Let the Lowe bidding begin

While the Phillies attempt to complete the Roy Halladay trade and the Red Sox debate whether the John Lackey acquisition provides an oportunity to improve their offense with the acquistion of somebody like Adrian Gonzalez, the Braves are preparing for the increased demand that Derek Lowe will now draw. 

Within a span of just a few hours today, the Angels learned that Lackey was signing with the Red Sox and that a division rival (the Mariners) might have added Cliff Lee to a rotation that already included Felix Hernandez. 

As I write this, there are some reports indicating that Lee might not be included in the Halladay deal. If that’s the case Ruben Amaro may want to have his people call some of the Turner Field engineers and determine how best to display four consecutive division titles.  

But whether or not Lee is included in this deal, it’s safe to say that the demand for Lowe will increase over the course of the next couple of days.   

With speculation that they would lose Lackey via free agency, the Angels have long been considered one of the more likely suitors for Lowe. 

Understandably, there were some who believed they’d first make an attempt to grab Halladay before exploring this option. 

But now that Doc H. will be pitching across the street from where Dr. J. soared to legendary status, the Angels will have to take a much longer look at the durability and dependability that Lowe could bring their rotation. 

There have already been some Braves fans asking that 31-year-old outfielder Juan Rivera be included in the return package.  While he stands as the affordable right-hander who could provide some pop to the Atlanta lineup, look for the Braves to also dig into the Angels farm system. 

When I ask about the availability of Brandon Wood last week, one Angels source said, “the more teams ask about him, the better I start to think he might be.” 

Over the next couple days we might learn more about a potential return package.  But it’s safe to say that the Angels have the prospects to deal for Lowe and seemingly the sudden need to bring him back to the Los Angeles area.

Just as a reminder, Javier Vazquez’s contract includes a no-trade clause that prohibits him from being dealt to the Angels or any other club that competes in the AL or NL East. 

To answer some of the hot topics on the previous post, I like most of you was shocked when I saw what it might cost to land LaRoche.  But as long as a middle ground is eventually reached before he runs out of options for the multi-year contract he certainly deserves, you can just chalk this figure up as a product of his agent doing his job during the early portion of negotiations. 

Also some of you have been talking about Milton Bradley.  Because I haven’t had the opportunity to be around him on a regular basis, I’m not going to simply assume he’s as bad as his reputation suggests. 

But I think it’s pretty safe to say that he has kept this reputation long enough to prevent the Braves from even taking a chance on the possibility that he would be different in the friendly atmosphere that Gary Sheffield enjoyed in Atlanta. 

If the Cubs are definitely willing to take on a majority of the $21 million Bradley is owed over the next two seasons, maybe you do take a chance on his power potential, which was really only seen during his one year playing the offensively-friendly confines that the Rangers call home.

But would you really throw Bradley on Bobby Cox during his final season?  Or would you take a chance on the kind of negative influence that he might bring while Jason Heyward is introducing himself to the Majors?


With the Bravos having needs in outfield and 1st base, what do you think of Kendry Morales. If I am not mistaken he can play both outfield and firstbase. Also, any thoughts on Hank Blalock?I think he is a Boras client but has shown great power and in the past a good average. Did he play at 3rd any this year? If so and he can stay healthy, he could be valuable down the stretch.

As nice as Juan Rivera’s numbers are, I’m not sold on getting him, seeing as we just signed Diaz again, who had another amazing year this year, and we just traded for an All-Star center fielder, and have our number 1 prospect projected in right-field. Do you know if Rivera could play 1st base? Or if there’s any likelihood we could package Freddie Freeman in the deal and obtain a Mr. Kendry Morales?

Mark, you need a rest “the Angels learned that Lackey was signing with the Angels” Since the pitchers have set the market around $17 million a year do you still think we will have to eat some of Lowe’s $15 million in a trade?

You guys must really be kidding. Kendry Morales who just had a breakout year and who makes 1.1 MM in salary for Derek Lowe. Please send some of what you are smoking to:
Realistic Braves Fan; 4.67 ERA Place, CrazyTrade, GA 30345

i dont know who we would send but why dont we worry about trying to adrian Gonzalez. that would be our big bat for the middle of the line and solve that power problem we have. then send lowe to the angels for juan rivera as they are trying to go after bay to fill his spot anyway and that gives us a major league ready player with some pop to platoon with diaz or take left for heywood in case he isnt ready in the spring. that leaves us money left over and the option of signing some else like derosa for off the bench or platton somewhere to give us that clutch performence and depth.

