Boog will call his last Braves game on Sunday

Jon Sciambi’s three-year run as a Braves broadcaster will conclude on Sunday afternoon, when he calls his last game for Fox Sports South.

Sciambi, who is widely known as Boog, has accepted the opportunity for an enhanced role with ESPN.  Over the course of the past five years, the veteran broadcaster has called Major League Baseball and college basketball games for the cable network.

Along with continuing to do some television work, Sciambi will now be the lead play-by-play announcer for Major League Baseball games carried on ESPN Radio. 

“I’m excited,” Sciambi said.  “It’s a cool opportunity to be with ESPN and to do big games.  It was a really hard decision, because I really loved my time here and everybody welcomed me from the start. The fans are awesome.  It’s funny, the Braves organization has a reputation for being one of the classiest in the game and it lived up to every word that you hear.”

When Sciambi arrived before the start of the 2007 season, Skip Caray and Pete Van Wieren, the club’s legendary broadcasters, both took an immediate liking to the big redhead, whose studious approach and knowledge of the game drew respect throughout the game of baseball.

In addition, Joe Simpson, another long-time Braves announcer gained what seemed to be an immediate bond with Sciamb.  These two shared the television broadcast booth together for the past three years.

“It was as good of an experience as I’ve had professionally,” Sciambi said. “I think I can honestly say that I hope I get to do this for a long, long time, but I don’t think that I’ll ever have the chemistry that I had with him.  I looked forward to seeing him every day, looked forward to working with him every day and we had fun everyday.” 

There has been no indication about who may replace Sciambi in the broadcast booth next year.

“We have truly enjoyed Jon being our Braves’ play-by-play broadcaster during the past three seasons,” Fox Sports South senior vice president and general manager Jeff Genthner said. “As a broadcast team, Boog and Joe were embraced by the fans.  We wish him continued success in his new career, and we look forward to beginning the process of finding our next Braves’ play-by-play broadcaster after the season ends.” 



I’ll really miss Boog, and his top notch calling. He is an asset to the sport. I’m sure he won’t miss having to cover for all the stupid game plans of Atlanta always losing because they have a Home Run batting mentality. If they came home and played for hits, instead of always huge home run swings, they would have beaten Philly hands down. If you look at this, look at the run after the All-Star break. Hits, and hits! Then, they went to Philly, and tried to out home run them. They came back to Atlanta trying to hit home runs, and lost their touch. Finally, they went on the road and started hitting inside the park, and a few home runs too. They come home, and try to home run the Marlins. Bye Bye Braves. We’ll miss you Boog. Good luck at ESPN.


ya hate see you go but would wish you best for coming season at espn. so braves need another announcer well get don s over there love the guy

We wish you the best of everything in your career, Jon! You were the perfect compliment to Mr. Simpson’s dry, Oklahoma wit; your ‘Ying’ to his ‘Yang’. Love you both.

Jon was a great announcer. I wish him the best in the future, but it’s too bad he has to go.

Boog and Joe were a great team! I wonder what Joe and Don Sutton would be like on TV together…great hitting and great pitching experts respectively.

Best wishes to you Boog. You really brought a lot to the Braves games and you will certainly be missed. Hope you enjoy your time with ESPN.

Say it isn’t so! Boog is a great announcer and I am afraid of what we will get from FSN. They haven’t been known to give us great talent in the past (Rathbun, Paciorek, and that other guy Jeff what’s his name). I love Boog. He’s so good in the booth and his chemistry with Joe Simpson is great. You don’t find that everyday. Two guys can sound good together, but then there’s real chemistry and that’s what these two had.

I am happy that he gets a bigger role at ESPN. That’s what he wants. Good luck, Boog. You will give other fans plenty of good stuff to listen to, which is a rarity with national broadcasting these days.

You were (and are ) great Boog. Thanks for the memories. You and Joe were a great team. Joe can compliment anybody………..I hope they go outside to get your replacement, Mr. Cubbie and Mr. ME aren’t my favorites. We will check you out on ESPN, go get em……….
Don’t worry about your hair do.

Good luck Boog. I feel that we’ll all miss your subtle wit and self-depricating style. Here’s to hoping that ESPN doesn’t work you into the ground. Come back and see us now, ya’ heah?

Well, this bites. I really hoped you were here for the long haul, Boog. You and Joe have been very entertaining, and I will miss you. One of my favorite parts of the broadcast each night (other than the game, of course) is the AFLAC trivia question. Your chagrin over having been fooled yet again by Gretchen is nothing short of hilarious. Your celebrations when you get the question right are pretty good, too. I hope you enjoy your new job as much as you seemed to enjoy this one. My family and I wish you the best.

