Chipper scratched with strained left oblique

Chipper Jones was scratched from Friday night’s game against the Dodgers because of a strained left oblique muscle that he suffered during batting practice.  The Braves third baseman will likely provide more information after the game. 

Jones strained his right oblique muscle while competing in this year’s World Baseball Classic.  After he aggravated the same ailment a few days later and returned to Braves camp, he returned to action within the next week.

Braves new lineup for Friday:

McLouth cf

Prado 3b

Anderson lf

McCann c

LaRoche 1b

Escobar ss

Church rf

Johnson 2b

Jurrjens p



Mark, your lineup still has Chipper in it…

Nate McLouth 8
Martín Prado 5
Garret Anderson 7
Brian McCann 2
Adam LaRoche 3
Yunel Escobar 6
Ryan Church 9
Kelly Johnson 4
Jair Jurrjens 1

There we go. I wish I could delete my comment now… but it’s all good.

No need to delete your comment. Instead, I’ll just say thanks for pointing out my mistake. In my haste, I copied and pasted the wrong lineup.

I don’t understand why GA is batting 3rd and Yunel 6th. I mean conventional wisdom would say the R/L matchup would favor GA, but in this case it is dramatically not true. Yuni hits righties better and GA hit Lefties better. Yuni has a higher Slugging percentage, is better on the bases(classically understated) and leads the known universe in clutch hitting(RISP, RISP2O and late innning pressure sits) Does Bobby know this?

No problem at all, Mark. I’m also curious to see what McCann (and Bobby, maybe) will be able to tell you about the weird goings-on in the 5th inning with the strike-two-er-I-mean-take-your-base fiasco.

Every time an umpire makes a fist recently, they’ve given the Braves reason to fight. I’m much more interested to hear how Cooper addresses this one. It was clear as can be that he signaled a strike.

Mark, is there anything Bobby or someone can do about the call? Is there a chance cooper could be fined?

Nice catch by Kemp. But it seemed Diaz was pretty upset with his decision to hot dog before showing that he had the ball in his glove.

Chipper10, that’s a good question and one that I’ve asked a few times over the past week to see if anybody has heard anything about Hohn being disciplined. Basically I’ve been told, they might be fined or suspended without us ever knowing. One team official said they could be suspended and if anybody asked, MLB would simply say they were on vacation.

A vacation during the season… riiiiiiiight….

Can we send C.B. Buckner on an all expense paid cruise? Maybe Patagonia?

Moylan has been spectacular these past two nights and really since the All-Star break. With 62 appearances this year, he’s on pace for 91 this year. Chris Reitsma set the club record with 84 appearances in 2004…Kawakami is in the pen now in case he is needed tonight.

billreef, Hohn and Doug Eddings have to finish their trips before Bucknor can go on his.

You go Yuni. And Ryan puts icing on the cake. We are hanging on to this race by a thread. Wouldn’t it be nice to go on a tear. After last night this was a must win. Go Soriano.

Chipper will likely miss the next two games and possibly return on Tuesday.

“I?d say I?m doubtful for the next two days anyway,? Jones said. ?We?ll evaluate it (on Saturday) and then probably see how it feels on Tuesday.?

Any chance the umpires can take a “vacation” to the Bermuda Triangle? Especially Hohn.

Last night was a great game….at least what I saw while I was awake. What was particularly impressive was that the Braves did not fold after that nightmare 5th inning. Instead, the team clawed and produced a run in the 9th inning versus one of the best closers in the game today. A walk, a stolen base, and a clutch hit by none other than GA!? It was so late that it was tough to know whether it was a dream or reality. Hopefully we can get some quality innings out of KK to make up for our bullpen once again being taxed.

By the way, Mark recently mentioned our upcoming stretch of games versus teams like the Nationals, Mets, Diamondbacks, and Padres as an important stretch versus lesser competition. I recently put together an extensive study of the Braves 1991-present to see whether the team can actually do better than who they are versus lesser competition: My conclusion was that teams are what they are regardless of competition. I apologize for the blog plug, but thought some of the Bowman-crew might be interested in it…..if not, feel free to ignore my link all together.

Great game yesterday. They got screwed by the umps and still made out winners. I do have a couple of points that I need to make. McCann Looks awful. He is obviously just exhausted and needs at least one day off. He really looks uncomfortable against lefties. Keep in mind that Corky is no longer the back-up and you really lose nothing when Ross plays against a lefty. Bobby should try to give Ross two starts a week. McCann has had a lot of opportunities lately with runners on base and has not come through and we all know it is related to rest.
Yunel needs to bat third, forth or fifth the rest of the year. There is no one better and it will prevent teams from using lefties against Garrett and McCann since Esky will be in the middle.
Finally, I like Church at the plate. He has drawn some walks and some big hits. His defense is also very good and he can play center. Hopefully he is healthy now.

Go Braves!!!

Last night a lot of players who were on my **** list came up gold. I’ve always been a Gonzo fan until recently(recently.. he’s been just bad), and now I almost feel like he should be back in a closer-by-committee role… Those two innings last night got us the game, even moreso than the one almost disastrous inning by Moylan. Gonzo, not Moylan, should have been Mark’s focus on doing well that game. He was lights out.

Church, who I was beginning to think of as a bad investment… never mind. Clutch hitting and great D.

Escobar made some solid plays. He didn’t make any highlight reels.. but he didn’t make any mistakes in tricky areas, and his hitting… well, he’s the best hitter on the team.

Basically, amazing win, one we needed. We need to just keep clawing up in WC and Division.

Watching replays of the incident, it looked like the umpire put his hand on Cox’s chest.. did he? Unacceptable if he did.. especially because he was wrong.

I REALLY hope this guy gets something coming his way for this…

Tomatalk, Nice blog.

Thanks bobbycoxismyfather,
I think it’s an at least interesting look at the team’s results over that time period. I wish I had the time and energy to do that for every team to see whether the Braves are an outlier or whether they represent the norm, but it’s interesting to see a team that had such a long period of sustained success and then multiple down years play according to a more predictable trend than some might think. Btw, if anyone wants, I’m more than happy to provide my hard data set for anyone who wants to manipulate it further. Go Braves!

I remain optimistic (cautiously), being only 4.5 back in the WC race, despite some tough losses we’ve endured lately. Last night’s 9th inning was absolutely beautiful with McLouth and Anderson manufacturing that run. This time of the year, with the season’s end in sight, is always fun with every game bringing a little more excitement. If KK can pitch like he’s done a couple of times against more formidable opponents then I like our chances to take the series with Vasquez going tomorrow against some guy I’m not too familiar with.

I knew people are going to get on Cooper, but the fact of the matter is, he helped us win. After the 3 run jack, he felt bad, so bad in fact, that after that, he gave us every questionable call. Calls that kept batters alive. I’m not defending him. I was probably more pissed, no not pissed, LIVID with anger after that, than anyone else in the world. But he is better than Hohn. At least he didn’t fist bump Russel Martin.

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