Sign Gomes and Nady, get what you can for Lowe (maybe Rivera and a prospect) and cross your fingers that Heyward and Freeman will be the big bats the Braves envision them to be…

I also like the idea of a run at Adrian Gonzalez. There is no guarantee Freddie Freeman will have that kind of power and if he did it wouldn’t display for several years likely, and in the meantime we still need pop in the lineup or Chipper may have another bad year. Freeman and another prospect for Gonzalez. Rivera would not be a big power upgrade over Diaz so leave things the way they are and get prospects for Lowe, or maybe a good bench player and prospect.

Mark–great points about Bradley. Rosenthal and Morosi are speculating about a Rivera for Lowe deal, which makes it unlikely given Rosethal’s track record of predictions about the Braves. Having already spent for Matsui and needing a pitcher, the Angels are probably out of the bidding for Bay and need to keep Rivera unless they resign themselves to making Gary Matthews Jr. an everyday outfielder again. Replenishing the prospect pool and freeing salary room for the free agent market sounds good!

It will be very interesting to see how Wren wheels and deals here. There are a lot of different ways this thing can play out. We definitely need a solid power bat. If we do bring Laroche back, I think trade for a player like Rivera would work out well for us. However, if we don’t sign Laroche we will need a bat to supplement his 25 homeruns.
Obviously Jason Bay is that right handed outfield bat we desperately need… but we probably can’t afford him. A trade for Gonzalez including Freddie Freeman and some other major leaguers (Lowe obviously. Maybe Medlen too?) would be my dream scenario. A lineup with Gonzo, Chipper, BMac, and Heyward would be fierce!
Either way you slice it, we will have the deepest staff in baseball, a stellar bullpen (assuming Wagner and Saito will be as advertised), and an improved lineup. I like us in the Division. Even with the Halladay acquisition.

Gonzalez would be a great pickup, he’s got the power bat and he’s cheap for the next couple of years. How about trading Lowe to the Angles for prospects and then send those prospects plus Freeman to the Padres for Gonzalez? The Angles need pitching so the Braves shouldn’t have to pay any of Lowe’s salary. This would free up somewhere around 10 million dollars to sign Nady and/or Gomes. Better yet with that much cash they could even consider DeRosa.

The team has increased salaries under current contracts of about 16.1 Million and a reduced salary for Hudson net 3.7 million for a net increase of 12.4 Million. Players released or traded have netted 25 million in salary reductions. This leaves 12.6 in salary reduction so far. We really need to move lowe. Assuming we eat 4 million of lowes salary that would net an additional 11 million in savings for 23.6 million.
We need a 1B and an outfielder. It seems like we should be able to fill those roles at 12 million each. Given that Roachy was willing to take arbitration and probably get 7.5 M we probably should have proceeded with him. He is now asking for about 10M for 3 years. If we had signed him we could be in the Bay, Holliday pool splashing around.

Take this with a grain of salt, but ESPN analysts are suggesting that the Mets are the front runners for Jason Bay. They are also reporting the Red Sox are interested in Adrian Gonzalez and are very close to inking Mike Cameron.
I think Wren has done a great job. However, it’s a little frustrating to see all of this movement from the sidelines. 5 years ago, the Braves would be in ALL of these conversations. We don’t have the deep pockets of a lot of these teams now… but we have prospects and money to spend. With this being Bobby’s last year, I’d love to see us make a McGriff/Scheffield/Galarraga-sized move and make a run at trading for Gonzalez.

… of course I don’t think the padres are on Wren’s speed dial after last year’s negotiations… Kevin Towers is gone right?
Who am I kidding? Gonzo is a pipe-dream. I’m projecting a trade for Rivera and a signing of Xavier Nady.
That improves our offense minimally with the loss of Adam Laroche. We just need to pitch pitch pitch next season and hope we will have an offense capable of scoring more than 4 runs a game.
We might not have a big bopper, but we’ll 20-homer you to death!

