Cox pulls Escobar again

Yunel Escobar has proven to have a much better attitude over the course of the past few weeks.  But when he took a lackadaisical stroll toward first base at the end of the first inning of Friday night’s 9-4 loss to the Phillies at Turner Field, the talented shortstop once again drew the ire of Braves manager Bobby Cox. 

This action led to Cox removing Escobar during the middle of a game for the second time this year.  Two defensive mental lapses during a June 13 game against the Orioles also led the Cuban shortstop to face the embarrassment of being pulled. 

“He just has lapses, where I think he forgets,” Cox said.

Escobar moved gingerly out of the box when he grounded out to end the
first inning.  His slow approach might have prevented him from taking
advantage of  Chase Utley’s errant throw, which slightly pull Phillies
first baseman Ryan Howard off the bag.

Cox inserted Omar Infante to play shortstop before the start of the third inning. He said his decision to wait an inning was based on his desire to allow Infante to get loose. 

“I didn’t want to put anybody in just off the bench on the third out not loose,” Cox said.

Over the course of the past two months, Escobar has proven to be a better clubhouse figure.  In addition, while making highlight plays on a nightly basis, he has committed just one error in his last 63 games.

“He’s been as good as any shortstop that I’ve seen over the past couple of months,” a Major League scout said earlier this week.   


this is crap and everyone knows it! Why doesnt any reporter ask Bobby why Esco is always the one getting this treatment. How many times do we have to watch Anderson loafing in the OF or Chipper for that matter not running out grounders. Its basically Bobby or Yunel next season. I dont see both being a Brave and Wren better make the right choice.

Bobby has completely lost all of his managing ability. Weve got our hottest hitter hitting 8th. In one of our biggest games only Logan, Acosta, Medlen, and Nunez are used because everyone else is unavaible because of being overused. Weve got 3 guys in the top 5 of relief appearances on the season, that should never happen. Bobby thanks, but please retire. If not, Wren fire him

Yunel deserved it, no question…ANY manager would do the samething.

that was a pretty idiot comment.

Did that guy forget that we won 7 straight games becuase of the way cox has used his bullpen. You saw tonight what happens when he uses anyone else. What’s wrong with Laroche hitting 8th when Diaz is going to be smacking em all around the field in front of him? Some people will never be happy.

I agree about Cox. All you hear fromreporters is Chipper is tired. What is he tired of. He sure is not helping the team, His toe hurts, he hurt this and that. Also it seems if Bobby does not like you then you are gone. Wake up Wrenn and do the right thing. Cox will leave a picture in until he walks in 1 or 2 then oh I better take him out. I watch the braves every night and I love the braves but it sure seems like they need to try someone new!!!

I know. What has Bobby Cox ever done as a manager? Won more division titles in a row than any team in baseball history? Anyone could do that. Clearly that dudes an idiot.

im a mets fan, and i just wanna say, if you guys are finished with bobby cox, well gladly take him. that dudes a winner. period. to the dude who said “its esco or cox” next year, i sincerely doubt either yunel or bobby feel that way, so thats just ur own BS ur projecting on the situation. and to the rest of you whining little bittches, did you forget the decade and a half of consecutive playoff appearances? a couple bad years and you turn into whining little babies? we got people like u in my town, too. theyre called yankee fans. they were the people in april crying about what a bad signing sabathia was, what an overpaid disaster this years team was, so on and so forth. couple wins later they forget it all. dont be like yankee fans, atlanta. you already have enough problems, being from georgia and all. sincerely, your friendly local mets fan.

Bobby Cox needs to retire, Chipper needs to be traded to the American League where he can DH, And Terrry Pendleton needs to be made the skipper. I would rather see a youngster in LF who can easily put up GA’s numbers.

If Chipper stays he needs to bat 8th. He is no longer a 3 or 4 hole hitter. He is holding this team back. Plus, 20 errors at 3b while not playing every game.

The Braves’ pitchers deserved a better fate this year and some changes could have brought some needed offense. Hopfully Bobby will do the right thing for the Braves as he will not do what needs to be done with Chipper.

