Church joins the list of injured Braves

Ryan Church has spent the past week serving as a capable replacement for Nate McLouth in center field.  But  the versatile outfielder found himself as a member of the growing list of  injured Braves players, who were unavailable for Saturday night’s game again the Marlins. 

Church played through the lower back discomfort caused by an aggravated his sacroiliac  joint during Friday night’s series opener against the Marlins.  But when he returned to Turner Field on Saturday afternoon, he found himself battling spasms and a discomfort level that could keep him sidelined until at least Tuesday.

“It was coming on during one of the games in New York and I was just trying to grind through it,” Church said.  “But it’s starting to (spasm) now.”

An aggravated sacroiliac joint has also prevented Garret Anderson from manning the left field position during the first two games of this weekend’s series.  Anderson will begin swinging a bat again on Sunday and might alsobe available for Tuesday night’s series opener against the Padres.
“It’s one of those things that’s just a day-to-day type of thing,” said Church, who like Anderson has dealt with this ailment in the past. 

With Church, Anderson and McLouth unavailable, the Braves starting outfield on Saturday consisted of Reid Gorecki in center, Omar Infante in left and Matt Diaz in right.   Infante, who hadn’t previously started in the outfield this year, was replaced at second base with Kelly Johnson.
While Martin Prado returned to Turner Field on Saturday and said he was feeling better, it still appears that it will be at least Tuesday before he’s cleared to resume his duties as the starting second baseman.  Prado, who was diagnosed with exertional headaches, is scheduled to visit Dr. Richard Berstein on Monday.
The Braves were also without Brian McCann during Saturday night’s game.  Braves manager Bobby Cox gave McCann the opportunity to choose whether he wanted to have his day off on Saturday or Sunday. 

Considering that the Marlins are starting Ricky Nolasco on Sunday, McCann may have made the right choice.  The All-Star catcher has seven hits, including two doubles and two homers, in 22 career at-bats against Nolasco.   But he’s just 1-for-8 in his career against Chris Volstad, who started Saturday’s game for the Marlins. 

McLouth would like to start running to test his strained left hamstring.  But the Braves have decided it would be best for him to wait a few more days.  The 28-year-old center fielder is eligible to come off the disabled list on Aug. 31.  


I thought they hired a new strength and conditioning person last year . Why is this team always injured ? The coaches dont set the greatest example of fitness to me .

This team is injured too often. I would make changes in procedures.

Is it a fair statement that Greg Norton is the only available back-up position player? I hope he brought all his gloves. Also, don’t forget Medlin played SS at some point so he may also become an option. I don’t think I have ever seen a game where three of the five back-ups are not available.

Reid Gorecki is a future Allstar. Leave him in and let him play!!!

Isn’t the sacroiliac something old people hurt? “Ow, my sacroiliac.”

What ever happened to Gregor Blanco? I thought he was an okay bat this year and he was a great center fielder before they made the trade for McLouth and sent him back to the minors. Why has he not been pulled up in the recent slew of injuries?

Can anyone please tell me what the benefit is of having greg norton on the bench? considering all the injuries, why would you use up a spot on the bench with someone who can only hit ( and that’s being generous). if you had to put him in the game what position would he play? . talk about dead weight.
need to get another utility guy that can play more than one position and can hit – brooks conrad comes to mind.

this is what happens when you sign old washed up players on the cheap and trade young athletes (francour) for fat beer league guys (Church)

Well I do believe that Church as made up as adequtely for Francoure. His fielding is just as good which as been proven and playing hurt. His bat is just as good. Francouer only got really hot when he went to NY.

With all these players unavailable why isn’t Cox bringing somebody up from Gwinnett? Blanco or Conrad or both need to be with the Braves right now and Norton should be sent down with one of the pitchers to Gwinnett. Cox doesn’t ever use Acosta anyway. Is he going to resort to using starting pitchers as pinch hitters against the Marlins in a game they have to win? This is just more evidence why Bobby must go. I know they can’t fire him but this has to be his last year.

