Barton clears waivers to make room for Hudson

Tim Hudson has been activated from the 60-day disabled list and the Braves made room for him on their 40-man roster by placing outfielder Brian Barton on waivers.  Barton cleared waivers on Monday and was outrighted to the Triple-A Gwinnett roster. 

Hudson’s start against the Marlins tonight will be his first Major League appearance since July 23, 2008.  The veteran right-hander is coming back from Tommy John elbow ligament transplant surgery.

Barton has hit .261 in 108 games for Gwinnett this season.  His three-hit performance against Durham on Monday night aided the club’s postseason push. 

Gwinnett is one game behind Durham in the International League’s South Division and they currently lead the Wild Card race with a 3 1/2-game advantage over Syracuse. 

Monday night’s victory was also aided by the five-hit performance provided by center fielder Gregor Blanco, who could possibly be added to the Atlanta roster later this month. 

But with the defensive range he’s displayed over the past couple of days, Omar Infante has provided the Braves more confidence in his ability to man the center field position until Ryan Church or Nate McLouth prove healthy enough to play on a consistent basis. 

As mentioned last night, infielder Brooks Conrad, right-handed pitcher Luis Valdez and catcher Clint Sammons have been promoted from Gwinnett and will join Atlanta’s expanded roster today. 


So what this means is Barton can’t be outrighted anymore in his career plus the Braves have to put him back on the 40-man by December or risk losing him in the rule-5 draft. Which I don’t suppose they’ll do.

Tonight’s lineup:

Diaz RF
Prado 2B
C. Jones 3B
McCann C
Anderson LF
Escobar SS
LaRoche 1B
Infante CF
Hudson P

Mark, since Hudson is pitching does that mean that if the braves make it to the playoffs, Hudson will be able to play in the postseason?

Did Brian Barton piss someone off?

What I’m trying to say is does he have to be on the 40 man roster or the active roster in order to play in the playoffs if the braves make it.

What I’m trying to say is does he have to be on the 40 man roster or the active roster in order to play in the playoffs if the braves make it?

Hudson will be eligible to play in the post-season, yes.

Yeah, the simplest way to explain is that any player that was a member of the organization before Sept. 1 is eligible for the postseason roster. Those not on the 40-man at that time would have to fill the spot of any player on the disabled list. In Hudson’s case, he could fill Campillo’s spot.

Hudson just stepped on the field in a t-shirt (6:31 p.m. ET), so it’s seems to be a pretty good bet that the game will be delayed. Forecast shows we might not get started until closer to 9 p.m.

Cox said he’ll give Kawakami his break by skipping his next scheduled start on Sunday. The plan is for Hudson to go on regular rest that day.

Alright now seriously, it’s raining in our game and I find myself rooting for the Mets and the Phillies at the same time. What gives?
It’s like how Fantasy Football has you cheering and watching during a Cincinnati vs. Houston game.
Strange Days Indeed!!!!

Just saw that a Gwinnett player hit Peavey in the elbow. Who was it?

Wes Timmons

Just learned earlier today what prompted the Peavy/Timmons incident. During an earlier at-bat, Timmons grunted (or made some sort of noise) when he swung at one of Peavy’s pitches. From what I have been told, this is something Timmons makes these kinds of noises with great regularity while swinging the bat.

Peavy took exception and decided to throw behind Timmons, who then directed the next pitch off the veteran hurler’s right elbow.

Thats what Peavey gets for not wanting to come to Atlanta. just kidding I would hate to have that happen to one of our pitchers

Marlins management is meeting now and the next decision will be made at 9:30. At that time, they’ll either continue to wait or bang it.

Mark any updates on your favorite crying coach at Michigan?

Estimated start time is 10 p.m. ET.

Winboj, No I haven’t heard anymore about him. But I’m glad that the WVU talk at least introduced Troy from Vienna to this blog. Now we just need to see if we can bring Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny into our forum.

Actually, I was expecting to meet the real Santa before encountering a West Virginian who is still supportive of Rich Rod.

Hudson hasn’t started since July 23, 2008 and I don’t think he’s pitched in front of a crowd this small since that day in 1985, when the Phenix City Street Fair led many of the town’s residents to skip his Mustang game.

Would Bobby Cox ever consider using a 6-man rotation that might keep the starters fresher Maybe it would let them pitch longer in the game and take the workload off the bullpen…

Mark, just wanted to say thanks for your fantastic blogs! It’s absolutely the best place I’ve found on the internet to get reliable Braves news….so thanks man!

Also, can you please comment on why the Braves have been so overly patient with Norton this year (if you know something we don’t)? I think he’s a great guy and understand his fielding versatility, but Bobby keeps using him in PH situations and he continues to disappoint!

Thanks in advance!


KJ pinch running for Greg Norton. Kind of a batting avg. version of dumb and dumber.

so soriano gives up the Uggla homerun to open the ninth and we are all wondering. why in god’s green earth soriano pitched last night? and now bobby has boone logan up to come in and save a 1 run game. Do we really want to win anymore? Is bobby completely senile? Can boone logan come in a close game and save anything? Has bobby abused the bullpen once again?

Actually, genius, it was O’Flaherty up in the pen. And as of a few minutes ago, we won. So looks like it worked out.

actually, slightly demented, it was boone logan, and just because they slid thru doesn’t mean the strategy was well thought out. Bobby has been making some huge bone-head moves lately but I don’t expect those of you with diminished mental capacity to be able to recognize that. You probably think that bringing in your closer with a 4 run lead and no off days this week is a well thought out strategy. Not me, nor much of the baseball cognescenti.

Hey I didn’t say it was a brilliant move. But we won. I don’t think it was Soriano being fatigued and rather Uggla having his number all year. Also, I wasn’t at the game but Boog and Joe stated that O’Flaherty was warming up.

Hate to be in agreement with billreef because he’s rarely makes a cogent point, other than excessive bitching and endless complaints but it was Logan warming in the pen after the Uggla Homer.

Joe Incorrectly identified him as O’Flaherty.

While I too somewhat questioned Bobby’s use of Soriano on Monday Night, It’s hard to say whom he should have used in the 9th on Monday Night.

Rest assured though, same people criticizing Bobby for using Soriano on Monday would be leading the charge with vitirol filled diatribes against Bobby had he used someone else Monday Night and the Game was tied or lost in the ninth.

Just so I can get in some more excessive bitching and some more endless compaints, I am wondering who is ready now for a close game tonite? Is that cogent enough?🙂

I suppose I’ll be the only one who thinks Gonzalez deserves a shot at closing again.

He lost his spot because Soriano was pitching much better than he was at the time, and now it’s definitely reversed.

Gonzo 4 prez.

This offseason I say we resign Infante and Prado. Trade Kelly. Maybe Conrad could be another utility guy

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