By far, the Braves’ broadcasting team was the best any club had to offer. I think I enjoyed listening to the broadcast almost as much as I did watching the games. It was a few weeks ago when I saw Boog on an ESPN airing calling a game w/Joe Morgan and wasn’t in the least bit surprised. Best wishes and I hope I can catch some radio games just to listen in just to hear one of the best out there again.

I’m sad. I loved listening to Joe and Boog. They had great chemistry, kept the mood light, had great insight, and were somtimes just downright funny. Really really bummed about this…

I was hoping Bowman would say Boog was going to ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. Time for the “telecasters” Miller and Morgan to go. Boog would be an excellent choice. Good luck you did well and not trying to be Skip and Pete.

This makes me very sad! Loved Joe & Boog together – they always made me laugh! Boog you will be missed! Good Luck!!

Jon, there’s not much to say that hasn’t already been said. I will truly miss hearing you and Joe take whiffs on the AFLAC trivia question. I looked forward to hearing you everyday after school. As fans we could tell that you and Joe were an excellent broadcast team simply based on how much more excited he seemed to be during the Peachtree TV broadcasts. So long for now, and I look forward to hearing you on the ESPN radio broadcasts


Sure i will miss boog now that he is gone.But he was never my favorite.With his move now we have a chance to get Ron Gant or another former Braves player to come in and be a better play by play person.

Heck if it would work out bring Don Sutton back as the Play by Play guy with Joe.

If not then just bring in a former Braves player like i talked about before.If he would come and do it have Lem aka Mark Lemke or even Dave Justice if he would try it would help.

Just as long as it is not someone who’s never been around the Braves team i will be fine.

Bring back Don Sutton to TV as the play by play guy with Joe Simpson. He was always the best to me. I loved the pitcher perspective that Don always brought to the game coverage. That’s what made the game coverage good.

This really, REALLY saddens me. Boog you are a great broadcaster and i honestly looked forward to just hearing you and Joe talk throughout the game. Joe is a great guy and im glad he is not leaving, but things just wont be the same for those who watch each game from home, reconsider maybe? PLEASE! Joe can call a game but now im worried that someone with absolutely no personality is going to sit by him, and the game will just feel stale. God, depressing ending to the season for the Braves, and now this, and now its raining….

😦 how very very sad and depressing. Boog and Joe were a great team and Boog will be missed. sorely. At least Joe’s staying put, he’s always been my favorite.

Really hate to see Boog go. Hate even worse the possibility of my least favorite Braves announcer taking over for him. Here’s hoping the guys in charge don’t even consider Chip Caray as a replacement. Loved Skip and liked Harry but Chip is simply awful and doesn’t even come close to sounding like a true Braves fan. Chicago sent him packing. I hope we soon do the same.

Everyone, is this not the perfect opportunity to get John Smoltz back to Atlanta? Joe can do play by play.

I will not miss Boog and I wish Joe was going with him. They both stray from the game too dang much. What they need is Don Sutton and another ex-player(not Ron Gant) ) ….is Mark Lemke available? get rid of the facebook idea and give us fans a little longer on the Aflac question. how about a 3rd person(female) on the field(ala Boston red sox) many of you ‘booger lovers” will not agree with me, but I watched a lot of different ballgames(directv),different announcers, frick and frack weren’t even close to most of them, one more thing..don’t hire Chip Carey either..AMEN

Jon (Boog) was a great broadcaster with the braves and I wish him the best at ESPN. I and all braves fans will miss you boog.

Dang!!! This stinks! I loved listening to Boog cover the Braves. I can’t say that I didn’t see this coming though. He has a tremendous talent at what he does, and is young. That usually translates to bigger opportunities finding you. That seems to be the case with him working for ESPN. Erin Andrews comes to mind with I think of young talented people that the Braves have lost.

I wish Boog the best of luck… and will miss him calling the Braves games.

I really hope the Braves nix any suggestion that Chip Caray fill in for Boog. Boog will be a tough act to follow, for anyone. But for Chip, there’s no way. It’s not just that he’s not a Braves fan, as one blogger noted. I’m not even convinced he’s a baseball fan. He definitely does not understand the language of baseball. And his random interjections — which sound as if they were written down, in advance of the broadcast — come across as awkward and without context. There must be any number of good, qualified play-by-play guys who could work with Joe Simpson, even if they do not have the Ken-and-Barbie hairdo and the exaggerated radio voice. Don Sutton is an obvious candidate. He’s intelligent, articulate and definitely understands the game of baseball. And his hair is at least as good as Boog’s.

be pretty cool if Chip Caray came back

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