Guys want to see the most recent stupid thing ESPN did? you’re going to comment on it (and I’d appreciate that very much) please comment on that site. Thanks. Now to the important stuff, I think everyone will be back by Tuesday. Also Aaron Cook went on the 15 day DL, here we come Rookies!

Good news!!! Adam LaRoche is currently qualifed as a type B free agent, meaning if we don’t resign him, we get a draft pick.


I’ma say i want LaRoche for aleast 2 more years. Freeman isn’t exactly killing AA right now. I don’t wanna rush up our future 1B just cause we don’t wanna spend money. When Freeman turns 22 and his played in both AA and AAA, then I think he’ll be ready for the majors. I think Heyward can be up by aleast mid-season next year,(with Schafer I HOPE.) I’m pretty sure people are gonna bag on me cause I said i want to delay the time of Freeman, but its for his best. I don’t want another Joey Devine here. I hope this will be our OF next year. LF-McLouth, CF-Schafer , RF- Church/Diaz

All of yall knocking Greg Norton just remember he can play any place you need him to. Yes he has not had a good year this year with the bat but he is a switch hitter and we all know Bobby likes the to play rights against the lefts and lefts against the rights. So Norton can play any day and anywhere and that is what a utility player is I think dont you?

Mark, please refrain from creating links to the blog in the form of news headlines on the Braves’ site. It really opens the floodgates for some awful comments.

Yeah Mark, You should run your blog according to how Vivabeta thinks you should. His comments are so much more important than everyone else’s anyway. Hah!!!

Man, can we get rid of Kelly, yet? And this Reid Gorecki experiment really isn’t working. He looks like a duck out of water. He really isn’t getting any good swings. He’s just up there guessing.

A while ago I said Wren has decimated our minor league prospects. I stand by it. We have nobody at the upper levels who can help the big club when someone get’s hurt. That’s why we are still trying to win with Norton, KJ and the like’s of Gorecki.

Shut the hell up, Bill. You know what I mean. The people who comment on the news pages are terrible. And they don’t contribute to any sort of discourse.

Comments such as complaining about the Braves’ training staff because of the injuries. This one was also pretty great: “Reid Gorecki is a future Allstar. Leave him in and let him play!!!”

2nd in the East. 3rd in the wild card. Now let’s get our injured guys back and make a good run.

Billreef – I’m not the “old and over-used cliche” police… but I’m pretty sure you mean “fish out of water.” A duck out of water is nothing more than a duck walking out of water. It doesn’t really work out…
Viva – I completely agree with you. Most comments on here are pretty lame. But the bloggers Rother, PWH, Jurjjens, etc… add great and intelligent conversation to make up for it.
Great win today. Very resilient. if we keep winning series we should be in good shape. I can’t believe the Phillies won on an un-assisted triple play!!! Kelly Johnson is killing me this year though. At least he walked in 8th after failing to lay down a bunt. But that error made me furious.

Blaming the injuries on the athletic training staff, that’s about the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard (and yes, I meant to use the word dumbest).

Moylan has been excellent since the break, I guess it’s safe to say that he is fully recovered fom Tommy John surgery. The rest of the bullpen has been pretty good as well. It will be interesting to see what the Braves do in the offseason, whether they will give a deal to both Gonzo and Soriano, or just one of them.

Kelly Johnson, ugh. It’s just not working out kid. If he is not going 0-4, he’s making an error in a big situation. I will give him credit though, the guy does have a great eye fo the strikezone. That seems to be the only reason we toyed with putting him at leadoff in the past. Maybe we can get something for him over the offseason. What do you guys think about the possiblity of the Braves re-signing Church or G Anderson for next season.

If the Braves take care of business vs the Padres, they will probably face thier last chance to get back in the division race this upcoming weekend against the Phils. This is when baseball begins to get most exciting!

