Source confirms it is highly unlikely Vazquez would approve trade involving Angels

A source close to Javier Vazquez said this morning that it’s “highly unlikely” that the veteran pitcher would approve a trade to the Angels or any of the other clubs that compete in the Western divisions of the American and National Leagues. 

As many of you know, Vazquez has a limited no-trade clause that allows him to veto any trades involving clubs that compete in these two divisions. 

So while the Angels might have more interest in Vazquez than Derek Lowe, there’s seemingly little reason to believe they’ll be able to work a deal involving the 33-year-old right-hander, who has made it known that he’d like to pitch in Atlanta beyond the end of this upcoming season, when his current contract expires. 

The Braves remain focused on their attempts to deal Lowe.

Just received confirmation that the Braves have signed Joe Thurston to a Minor League contract and provided him an invitation to big league camp.  Thurston hit .225 and compiled a .645 OPS in 124 games with the Cardinals this past season. 

Thurston could at least provide organizational depth as utility player.  He made 55 of his 66 starts as a third baseman this past season. 


The Yanks are looking to add a pitcher, and they’ve got middle infield prospects in their system stacked up like shipping containers on the Brooklyn Piers. Let’s make a deal!

Our pitching staff, as good as it is, is not enough to compete in our division. The Braves will not win 90 + games until they score more than 3 runs a game. The Mets are working to get Jason Bay to hit along side Carlos Beltran, David Wright, and Jose Reyes. The Phillies have a powerful offense and have worked hard to bolster their already good pitching staff by adding arguable the best pitcher in baseball. We can pitch and pitch and pitch and hold our opponents to 3-4 runs a game… but it will be a wash if we can’t get someone in the lineup who can score/drive in runs.
I love Brian McCann, but if we rely on him to be our cleanup hitter and run producer to add solid protection for Chipper, we will come in 2nd place every year in the NL. East. There are a lot of question marks in the lineup right now. Will Chipper bounce back and add consistency, or is his age catching up to him? Will McClouth get on base enough as a lead off hitter? Will Prado have a “sophomore slump”? Will our outfielders combine to hit more than 30 homeruns?
I do feel confident that Escobar, McCann, and Diaz will continue to be solid offensive contributors.
But is this a team who can score more that 3-4 runs a game? I can’t really answer that.

Mania, Will all our pitchers stay healthly or will it be like 2 years ago when Mike H., John S. and Tom G. all went down to injuries? Hope not. I think the offense did improve last year as we won more 1 run games than the previous year. Looking at what Wren has done it would appear that he wanted to try and improve the middle relief which is where we lost so many games. With the statement that they would take prospects for Lowe it would appear that Wren would like to move Lowe but if he doesn’t then that is fine with him. If they do move Lowe then I think you see one of the recent minor league signings play first. However you still have to replace the HR’s LaRoche and Anderson produced last year. As it stands now looking at the roster you would have an infield of Chipper, Escobar, Infante, and Prado. The outfield would be Diaz, Heyward and Nate.

Should read if they don’t move Lowe

I have a feeling that Wren is probably looking to sign Nady or maybe even Delgado. Which is why he signed that minors HR leader Jones, in case whoever is playing 1B gets hurt. Don’t think they have much confidence in Barbaro. I still think that if he seems healthy, signing Nady is a great idea. I would like to get a RF who can play 1B instead of a 1B who should be a DH.
Oh, and although we are minus LaRoche at the moment, weren’t the Braves top 5 in most offensive categories for most of the second half of last season? Remember that for the first half, we had a CF who hit below the mendoza line, a RF who was 2-200 with RISP, a slow starting LF, a catcher who couldn’t see, and a 2B who was hitting .220.

I would also to see Nady. I don’t think Delgado would be a good fit in Bobby’s clubhouse and he is left handed. We also had in the second half Chipper either trying too hard or hurt and not telling and having the worst second half of his career, Prado with headaches and Infante trying to find his stroke after the broken hand.