To fallon7284: Your comments are typical of some moronic Northerner who comes from a place where people are animals and treat other people like animals. I also notice that after insulting people from Georgia that you reside there yourself. Why don’t you go back to where things are better? Bobby Cox needs to be replaced; there can be no question about it. His pulling of Escobar, while not bad in itself, is also indicative of his favoritism and cronyism. Other commenters have mentioned how he doesn’t do this with Chipper or Anderson. It is true also that he should have won more than the one championship with all those trips to the playoffs and this can be attributed to bad decisions based on cronyism.

I dont know if Im more amazed by how bad a manager Bobby Cox is or the people that defend him. There was no reason to take Escobar out that game last night. Bobby blew that game by using reliever after reliever that can not pitch. He shuffles the lineup daily, sits Matt Diaz who is the best hitter on the team and when the game is on the line lately steadily puts in Kris Medlen who clearly hasn’t learned to pitch at this level. He was outmanaged for years in the playoffs. I like the decisions that Wren has made so far, just hope he makes the one that needs to be made, get Bobby out of there!

The Braves will never win under Cox again,time for a new system,the whole coaching staff needs to go except the ex MET ROGER MC.).Pulling Esobar the best 2 out hitter in the game was a big mistake he ruined the guy mentally by doing this ,what good did it do Andruw Jones????Cox’s favortisim has to stop well it won’t while he still goes hunting an fishing with the click & to the MET FAN in this blog go worry about the 22 game under 500 team.Your another issue with Minaya’s crew with the $$$ they have to spend an still loose.

Escobar is a very good player, both offense and defense BUT to be great in the history of the game, he needs to be taught a few lessons. You can tell by his actions and the looks, that he thinks he knows it all. I think Bobby is disciplining him like a leader or father figure should do.
So, if Bobby gets fired or retires, why don’t you people who think he is wrong, apply for his job???????? When Chipper retires, why don’t you apply for his job?????????

Escobar deserved it, but, yes, Bobby should be yanking slacker Anderson. Chipper needs to decide who comes first: the team or him.

It ruined Andruw? Andruw was/is lazy. He got overweight and lost his swing and range in the outfield. As bad as you’re trying to make that situation out to be, Andruw looks at Bobby Cox as a father figure and would have loved nothing more than to return and play for him.

We just won 7 in a row. Yes, maybe it should have been 9 if not for Bobby putting Soriano in when Hanson was dealing. Soriano is our closer though, use him or send him back to the minors.

Greg Norton sucks, okay. Yunel is a cry baby. A talented cry baby, but a cry baby nonetheless. I hate seeing him after a bad call act like a little leaguer. It’s embarrassing. Maybe it wasn’t the right move to yank him there, but we have no idea what goes on in that club house. No one here is an MLB manager. Bobby won’t be here long.

If last night doesn’t do it for you, then nothing will. Bobby Cox has lost his mind and he along with the loafing glory boy, Chipper Jones is holding this team back. How can he justify taking arguably your best player out for what he called loafing when I watch his little golden boy Chipper do it everyday, well at least 3 games a week because he has to rest his ailing hamstring, oblique, bruised thumb, sore arch and cut forearm. it is obvious to me that Wren has had a long talk with Senor Cox about his abilities and Cox has to show what a man he is by sitting the young star, real leadership Cox, you showed everybody how you are the man for the job, you are more of a joke than I originally thought Cox.They won 7 in a row without Chipper and without Cox making his pitching changes, and after last night, you saw what happens when that combo is in effect. I love baseball and I have always loved watching the Braves and I always will, but it will be on TV. That organization will not get any more of my hard earned mon ey until a change is made from players to coaches. If Chipper had 1 ounce of leadership in him this Escobar situation would never have come to this, Chipper don’t care and the players on that team take on the attitude of the manager and self described leader, Chipper you have done great things in ATL, but your time has passed along with your “granfatherly figure Cox”. Go away so the rest of the team can have a chance to find themselves.

