Day 2 recap from Winter Meetings

It’s safe to say that Day 2 of this year’s Winter Meetings have so far proven to be a little more pleasant given the fact that the there was no longer reason to worry about the uncertainty that Rafael Soriano presented. 

Shortly after learning of Soriano’s decision to accept arbitration late Monday night, Wren received a phone call from agent Peter Greenberg, who provided clearance to make a trade once it was confirmed that his client would no longer be slotted to serve as one of the primary late-inning relievers in Atlanta. 

Wren talked to a number of clubs on Tuesday who have shown interest in Soriano.  The Astros and Red Sox are believed to be among the clubs that will show the most interest in the veteran right-handed reliever. 

When asked Tuesday evening, Wren said that he didn’t think it would be long before a trade was completed.  Heck, the night is young, maybe it will still happen tonight.

There is definitely mutual interest between the Braves and free-agent outfielder Xavier Nady.  But Wren and his staff are still attempting to answer any health-related questions regarding Nady, who is coming back from Tommy John surgery. 

As time passes, the more it becomes clear that John Lackey may have to sign before the Braves gain a clear picture about whether they’ll be able to satisfy their desire to move Derek Lowe. 

Stay tuned. There’s still a chance there could be some action tonight. 


Thanks for your efforts on behalf of us Braves fans

The Uncanny X Man, Mr Nady would be a bice addition

I would hate to sell low on D Lowe as I feel the late year problems he had wil be solved by the start of 2010

How long does it take to come back from Tommy John if you’re a position player? I know full strength is about 18 months or so for a pitcher. If we can move Lowe and Soriano, and possibly get a healthy Nady in right, and maybe LaRoche at 1B, we will be in very good shape. Or maybe just get Nady to play in RF until Heyward is ready (which could be day 1), and put him at 1B. He has played about 80 games there in his career.

I will have to say that this offseason has been much more exciting than the preceding one.

Jon Morosi of FOX Sports reports that the Tigers are looking for team to join deal that would send a reliable pitcher to the Dodgers, Juan Pierre to Detroit, and Carlos Guillen to the third team. Guillen is a guy who can play almost any position and who might return to his .300 BA and 20 HR form under Bobby Cox. Would the Dodgers be interested in seeing Lowe return? Guillen is owed $13mil for each of the next two years, so a contract swap for Lowe would be a wash. Do you think he?d be a good fit with the Braves?

I’ve always liked Guillen’s ability, i wouldn’t be devasted if he comes here. To be honest, as long as we don’t pick up Byrd, I’ll be happy.

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