I have a few random comments….
-I like the idea of Lowe for about 2 or 3 good prospects. The money we save will help with a bat.
-While I like the idea of going after Gonzalez, I just hope we don’t give up a king’s ransom in return (ala Texiera deal).
-Even though we are kind of restricted by the Lowe signing, I still don’t think that it was a bad signing just because last season we needed pitching stability. We definatley have that now. Now we need pop, I’m sure Wren is going to figure something out. He took our glaring weakness last season and made it our strength. All of the Wren-haters need to take that fact and go ahead and place their foot in their mouth. This is Wren’s “in season”, so let’s see what he can get done.

I’m all for going after Adrian Gonzales but the Padres have been hard to deal with. There are at least 3 other teams who would be in the running if the Padres were trading Gonzalez, the Mets, Red Sox, and heck for his salary the Nats, O’s, and just about everyone else. Look for Wren to get the best return from Lowe as possible but don’t get your hopes up. For an example of this look at Soriano. A closer in the prime of his career who throws mid 90’s and strikes out more than a batter an inning and has an ERA under 3 and we got Chavez. At least we didn’t have to pay him too.

I like reading all of your opinions on this blog. I never post anything but am a regular reader of all things Braves. I would just like to post this one thing right now (which could be somewhat lengthy). Here’s the thing: The Braves need to win for Bobby next year. Atlanta will never again have a managerial icon like Cox. The Braves and Cox are two names that will be synonymously linked for a very, very long time (that sentence sounded funny, huh). Wren proved himself with the job he did last offseason. Still though, he needs to really put the pedal to metal this offseason if we’re going to be a standout major league team. Everyone knows that we need a bat. Heyward is not major league ready just yet. He could by summer. When he does come up we can all celebrate in the streets and hope he’s the next Albert Pujos. Until then, let’s just get an okay bat in the outfield until Heyward arives (someone cheap). I could throw out a bunch of cheap outfield options, but it wouldn’t really matter. Just any affordable option is fine. Just someone to warm up the outfield spot for Heyward. Plug whoever it is that we get in the seventh or eighth spot in the lineup. What Wren has to do is get a huge power bat for 1st base. Really. We need a proven difference maker in our lineup. Adrian Gonzalez might be a pipe-dream. But that’s only if we offer the Padres a fair or merely above-average trade. For what Gonzalez will earn next year (Bobby’s last year), let’s just give the Padres an ofer they can’t refuse (meaning, a ridiculously insane offer). The Pads will never want to pay too much for Lowe (even if we payed off a good chunk of his contract for them). They are a low-budget team. Trade Lowe to the pitching-hungry Angels for a few good prospects. Then trade those prospects to the Padres, along with (this is where the ridiculous comes in) Freddie Freeman, Kris Medlen, and Jordan Schafer. I mean, just do it. Let’s get crazy for Cox’s last hurrah. Let me say it again. We have to have a difference maker in our lineup. We need a reliable 40 homerun, 100 RBI bat. Forget all other 1st base options (Laroche, Nady). Let’s give Bobby Cox and the Braves a realistic shot at the World Series next year (not just a postseason 1st round divisional series loss). We have pitching. Just get Gonzalez and call it an offseason.

I’m not sure what this whole Adrian Gonzalez talk is all about. I mean why would San Diego trade him to the Braves? Let’s take of our “fan” hat and think about that for a second. What would the Padres want for a PROVEN All Star caliber 1st basemen? They would want AT LEAST the top 3 prospects in the braves system. Atlanta’s not going to do that, and San Diego has no reason to move him so let’s just stop living on dream street.

In the real world, if the Braves can move Lowe and get a decent power bat in the OF/1B they would be lucky. I think it’s telling that prospects and the relief of not carrying the salary around is the most recent chatter I’ve heard on the return for the Braves. I think we sign Nady, give Diaz another shot as an everyday player, and hope either Schafer or Heyward is ready for the big time.

^^^ finally some logic.
Lowe to Texas is a possibility as well. There is a better history between Wren & Daniels and I think Jonny owes us one with the Tex trade. Anybody you would like to see in a Braves uni? (Nelson Cruz comes to mind).

Sidebar: Tim Kurkjian just talked about Anaheim making a play for Vazquez…hope this doesn’t happen.

