Pitchers and catchers arriving to camp

Welcome back to newly renamed  ESPN’s Wide World of Sports complex, where if you aren’t seeing ESPN’s logo, then you aren’t looking.  

Braves pitchers and catchers are reporting on this overcast morning and they will hold their first official workout on Saturday morning.  But there are already a number of position players here in camp. 

Just after 8 a.m. ET,  Brian McCann, Nate McLouth, Jordan Schafer, Dave Ross, Clint Sammons and Matt Diaz made their way to the batting cages beyond the left-center field wall.

Those of you who read that graph before saw that I had included Chipper Jones.  But I’ve since learned that he and Clint Sammons have a similar looking strut from about 300-feet away.   Chipper hasn’t arrived in camp yet.  

Check in throughout the day for updates. 


probably the only Chipper Jones comparison that Mr. Sammons will ever hear. I hope he reads that and soaks it all in.
today is a good day. pitchers and catchers reporting should be a national holiday!!!

Mark – any update on the Damon offer? Is there a timeline on when he plans on making a decision? I just read that Detroit has offered him 2 years and $14 million (Detroit Free Press). For the last couple of weeks, we’ve all been discussing potential lineups and Damon really hasn’t been in the conversation. If the offer above stands, do you see Damon going with the money?

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