This time of year, we cannot afford to take out escobar, no matter how he acts. We need to win every game, that means playing the hot hand and putting up with a little BS as long as we can get a win. I dont think bobby will be here next year, his time looks to be over, but im not sure i would like pendleton running the show. Who knows, but i do think next years team will be great!

i would love to see the braves bring back julio franco for the coaching staff. everybody loves him. julio is a leader that this team needs and he has always been there to talk to the younger players that get into some trouble (rafael furcal’s dui). i think this man could have an enourmous impact on yunel. Sometimes teams just need a new manager just for the sake of having one (Colorado). a change like that might be just what they need.

If Cox is gone next year, (and I pray for that to happen), Pendleton is definitely NOT the man to replace him. He is the worst hitting coach in baseball so what kind of manager could he be? They need to clean out the whole lot of them and come up with a brand new field management team. Get rid of the favoritism that has plagued this team for years. Wren has constructed the makings of a fine team and all we need is the right manager. They should have gotten rid of Cox in 1996 when the Braves blew that 2-0 lead to the Yankees in the World Series. The Braves have gone downhill ever since and the manager must answer for all these failures.

I think that you all are forgetting when Cox use to pull the most talented young CF because he was loafing. This isn’t a new thing and you didn’t have a problem with it when we were winning the division titles, so quit being so to turn on Cox and the braves. The same thing for Chipper. The guy goes through one major slump in how many years? Hasn’t he lead the majors in batting average over that four or five year (combined, not just in one season.) He has been the most consistent bat in the braves line up for the last decade and now everyone wants to turn on him. Baseball is a game were you have to let someone get the reps, if a manager sat guys everytime they got in a slump then I bet some of the greatest hitters all-time would never have gotten where they are. I never thought that Braves fans would turn on their team so fast. I always ripped phillies and yankees fans and said that the Braves would never turn so quickly. I guess I was wrong.

favoritism is rampant on this team, and to try to hold 1 young player accountable for years of coddling is disgusting to me. I find it hard to believe that some of the players on this team don’t speak out more openly on this, I guess they just try to appease Cox so they will be one of his boys. I want to like Cox, but he makes it very difficult for me, his line up moves, pitching changes, he just doesn’t seem to have a clue to what is going on in the dugout, nobody wants to speak out for fear of reprisal because he has been there so long, look what Colorado did with a manager change, it changes everything, mind set, effort, all of changes. I think it needs to be someone from outside the organization so he can manage with no special interest on his mind. If Cox is so great, why do the Braves have only 1 title? He had the easy task of 3 HOF pitchers to pencil in everyday, now they are gone and he has proven the last few years he cannot manage effectively.

*Bobby puts in Moylan and Moylan gives up 3 runs*


Plus, Chipper is one of the best hitting coaches the Braves have…you thing he doesn’t help the team out or is a leader? Just ask LaRoche or Mccann or Frenchie who taught them more about hitting, Chipper or TP?

needle, if you honestly don’t think Cox needs to go and that Chipper is a pre madonna then you are living in a fantasy world. I don’t think anyone here is turning on the Braves, read the blogs dude, they are concerned with the direction of the team, you sound like Pelosi, down playing protestors, wake up man, it is what it is and you cannot accept it, they are a lost team being led by an incompetent manager and a so called leader who plays 3 times a week.

sorry needle, I meant crollins

Well, hello again, Sports fans. All I hear is who should be, who shouldn’t be, whose got what and who ain’t, yet I’ve heard no one eager to APPLY FOR THE JOBS. You bench warmers should coach or play and have to satisfy owners, managers, umpires, 25 men who think they are hot stuff and who speak 13 different languages, travel to 39 different cities, stay up all hours of the night to wait out rain, thunder and lightening and please all the fans by playing perfect baseball without spraining, tearing, breaking something or having a good nice sleep.
Sounds like a dream job to me, so until I read that one, just one, wants to apply for a coaching or manager’s or THIRD BASEMAN’s job, please watch the game and be happy we have baseball.
I just had another thought. Maybe some of you have been hit in the head by a 95 mph hard baseball. That’s what happened. Please accept my apology.

