Hope remains

Maybe it was not realistic to believe that the Braves were going to be able conclude the season with a 13-game winning streak.  But the next few days will tell us whether running the table in this fashion was the only way they were going to be able to completely dig themselves out of the hole that was dug before they became hotter than Jessica Simpson. 

Three games back with just five games to play certainly is not an enviable position.  But while realistically looking at how they might catch the Rockies in the Wild Card standings, Braves general manager Frank Wren said he accounted for his team to lose once this week with the hope that the Rockies split their final three games.

“I think realistically if you talked to everyone in this building, they probably thought we would lose one game this week,” Wren said.  “We didn’t know when it was going to be and we knew that we probably needed the Rockies to lose three times…We could have been hopeful of winning them all, but that probably wasn’t as realistic.”   <p>

Obviously the Braves still do a chance to pull off what would truly be deemed a miraculous run.  But they’ll have to start coming up with the clutch hits that haven’t been present as they’ve gone 1-for-15 w/ RISP during the first two games against the Marlins and also get some assistance from this Dodgers club that has spent the past few days letting the Padres and Pirates feel better about themselves.

While losing four of their past five games against the Pirates and Padres, the Dodgers haven’t provided any reason to feel confident about what they might do when the Rockies arrive in Los Angeles this weekend with the hope of securing the Wild Card entry. 

But the Dodgers have won 12 of 15 against the Rockies this year and if they can manage to add two or three wins to that win total this weekend, then the Braves might still find themselves playing next week. 



And up to bat! The June 2009 Braves!

Is it bad that I actually pull for Greg Norton to strike out so that he won’t ground into a double play?

Greg Norton has had the worst season a hitter has ever had, and yet he continues to bat in huge position and drive stakes through the hearts of Braves fans. I mean the guy is a national League DH and still he can’t hit .150.

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