Hudson passes physical

Tim Hudson has passed his physical and essentially made his three-year contract extension a done deal.  But the Braves may wait until the conclusion of the World Series to formally make this announcement.

Hudson and the Braves agreed to the terms of the three-year extension last week and then had to wait to find a doctor that the insurance company would approve. 

Financial specifics of this three-year extension were not yet revealed.  


Depending on the length of Granderson’s contract it sounds like a great deal (if Detroit is crazy enough to go for it). If they’re that crazy maybe they’ll take TP as a throw-in to be their next manager. LOL

The Detroit News reports that Curtis Granderson might be on the trade block, with the Tigers looking to fill multiple needs. Granderson hit with more power (30 hr) than any of the Braves last year. He could bat leadoff, allowing McClouth to move down in the lineup where he would be more effective as a run-producer. He?s not overpriced. And Wren has had success trading with the Tigers in the past. How about a package of Johnson, Logan, Church, and Lowe for Granderson? The Braves unload one huge contract and two non-tender candidates, and the Tigers fill multiple need spots.

that would be an awsome trade. Hope that happens. Lots of upside to granderson and the braves have the right pieces to make it happen.

On a side note, at the risk of inappropriately bringing politics into the discussion. Lots of people have complaints about their insurance, but if people with as much money at stake as Hudson and the Braves have to wait for the insurance company before they can get a deal done, where is all this ?freedom? and ?choice? that opponents of healthcare reform keep saying they want to preserve for us?

You are absolutely right drfil. You should definitely leave politics out of it. If you want to whine about healthcare opponents do it on Keith olberman’s site

seriously drfill
give me a break. I’ll talk sports with you but not this leftist garbage.

Mark, what are the specifics of this Proctor deal?

do u think that the tigers will give up granderson for what the braves can offer i dont see them giving up hanson or heyward but would be nice too see them go after him by sending schafer and mcclouth to detriot for granderson.

The White Sox bought out Jermaine Dye’s contract today and he is unlikely to return to the Sox next season. He is 35 years old, hit 27 homers last year and drove in 85. He only hit .270 but could be a bargain!

The Tigers, like the Braves, want to compete now, so they wouldn?t be looking for prospects. They expect to lose Polanco and much of their bullpen to free agency, which is why I thought KJ and Logan might be attractive pieces. Acosta might be another piece to dangle. They have a rookie expected to start at 2nd so they might be interested in Infante as a reliable backup and as insurance in case they can?t resign Adam Everett at short. They have great starting pitching at the top of the rotation but get thin at the back, so that might be another place the Braves could help. They probably can?t afford Lowe?s contract, and Vazquez might not want to return to the AL Central. Maybe Kawakami would interest them. I agree that Hanson should be off limits, and also Jurrjens. The reason they might consider parting with Granderson would be to fill multiple holes in their lineup while giving up only one guy.

An alternative might be a one for one swap of bad contracts (Lowe for Ordonez)?my overpriced underachieving pitcher for your overpriced underachieving slugger, hoping new scenery helps both guys get back to full form.

It will be interesting to see how the market for Dye shakes out. Bravomania is right in suggesting that at a bargain price he might be worth the risk. On the other hand, he might be Garret Anderson all over again. I wonder if he can play first base? Remember the old days, when almost all aging sluggers became first basemen to close out their careers?

i think lowe will have a great comeback season. I do like vasquez but the chance of him repeating his 2009 season is highly unlikely. I say trade vasquez and johnson or infante for someone like for someone like derrek lee, or morneau, then we will have a good power-hitting first baseman and a pitching rotation of lowe, hudson, hanson, jurrjens, and kawakami.

For all you guys thinking about possible trade options, remember that you have to rule out all teams in the AL/NL West.

For all you guys thinking about possible trade options, remember that you have to rule out all teams in the AL/NL West with Vazquez cause of the clause in his contract.

Where did the Curtis Granderson stuff come from? The dude is 27, coming off an all-star season and the Tigers have him locked up through 2013. He’s going nowhere fast.

The source of the Granderson idea was a story by the Detroit News Tigers beat writer that was reported at

I’m with bbraves1st on the Granderson situation. I still have a lot of family in the Detroit area and Curtis Granderson is the face of the Tigers in their community. Given the economic climate there right now, it would be a PR disaster for the Tigers to move him. That really isn’t their style either. Home team heros are rarely moved in Detroit, no matter what sport you are talking about. For those of you about to play the Smoltz card, he was in single A when the Braves got him.
I would be thrilled if he became a Brave though, absolutely thrilled.

The premise of the Granderson story was that he’s the one player they could move and fill multiple holes with major-league-ready pleayers in return. You guys are probably right–like most such stories early in the off-season, it’s only idle speculation, and the Tigers are not really looking to deal Granderson.

I could actually see Smoltz in a closer/reliever role in Atlanta this season. He would be significantly less expensive than Gonzo and/or Soriano, and I’m not too proud to admit I’d like to hear Thunderstruck a few more times. On his terms, he would be a wonderful addition to the dugout if Vasquez or Lowe were to depart. Hanson and Jurrjens would both benefit from his experience, IIIIFFFF he was here on his own terms. With this being Bobby’s farewell tour, I wouldn’t completely rule it out. Maybe just before the pitchers and catchers are too report to Disney.

Of course, the way Bobby uses his bullpen, Smoltz would be in a sling by early July, and the announcer booth by August.

my friend thinks that signing Huddy to a 3 yr extension was a really dumb move, but I know otherwise. He is extremely stubborn and ive run out of things to say. Any help? I think this was a very smart move in order to keep the rotation strong. he thinks we should have used the money to get another hitter. i disagree. wat else should i say?

Imagine if they didn’t resign Hudson. He is a fan favorite and a big part of the community. I don’t think the Braves can afford many more Glavine/Smoltz situations.

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