I just think that it is ironic that people are ripping the northerners and then turning around and doing the same things they do and worse. And, aubjeffrey, individuals make a team and if you are ripping those individuals and turning on them, why isn’t that the same thing as turning on the team? If it was one player, ok…but y’all are ripping the leadership that the Braves have had for the past decade of success-Chipper and Cox.

“why isn’t that the same thing as turning on the team?”

Because your average Braves “fan” is just a bandwagoner who hopped on during the 90s and now that they have 4 disappointing seasons they turn into self-entitled primadonnas.

Apparently the Braves are supposed to win it all this year with one of the worst offenses in the Majors. And we’re supposed to sweep a team with one of the best offenses in the Majors, just because we’ve done well against them before. LAW OF AVERAGES BE DAMNED THIS IS BASEBALL AND I KNOW MORE ABOUT HOW THIS GAME WORKS THAN A MAN WHO HAS SPENT HIS ENTIRE LIFE IN IT!

All of these Braves “fans” just need to give it up and go back to watching “da furtball” and leave the intellectual game to the people who actually know what they are talking about.

“why isn’t that the same thing as turning on the team?”

Because your average Braves “fan” is just a bandwagoner who hopped on during the 90s and now that they have 4 disappointing seasons they turn into self-entitled primadonnas.

Apparently the Braves are supposed to win it all this year with one of the worst offenses in the Majors. And we’re supposed to sweep a team with one of the best offenses in the Majors, just because we’ve done well against them before. LAW OF AVERAGES BE DAMNED THIS IS BASEBALL AND I KNOW MORE ABOUT HOW THIS GAME WORKS THAN A MAN WHO HAS SPENT HIS ENTIRE LIFE IN IT!

All of these Braves “fans” just need to give it up and go back to watching “da furtball” and leave the intellectual game to the people who actually know what they are talking about.

the teams back in the 80’s were a joke, but they had no expectations then. I hope you are not saying that the Braves of the 90’s did what they did because of the leadership of Cox, what a misguided individual you are if this is your opinion. I don’t know what kind of expert you think you are, but your comments make me laugh….downeaster, this team is sliding back to the teams of the 80’s and if upper level management has your attitude it will be complete by next year……I guess Joe torre ran those teams in the ground and the great Bobby Cox came in and saved the day, you are a moron dude.

If your wondering why Cox pulled Escobar for loafing and not Jones or Anderson is because who do you think can run out a infield single better? If your not an idiot you would pick Escobar. Escobar is much faster than Jones and Anderson. Also, I frequently see Chipper bust it trying to go around the bases he’s just not fast why do you think he was injured in St. Louis because he’s 37 years old running in full sprint and got held up. That wouldn’t have happened to Anderson because he doesn’t run any harder than a light jog. Chipper isn’t Brett Farve when he knows he’s done he will quit and I have even greater respect for him because of that.

Also, how many times are we going to let Ryan Howard beat us this year? Yeah you can blame that game on the bullpen but penultimately it was Ryan Howard.

Braves fan for 52 years. Tired of looking at a bunch of under achieving, over paid (CHIPPER) players whining and loafing. Every day somebody has a sore foot, sore thumb, sore groin etc. Maybe players should be paid by the amount of games they play. I am 62 years old and still go to work EVERY DAY!!(My Choice) Chipper please retire!! Cant wait for 2010.

Oh I know. You’ve ALLLL been with the Braves since back in the 80 or earlier. That’s why you’re so mad with Bobby. You just remember the glory days back when the Braves weren’t even contenders. When they were perennial non-contenders. That Nationals of the 80s.

You guys have EVERY reason to hate Bobby. I mean the teams back in the 80s were sooo much better. I can see how you guys that have experienced those days can be mad at Bobby for making this team a contender despite having a putrid offense. You have my full and complete understanding.

I don’t see why it does any good to sit here and whine about how you wish things were done your way, when you have absolutely no way to change it. Your opinion won’t change a thing, so quite being a little baby and pull for the Braves in whatever situation or just go be a Mets fan.

