Conrad and Thurston could stage a tight battle

If the battle to earn the last roster spot for a position play ends the way it has started, Brooks Conrad and Joe Thurston are going to force the Braves to make a tough decision. 

Conrad has been displaying some power  (two doubles and a homer) while hitting .462 (6-for-13) during his first six games of the Grapefruit League season.  Thurston’s .500 batting average has come courtesy of the four singles he has recorded in his eight at-bats. 

“Conrad has been playing great and Thurston, the same thing,” Braves manager Bobby Cox said.

From a defensive standpoint, Thurston and Conrad possess similar skills.  Both have seen most of their playing time at second and third base and also shown the ability to play the outfield if necessary.

The starting lineup for Monday afternoon’s game against the Tigers had Conrad at second base and Thurston positioned at third base.


Javy Lopez has arrived in camp this week to serve as a special assistant, which basically means he’s in town to have some fun, soak up the atmosphere and catch up with some old friends from the organization. 

Lopez made the trip to Lakeland this afternoon and immediately started talking to Miguel Cabrera about using some of the bats his company, Bones, manufactures.  The former Braves catcher also wants Jason Heyward and Freddie Freeman to test some of his bats. 

Chipper Jones wants to get an early look at Roy Halladay during tomorrow night’s game against the Phillies.  The Braves third baseman was hurt when Halladay faced the Braves last year and he has just two career regular season at-bats (with both coming in 1999) against the former American League Cy Young Award winner.

But Cox indicated that he may opt to show some precaution with Jones, who has been sidelined since jamming his right thumb on Friday.   

“We’ll see,” Cox said. “You know jams don’t go away that quickly.” 

There might be another change in the schedule for Jair Jurrjens.  Cox now says the 24-year-old right-hander will throw his second round of live batting practice tomorrow.   This was the projected schedule until Sunday, when the Braves revealed he would wait until Wednesday to throw again.

Check back after the game to get clarification about Jurrjens’ schedule.

BRAVES LINEUP for Monday’s game
Infante 6
Cabrera 8
Heyward 9
Glaus 3
Hinske DH
Diaz 7
Ross 2
Conrad 4
Thurston 5



Does anyone still think we could get something for McLouth?

My blackberry isn’t showing a live box score, can someone update on what’s going on?

I like Javy and everything, but those bats are hideous. With that logo, it looks like something you would get at Spencer’s Gifts in the mall.

Saw in the “live box” that Heyward homered. Anyone who saw it live or TV that can give details?

This live box score stuff is maddening. If gameday can show minor league games and the AFL why can’t they do spring training? Is it even legal for us to have heyward on our team?

I won’t buy a bat from Javy, he could never fix the holes in his own… just a playful rib, glad to hear Javy has something going for him.

4 fer 8 is a ba of .500 right?

please dont make a mistake and let Conrad get away.

Maybe we should keep both Conrad and Thurston and try to get something for Melky. With Heyward almost a sure thing and Infante/Hinske available in the outfield, Cabrera is expendable.

Keep Melky, dump Mclouth, play Shafer. Javy never had a hole in his bat, the hole was in his glove.

I agree on the McLouth comment Bill, but come on…there were some times where Javy looked like an MVP, and sometimes he just looked foolish…. There’s no question he was a great player for the Braves, but there were times where he couldn’t hit a beach ball with a telephone pole.

I don’t know. Javy’s last year in ATL. BA .328 OBP .378 SLG .687 OPS 1.065. Were we watching the same games my friend? I think ATL got the best of Javy’s bat, for sure.


Ha, maybe viva, but I don’t think so. Bill, I will agree 100% that Javy had a sensational last season in Atlanta. But, as a complete work, there were times where he was clueless at the plate. I don’t think anyone can dispute that. The guy was a great guess hitter than could capatilize on mistakes. He definately looked like an MVP that last season, but sometimes he looked like Pedro Cerrano (from Major League fame) trying to hit a curve ball. Plus, most of my comment was in joking fashion. But overall, Javy was definately the best offensive catcher I can remember coming through the Atlanta system (until now).
Moving on for billreef or anyone else who has caught some spring training games. . . what have you guys noticed about Chipper so far in this young season. I haven’t been able to see a game yet, but would love to see if his offense (and defense for that matter) are “fixed”.

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