Jurrjens throws while Chipper and Heyward sit

MLB.com’s Peter Gammons arrived in Braves camp today just in time for Jason Heyward’s first day off since the Grapefruit League season began. 

Braves manager Bobby Cox said he selfishly wanted to put Heyward in the lineup for the sixth straight day, but was persuaded by his bench coach Chino Cadahia a day to rest.

Chipper Jones will also miss this afternoon’s game against the Astros because of a jammed right thumb that he incurred when he got jammed with a pitch on Friday.  Not wanting to aggravate this ailment that he has occasionally battled in the past, Jones plans to rest at least one more day before possibly returning to the lineup on Tuesday night against Roy Halladay and the Phillies.

Jair Jurrjens’ 24-pitch live batting practice session was completed in a pain-free manner this morning and the 24-year-old right-hander will likely repeat this exercise on Wednesday.  It now appears that his first Grapefruit League start could come Saturday against the Blue Jays.

Scott Proctor also impressed Braves manager Bobby Cox with the live batting practice session he completed this morning.

“He’s really firing the ball,” Cox said of the right-handed reliever, who is coming back from Tommy John surgery.

Proctor could begin pitching in games within the next week to 10 days.  Once he does, the Braves will gain a better sense about when he could be added to their outfield mix.  While possible, Opening Day still seems to be a rather optimistic projection.     


Nate McLouth 8
Martin Prado 4
Melky Cabrera 9
Troy Glaus 3
Brian McCann 2
Yunel Escobar 6
Matt Diaz 7
Brooks Conrad 5
Tommy Hanson 1


Maybe i missed some extenuating circumstance as to why because i am following the live box score but did Diaz really just try to steal home?

oh nvm, just noticed that moehler threw a wild pitch, I’m assuming Diaz just didn’t make it home in time to score

I think Hanson missed the sign for a squeeze play there, leaving Diaz as a sitting duck.

It was a rough day for Hanson. Berkman’s second double ended the day for big right-hander, who allowed three runs — two earned — and three hits in 2 1/3 innings. He threw 32 of 53 pitches for strikes.

So if a .200 BA is the Mendoza line, do we now call .100 the McLouth line?

Mark, I noticed that Brooks Conrad went 1 for 2 with an RBI. Do you think he has a chance of making the MLB roster or do you think he will most likely start the season at AAA?

who the hell needs homeruns when your team get hit after hit after hit. We have 7 runs without the aid of a single big fly.

It makes me happy that they are trying Brooks out on a position other than second because if he learns more defensive versatility then he will most likely beat out Thurston for the bench job. That’s the way I see it anyway.

Conrad certainly hasn’t hurt his bid to be on the OD roster. Because of his offensive capabilities, I’d currently put him in front of Thurston in the battle for that last roster spot for a position player.

good showing by Cory Gearrin. I keep forgetting that sometimes guys from the minor league camp are brought in for a spring training appearance.

I think it’s a safe bet that 11 out of 10 Braves fans want Brooks Conrad on the team over Joe Thurston.

Man, I think you have to love Brooks Conrad. He wasn’t in the lineup to start the season, probably isn’t projected to make the team(I hope so) and he leads the team in TB and damn near everything else. He is that kind of spark that this team needs. And besides Chipper probably isn’t gonna play 162 or even close to that this year. He is in the 1st week on ST and he’s already hurt. We need someone coming off the bench that can hit. oh and Conrad isn’t learning 3rd. He has played a bunch of it in the Minors and even has some SS games. Nothing wrong with his glove.

I’m with Bill. Also, anybody else remember the game a from 2007 where so many IF got hurt/used and Chipper moved to SS and Willie Harris played 3B? That game reinforced my belief that you can never have too many IF. Unless one of them is Diory Hernandez.

I like a flexible bench of Hinske (corner IF and OF), Conrad (anywhere IF based on experience), and Infante (pretty much anywhere).

uh, i believe in that game that happened when bobby put the relief pitcher in LF and moved Willie Harris to 3B. Had nothing to do with infield depth on the bench. Just sayin.

uh, i believe in that game that happened when bobby put the relief pitcher in LF and moved Willie Harris to 3B. Had nothing to do with infield depth on the bench. Just sayin.

Brooks has done just about everything asked of him to belong on the MLB team. That’s just about all you can ask for from a player. I’m pulling for him. We should have a great deal of versatility with Infante, Hinske, and Conrad. Hey, can’t be any worse than having a pinch hitter that doesn’t hit or play a position…..

I agree about Brooks. Maybe he’ll take a path similar to Prado and be a great sub for injuries and days of for the starters. I know we have Heinske (sp?), Infante, and apparantly Melky on the bench, but I’d like to see Brooks in there too. It’d be nice to maintain our good defense and actually get some offense from all of our bench guys.

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