A couple things seem obvious. Escobar is developing into one of the best players in the league at his position and is likely a future star. Chipper is a future hall of famer. For the past few years Chipper’s desire to play has almost disappeared, his batting title last year notwithstanding. Escobar clearly dogs it on occasion and last nite was one of them. But even the casual fan can see that Chipper hasnt run out a ground ball in three years, invents injuries when he doesnt want to play and cares more about his personal stats than he does team performance. Bobby has yet to call out Chipper (in public at least) and benches Escobar whenever he feels it appropriate. The double standard is terrible for Escobar, sad for Chipper and disastrous for the team.

All of you experts need to tell me one thing.Who is going to manage this team.You want him gone who you going to replace him with.Terry Pendleton, Jeff Blauser.I agree it is frustrating watching Chipper kill this team every night.How do you think he has felt the last three years being the only one that can hit.As far as the injuries go, it tells me one thingHE HAS PLAYED THIS GAME CLEAN!!!He has played everyday in his twenties and early thirties.Then he started to break down.Just like players did twenty and thirty years ago.As far as Escobar goes,shut up and play.Whether it is Escobar, Anderson, Jones,McCann, there is no excuse for not running hard.Any young kid should watch Prado and Diaz play. They bust their *** on every play whether they hit it to the wall or hit a grounder to short.As far as Bobby Cox goes,don’t know what you got til it’s gone.

I strongly agree with “Local Met fan”. He hit it right on the button. As Braves fans we have alot to be thankful for. Are we in a playoff run here or not? Because we are acting like we are in last place! Take it from someone who lives in Southern California and wishes he could get to the ballpark withing a 30 minute drive….don’t know what you have until it is gone…

Also, what has happened to our system? We have a kid who needs to mature and we want him to mature by not showing him descipline? Come on people, are we that selfish now that we have to have it all right now? Invest towards tomorrow….by sitting Escobar today and making sure he learns his lesson!
Bottom line, let the manager manage because if the players run the team we will be in chaos.

Yes, in a game that really matters, Cox pulls Escobar out. Escobar is a man. Why not walk up to him and say, hey hussle. Nope Cox pulls him out. I dont care for Cox anymore. Hes a players manager not a team manager. There is more then one player on this team and the best should be for the team. Seeing how Escobar killed this pitcher and Omar didnt, Cox did not have the teams interest in mind when he pulled Escobar. These players arent kids, they are gown men. Go up and say hey hows about a hustle, you just cost us. I think that would have worked.

The blogger above that mentioned to watch Diaz and Prado finally hit on the truth. They are two of, well not two of, but probably the two best effort guys the Braves have. Cox sits Diaz in the middle of hitting about .500 to continue to platoon him with Ryan Church and it took him two years to figure out that Prado can hit better than Kelly Johnson. For anyone who says that people are turning on the Braves, that is not true. People on here love the Braves and they simply know the truth. Bobby Cox is not only awful as a manager, he has been for a VERY long time. And for the guy that keeps saying we ought to apply for his job, well when we fans go to the games and spend our hard earned money, then we have the right to an opinion. Once everyone stops going to the game, I promise you somebody will listen!

If it wasn’t Bobby Cox who got the Braves out of their position as laughing stock of the game, then who was it? The players? If that’s what you think, then you have to blame the players for the Braves current position as well. You can’t say it’s the players who make the team play well and then turn around and blame the manager when things don’t go well.

The real truth here is that Bobby Cox is one of the greatest in the game, and that all of you “fans” are just spoiled, pathetic crybabies who shouldn’t even be allowed into the stadium. You don’t care about this team one bit, you just care about being able to claim you are a fan of a team that is winning, and when the Braves don’t win you look for any excuse you can to try and justify it.

The real truth is the fact that this team has stayed in contention until the bitter end speaks volumes as to what Bobby Cox is able to do as manager. He’s managed to get a team with awful, inconsistent offense to stay in it until very last week of the season. This current Braves team is not a playoff ready team, and the fact that they are still in it at all is miraculous and a testament to Cox being one of the best in the game.