Today wasn’t a good start for Lowe but consider this: he could have went longer but Bobby lifted him for a pinch-hitter (but I’m not sure who I would rather hit Norton or Lowe) and the Johnson error really hurt him because that probably could have got him out of the inning.

McCann is looking good at the plate again but Chipper looks like he needs a day or 2 off.

Gorecki does look overmatched

And the way Diaz is hitting I wouldn’t mind having this for a while if Schafer is hurt or needs another year in Triple-A because he’s basically missed this one: Diaz-Right McLouth-Center Heyward-Right

I have heard Boston is looking for SP, I wonder if they have given Wren a call since we seem abundance in that position once Huddy returns. If we could get a power bat in return, could be interesting.

This is for you Bravomania, and Vivabeta,
“Baseball is like Meatloaf.”
2 out of 3 ain’t bad!!!

Bravomania, Thank you, I have a lot of nice things to say about you, aswell.Billreef, You have changed. I don’t know how, but you have, change your password. How about your golden boy Jeff Francan’t. That guy is an outs producer! Got to give it up to Jeff though, he has been finding ways to hurt the Braves all year. Stinking it up in the ATL, tearing it up in NY (unless he faces the Phillies/Marlins).jstark, Norton can only play 1B and LF, and he doesn’t defend them well, actually thats an understatement.Just a few more notes:The only reason Heyward isn’t in the Majors is because of financial reasons. Braves don’t want to start his clock yet. To delay it a year, they have to wait until the All Star break next year. Because of that, he will not be on the 2010 opening roster. Kelly Johnson has be the reason the Braves won this series. With his awesome baserunning on saturday and his walk from 0 – 2 on Sunday. I know people on the internet bash the “bi-polar” Braves fans by calling them “Band-Wagoners”, and I don’t really think thats right. They are so emotionally involved in the game, its fair to be pissed when the Braves lose. And being involved in the game is the definition of a fan. You would not care if the Braves lost if you were a Bandwagoner. Trust me, I know, I live in the city that spawned Bandwagoners (Chicago). Thats all!

Billreef, Yes I do remember your Wren has “decimated our farm system” comment. I also remember how you were NEVER able to qualify or explain that argument. Let’s refresh, as I quote you, (you were initially speaking aobut how awful the LaRoche trade was): “This was a really mindless trade. We have a prized prospect in the minors at 1B so we trade for a guy who is a FA at the end of the year???? So then we have to sign someone who will wind up blocking Freeman in the later stages of his contract, or we will sign some hack who is willing to sign a short term deal. You really want to look down the road as well as what this MIGHT accomplish over the next 8 weeks. Wren has decimated our farm system, once the best in baseball. Now this bonehead move.”

