Jurrjens relieved after receiving MRI results

Count Jair Jurrjens among the many members of the Braves family who gained a sense of relief on Wednesday morning, when MRI results showed that he isn’t dealing with any structural damage in his right shoulder. 

After Jurrjens felt some discomfort while throwing at the club’s Spring Training complex last week, he was sent to Atlanta to undergo an MRI exam on Tuesday.   The 24-year-old Braves right-hander was told that exam showed he is simply dealing with inflammation and tightness in his shoulder.  

Jurrjens said that the Braves doctors didn’t give him a specific
timetable about when he could start pitching again.  But he’s under the
impression that he could begin a throwing program within the next few
days and still be in line to be ready to make his first
scheduled regular season start.

“It’s a big relief,” Jurrjens said.  “I wasn’t worried.  But any time they start talking about having to have an MRI, it’s not something you want to hear.”  <p>


That is great news. We certainly need him if we’re to make a run this year.

Praise God.

Praise the living name of Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t think that there was ever reason to be worried. There is not a big chance of a guy having any structural damage following a few days of throwing. It’s pretty hard to do. If the report mentioned that Jurrjens had been battling soreness all off season, I would have been more worried. You will have to understand that these guys are multimillion dollar athletes, and MRI and xray fees are not even a concern. If there is any soreness at all, especially before the season any starts, you can bet your bottom dollar that a diagnostic test will take place.

All the freaks over at DOB’s blog were already saying that our season is over cause Jurjjens was over. I guess everyone is just running out of things to talk about.

Too much Red Bull handed out over in DOB land.

praise be to the baseball god lol. I just have one question if wagner and glaus end up being injuried alot this year who are the candates for first base and closer?

Are they going to bring up freeman or use hinske at first or maybe putting in brooks conrad as an everyday secondbase and put prado at first or what and who will they use as a closer if wagner ends up being injured will the braves use moylan satio or maybe mike dunn?

Speedy that a Brave proclamtion on the day AFTER the results are in. I bet your good at predicting winners at the track after they cross the line, too?🙂

ncbravesfan82 – do you believe in periods? Your sentences never end!

you know you can’t really predict who would fill in for an injury until the season starts, especially with the versatile bench that we have. Though I seriously doubt Conrad would be given a position over Infante.

No, billreef, I am an Athletic Trainer, I know how these processes go.

I’m glad to hear that J.J. is ok and it’s nothing more than soreness in his sholder.

I guess from now on I will check this blog every single day so I will be able to read and comment on every post the exact time that it is listed. . . . .

I haven’t heard anyone who is expecting Freeman to be at Gwinnett to start the season. Canizares is resigned, and if Mitch Jones gets signed there isn’t really anywhere for Freddie above AA. Hinske and Infante are the answer in Atlanta this season.

ok so if glaus doesn’t come thru canizares or infante would step up. Now what about Wagner, who will replace him if he doesn’t produce, will it be Jesse Chavez, Mike Dunn, Peter Moylan, Satio or someone else?

And who cares bout periods its a blog

Good point bill, I think it is definately time to get the season started. There are so many question marks for the year, I want to see how things turn out for Bobby’s last year.

NC, there’s really no pressing need to push Freddie Freeman to MLB just because of injuries. Don’t forget about Prado, my guess would be that he would be pushed to first and Infante would most likely take his spot at 2B.

As for Wagner, I am assuming the ‘pen would go to closer by committee just as about every other MLB team if their closer goes down. As least Saito and Moylan have some experience in that position.

I will have to be honest, I see no reason to hand over 2B duties to someone who has had just a cup of tea at the MLB level (Conrad). Infante would probably be the no brainer there. Although, I can see some like Conrad being called up in the absence of Glaus on the roster. But then again, if Glaus gets hurt, we will have a harder time filling the cleanup slot than 1B. By the way, has David Ross ever been given a chance to play a little 1B to get a few more at bats?

uh oh more timestamp problems, my reply to you is listed up above bill, i agree we definately need some baseball.

Because no one will take you seriously if you write like a hyperactive 6 year old who is off his meds.

D*mn Speedy, I was just busting your chops. Every one ith tho thsensitive. I think we need some baseball D*mmit.

Couple things.

Structural damage is gobbldygook for nothing requiring sugery.

It doesn’t mean normal; nor that there’s no problem that won’t resurface, become a surgical problem later, or that he ‘s guaranteed 200 innings this year

Most pitchers shoulders are abnormal, often surprisingly so. At this stage of early spring training, he probably has bursitis and is popping high dose Ibuprofen.

I will agree that all pitchers probably have abnormal shoulders, i mean look at glavine smoltz and maddux….they pitched through pain for YEARS. Glavine should be a good influence for Jair with this issue. There’s never a guarantee with athletes and their bodies. If we sit here and worry about if the guys are 100percent we will all have stomach ulcers. And then we will have to pump the meds. We just need to ride it out and see how the games progress. Jair will be treated with white gloves as he and tommy are the face of the future. The Braves will take no chances with his right arm.

I feel like I am in an episode of Time Travellers Wife reading this blog.

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