The Braves management is so focused on a formula that says screw hitting, all we need is pitching. I mean every team in the league who has money to spend is chasing a bona fide power threat. We are still talking about Nady, Derosa and Joe Thurston for crying out loud. Frank Wren had two assignments at the beginning of the offseason. 1B and a power hittting outfielder. One of those assignments is left over from last year(OF). Yes I know he had to reshuffle the deck chairs in the Bullpen. But his main job included fixing the problem of last years screw up with Lowe and I tell you I haven’t heard the whisper of any team who is shopping for Lowe. NONE!!!! The only press on that is wishful thinking coming from the Braves. And Lowe is so pissed he is granting interviews to trash the Braves. Now Laroche says nobody even talked to him either. We are getting to a point where no one will want to even talk to the Braves(see Smoltz, Glavine here). Bobby has always enjoyed a rep as a players manager and guys wanted to come play for him, but he is gone after this year and our remaining beacon of hope will be Frank Wren and all the good will he has fostered with his players. I mean even if you dont want to sign a guy don’t you at least want to hear what he has to say??? Maybe he is going to offer contract terms or a HT discount that you can’t afford to pass up. Based on what I have seen FW has the people skills of a badger or perhaps the proverbial ostrich(head in sand version).

So Billreef hasn’t heard so much as a “whisper” from any team expressing interest in Lowe? That certainly must mean there’s no interest, seeming how Billreef is in the know and all. What else do your sources tell you?

Frank Wren has done an admirable job thus far. I love how we’re only a month into free agent signings and everyone is panicking. We sign a few people to minor league contracts and invite them to Spring Training and people assume that’s all Wren is going to do in the offseason. Give Wren until March to evaluate his offseason. He’s not finished. And just because you don’t read that Braves are chasing a “bona fide power threat”, it doesn’t mean they aren’t. Yesterday I read that the Cubs weren’t getting any takers on Bradley and all of the sudden today he’s gone and is a Mariner. Many GM’s keep things pretty close and I think Wren has learned to stay in that category.

I wouldn’t tell the Mariner fans that we were trading for Bradley if I was the Mariner GM. Sure Lowe is upset but was he upset when we were his highest bidder last year. I don’t recall him turning down a longer or higher offer. The players want the big money but are shocked to be traded? Don’t think so. Wren treats it just like it is a business. The days of a player like Chipper staying with one team are rare. Bobby’s final year is the turning of a page in baseball as baseball becomes more about the dollar than the players personal relationship with the team. Wren didn’t talk with Lowe but did talk to his agent. We all want a player signed but other than the big money teams I don’t see that much activity. My hope is that we don’t give up the farm for a player. I hate to see some of the names in the box score for Texas and see what we gave up for Tex.

Hey, don’t believe me. I am just quoting from the baseball universe. So, Bobby sox, maybe you can tell me what team is interested in Lowe, even with the Braves eating millions???? You say FW keeps things close, like I said B4, what does he have to do, put up a billboard saying we want to dump Lowe. It’s the worst kept secret in baseball. You really are clueless. And if you want to look at Wren’s record over a greater period of time, you have to understand Lowe’s frustration along with everyone else. Let’s look at his signings in the last year. GA- bust(no longer with team), Ryan Church- bust(no longer with team), Glavine- Bust( NLWT-Lied to him, Smoltz (another HOFer,we dont talk to him), Laroche- performed extraordinarily(we dont talk to him), Lowe-story already told, KK- fizzle, McLouth- comes over is hurt, can’t hit, no range and has a pathetic arm. Greg Norton- Who even needs to comment, tried to trade Escobar(turned into a blue chip player). So tell me boobysox, what are the good moves?

And please don’t tell me he put together the best rotation in baseball because he didn’t have anything to do with it.

Wren is promoted Oct 11, 2007

JJ= acquired 17 days after Wren got promoted(you don’t really think Wren orchestrated this?)
Hanson-Drafted in 2005
Hudson- traded before 2005
Vazquez- a lucky byproduct of a trade that was meant to clear the way for escobar(even a blind squirrel finds a nut). Remember JV had a 12-16 record and a 4.67 ERA the year before he was traded.
KK- previously referenced foul up.

Whatever, billreef! We got… Joe “F’ing” Thurston!

And, in all honesty, I’m interested to see what Mitch Jones can do. He looks like he’s gonna hit you 40 HRs with maybe a solid .260 Avg… unfortunately, he’s gonna strike out 200 times if you give him 500 ABs. So it’s basically like getting a RH-hitting Adam Dunn… you know, minus being 114 feet tall.

