Braves not talking to Dodgers about Vazquez

If the Braves determine that they can’t move Derek Lowe, they will have to increase their efforts to move Javier Vazquez.  But contrary to a tweet posted by former Reds and Nationals GM Jim Bowden, they aren’t currently talking to the Dodgers about Vazquez. 

As many of you have already pointed out in this forum, Vazquez’s contract includes a clause that prevents him from being traded to any of the teams from the West divisions of the American and National Leagues. 

In addition, early Friday afternoon a team source said that the Braves and Dodgers aren’t currently in the midst of any trade discussions. 

Before moving Vazquez and the $11.5 million that he is owed next year, the Braves will concentrate their efforts on moving Lowe and the $45 million that he is owed over the course of the next three years.

Earlier this week, I mentioned that the Yankees might have some interest in Lowe. But it now appears that they won’t attempt to land the 36-year-old sinkerballer, who went 15-10 with a 4.67 ERA for the Braves this past season. 

It now appears the more likely suitors for Lowe would be the Brewers or Angels, a pair of teams looking to add a veteran front-line starter.  

But the Angels will first wait to get a better understanding about how much it might take to bring John Lackey back to serve as their ace.   If the highly-sought right-hander signs elsewhere, they could gauge the possibility of trading for Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay before turning their sights toward Lowe.

As for the Brewers, there has been some indication that they would be more interested in acquiring Vazquez. 


what would the brewers trade for vasquez?

what would the brewers trade for vasquez?

Lowe makes sense for the Angels if they cannot resign John Lackey and the Halo’s have the pieces needed that our Braves need. But would they consider including Juan Rivera?

As for Vazquez, here is an idea that makes too much sense.

Vazquez to the Phillies for a package of prospects headed by Michael Taylor and Kyle Drabek, while throwing in one or two more players.

bbraves1st i just one thing to ask you and that is the phone number to ur drug deal bc ur smoking some good stuff. the only trade for JV is to the brewers for either fielder or hart. i wouldnt mind giving up JV kelly johnson and freddie freeman to the brewers for fielder felipe lopez and seth mcclung and make him ur set up or closer

Here’s my answer to the Braves needs for 2010.

Trade Lowe for a good closing pitcher. Use the salary saved on Lowe to sign LaRoche and Jermaine Dye. When Freeman and Heyard are ready to be called up you move LaRoche to 3B because Chipper will have retired and Freeman to 1B. Heyward will then replace Dye.

This trade wouldn’t involve Lowe, and probably not Vazquez, but several teams are rumored to be talking to the Tigers about Curtis Granderson. The Braves have pieces they could offer that would meet some of the Tigers’ needs. He’d add power, speed, and defense.

There has been some talk of trading Kawakami – Is it just talk – If the Brave were willing to trade him would it be a fair trade to ask Arizona for Zavada

rufus2 – at least your thinking outside the box, as Adam Laroche would be the first left-handed 3b player in the modern era of baseball… if ever!!! Move Laroche to third??? Are you serious????

Would Kelly Johnson or Boone Logan be a fair trade for Capps

Mark – WVU got hosed against Cincinnati! There was NOT indisputable evidence to overturn that fumble to a td! Obviously, like the gators, the conference wants to see Cincy run the table for a shot at the bcs.
Congrats to my Jackets for winning the coastal. I have already made my plans for Tampa!
And to the dawgs, props on your bowl eligibility, lol… to hell with UGA!

I cant see anyone taking lowe and $15m a year on. We would at least have to eat $6m a year of this i think.

hey guys I would really like you to tell me if the braves just cant keep JJ for next season … I believe his numbers deserve at least another season in ATL… and whos defenetly not coming back ? LaRoche, Soriano , Gonzales , Lowe, Church ,,,,? Im kinda lost there I dont really understand very well how the system works so if anyone could give me a little explanation I would really apriciate it.

I assume you mean Vazquez as your JJ. Jair Jurrjens isn’t going anywhere without a Braves jersey on.

I still think LaRoche came in last season expecting to be in Atlanta next season. He is there for at least a little home town discount I think, ala Tim Hudson, even if he can’t play 3B Bravo.

Let’s see how much I can help with. LaRoche is probably 50-50 as a free agent, depending on what the Braves have to spend and what he is willing to work for. Soriano and Gonzalez are both Type A free agents, and letting them go free agent could net the Braves some very high end draft picks. They won’t hurry to sign either, but may sign them late winter if they are still out there and the price is anything similar to last season’s value market.

Church will probably not be offered a contract as he did very little to make a liar out of the Mets management team during his time as a Brave.

Trading Lowe would be a great move, if the Braves don’t have to eat $5-6 million of the contract, but that seems unlikely. If this season is like last season it will again actually be cheaper to pick up FA rentals than to get a guy via trade at 2006-2007 contract prices. So, it’s hard to say. But eating $6 of Lowe, and then getting a big bat FA contract for full price doesn’t work for me. If the guy is under contract for $9 million a year, and the Braves eat the $6 million of Lowe’s deal, there is no net progress financially from just keeping Lowe in the first place.

From what I have seen with my own eyes, I’d expect Heyward to be given every opportunity to make the team. I cannot describe to you how clearly different he was from all of the players he was around in either Mississippi or Gwinnett. He looked like a perrenial MLB All Star on rehab. It was that easy for him.

It is quite likely a Gwinnett outfield with Heyward and Schafer may be better than the outfield in Atlanta on Opening Day.

thanks rother, it did help, and yes I meant javy vazqs as JJ. .. lets hope the braves make good deals this offseason by getting at least one power hitter and maybe keep this rotation wich I belive is really a good one; .vazques,jurjens,hudson, hanson , ( any one but Kawakami ). and last but not least a SOLID closer.. Moylan is great as a set up i just dont think he’s got the nerve to be a closer.. is the royals closer (Soria) really not an option? that guy is really something…

Trade Lowe and Soriano to the Cubs for D Lee and Bradley and trade Bradley later if needed.

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