Lowe named Opening Day starter

With a vote of confidence, Braves manager Bobby Cox has announced that Derek Lowe will be his Opening Day starter for the second straight season.

Lowe will take the mound when the Braves open the 2010 season against the Cubs on April 5 at Turner Field.   Jair Jurrjens and Tommy Hanson are slated to pitch the other two games against the Cubs that week and Tim Hudson is scheduled to make his season debut on April 9 in San Francisco. 

Lowe’s eight scoreless innings against the Phillies on Opening Day last year served as one of the highlights of a season that soured for him down the stretch.  But he was provided this honor once again from Cox, who views the veteran sinkerballer as a “big-game” pitcher.

As long as his shoulder cooperates, Jurrjens will start the April 7 game against the Cubs.  Hanson would start the series finale the next day.  This arrangement provides Hudson a chance to pitch with at least one extra day of rest before each of his first three starts in April.

Hudson made seven starts after returning from Tommy John surgery last year and all indications are that he is healthy.  But the club wants to take it easy on him early and possibly be in position to monitor the innings completed by Jurrjens and Hanson during the season’s second half.

“We’re trying to keep (Hudson) strong and ready for the stretch
run, so that we can run him out there as often as we can and give Hanson and
Jurrjens a chance to be the guys that get the extra days in the second half,” Cox said.

Lowe would likely return to the mound for the April10 game in San Francisco.  Kenshin Kawakami would make his regular season debut the following day during the series finale against the Giants.


Grapefruit League rotation:

Tues @ Mets  —   Hanson

Wed vs. Mets  —  Hudson  (Moylan and O’Flaherty also scheduled to pitch)

Thurs. vs. Pirates —  Kawakami

Fri. vs. Nats  —  Lowe (Saito and Wagner also scheduled to pitch)

Sat. @Astros — Medlen

Jurrjens will begin throwing off the mound again on Monday and after at least three side sessions, he could slot into the spot currently filled by Medlen.  


congrats Derek!!! Derek Lowe vs. Carlos Zambrano at home to open our season!!!

Hey Mark, I’m a Sergeant in the army stationed near San Francisco. I haven’t seen a Braves game in a few years because of deployments, etc… and now I’m in school for the army and won’t be able to see any Braves games in Atlanta. The one chance I have for catching a series is the opening series in San Francisco. It’ll be the first series in 4 years and I won’t be able to catch a series next year either because I’m deploying as soon as I’m done here.

I can’t get to the opening game because I don’t get out of class/work until 3pm on Friday. Are you pretty sure it’ll be Lowe/Kawakami? I was hoping to see at least one of the other three pitchers. I saw Hanson last year when I caught a AAA game in Syracuse, his last AAA game, where he pitched around 6 innings, pitched damn good early and then got shelled later.

Anyway, even if it is those two, I’d like to go. Hopefully I get to see at least one win. Do you have any suggestions for seating? Visitor side, obviously. And I’m curious if there are any visitor things for the braves, like a signature period or a time to meet any of the players? My wife has never been to a major league game, I am hoping to make it kind of cool for her. Need to turn her from a Yanks fan to a Braves fan…

Anyway, I’m gonna buy the tickets soon, just wondering if you have any advice. Thanks!

Billreef, you don’t say ANYTHING nice… I already purchased the tickets. Friday was sold out so I made sure to get saturday and sunday seats. If I wanted free tickets I would have contacted MWR – we have a military organization for that type of stuff. Damn. I’m starting to think I should just stop posting because all I get is **** from you, and all the people from last year seem to have stopped posting.

As for my wife being a Yankee fan, she’s from NY. So she’s obviously a Yankees fan. The only thing I’m curious about is a fan type set up for a visiting team. And I wondered if he had any seat help as I’ve never been to Candlestick. Jeez. Take the stick out, man.

Neverwhere, that sounds like a thinly veiled attempt to get some free tickets. I haven’t heard a sob story like that since Old Yeller. Does that usually work? I really liked the part where your wife is a Yankees fan, nice touch.

I have no comment on the whole Derek Lowe decision my mom always told me ” if you can’t say something nice”……

Damn Neverwhere. You Ask where to get seats and 8 minutes later you claim you have already bought them. And now I am to blame for all your little buddies from last year who don’t post anymore. Maybe I am causing Tsumais and earthquakes too. Sorry, if I rained on your parade, buddy. It just sounded a little incredulous.

Oh and you said your wife is a Yankees fan from NY and she’s never been to a baseball game???? Huh???