I then ask you to explain how Wren has decimated our farm system and you replied, “Gorkys is perhaps the worst of it, but certainly Elvis and Salty. Tyler was tough but i can’t argue with Vasquez. The problem really is what are we getting for anybody? Cast off’s with real limited upside. Our real problem is the amount Wren had to overpay in the offseason for Lowe and Kawakami. This limits who we can trade for because Wren has nothing left to spend. He has a hard cap from Liberty and it is all spent. I mean we have 3 times the payroll of Florida and look at how they stack up against us. I like our team a little better but, they field a really competitive team with the lowest team payroll in baseball. We are just not that smart up top right now.” Yeah, man we’re sure missing Gorkys, who’s a couple of years away from the Majors. Elvis and Salty—–not Wren’s doing, but anyway. Then you rant on about Kawakami and Lowe, which has nothing to do with decimating our system. As of yet, you still haven’t answered how Wren has decimated our system so, again, I ask you to clarify. Your response, “Well, let me be deliberate my young firend because it is a complex argument.
Let’s start with Jordan Shafer who at the end of spring training was the Braves no. 1 outfield prospect. You bring him up to a club that has a hittining coach who has destroyed the swings of every batter he’s gotten a chance to work with. Then when he falters and has to go back down, your number one prospect is 19-20 years old and playing in AA for the 1st time. Can you see how that “decimates” your farm system. If not I can’t help you.
Now we have an outfield comprised of GA who wasn’t resigned for peanuts by the club he spent 16 years with. He can’t play defense any longer(shouldn’t even be playing in the NL) but we were the only club willing to take a flyer. And he is the success story of our outfield.
We pass on Andruw who couldn’t come back because he would have to work with that same hitting coach. He hits a ton of home runs in limited playing time with his new team.
We start the season with our last great home grown(farm system) talent. “The Natural” as proclaimed by many. It’s painfully obvious that he clashed with our hitting coach when he tried to improve his swing with someone who might actually be able to help him. He leaves and hits for avg, power and a ton of RBI’s as soon as he gets away from Atlanta. This from a guy who according to most on this Blog, had no power swing left.
It’s simple, we have some great players and great talent on this club, but as long as it has FW and TP near the top of it, it will continue to destroy our young talent and make mindless trades.” You mention it was Wren’s fault Jordan Schafer was brought up and struggled, not considering the fact that he injured his wrist the first week of the season and has now been incapacitated as a result of it. Then you complain that we’re rushing Heyward, despite the fact that he’s still in AA and he’s RAKING. Then you complain about Garrett Anderson being signed. Again, you’ve failed miserably to explain how Wren has decimated our system. I’m still waiting for a logical explanation.

Now, to talk about how Wren HASN’T decimated our farm system. He refused to give up Heyward, Hanson, Yunel, or Freeman, particularly during the Peavy negotiations. I think that’s worked out real well for us. The only prospects that have been traded away are ones who are blocked by players whom we have under control for awhile.

Billreef, all you do is complain about everything and everyone associated with the team. I’m fine with having Kelly Johnson as a bench player. Most teams would be happy to have him coming off the BENCH. Being a starter is a whole ‘nother topic. Then you complain about the “Gorecki experiment”! Seriously? Give the kid a break. It’s not an experiment. He’s simply filling in for a couple of days in a roster that is decimated by injuries (not by Frank Wren). Once everyone’s healthy you probably won’t see him in another game.

Or have you forgotten about the big home runs Kelly hit, coming off the bench, during the Dodger’s series a couple of weeks ago, which was certainly a pivotal moment on our recent run of success?

Bobby cox I’m glad you spend all that time thinking about me, because it is kind of a one way street. I have explained myself on several ocaissions and grow weary of attempting to inform.

Jurrjens, KJ get’s a walk after he can’t get the bunt down and now he’s doing something right? He had already dropped a ball which allowed 3 runs to score, remember he has “stellar” defensive skills? And he is batting a ******** .154 in August.

And JF whom you all continue to dis is batting .305 in a NY uni and hitting for power again.

Hanson might face Lee this friday!! Lowe might face Pedro aswell.

Wait, No, Hanson v Pedro, and Lee v Lowe. And Jurrjens vs. Blanton

Jurjjens.. i believe the term is “bandwagoneEr.” And I don’t really appreciate someone who doesn’t seem to have fun unless their team is winning. Of course it’s not great when you lose, but having a little commitment and loyalty shows a bit of character. B*tching, moaning, and wanting to storm the castle when things aren’t going well is just pathetic. But if you want to be that way, I suggest you become a Phillies fan and I’m sure they would love to have another kindred spirit. I wouldn’t suggest moving there though. Terrible town.