A couple of things:
Is Adrian Gonzalez really that untouchable? I thought so a couple of weeks ago, but after Curtis Granderson was dealt to the Yankees for a prospect and a reliever, I’m not so sure anyone is untouchable anymore. If you go back a couple of weeks on this blog, most of you were saying that there was NO WAY that Granderson would ever be moved by Detroit. There are reports that the Red Sox are going to go after Gonzalez. If we did too, it would have to be a with a third team. Obviously, Hanson and Heyward are untouchable… but they are the only players that are untouchable. It needs to be a three team deal. My thought is this – Isn’t our need for a power hitting first baseman just as great as the Red Sox? Given our offense last year… I say our need is greater!
Chipper needs legitimate protection hitting behind him. I’ve been shouting this from the rooftops since before last season started. I love BMacc, but when you have him and Garret Anderson protecting Chipper, nobody is going to pitch to him. Historically, Chipper has always flourished in front of a legitimate cleanup hitter. When he sees pitches to hit, he sprays them all over the field. When they pitch around him, we lose.
Gonzalez may be a pipe dream, but can anyone deny that he would be the answer to our lineup? If the Red Sox make a move for him, I’m definitely going to be interested in who they offer.
bosfreshman03 – I’m pretty sure Vasquez has a clause in his contract that prohibits trades to the west coast. I wouldn’t worry about losing Vasquez to the Angels.

I keep reading about Braves fans desperate to see Adrian Gonzalez in a Braves uniform. Yes, he is incredible and young and finally living up to his 1st overall pick status, but there’s a lot suggesting the SDG would want too much for him…much like former SDG GM Kevin Towers wanted for Peavy last offseason. This has only been speculation, but I’ve read reports suggesting a deal with A-Gonz going to ATL for Freddie Freeman, Jordan Schafer, Mike Minor (LHP and 2009 1st rd. selection), and someone else. I don’t mind losing Schafer because I like what we have in McLouth. And if can lock up A-Gonz, I am okay losing Freddie Freeman, though he has a lot of talent, but Mike Minor really hurts. He’s a top 10 selection and in a club that doesn’t have a lot of in-house LHP, Minor is at the top of our pitching prospect list, for good reason. All this being said, LAA hasn’t made a move for Derek Lowe or Vazquez, and that being said, we should wait for that to happen. And anyone suggesting involving Kendry Morales in a deal needs to watch a little more baseball and smoke a little less narcotics. In a year in which they let Vladamir Guerrero go, they’re going to need all the power they can get.

The Red Sox offer for Gonzalez will feature Buchholz and include other top prospects or young major leaguers (like Elsbury). To even raise an eyebrow in San Diego, the Braves would have to offer Hanson plus other top prospects, which is way too high a price. Castoffs like Schafer and uncertainties like Freeman and Minor will not bring a superstar hitter to Atlanta. Neither will the prospects we might receive for Lowe be the blue chip players that would entice San Diego to trade Gonzalez.

Teams like the Red Sox and Yankees van afford to trade their best young players for established stars because they’re going to spend enough to land the top free agents every year. The Braves cannot afford to mortgage their entire future for an outside chance at competing for the division now (Gonzalez is no more guaranteed to make the Braves a contender than Texeira was).

drfill – I don’t think Wren will go after Gonzo, but I disagree with you that he would not immediately make us contenders in the division. He would absolutely make us contenders. We would have the best pitching staff in baseball and a feared lineup. Also, it wouldn’t really be mortgaging the future to get him. He’s 26 years old. The problem would be signing him long term. He would be expensive once he qualifies for free agency.

However, he would bring to the table 40 homeruns and 100 rbis easily. He would make Chipper better by protecting him in the lineup. A lineup that would include Chipper, Conzo, McCann, McClouth, Escobar, Heyward, Diaz… are you kidding me? That’s freaking scary.
Again I don’t think it would happen, but I think it would be worth every prospect not named Heyward or Hanson.

1. Yes, that lineup would be scarier than anything the Braves have had lately, but not as scary as the Phillies, and not even scarier than the Mets if they land Bay and Wright/Reyes/Beltran return to form.
2. A lot of other things have to happen to make the Braves contenders: the octogenarian bullpen has to hold up, the starters have to perform and stay healthy (i.e. no sophomore slump for Hanson, no return to the 4+ ERA Vazquez had prior to last season, no reinjury for Hudson), and those other 7 guys who couldn’t score enough to win with the best rotation in baseball will still have to hit.
2. The biggest point: if Hanson and Heyward are off the table, the Braves cannot interest the Padres or match what the Red Sox will offer.

why not send jesse chavez medlen and lowe to the padres for Adrian Gonzalez and a pitcher then send lowe to the angels for kendry morales.

