LaRoche exits with a sore right hip

PHILADELPHIA  —    Adam LaRoche was forced to exit Saturday night’s game against the Phillies because of right hip discomfort that has progressively worsened over the course of the past few days.  
After grounding out in the fourth inning of Saturday’s 9-1 victory, LaRoche told Braves manager Bobby Cox that he was able to swing the bat, but was having trouble running and moving in a lateral direction.  The veteran first baseman isn’t sure what initiated this discomfort.  

“I can’t pinpoint it,” LaRoche said.  “It started like three or four days ago.  Luckily I play a position where I can play through a lot of injuries.  So I treated it and for three or four days and I was just going to suck it up.  But today, it was just worse.”  
When LaRoche doubled off Cliff Lee during the second inning, he felt what he described as something grinding around his hip.    One inning later while having to lunge in an attempt to catch Derek Lowe’s throwing error, he felt increased discomfort.  
“That was kind of the icing on it,” LaRoche said.  “It was already hurting pretty bad.” 
LaRoche, who has hit .375 with eight homers in the 25 games he’s played since the Braves acquired him from the Red Sox on July 31, is hopeful that he’ll be able to return for Sunday night’s series finale against the Phillies. 
“I hope I wake up and this feels better tomorrow,” LaRoche said.  “I don’t want to miss a game.”   


Adam LaRoche is a gamer. Too bad most of my fellow Pittsburgh fans never learned to appreciate him.

So is LaRoche going to play today? Now we need him, he should have sat yesterday…

I’m not the biggest Kelly Johnson fan… but with two outs in the bottom of the 9th and down by 1 run, why did we send Greg Norton to the plate? Kelly at least as the ability to hit the ball hard somewhere. He has a decent eye and will walk every now and then. Hell, after the L.A. series he even proved he was capable of a clutch homer. In a ballpark like Citizen’s Bank, why not at least give us a shot to tie this thing up. Greg Norton is the closest thing to a sure out as I’ve ever seen. Frustrating loss last night. The Phillies always seem to catch the breaks. We hit balls hard right at people… and they always place the ball exactly where it needs to fall. I don’t think there was anymore that Garret could have done to catch that ball… but man… what a game of inches!

Or Infante. Or Ross. Anyone but Norton.

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