.260 is probably very generous, but I’m trying to be optimistic.

ok why not send him to a team in the central or east teams. package him in a deal with schafer and diory hernzdez to the brewers for cory hart dave bush and john raburn. then they should sign robb quinlan to a 2 yr deal and use him as a first base man til heyward comes up or freeman

ok why not send him to a team in the central or east teams. package him in a deal with schafer and diory hernzdez to the brewers for cory hart dave bush and john raburn. then they should sign robb quinlan to a 2 yr deal and use him as a first base man til heyward comes up or freeman

If Vazquez is traded–and I hope he isn’t–he will not have to be packaged, and he will command a higher return than Cory Hart.

What do you guys think about this?

Angels get:
Derek Lowe
$15 deferred over 3 years

Braves get:
2 prospects

Braves send those 2 prospects, another prosepct, and CF Jordan Schafer to San Diego for Adrian Gonzalez?

The Padres are looking for a center fielder, and have been reportedly asking about Coco Crisp. He would come at about a $3-4 million price range, as opposed to the $400 k Schafer will make. Remember, they are a budget conservative team. I mean, they put a 40 HR hitter making $4.5 million on the trading block.


Yes please, enough of the Gonzalez talk, it was fun for a day or two, but we all know that isn’t going to happen….. I’m fine with picking up Nady and possibly a veteran OF.

Try this on. Your Derek Lowe, your 36 years old and guaranteed 45 million over the next 3 years. Your playing for a team that screwed you over(in his own words) and no one wants to trade for you now. What do you do? Answer: pitch as bad as you can. Reason: punish the team that screwed you over, gain your outright release with a pile of money and maybe even pick where you want to go play. Watch this play out. Nobody wants to trade for a veteran who got screwed and isn’t winding up where he wants to be. Thank god we still have Esky due to player contract rules or we would be without **** too(our other SS prospect is in TX and was a ROY contender). Wren needs to shut his pie hole.

Imagine this. You?re Derek Lowe. You sign a 4-year contract with a great organization thinking this is where you?ll wind down your career. Fans think you?re overpaid, but that?s not your fault?all you did was what good capitalists are supposed to do: get the highest price possible for your services in a competitive free market. One year in, you suddenly learn that you?re no longer in the organization?s future plans. How do you feel? Disappointed? Definitely! Hurt? Probably. Angry? Probably. Maybe it?d be best if you kept your feelings to yourself, but Bowman asks, and he?s a good guy and the best beat writer in MLB, and you like to cooperate with the media, so you say what?s on your mind.

Give the guy a break. He wants to be a Brave. Can you fault him for that? Would you guys like it better if he?d said, ?I?m glad they want to trade me. I can?t wait to get out of here!??
If Lowe does return to Atlanta, he?ll be fine. He?s a team player. He?s a competitor. And the idea that he?d tank games on purpose is ridiculous. If he stays healthy until the end of his current contract, wherever that may be, he?ll be knocking on the door of 200 career wins to go with his 85 career saves and World Series clinching win?a nice legacy for a real professional.

Yeah I think it’s pretty depressing how a lot of people are taking the Lowe situation personally and that it’s like he is screwing us all over. And how they all think it’s HORRIBLE that he spoke his mind by saying that it sucks that he hears all the trade talks in the media and hasn’t heard anything from the organization. Who cares. Let the man speak.

If I was Vasquez, there would be no way I would waive a no west coast trade clause. I can understand waiving a universal no trade clause, but the guy specifically doesn’t want to go to the west coast. . . . Don’t see this deal happening, the Angels will have to go after someone else.

Silly Silly Billreef

Guess I’m SOOOOO silly no one seems to find a flaw in my logic(a first). Must be my extensive track record here which most argued with at first, yet now seem to agree with???? I am putting in my Christmas list now. 1) Can Pendleton 2) Find a right handed bat for crying out loud( I think Derosa is the right fit). 3) can we make FW our asian scout? and please, please Santa quit signing washed up players that no one else wants. We are 1st in payroll percentage to pitchers and last in percentage to players. You can not win if you do not score. I think Bob Dylan said that🙂

Actually its a ripoff of Steve Forbert’s ” You cannot win if you do not play” but my guess is that no one here knows who Little Stevie is so I gave the attribution to Bob. It was intentional, I know where the original came from, please recognize that it was intentional. I would’t place this disclaimer here, but I get crap about things I say for effect that may include some poetic license. I’m just trying to give those comments context, for once. After this you guys are on your own.

