportunity to be taken out in a double play situation. I think there is a very valid reason Chipper moved to third his rookie season, and my guess was that it was much more than not wanting to take Jeff Blauser out of his position. Chipper lumbers to first on ground balls, there’s no way he could cover enough space to play SS, it is not a very smart option.

Does anyone know if there is a website online that states details of player contracts. For instance, how many years are they signed, when they become free agents, etc. ..

easily the best I’ve found is:

thanks, I appreciate the info

I agree that the whole idea of them playing other positions is ridiculous but it was funny just to speculate. Some players are just natural athletes though. There are a handful of players on each team that probably could play just about every position.

Moneyball, your blogging is that which is insensible. Chipper could play third you moron and Prado could play short. Kelly at 2nd is better than Diory at short! Chipper would be much better at short than Diory for bat’s sake. Belliard was not “more than enough.” He was horrible. It was like having two pitchers in the lineup every night. I guess you weren’t a Braves fan back then.

longballhitter you are a complete joke. I never said Chipper Jones couldn’t play third base. Prado probably could play short and Johnson at 2nd is better than Hernandez at short. I don’t know why are you are mad at me when I said nothing about Belliard. Bravomania was the one who mentioned Belliard. Learn to freaking read. You just made yourself look like a complete idiot. Just to add something don’t refer to them as Chipper, Kelly and Diory. You aren’t friends with them so use their last names. It’s proper. “A Braves fan back then?” Really? I’m 18 and I have forgotten more about baseball than you will ever know.

I do know them…Guess you don’t realize who I am

I really couldn’t care less who you are. You are a complete joke. That lineup you posted is complete stupidity. Seriously. People tried to have fun with it and speculate about them playing other positions but you blew it way out or proportion. Get a life.

Agreed moneyball.

Don’t know whick of our semi regualr posters are more tragically comic while trying to be serious.

billreeks,longball hitter or our old buddy saltlake under whatever alias he opines under now.

If the best you can do is call for KJ or Brooks Conrad to play SS while Esco is sidelined just excuse yourself from any meaningfull baseball conversation and just assume the rightful role of the “Court Jester”

Been an avid Braves fan for a long long time and while watching Belliard hit was indeed painful, there was a reason Cox played him as much as he did.

Reason being the other option was “Hands of stone” Feet of cement” better known as Jeff Blauser.

Blauser was vastly overrated while here as the Cubs found out pronto.

That Bobby played him less than 100% of the time only helped to minimize all the flaws of his game.

Cubs tried playing him daily and he was out of baseball within a couple of years.

David ATL 14:

Is that 14 your age or IQ? So you think being a fan since you were 8 some 6 long years ago is “being a Braves fan for a long time”? Yeah Jeff Blauser was really horrible he only played on the only world championship team during the fabulous 14. He was only a two time all star and a Silver Slugger winner. What have you done that qualifies you to critique him?

I believe David’s larger point was about Blauser’s defense as opposed to his offense. I highly doubt anyone would be seriously willing to stake their credibility by arguing that Blauser was an excellent defensive shortstop. He certainly wasn’t the worst the N.L. has ever seen, but he didn’t “wow” you either on the defensive side. Additionally, while he had some nice offensive seasons (’93 and ’97…coincidentally the same years he made his All Star appearances), his average offensive stat line was nothing to get excited about. bill made reference to him being apart of the ’95 team. In that year, his stats were: .211/.319/.341/12 HR/ 31 RBI/60 R in 115 games. Though he was apart of that team, he certainly was not central to the team’s success. The next lowest BA among starters on the team that year was David Justice (.253) who at least contributed with 24 homers and the second highest OBP among starters at .365. I’m certainly not saying Belliard should have started over him (or anyone else on the roster that year), but there’s definitely room for healthy criticism of the guy. I suppose this is really just a tangent to the whole “what to do at shortstop ’til Yunel comes back?” However, Yunel’s back in the line-up tonight, so hopefully that argument can be laid to rest for the time being.

Sure is fun in here tonight. Though I did thoroughly enjoy reading longballhitter’s “I do know them…Guess you don’t realize who I am.” Ron Gant, IS THAT YOU??? JOHN ROCKER????


I guess at 18 you have no choice but to act your age. I am pretty sure you have forgotten a “lot” about baseball. Hamsters forget a lot about cedar shavings, too.

Blauser was no Hall of Famer but he sure doesn’t deserve to be disrespected from the bloggers in mama’s basement crowd. He had some brilliant moments that had nothing to do with stats but everything to do with heart and winning. Even then he always fought for every run and produced all the intangibles. And he was always a defensive star. He and Lemke produced the best double play combo I have seen in watching for 40 years. If you look at Lemke’s .246 career average that probably doesn’t look all that great either but they were special. They kept those teams loose and they won a bunch of games. A BUNCH of games!!!!