I tend to agree that it’s pretty tough to blame the conditioning coaches for the injuries. McLouth and Church have both been with the team for less than a year and Prado’s headaches aren’t exactly cured by a solid stretching regimine. Chipper’s been a bit gimpy for years at this point, and that has more to do with his advancing age than any training schedule. Injuries are always tough to swallow, but I’m betting that no New York Met (or the fans) would exactly be crying a river for our troubles right now.
It seems this year in particular we, collectively, as a fan base have been fast to blame coaches/staff for any problem the team faces. We’re not hitting, it’s TP’s fault. Well, where’s the praise for TP now that the team is scoring runs at a more than acceptable level? We’re not pitching, it’s McDowell. The team lacks a bat, it’s Frank Wren. A failed bunt or questionable bullpen move, it’s Bobby Cox. Injuries occur, it’s the strength and conditioning coaches. Hey, healthy criticism is always acceptable, but let’s also realize that baseball is a physical, human, and often frustrating game before always resorting to blame.

As for Reid Gorecki, mabye I’m the only one, but I don’t think that Goreckis’ a “future all-star” right now because….well….frankly, I don’t think about Gorecki right now. He hasn’t played a whole lot to this point for me to really form an opinion. I can’t say I was overwhelmed by him air mailing a throw 10 feet over the catcher’s head from shallow left field, but that’s hardly a reason to like or dislike the guy. Since I generally abstain from giving bonus points for “heart” and “hustle” that don’t translate to anything, I think I’ll similarly abstain from providing an opinion on the guy.

The Braves are 22-13 since the All-Star Break, nearly playing as rother noted “Meatloaf” baseball (I like that pop reference). The big question remains whether 2 out of 3 will be good enough to overcome a sub-.500 first half. As things shape up in the Wild Card, it looks like 2 out of 3 might be very close to what we need to do, but a strong stretch of games would certainly do a lot to improve our chances. We’ve got a great opportunity to improve that a little bit with the next 3 coming against the lowly Padres. Hopefully a good stretch of games will get the regulars here back on point as well.

Is Hanson skipping Lowe on Friday in the rotation? That is what the notes indicate. I have no idea what the plan is for Hudson, but I can’t imagine they will sit Lowe at $15 million per year. Lowe kinda gotta bad fate after KJs horrible error yesterday. If KJ makes the play, it may have affected the way Lowe pitched to next the hitter (who cleared the bases). Remember Casey Blake’s HR after the umpire decided to screw JJ on the strike call.
Anyhow, now that the Rockes are on fire, I think the Braves need to put together a winning streak of 6 or 7 games. Joe, 2 of 3 the rest of way probably won’t be enough.

Doing Great Guys and thanks Frank Wren for doing a fantastic job of building this team. If they come up short this year, next year should be even better as Heyward will become a part of the OF.

Would you keep a guy on your team who is batting .145 and bring him off the bench in key spots of games for a pinch hitting role? Some morons are justifying that he proved himself in the past. Do these season batting averages show any proof that the Braves should continue with this loser?

.217, .265, 237, .255, .244, .267, .220, .263, .174, .296, .243, .262, .438 (18at bats), .246,

GD Rockies. They won’t stop losing. It’s irritating. The good news is: The Dodgers and Giants suck, and the Rockies are probably going to win the NL West. And the Dodgers will be much easier to catch than the Rockies. Yeah, those Phillies are annoying too.

As far as the Francoeur trade goes, the Braves are 25-14 since the trade. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Church-Francoeur swap was good for the Braves. The addition by subtraction of Francoeur was immensely helpful. Francoeur may be enjoying more success now that he’s out of the pressure of his home town (good for him, I guess), but let’s not kid ourselves. He was GD awful for the Braves for about 2 years and merely adequate the other two. He’s been slightly above-average for the Mets thusfar. Sample size. 162 PA’s is hardly enough to declare him a useful player again. No matter what, he was going to keep hurting the team with the Braves. The 25-14 record speaks for itself (and I know their are other circumstances, but does anyone else think we’d be within 3 games of that if we still had Francoeur?). Even if Church never plays another inning, the fact that Bobby doesn’t have the option of running a sub-.285 OBP player who plays awful defense out there means the Braves are a better team than they were.

PWHjort, Wait? Francoeur….awful defense…sub .285 OBP…he would keep hurting the team with the Braves….? Your thoughts, Billreef? 🙂

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