Billreef, I’m not suggesting that teams are lining up for D. Lowe. I have no idea. My point, however, is that neither do you. People get upset because they don’t read much about the Braves on Rumor blogs, or on MLBTR, but that doesn’t mean the Braves aren’t planning on doing more than add Joe Thurston to the group of players invited to Spring Training. We’re only a month into free agent signings, and a couple of weeks removed from the Winter Meetings. The vast majority of players are still out there, so give it time. All the negativity and whining is pointless right now. It sounds like my kid brother, “everything sucks.”

And your list of last year’s “bust” signings by the Braves are very weak. Last year’s free agent OF crop was pathetic. Abreu would’ve been the only tempting one to me, but the Braves didn’t have 3 extra million for his services. Ryan Church a bust? The Braves had no plan to keep Church after they traded for him, and they had no plan of keeping Francoeur. Frenchy would’ve been non-tendered like Kelly Johnson, and rightfully so. Wren tried and tried to find a taker for Francoeur and, not surprisingly, could find noone except the Mets. So he dumped him for Church, who simply provided a warm body for the remainder of the year. Smoltz, Glavine—I agree, they were Public Relation busts, but the Braves made the right decision in not letting either of them step onto Turner Field last year. KK had a solid year in what was his first year transitioning from Japan and into a 5 man rotation, rather than the 6-man he’d been accustomed to. And he’s one of the better #5 pitchers in the entire big leagues. McLouth? Seriously? The Braves needed a CF mid-season. Who did you have in mind? If they had waited until this off-season then the only plausible CF would’ve been Mike Cameron, who doesn’t provide much more than McLouth, except perhaps defensively. Cameron, however, is 36 years old.

ok here we go send lowe gregor blanco and canizares for kendry morales and reggie willitis. then send willits and wes timmions to the padres for adrian gonazlez and tony gwynn jr then package adrian vazquez and tony gwynn jr for buchotlz and jacob elsbury

I keep hoping that those trade proposals are jokes.

In what appears to be a major blockbuster deal, the Atlanta Braves appear ready to aquire Adrian Gonzalez in a 3 team trade involving the Angels & Padres. The Braves will send Derrick Lowe to the Angels in exchange for Juan Rivera and Jason Long. The Braves will ship Juan Rivera, Freddie Freeman, Kris Medlin and the pick they aquired when the Orioles signed free agent pitcher Mike Gonzalez (currenlty the #44 pick) in next years draft. This certainly appears that Frank Wren has gotten his power bat and cleared up cap room to still add a corner outfield bat.

@Dawg47, Where the hell did you get that from?

There is no Jason Long in organized baseball. Nice try *******.

the braves need a leadoff hitter why not go after a speedster like joey gathright ryan freel scott posdinick or randy winn in the leadoff spot sign nady kevin millar rich aurilla or aubrey huff to play firstbase and maybe sign another ulitly guy like alfredo amezaga or endy chavez.

hey dawg u dummy u cant trade draft picks in baseball but that could happen if u add brain barton diory hernzadez or gregor blanco with medlen and wes timmions to the padres for a-gon or maybe see if lance berkman or miguel carbara is oput there from detriot?

ohh yea hey dawg47 baseball is the only sport where u cant trade ur draft picks u ****** nugget

Ok the braves just made a deal to send Vazquez back to the Yankees for Melky Cabrera mike dunn and Arodys Vizcaino and gthe yanks get boone logan and vaquez in the deal. I have a feeling that maybe the braves will send dunn and Carbera with medlen to the Padres for a-gone or send dunn gregor blanco and canizares to the padres for a-gon

Haha man ncbrave.. Your trade ideas are either hilarious or moronic, depending on your intentions.

Ha, lol! It sure sounded like one heck of a trade. Those draft picks got me. On a serious note. WTF did the Braves just do? Seriously? Javy? Come on, this is horrible. Garret Anderson had almost identical #’s as Melky did & Matty D hit .313 13 58Rbi. Melky hit .278 13 68RBi. So we basically have the same freaking outfield #’s, but just lost our best pitcher. But, it did free up about 10 mill, so we better be making some more moves. But right now, today, our team just got much worse. In the offseason, the Phils have gotten better. And the Braves wonder why they can’t sell out games. Dude I’ve had 6 seats for years, good seats and can’t GIVE my season tickets away most of the time!!!! Just pathetic!

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