McLouth aggravates his hamstring strain

Nate McLouth’s ailing left hamstring may prevent him from making his expected return to the Braves lineup this week.
McLouth removed himself during the fifth inning of Double-A Mississippi’s game against West Tennessee on Saturday night.  The 28-year-old center fielder exited after aggravating his hamstring while racing into the gap to catch a fly ball.

Because there wasn’t much discoloration and McLouth still possessed satisfactory strength in his leg, the Braves are hoping that this is just a mild aggravation of an injury that he originally suffered on Aug. 8.  
Even though McLouth is eligible to come off the disabled list on Monday, the Braves were contemplating the possibility of activating him on Tuesday, after the rosters have expanded.  It now appears they’ll have to wait a little longer for the return of their leadoff hitter and center fielder.  


Oh, the thread leading from this is how much better McCutchen is than McLouth? Talk to me this time next year, it’s not like we had the option of getting Nate or McCutchen. Even if we did I’d take Nate 8 times a week. Oh, he’s injured? I’ll take Nate. Not quite as fast? I’ll take Nate. Say what you will Pirate fans, McCutchen may be comparable to McLouth, but upper management will probably trade him away soon to make a quick $. Braves may not make the postseason in 09′, but I’ll take our front office over Pittsburgh’s.

Who was comparing McCutchen to McLouth? Anyways. If the Braves make the playoffs, will Hudson and McLouth make it? There are still ways to work around that, right? Or has it changed…

It’s frustrating to hear about this setback, but if we get a series win in Philly tonight and Tim Hudson has a successful return on Monday, I think every Braves’ fan will have his spirits lifted — and with a month left and only 3.5 out of the wild card hunt, we’re only one hot streak away from making the postseason. I also really think the front office has done a great job this year.

Not getting McClouth is a set back but the Braves can still get the job done if they play with determination and enthusiasm which of late has not been the case. Last nite’s game put something back in the hope barrel that was in danger of being emptied. If Hudson comes back and performs that will give us more innings to use in middle relief. Gonzalez was stellar last night. Bats have to stay alive to make it happen. LaRoche is a concern. The injuries to this team in August are the real story behind why they are where they are in the standings. This isn’t a team where 1 or 2 players can carry the load.

You’d seriously prefer McLouth to McCutchen? The Pirates traded the former to make room for the latter for a reason.

During the 423 games Jones played from June 26, 2006 through the end of the 2008 season, he hit .337 with a .436 on-base percentage and a .583 slugging percentage.

That’s f’n crazy.

Anybody else like the idea of Diaz batting 3rd and Chipper 4th. Prado can lead off and Escobar can bat 2nd. Diaz is seeing the ball so well and Chipper can protect him. It is really starting to get interesting. Too bad the Braves cooled off at the same time as the Rockies, but they are right there. It is very exciting.

First, I would take Nate in a heart beat if that is the question. 2and, if the Braves make the playoffs and Hudson is pitching then look for both Nate and Hudson to be on
that roster.

The Braves were planning to send a position player down to make room for Tim Hudson tomorrow. But with Nate McLouth and Ryan Church ailing, they’ve decided to push Hudson’s return back one day and start Kawakami in his regular spot on Monday. Hudson will go on Tuesday and the rest of the rotation will then be pushed back one day. So through next Monday’s day off, six different starters will be utilized.

Ryan Church is still hurting, but he’s back in tonight’s lineup. LaRoche is feeling better, so he’s also in tonight’s lineup.

Thanks for the update. It is nice to hear that LaRoche is back in the lineup. It will be great whenever Church and McLouth can get back into the lineup as well. As for the lineup comment. I do not completely agree with the comment. I think it would be nice to utilize Diaz a little lower in the lineup, but I do not think that hitting him third is the best idea simply because he doesn’t strike out a great deal. Plus, we have tried Escobar at the 2 hole, and he clearly has done a better job lower in the lineup. If it were up to me (which it isn’t but I’ll give my opinion anyway), my lineup for tonight would go as follows.
1. Prado 2B
2. Diaz RF
3. Jones 3B
4. LaRoche 1B
5. McCann C
6. Escobar SS
7. Anderson LF
8. Infante CF
9. Jurrjens
I think placing Infante at the bottom of the lineup would help us set up RBI situations for Prado and Diaz at the top of the order. I know Prado typically doesn’t have the speed of a normal leadoff man, but that’s not our game anyways. He gets on base alot and the point of baseball is getting them on base, and hitting them in. I’m still not sure why LaRoche has not been placed into the cleanup hole. He’s been there before and he is clearly raking the ball at the time being. But that’s just my opinion.

Bobby Cox has to go. I was screaming at the T.V last night when they took Hanson out. Less than 100 pitches in the 9th, while pitching a shut out. There was no reason to take Hanson out of that game. The announcers were even shocked. I knew they would loose that game after that and they most certainly did. Bobby Cox may have been a good mangager at one time, but my God how long must we suffer as Braves fans before the nightmare will end. As long as Cox is the manager, the Braves may never see the post season again. He makes to many obvious mistakes in his decision making, when to pull the pitcher, when not to pull the pitcher, pitch count etc,etc, etc. Yes I understand the Players love to play for him, he is a players manager. Well enough of that Bull ****, they need to get off there *** and play. I think they have become to comfortable with cox to remain competitive for a pennant. Cox is to old and set in his ways to really be effective anymore. I may be a fool, but I will promise you this, The Braves will not make the playoffs again under Cox. They dont have the payroll they once had. Thats the only reason they ever made the run they did in the nintys. It was not because Cox was a great manager.
IT was in spite of him because the players were that good.
Glavine, Maddux, Smoltz and we had them in the prime of there careers. Just about anyone could have done the same thing who has a little knoledge of the game. Frank Wren, if you ever want to make a legacy in Atlanta, you are giong to have to make the tough call and get rid of the stalemate that is Bobby Im wearing out my welcome Cox.
I am a lifelong braves fan, I am very tired of watching medioker baseball. If the braves payroll is going to stay where it is, the braves will need someone who can win with that budget. ITs not freaking Bobby cox, why cant you idiots see that. Fire BOBBY COX

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