I asked where to get seats, and then when I checked to buy them, I noticed seats for Friday were gone. So I bought tickets. I’ve had this game marked on my calendar since the schedule was announced. As it is there weren’t many tickets left for Saturday and Sunday.

The sheer logistics of asking for tickets from someone who only responds to around 33% of posts online and who you would need to contact outside of this venue in order to even arrange something like that is ridiculous. Why would you even attack me over me asking for some advice?

I can get free tickets elsewhere if I needed them. The only reason I asked is my wife asked me earlier today if we were still planning on going and I saw the post about Lowe and Kawakami. I’ve been talking about this forever. We have a Calendar of all the places we want to see while we are in California. Braves game opening weekend in San Fran is at the top of the list. And you attack a fellow braves fan for that?

I really just wanted to know if there are areas that are considered “better” than others. Especially because Candlestick doesn’t have outfield seating… And I wanted to know if there were any visiting team fan times. I’m going to spend the whole weekend on San Francisco so I wouldn’t be averse to arriving way early or staying super late.

You probably are to blame for the good people going away – your negativity is ridiculous. It’s well placed in some cases, such as that NY Yankee guy, but I’m just a fan since I was 6 who posts occasionally. I don’t come here to get attacked by some guy who needs to get a life. I come here to discuss braves baseball because I don’t know anyone who likes baseball, or if they do, they don’t like the braves.

Whatever. I shouldn’t even be responding to you.

…She’s from Syracuse. Not NYC. She is a yankees fan because her dad is. NY is a whole big state, billreef. Not just NYC like most people assume…I said she has never been to a major league game. She has been to many AAA games in Syracuse, including the Hanson game with me, where she sat bored because I wanted to go…

And as for posting that 8 minutes later… I posted that around two hours later. I watched nearly an entire hockey game in between those posts. The timestamps are obviously off… especially as it has my posts before yours.

Anyway, whatever, billreef. I’m assuming Mark will either not respond or say something like “They don’t usually have visiting team fan time.” So its probably a moot point anyway. I’m just hoping. And ignoring you, now.

Well Neverwhere I hate to comment again, because you are “ignoring” me now. But several facts kind of give you away. You claim to now have purchased tickets to “Candlestick Park” which doesn’t exist any longer. The San Francisco Giants play in At&T park. Also there are many outfield seats at this park. I am pretty sure “Candlestick” no longer has any infield seats , probably no concession stands or bathrooms either. As to having a life. At least I don’t have to make up a ******* in order to advance some ulterior motive on a “Fan” website.

Hey neverwhere, I just want to say to thanks for what you do in the Army. A lot of guys like myself take stuff like going to a Braves game in Atlanta for granted. So thanks for your part in defending our country. As far as DLowe starting Opening Day, yeah there are 3 guys who are better suited for that role but he makes more $ than all of them, so the Braves might as well use him for these situations.

I’m so sorry Candlestick exists and will have concession stands and bathrooms, but they won’t be open when you go to the “game”. And they won’t have any infield or outfield seats, know why? They play football there. Maybe you really bought football tickets.

Oh and Neverwhere there are 8 different classes of outfield seats at AT&T park. All are available for the Sat and Sun games. Was anything you said true? Hate to say it, but I read this one right.

Neverwhere – I would also like to thank you for your service to our great country. I lost a friend in Afganistan at Christmas time. Thank you for your sacrifice. You are a hero. Plus you are a Braves fan… which makes you pretty awesome in my book. Not once did I think you were making a passive attempt for free tickets… and even if you were… who the *** cares? You deserve a complimentary Braves ticket for life.
Also – I’ve been a part of this blog since the beginning. Although there’s a user on here who only make sense 10-20% of the time, is mostly negative, and complains more than Paris Hilton in a Haitian refugee camp… I still find value in Mark’s updates and insider information. billreef has not chased us a way… we just tend to ignore most of his bs.

Bravo, If you believe all that I’ve got some tickets for the next baseball game at Candlestick that I’d like to sell you. They are really cheap, I’ll discount them below face value even. And you really ought to give yourself more credit, you are right maybe 25 percent of the time.

Oh, and I’ll even throw in Round trip air fare for free. It’ll be 1st class Eastern Airline tickets, enjoy the game!!! Oh and I got an email from this Nigerian Prince…..

I have been told that the Braves are squarely in the hunt to sign Wagner Mateo. Have you heard anything concerning the validity of this report?

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