All of you fake *** fans are ******* disgusting, not to mention pathetically stupid and blatant bandwagoners. If you never go to another game again, it will be too ******* soon. You don’t deserve to call yourselves fans of this franchise.

I have been sick to my stomach watching Chipper the second half of the season just like everyone else, but we don’t need to question his heart.Anyone watching last night knows he’s not even 75%.I agree that he shouldn’t be out there because 100% of 2009 Chipper ain’t near as good as 70% Chipper three years ago.Also Chipper showed his alliance to this franchise by deferring money years ago to help sign other players and he signed to play for Atlanta this spring to play his whole career with Atlanta.Chipper has loyalty to this franchise.I wish most of you fans would be this loyal.Thanks Chipper,it may have been a rough couple months, but 15 years of dominance is what I will remember.Chippre don’t want to win any World Series, he wants to win it in Atlanta.Get your head out of your ***** and support this team to make a run at the playoffs.

I’ve been an Atlanta BRAVES fan since the 1991 World Series, which is the first time I can remember watching baseball with my father, in Phoenix, AZ. When the Arizona Diamondbacks first season started I was about a month shy of my 17th birthday. I have rooted for the D-BACKS since, and as an expansion team there have been many great moments, but for me the post Jerry Colangelo management of the Arizona Diamondbacks, have turned me off from wanting to seriously rooting for them. 3 things so far stand out. First, they refused to re-sign Luis Gonzalez, a fan favorite, at a discount. That was very upsetting. Second they changed the teams colors, even though the majority of fans were not complaining. Third and the worst offense, they did not re-sign Randy Johnson, their 4X in a row Cy Young Award winner, this past offseason. The guy who pitched a PERFECT game against my beloved BRAVES in 2004. Randy Johnson deserved to win number 300 as a Diamondback!!!

These are the main reasons, I have not been compelled to support the Diamondbacks more.

One more thing,whoever thinks Terry Pendleton should be the manager is retarded.He can’t even make the hitters better. We don’t need him screwing up the whole team.Everybody knows that the two best hitters on the team don’t even go to him for help.McCann and Chipper always go to their fathers for help when they struggle.Pendleton does not have the ability to get through to the hitters.Andruw Jones, Francouer, Kelly Johnson all had their careers go down hill with Pendleton as a hitting coach.I know it’s up to the players to listen to the coaching but obviously he don’t have what it takes.Francouer has gotten better with New York(even though it’s only been a few months)Jones has shown some of the power he used to have and has looked better than the last few years( I know that wouldn’t take much).Johnson needs a fresh start because he has gotten worse every year and has suffered because the Braves will not get a true leadoff hitter.

Bobby put Yunel at the bench because Escobar is young and he is a better runner than that and better player ….. He just want Yunel to keep focus ….. Garrett and Chipper can get hurt in they hustle to much at their age ….. Bobby needs to change the line up a little bit ….. I thing Chipper should be down in the line up to take out some pressure ….. I don’t understand what’s Laroche doing batting 8th when he is a better run producer than Garret Anderson ….. This line up should work better right now …..

Yunel or Laroche
Yunel or Laroche
Chipper or Conrad
Diaz (He is getting a little cold again)

csg1 said it all. I waited for Friday’s game like the entire Braves organization, the players and all the fans; I wanted to see us go for it with everything we had. Bobby then pulled Yunel. I saw the replay, I wish he ran hard… then Utley would have pulled the trigger quick; an out nonetheless. But pulling Escobar removes the focus from the all-important game, and puts it squarely on Bobby and his short Escobar fuse. Inexcusable… just so upset, watching Yunel on the bench. Then came the parade of relievers; then we can’t get a call on Medlen’s great move to first, then off comes Bobby’s hat when LaRoche couldn’t throw to second for fear of hitting Utley, and another no call from the ump on the baseline maneuver by Utley. Bobby has baited umps for so many years; there are some that won’t give him a call. In spite of it all, a dose of Moylan and inning over. 3-1 with Phillies’ pen; that’s a win. So many people depending on Bobby to give the Braves a chance; Bobby let us all down. csg1, thanks; we’re all inconsolable today; hoping for better tonight!

