Watching it rain

As rain continues to pelt the tarp here at Disney, it appears Jair Jurrjens might have to wait until Tuesday to finally pitch against batters who are not wearing a Braves uniform.

But the Pirates made their scheduled departure from Bradenton at 10 a.m. and for now they are still scheduled to play the Braves here at Disney at some point today.  According to, it appears the rain could subside between 2-4 p.m. ET.

Jurrjens’ scheduled debut was rained out last night and if Mother Nature continues to saturate the Disney area this afternoon, he will get his work in by simulating two innings in the indoor batting cages.  The Braves will want him to be ready to at least attempt to complete three innings during his scheduled start on Tuesday.

To stay on his schedule, Tommy Hanson, who was scheduled to work four today, would also simulate his workload in the batting cages.

If today’s game is played, the Braves will have Martin Prado bat leadoff and move Nate McLouth down to the two hole.  This is just an an example of one of the many ways Bobby Cox could  toy with his lineup mix during the exhibition season.

As mentioned before, there’s not much reason to be concerned about the fact that McLouth has recorded just one hit in his first 16 at-bats.  Really that simply amounts to a couple of bad games.  But the fact that he has struck out six times already certainly intensifies the reason to wonder if the Braves would be better off with somebody out in the leadoff spot.

Derek Lowe seems pretty confident that he will be able to make his start against the Nationals on Monday night.  When he took his sock off this morning, it was apparent that the blister on his right big toe wasn’t nearly as ugly as it was when he was forced to leave Wednesday’s game after just one inning. 




They are going to try to start playing at 1:30 p.m. ET.

I would rather Lowe take a few extra days needed to make sure, he is no good to us hurt. He doesn’t have the stuff to fight thru it.

Wayno, not sure what your comment means. Just because a guy has “good stuff” doesn’t mean that he can/cannot fight through an injury. Plus, as I think you implied, Spring Training is not the time to push through anything.

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