LaRoche sits with sore back

Braves first baseman Adam LaRoche was out of the lineup for Sunday afternoon’s series finale against the Phillies because of a sore back. 

LaRoche strained his back while diving for a ball during the latter portion of Friday night’s loss to the Phillies and felt further discomfort before exiting Saturday night’s game in the seventh inning.

“It wasn’t horrible until I took my last swing on a changeup or something,” said LaRoche, who took some additional swings in the batting cage before confirming he was unavailable for Sunday’s game.  “Hopefully it’s nothing that will keep me out very long.”

The Braves also started Sunday’s game without Brian McCann, who was given a day to rest, and Yunel Escobar, who told the Braves he was still feeling discomfort courtesy of the Pedro Martinez curveball that struck his left arm on Saturday night.


I had a dream last night that LaRoche signed a two year extension. What do people think? Dream or nightmare? Let’s weigh in.

and for the record, I’m a fan of keeping him through 2011.

as long as we get some power in one of the OF corners

I am all for keeping Adam, he seems to have come back a better player than he was before. Someone needs to let Yunel know that he needs to start hustleing. My pet peeve is run like your being chased by a mtn. lion for 1st base, even if you think it’s a routine out. He also seems to think he’s the star of the show here lately. I guess Bobby agreed w/me when he took him out of the game Saturday.


Even though the Red Sox had him for less than a week, I would want LaRoche back. I like him better than Casey Kotchman….

They’ve pulled the tarp yet again. Let’s hope it stays off for a while this time. Approximate start time of 4:55 p.m.

Did you see some of the comments Chipper made in the story I posted the other night?

There isn’t any guarantee that Freeman will be ready to produce in the Majors by 2011. So I agree with Chipper about the Braves making a serious push to bring LaRoche back with a multi-year deal.

But I don’t know if they are going to be able to do so at a price that fits within a framework that allows them to also fill their other needs.

LaRoche wants to come back. But as he said in that article, he hasn’t been around the game long enough to have compiled the kind of money that would make him comfortable accepting much less than an average annual salary less than the $7 mil that he made this year.

They won’t call this game right?

we’ve been 27-18 with LaRoche, 52-51 without him. (sadly, though, we’ve lost half a game of ground in the wild card race since getting him).
Bring him back.

Adam’s departure opened that gap that led to THE WORST TRADE EVER for the Braves when they sent 5, not 3 or even 4, 5 guys to the Rangers for the “I’d like to end my career a Brave”, Teixiera, who was gone in a year. Kotchman couldn’t carry Adam’s jock and how many games were lost because of this offensive hole. I was delighted to see Adam return and his presence has been a great plus. He’s a good guy in the clubhouse and a great teammate AND the offensive and defensive threat the ball club needed. We have to keep him somehow. Since he kept his job after that horrendously bad trade, maybe Jonathan Scheurholz could give Adam part of his own paycheck which seems only fair considering all that talent he traded away for ………..nothing!

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