I hope that proposal is a joke. I don’t think the Padres or Angels would allow themselves to be Lowe-balled like that.

Forget Gonzalez. Let?s trade Omar Infante to the Cards for Pujols. Then trade Escobar to the Yanks for ARod and get the Yanks to pay all but 1 million of ARod?s salary. Then sign Jason Bay to a 2-year 10 million contract?if we promise him free admission to Six Flags, Stone Mountain, and the Cyclorama he?ll turn down the 5 year 70 million the Mets offered. Then let?s coax Jim Edmonds out of retirement and sign him to play outfield until Heyward is ready.

drfill – You win this round of discussion simply for using the word “octogenarian”.
vivabeta – a close second for using “Lowe-ball”.
Although solid players, my thoughts are that if Bucholz and Elsbury are catching the Padres attention for Adrian Gonzalez, there’s no way they are on the same level of Hanson and Heyward. That’s why using a 3rd team for some highly touted prospects may be feasible. We have prospects not named Heyward and Hanson who are expendable for a solid power hitting first baseman. We also have a veteran starting pitcher who averages 15 wins a year and pitches over 200 innings a year. With our lack of offense, I’ve been admiring A-Gon for a couple of years and would hate to see him go to Boston.
I think the bullpen will be better this year. Especially since we’ve trimmed the fat. I think Kawakami will have a better year. You’re right in wondering if Vasquez can repeat. I am confident Hanson will have an awesome year. Huddy to me is the biggest question mark. Either way you slice it, our pitching was great last year and arguably better this year. What kept us out of the post season? OFFENSE. Run production, timely hitting, protection, speed, etc…
The Phillies lineup is great. However, they play half of their games in a little league ball park, so their numbers are skewed. Howard and Utley are legit, but Worth, Ibanez, and Rollins ALL benefit from that park.

… and my “trim the fat” comment is based on Blane Boyer and Manny Acosta. Not Gonzo or Soriano.

…and I still don’t like McClouth hitting lead off. I wish we had a true lead off hitter. I like him a little deeper in the lineup. I like Escobar hitting deeper too. I think Prado and Diaz would be a good 1-2 punch.

Getting A. Gonzalez from the Padres is a pipe dream. Won’t happen unless you’re willing to part with too many prospects that I don’t think Wren will do after the prior talks with the Padres fell thru with Peavy. Even then I wasn’t hot on the idea of trading Escobar and other prospects they wanted then. Im sure even with a new GM in San Deigo they’ll want the same people the previous GM wanted and I don’t believe Wren will want to send for him. I really don’t want trying to get Gonzalez to cost us the same amount that getting that year rental of Teixieria did. We all thought adding Tex would rocket us to the post season and we coughed up a good chunk of the farm for him. I don’t know enough about the rest of our farm system but it seems like the amount of really hot prospects in our system you could count on one hand. Do we really want to get rid of the best we have left? I don’t think we should and I think Wren thinks the same. Forget about him already.

Milton Bradley? A Brave? Pardon my french but, are you f*cking nuts? Beyond his…I’ll call it “anti-social” behavior in the dugout and off the field, there is no way that Wren or Bobby Cox would want to see him in an Atlanta uniform.

Why aren’t more people interested in seeing Xaiver Nady in ATL? I thought Jason Bay and Nady’s names were pretty much interchangeable when you think about their power, speed and defense. Since Bay is the one all the tv reporters are talking about looking for the huge contract, why is Nady getting the “ehhh maybe” treatment from us? Just because of the surgery he had? I thought everybody would be whooping it up to bring a bat like his to Atlanta. I’m not being a smart aleck here, I really want to know.

And this is just a off hand question here, but does anybody think Bob Uecker would mind coming to Atlanta to call games for us on TV or is he bonded too well with the Brewers and Indians to come down south? He used to be a Brave and caught for Phil Neikro. Heck, I don’t know if he’s too old to call games or not interested. I wouldn’t mind hearing him call games on tv with Joe Simpson if Chip Carey doesn’t get the deal to do the TV side.

And on a side note, concerning our bench for next year, does anyone think that Brooks Conrad will stay on our bench or will he be sent down to AAA? He certainly made an impression and became a quick fan favorite with a lot of folks last season. Mark, do you have a thought on this? Rother perhaps?

