Heyward hits the roof with his first blast

Given that this is Spring Training, I could tell you that Jason Heyward’s first homer of the Grapefruit League season came off Max Scherzer’s 100-mph fastball and traveled about 500 feet before piercing the roof of a building located beyond the right field wall. 

Truth be told, this account wouldn’t necessarily be deemed a drastic dramatization of what occurred during the first inning of Monday afternoon’s game against the Tigers at Joker Marchant Stadium. 

Heyward’s  first blast of the year did come at the expense of  hard-throwing Scherzer and did dent the metal roof that covers the batting cages located beyond the right field wall here in Lakeland.

Conservatively the ball traveled at least 420 feet bounced off the roof covering the batting cages and then shattered Braves assistant general manager Bruce Manno’s sunroof yet again.

OK, the part about Manno’s vehicle incurring further damage courtesy of Heyward’s powerful bat was indeed further fabrication.  But as the legend of this 20-year-old outfielder grows, he continues to do things that seem too good to be true. 

Along with displaying the power of his 6-foot-5, 245-pound frame with this homer, Heyward once again showed the kind of plate discipline that allowed him to draw four walks in the first 13 plate appearances he compiled this year. 

Before sending Scherzer’s 3-2 fastball into orbit, Heyward battled back from an 0-2 hole.

This more than the power led former Braves outfielder and current broadcaster Brian Jordan to approach me a few minutes later and say, “Are you impressed yet.” 

Quite frankly, it’s been easy to be impressed with something different about Heyward on a daily basis.   



The comment about denting Manno’s car again was really unfair. I started howling and then found it wasn’t true. Be careful, or there may be some shaving cream in your seat at one of these ST games.🙂

omg, Mitch Jones actually did something…wow

Jurrjens is now back on his original scheduled. He’ll throw live BP tomorrow and if all goes well pitch Thursday night vs. Yankees.

I’ve tried to downplay my excitement for what Jason Heyward has been doing, because I’ve been burned before (ex. Joey Devine). But the more I see from this kid the more impressed I am. Also, it’s good to hear that Jurrjens is back on schedule. I can’t wait for him to start pitching again so that everyone will stop talking about his sore shoulder.


Dear Commissioner Selig,

We would like to take the time and petition Major League Baseball to extend Spring Training. Maybe it could start around December instead of March?

Dear MLB Player’s Union, Owners, and GMs,

We would like to take the time and petition for salary bonuses and rewards for preseason performance.


Jojo Reyes and Gregor Blanco

bravo, haha, that makes me laugh. . . . . .I guess if there was a Mr. March award, they would be leading candidates. . .

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