Snowy day in Atlanta

Thanks to the Braves newest media relations coordinator, Jim Misudek, I’ve gathered a couple of pictures of a snow-covered Turner Field. 

Keeping with the tradition of the stereotypical Atlanta pro sports fan, the snow chose not to fill the seats.

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Right Field.JPG


Haha good one.

Yes, the hot stove season has definately left us with a chill.

Haha ouch, sad but true, this season perhaps providing the biggest example in recent memory.

September 27: The Braves pull off a come-from-behind, extra-inning win against the Nats for their sixth straight victory to stay in a tight Wild Card race with the Rockies and Giants. In the post-game on-field interview, Chipper says how great it is to be headed back home with some real momentum, and how Braves fans should come out and support the home team for the playoff race. The next game’s paid attendance? 25,046. Ouch.

I love being a Braves fan, and I’m never going to openly diss my compatriots, but some days, I just wish Atlanta fans could come close to matching the intensity of fans in other cities. I wish Turner Field would sell out every night the way Fenway Park or Busch Stadium do. The Braves are a proud organization, and they deserve that kind of support.

Wow that is truly beautiful! It doesn’t snow here in California lol but the winter has been pretty chilly well for CA standards😉 I agree with amru31 in that Atlanta Braves are a great organization and deserves support

Hey, I love the Braves and Braves fans but I’ll be the first to say that Atlanta fans should be ASHAMED of themselves and the way they support their team.

I was at the last playoff series in Atlanta. The game where Tim Hudson lost to the Astros to open the series. The game wasn’t sold out and it was obvious, but then the series shifts to Houston and Minute Maid Park is BURSTING with Astros fans.

Pretty lame if you ask me.

I’ll still be at the Ted this season with my jersey on, but it would be great if other people would show up and get rowdy. Remember, going to the game doesn’t mean anything if you sit there on your cell phone and/or leave before the 7th inning (or don’t get there till the 4th).

Nice picture and soon baseball season will start soon in atlanta and hopefully by april the snow will be off the ground. Keep up the good work Mark at

Totally unrelated to this post, but I’m really pulling for Diaz, with the roster currently set as it is, to get a chance to play everyday. If a platoon is to be utilized, it should be in CF with McLouth and Cabrera. It just seems that the consensus is that Diaz will, again, be in a platoon this year Cabrera. Diaz’s stats against righties last year were comparable to Cabrera’s. On the other hand, McLouth’s stats against lefties were significantly worse than Cabrera’s. Also, I think McLouth would benefit more from the rest gained from platooning.

Remember, it took a verbal “call out” from David Justice to get Atlanta fans to get excited about the freakin’ World Series in ’95!!! They came during game 6 just to prove him wrong and it worked. Seems as though through TBS and lack of MLB teams in the southeast, the Braves fan base spread out across many different states (GA, TN, AL, MS, NC, SC, etc). Now, this is no excuse for low attendance but I think it can further explain the fact. It’s still sad that we have one of the most successful sports teams of recent memory and can’t fill the seats.

Bobby I totally agree with the comment about Diaz. I would also really be in favor of Schafer getting a chance to compete for center. He is a great candidate for leadoff and he plays great D. If he can get his batting stroke back after the surgery I think he is a starter in this lineup or anyone elses.

speedybream, I definitely thought a good deal about the David Justice callout, and the sad thing is, for the most part, he was right. It’s hard enough to get Braves fans to show up to the park, and those that do show are complacent anyways. Just really sad.

And your point about the Braves’ fan base being spread out is well made, but it still doesn’t explain why Atlanta fans themselves just don’t seem to care. I mean, I live in Tennessee, and I made a 4-hour drive on a weekday this past September with a friend just to see the Braves make a pass at a playoff run. If you really care about your team, you should at least show up.

I agree, I remember driving 5 hours to see the Braves play at Atlanta Fulton Co. in the early 90s just to get a glimpse of the guys. The devotion wasn’t great then, and I’m not surprised that its not great now. It would be nice if there was a resurgence of Braves pride across Atlanta, but honestly I believe it will take a deep run into the playoffs to do so.

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