Because I have a long memory. Here’s a classic from last August

“Bill..? Lowe has sucked recently? I guess you’re including the 7 starts before last night where he won 5 and lost zero while giving up 14 ERs in the span. I’m sure you can divide 14 by 7 and get an average of 2 ERs given up per game. I will agree that he has had a few atrocious outings this year, but he also has the most quality starts on the team (unless I heard wrong). Last night was nasty, but all the damage did occur right after he took a line drive off of his pitching hand.
And his ERA is pretty deceiving in how he has mostly pitched this year. On the other hand, Acosta has a good ERA and has pitched terribly this year, which is why he’s mostly out there throwing during garbage innings. I still think Lowe is great to have out there every 5 days and can actually go longer than 6 innings, which is why KK’s W-L record is so bad. I still wish so much that the Braves could add an additional 10 mil to the payroll next year to bring Huddy back.

By vivabeta ”

I mean even Lowe admits now that he sucked for the last 2 months of last year. When I pointed that out I got pilloried by the little stat monsters. It was obvious to me in watching him pitch but NOOOOO there were stats to prove he was still pitching well. It sucks to be right some times. I wish Lowe had pitched well. I wish him well, he deserves to be pissed at Wren, he was signed to a bonehead contract to begin with. Now we will eat 4 million get a couple of low level prospects or a couple of reconstruction projects and move on. Isn’t anyone curious why Tampa signed Soriano and gave up Chavez for the same price we gave Billy Wagner?

haha that’s awesome. I’m certainly not a stat guy though (I think you’re thinking of PWH). Yeah I’ll admit that I defended Lowe, and he did pitch brilliantly at times. And other times he was terrible. But then again if you look at last season, it didn’t really matter if the pitcher gave up 3 runs or 7 runs in a loss, since the offense couldn’t muster sh*t. I think his contract was a little large, but there wasn’t much else Wren could do. It DID however, keep him from being a Met. They signed Oliver Perez instead (to a big contract), who is absolutely awful. So you cooould look at it as a good defensive move, assuming Lowe has a good 2010.
In regards to Soriano. I have a feeling that the management just didn’t like him. Mark has mentioned a couple times about how Soriano pitches a lot better when he’s up for a new contract. And also the whole strange thing last year when he said he was hurt etc etc.

Oh and I was right about Acosta, KK and Hudson! You could give me some credit for that!

Just read Mark’s article on Lowe. Judging from his comments, we’re totally screwed if he isn’t traded, cause he is not too happy w the Braves.


Yeah those comments from Lowe were what I was referring to. Maybe now I’ll get a little cred when it comes to who looks like they are and aren’t gonna produce. I watch an awful lot of film and while perhaps my powers of perception aren’t couched in statistical evaluation they are real demonstrable assets displayed by the individual players.
BTW, I have always been a huge fan of Huddy. He is a superbly conditioned athlete and will really excel coming off surgery(another reason I thought the Lowe deal was crap). KK was and is a crap shoot. He might get strong enough to pitch deeper into games and he might get more consistent/ Jury’s out. Acosta, I think got the shaft and will wind up being a pretty good reliever. He had rough outings and then sat while Bobby overused everyone else. He’ll do better somewhere else. He has a treacherous delivery. If it gets it right he will do a lot better than last year.

Beta, I will take back the stat monster comment(it was based on PWH’s insistence, with a dizzing array of stats, that Lowe was fine), but you were scorching me for saying something was wrong with Lowe.

I have a feeling that the Braves just didn’t like Soriano. As a person.

Re: billreef’s question about Soriano. The Braves obviously had doubts about Soriano’s consitency and concerns about his value. I think if he had refused arbitration and waited out the market, he’d have gotten a bigger contract than he settled for with Tampa–supply and demand and all, with so many teams needing closers. Wren was wise to move quickly on Wagner.

Why not send Barbaro Canizares Medlen Brian Barton and Lowe to Padres for Adrain Gonzalez and Kyle Banks then the padres send lowe and kevin kouzmanoff to the angels for Morales and Brandon Wood. then send Adrain Gonzalez matt diaz to the red soxs for Jacob Elsbury.

Then send Elsbury Freddie Freeman and jesse Chavez to the Tigers for Miguel Carbera and Don kelly

haha really? Elsbury AND Bucholtz are on the table for AGon. We would get the sh*t end of your fantastical stick.