I believe your post was “directed” at myself rather than moneyball. I’m not “disrespecting” Blauser by pointing out what he was. He was a professional ballplayer, that, in and of itself, is a heck of an accomplishment. However, folks are permitted to disagree about his relative value in the grand scheme of baseball. You’re absolutely right, he helped win a lot of games. I was merely clarifying what I believed was “davidatl14″‘s major point, which was about Blauser’s defense as opposed to him as a “ballplayer.” You’ve often noted that questioning what’s wrong with a team makes you a “good” fan, and I couldn’t agree more. I don’t think (I could be mistaken, it wouldn’t be the first time) that anyone was trying to disrespect Blauser. He was a part of that awesome dynasty, and no one can take that away from him. If folks want to discuss his relative merit, that’s within their rights, and that in no way is disrespectful to the man. Anyways, this topic seems to be a dead issue, but felt the need to at least clarify for everyone’s sake that your animus in this context was directed at myself. Let’s all hope for a better result tomorrow.

Billreek that 14 is for the number of consective divison titles.

By long time I mean I’ve been an avid fan since 1969.

Seen plenty of DP combo’s come and go. Dating all the way back to Felix Millian and Sonny Jackson.

My point was and is that Blauser was vastly overrated by the legions while in ATL. Lemke indedd was a player of heart,character, and great defense that always seemed to have the knack to rise to the occassion.

Blauser not so much unless your idea of rising to the occassion is strking out repeatedly in close and late in games or throwing a ball into the seats behind the dugout in same late and close situations.

Blauser was handled perfectly by Cox that minimized his exposure and his multitude of flaws. Cubs found that out in their two years with Blauser playing daily. He was atrocious.

Braves also got a nice refresher course on Blauser’s intangible’s, that bill waxes on about like a besotted schoolgirl above when Blauser returnd to the organization to manage the AA team and QUIT after one season.

Agreed tomatalk. Will hope for more civil discourse today. hopefully a W tonight also. Needed in the worst way.

Who started the phrase “Bill Reek?” I not Billreef’s biggest fan, but that nickname is pretty bad. No offense. We should stick to @*&%$@#, &*$@@%$^!!, and ?$&!#*$^@.

I was looking to the braves line up, since they got LaRoche, and I was thinking, wouldnt it be better if McCann hits in the 5th hole, and move GA to the Cleanup, my reason is this, GA is been hitting well and if he’s got BMc. behind him I believe he’s going to see better pitches, and I know if I were a pitcher,, I’d rather TRY to dominate GA than BMc., Id like to read your opinion on this..
and las this is the lineup I’d like to see someday
1. McClouth
2. Prado
3. Jones
4. Anderson
5. Mc Cann
6. Escobar
7. Laroche
8. Church
9. P.

Damn it people its MCLOUTH! Sorry.I don’t mind the change. Chipper hits better from the left. Mac can’t hits lefties, and Loaf can. Mac v lefties: .202/.292/.253 Loaf v lefties: .333/.358/.474. I doubt it will happen.

Who is Loaf? Anderson?

Yeah, I wrote it once, and the browers ate it, which pissed me off. So I rewrote it but was too pissed to put Anderson.

Watching the Dodger series, scouting them… (just kidding). Anyways, a few keys to winning the upcoming series: 1. Work the count/Walk more2. Steal bases3. Try hit and runs, squeezes, etc.All in all, small ball. Homers ain’t gunna come in Dodger stadium. Oddley enough, Wensdays game is the perfect example for how we can score runs at Dodger stadium. MLB.TV users, Turn the volume up during commericals, but not when it plays advertisements. Understand? Anyways, on my computer it makes a really weird noise. Something that a “alien transmission” would sound like in a Alien flic. Anyone else get that?

Jason Schimdt’s curveball is a dirty flithy *****.

hey i wanna tell everyone on here who rags on me to stick it bc laroche is gonna be a free agent and the braves wont have the money to go after him so why didnt mr wren take adam kelly johnson and a couple minor leaugers to san diego for adrian gonzalez and a player to be name later or cash. the braves need power and mccann is a suitable person but he need someone to protect him and anderson and diaz as much as bobby cox like them they cant provide the help that chipper and mccann need.


So the Braves won’t have the money for Adam LaRoche, but the Padres will? The same Padres team that is trying to dump payroll in any way possible? And throw in Kelly Johnson, a 2nd baseman who lost his starting job this year? Sounds like a great deal for the Padres.

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