Everyone is dogging Chipper, but who was it that won the BATTING TITLE last year. Chipper has said that if his game doesn’t pick up he is gone. Yunel would have beat that ball out last night and it would have set the tone for the rest of the game or series. I like how Bobby manages his position players, but he can’t manage pitchers. Thank you for giving us hope this year Braves and look forward to a world series apperance next season.

I’m an OPTIMISTIC realist. The BRAVES are 4 1/2 games back with 15 games to play. They play 9 of their last 15 games at Turner Field. I feel Bobby should have spoken to Yunel, rathern than take him out of the lineup.

I am a die hard Braves fan winning or losing. I think that blaming Bobby Cox for what is going on this year is just crazy all he can do is make a line up and the players have to play the game. As far as pulling Escobar out of the game for loafing sometimes that is what it takes to make a player see how important hustling on every play really is even at the major league level. I may not agree with decision that Bobby Cox makes but he knows more about the team than any of us do and he can’t play the game for them. Chipper does care if this team wins or loses he is just having a bad year and I’m sure that he will work it out or get out if he feels he is hurting the team. I still think that they can pull out at least a wild card spot and will be watching to see till the last pitch of the last game. GO BRAVES

They’ll get no closer than 4 1/2 games and we all know that you hustle out every play because you don’t know what will happen. Stop caring and start looking to next year.

While everyone gets insulting, and is derogatory to southerners, northerners, and the like, THIS northerner who has been a Braves fan since 1979 would like to see if he can be civil while making a case for why Bobby Cox should have been fired long ago. Someone a whole lot smarter than me said once that a manager is only responsible for about 12-15 games per year. With the amount of talent, especially pitching (Thank you Leo) that this team had through the years, it was easy to see why the Braves won their division year after year. It is once you get to the post season, where the talent levels equal out most of the time, that a manager earns his keep. In most cases, Bobby got overmatched time and again. Which explains why they only won the Series once, and only got to the series a couple of more times. The people who wrote here about how he misuses the bullpen, favors certain players (something most of us would do by the way) are accurate. There is no excuse whatsoever for the main bullpen players to have not been available last night. Cox cost us the Astros game that Hanson pitched, and countless other games earlier in the year when he didn’t know what he had, and stayed with Schefer too long. In spite of all this, it STILL isn’t over. If they win these last 2 from the Phillies (not impossible) They have 7 with Washington and 3 with the Mets, plus the 3 with Florida. They need to sweep the Nats and Mets, which they should if they are really playoff caliber, and take 2 of 3 from Florida. If they do this, they can catch the Rockies.
All provided Cox stays out of the way.

Chipper needs to GO HOME . There is always something the matter with him. He is a has been so cut him loose. That way the team can win more games . They won 7 with out his help so that proves he isnot needed. GO HOME LAZY WAYNE.

Ever since the early nineties (yes, even before the Braves had a web site!) I have criticized Cox for his miserable “managing.” Given the talent that the Braves had for 15 years, any major league manager could have won more than one World Series (except, perhaps, Ozzie Guillen). Cox plays favorites (remember John Rocker calling him out because Rocker wasn’t one of the “fair haired boys” that Cox loves and dotes on so), trades or benches players who he doesn’t like (Matt Diaz, batting .324, has started in less than half the games) and overuses/misuses his bullpen (Boyer worked 82 games last year, but where is he now?). It’s past time to remove Cox as the so-called manager. Bench Chipper until he heals, regains his swing or retires (Mickey Mantle, Willy Mays and Hank Aaron were all benched due to hitting slumps!). Show GA the door (I’m 58 years old and can out run him, guaranteed). Let Yunel Play and give him a lecture after the game, don’t humiliate him!
Fire Bobby Cox and give the job to someone that knows how to get the job done.


I have never seen a team where players can’t go from 1st to 3rd on balls down the RF line. It happens all the time. If Chipper isn’t able to drive the ball now, perhaps the team is better suited with Infante or Conrad until Chipper is healthy. At least they can run.