Uhhh….. Derek Lowe you do realized you sucked utter balls last season? Yes, you truly weren’t good last year. We have 6 capable starting pitchers and your the worst and the most expensive. Why the **** wouldn’t we want to trade you? You truly won about 1 game last year and that was opening day. Also, you got an average of 4.1 runs per game last year (the most of all our pitchers) and thats why you won 15 games. I remember last year against the Mets a game you were pitching. We scored like 6 runs in the first 3 inninings and I’m thinkin: “Ok HUGE lead for use, Lowe do your job and “eat some innings” like we’re paying you for!” but no he gives up like 7 runs and we lose the game.

Now I’m no GM but: We tell Javier Vasquez that we’re interested in signing him to an extension and have him formally tell the Angels that he won’t accept a trade to the West Coast. Hopefully, then the Angels turn their attention to Lowe, we offer Lowe for Rivera straight up. If the Angels want to put in a prospect let them. We eat 9 million of Lowe’s contract (3 mill a year). Finally after all that we sign or trade for a 1st baseman and win the World Series! What’dya say boys?

Then we can send Babe Ruth and Secretariat to Mars in exchange for Marvin the Martian, sign him to an extention, with a vesting option to use his Illudium Pew-36 Explosive Space Modulator.

…and who wants Kyle “Twinkie Destroyer” Blanks anyways?

we aren’t even in the running for agon/ Our new 1st basemen is a career minor leauger who was in Japan 2 yrs ago. Another frank Wren wonder. Alyjough i must confess i like M. Jones better than I ever did GA, Church or McSlouch.

You know I am beginning to believe no one wants Lowe at any price. We have done everything but put up a Billboard in Indianapolis and no one is calling. My guess is we will have to eat half his salary to get a deal done. I said 4 M awhile ago but I am beginning to believe there are no takers. Everyone will wait for the fire sale, especially after Lowe’s comments. They know he ain’t playing here.

U know the Braves want a big bat to play the outfield and first base how bout signing Fernado tatis and resign Garret Anderson or Coco Crisp and put him at the lead off spot or go after a player that the braves havent had since furclal was at the top of the lineup or go after joey gathright bc the braves need to score runs why not go after a speedster like crisp or gathright.

U know the Braves want a big bat to play the outfield and first base how bout signing Fernado tatis and resign Garret Anderson or Coco Crisp and put him at the lead off spot or go after a player that the braves havent had since furclal was at the top of the lineup or go after joey gathright bc the braves need to score runs why not go after a speedster like crisp or gathright.

U know the Braves want a big bat to play the outfield and first base how bout signing Fernado tatis and resign Garret Anderson or Coco Crisp and put him at the lead off spot or go after a player that the braves havent had since furcal was at the top of the lineup or go after joey gathright bc the braves need to score runs why not go after a speedster like crisp or gathright.

The Angels are reportedly hoping that the promise of a contract extension will convince Javy to wave his West coast no trade clause. I?m trying to understand the logic: a guy who demanded a no-trade clause because he doesn?t want to be out west for even one season is going to wave that clause in order to be out West for three seasons?

Wonder if the Dodgers would be interested in bringing Lowe back? They?ve talked with the Reds about Harang, who makes the same money as Lowe (though only for 1 yr + an option) and the Reds are demanding two major leaguers in exchange, while the Braves would settle for less.

Different approach:
a. Keep Lowe and Vasquez–Atlanta and Boston would then have the top/deepest pitching staffs in baseball. If we’re out of it by July 31, someone can use Lowe or Vasquez and we get good prospects. Right now, other clubs expect us to ‘dump’ Lowe which is not good for our bargaining position.
b. Restructure Chipper’s ‘bad’ contract to free up some money.
c. Sign Nady–low base with incentives contract.
d. Schaefer will have a great Spring Training–so, Diaz, McLouth, and Schaefer in the OF. Keep Mitch Jones–he deserves a chance and platoons with Schaefer.
e. Use Jo Jo Reyes as trade bait for other needs.

Pitching wins–our #4 and #5 SP’s win us more games vs. competition than a big bopper.

Question is: Can Bobby Cox play ‘small ball’–he is not good for SB’s, run and hit, hit and run etc. We would have to manufacture runs.

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