Heyward set to make GL season debut

The heavy rains that pelted the Port St. Lucie area this morning have subsided and the sun is shining bright for this afternoon’s Grapefruit League season opener between the Braves and Mets. 

While the Mets opted to alter their starting lineup because of the soggy conditions, the Braves will be sending out most of their starters to play on what now appears to be a pretty dry field.  Don’t forget you can catch today’s game on MLB Network.

With Chipper Jones and Troy Glaus set to make their exhibition season debut tomorrow against the Mets in Disney, Jason Heyward will be batting in the third spot.   With the wind blowing out, could the legend of the 20-year-old outfielder grow even larger today?

Nate McLouth 8
Martin Prado 4
Jason Heyward 9
Brian McCann 2
Yunel Escobar 6
Melky Cabrera 7
Eric Hinske 3
Omar Infante 5
Mitch Jones DH

Tommy Hanson is scheduled to pitch the first two innings.  Kris Medlen, Jesse Chavez, Mike Dunn, Chris Resop, James Parr and Manny Acosta will serve as the relievers. 


First inning recap: Before drawing a two-out walk, Heyward showed good bat control while fouling off a 1-1 offspeed pitch…Hanson surrendered a leadoff single and then recorded consecutive strikeouts before Mike Jacobs ended the inning with a flyout. The big righty threw 11 of his 18 pitches for strikes.

Tommy Hanson just picks up where he left off in September. Heyward looks like he has been batting 3rd for 10 years.

Yeah I know! 1 hit, 2 walks, 2 SBs (maybe one of those was a passed ball). i’m surprised the ball didn’t explode on that one hit he had.

To anyone watching the game, did Jesse Chavez look as bad as what it sounded like on the radio? From what I heard, it was either a ball or right down the middle…

Well, Chris Resop seems to be in mid season form – first bomb of the Spring.

Well, Chris Resop seems in mid season form – first bomb of the Spring.

Hey, it’s Spring Training for us too! Why does it do that?

I thought jesse was the worst news of the day speedy. Even the outs he got were rocked. It didn’t look like he had any movement on his pitches at all and obviously the hitters didn’t think so. The thing that distressed me most about his performance was that he was getting hit on 0-2 and 1-2 counts. He was getting strikes and got tagged trying to get SO’s.
To me the guy that looked sharpest(pitcher) today was Kris Medlen. Hanson was pitching well but he looked like he was working on a pitch or two(lots of nasty stuff low and out of Zone). Medlen’s stuff was crisp and filthy. He had great control and they were missing his breaking balls by a foot.

Oh yeah and Bravo I caught a ball and I thought about keeping it to send to you. But I gave it to a little girl, thought that that would be an appropriate tribute.🙂

I thought Manny Acosta looked alright too. I was very impressed with the bat speed Heyward showed in his first two ABs. You also gotta love that he was up there being selective getting two walks!

What I really liked about heyward today was how on top of the baerunning he was. Twice he went from 1st to second on balls that a lot of baserunners would not have moved on. Like Mark was saying in the next article, it’s the little things which will determine whether he is ready or not. Another guy that looked fundamentally sound today was FF. He made a stellar play at 1st and really looked much more advanced than he did last spring. I have to say, I really like that kid. He kind of reminds me of a young BMac with a few less pounds. He is just solid.

Let’s hope the Chavez turns it around before the season starts. It would really be a downer to trade our closer for a guy that can’t find the strike zone. If i’m not mistaken, I think that has been the wrap on him for a while now. . . .

I always think it’s hilarious when people put so much into a performance in a spring training game. Especially the first one. Last year Chavez had 22 BBs in 67 innings, so him not being able to find the strike zone isn’t “the wrap” on him. I also don’t think that Infante will get released after striking out twice. But yeah, after repeat offenses there’s a problem.

Viva, The rap or “bad rap” doesn’t have no “w” as in Wrapping a fish, which is what we do in Miami. My concern with Chavez wasn’t so much control as he was grooving fastballs when AHEAD in the count. The hitters were also seeing his pitches awfully well. I didn’t pronounce him DOA though, I’m still curious to see him again. So now Heward has hit a double?? Did anyone see this?? Can we here how hard it was hit and how far it went. Geez I hope the kid looks bad striking out sometime soon before he becomes the 2nd coming.

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