Diaz, who is the hottest hitter in baseball (since he finally got a chance to play) is batting 8th in this offensively challenged lineup. He was batting over .400 in the leadoff role. Bobby has completely lost it.

If we are going to continue to be postseason contenders we really need to figure out our closer situation. Soriano(who I think shouldn’t have even pitched) gives up 4 runs in an inning, Gonzalez is a good set-up man but he struggles in the closer spot. I don’t care if Valdez closes but Soriano has blown to many lately to be the closer. I think the closer should be: Moylan, O’Flaherty, or maybe Valdez.

It is my opinion that Soriano is NO closer. I thought he was going to blow last night’s game with a six run lead. I think moyer should be the closer. And
chipper needs to be batting 7th. He has gotten older and slower. And you never see him hustling to first.

I just have to comment and enlighten some of you people that don’t know what you are talking about. Maybe when Escobar has earned the respect that Chipper has, he will be treated like Chipper. Chipper is still pitched around in the 3 hole even though he is struggling right now. Sometimes when he grounds out you can hear Cox yell “easy!!” because the team can’t afford for him to get hurt running out a routine ground ball. Chipper is also very important in the clubhouse to the younger guys like Escobar. As far as Bobby Cox is concerned, we have picked up some terrific players because they wanted to play for Bobby Cox. He is a player’s manager. He is one of the greatest managers of all time and nobody will ever convince me otherwise.

Cox had plenty of Hot Dogs and bad attitude players in his rosters over the years and never….ever done this before…look at the way he has Discriminated Canizarez by having 37 years old mediocre career player Greg norton…
Canizarez should have been traded to the AL, lon time ago…out of the 21 DH in the AL, only 5 can be compare to him..he can be a great DH..and have a long career as DH…he can hit..and Cox has done nothing…why dont he gives escobar the day off, everytime he has 4 hits …or saves the game with a superplay…
Cox is too old, he is the one that needs to sit-out..for good..Atlanta has have one of the best teams in baseball in the last 2 years,,,and? no results..not even play-offs

Okay, I have to respond to that last one… “Atlanta has had one of the best teams in baseball the last 2 years…”

What the crap are you talking about? As much as I love the Braves, the teams the past two years have been GARBAGE! No power, no speed, old-injured-pitchers and Kelly Johnson. Don’t even TRY to blame Bobby for the past two years. The teams were not good. This year’s team is right where we belong to be, fighting to make the playoffs.

I don’t question that Bobby isn’t who he used to be. But don’t pretend we deserved to a be a playoff team last year or the year before.

How can a manager be so inconsistent in enforcing discipline and keep the respect of his players and the fans? This is the same manager who routinely yells to his players as they run out grounders to take it “EASY” yet he will discipline another for doing it. I know that Escobar has a rep for sometimes losing concentration but it seems in this case that Bobby picks and chooses who hustles and who loafs. There should be one rule and that is to give it your all to win or sit beside of me!!!!!!!!! GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is with you idiots and wanting to give Bobby the axe? He is one of the best managers in MLB History and you want to run him off. Be thankful for what you have. Everybody loses from time to time. Ask the Red Sox before 2003, now their singing a new tune. On the benching of Yunel, Bobby was right he wasn’t busting it down the line like Matty D does everytime and it cost him. The Phillies are a team that can score quick and every run is big. Bobby is trying to teach him to give his all and don’t quit on plays like Manny does. Sure enough, on Monday night Yunel hit into a slow developing double play that became a fielder’s choice just because he hustled down the line.

I do not agree with Cox pulling Yunel out of the game. As noted in another comment, why not just talk to Yunel and tell him to hustle at all times. I also wonder why we do not see more of Yunel in post game interviews. He is an excellent player and future star of the game. Yes, maybe he has some growing to do, but that is what life is. Learning and growing. If the reason we do not see Yunel in post game interviews is the language barrier, than by all means get him an interperter. Yunel makes the game highlights all the time; give him the air/interview time.

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