Minor and Ortegano sent to Minor League camp

With a limited innings available to fill during games, the Braves have sent 10 pitchers back to Minor League camp. 

Left-handed pitchers Lee Hyde, Jose Ortegano and Mike Minor, who was taken with the seventh overall selection in last year’s First-Year Player Draft,  headlined the list of players who learned Monday that they were part of the club’s first round of cuts. At some point during the past couple of weeks, Braves manager Bobby Cox said that each of these young hurlers will pitch at the Major League level.

The most notable position player affected was outfielder Cody Johnson, who was the club’s first-round selection in the 2006 Draft.  

With today’s cuts, Steve Marek, James Parr, Todd Redmond and Hyde  were optioned to Triple-A Gwinnett.  Ortegano and right-handed pitchers Juan Abreu and Kyle Cofield were optioned to Double-A Mississippi.

As non-roster invitees, Johnson, Minor, right-handed pitcher Chris Resop and Erik Cordier and catchers Braeden Schlehuber and Jesus Sucre were all re-assigned to Minor League camp.

Here is the lineup for tonight’s game against the Nationals.

McLouth 8
Prado 4
Heyward 9
McCann 2
Escobar 6
Cabrera 7
Hinske 3
Infante 5
Lowe 1


Apparently McClouth missed the memo that the lead off hitter is supposed to have the least amount of strikeouts…. Not lead the majors in them. 10 strikeouts in 22 plate appearances??? I’d rather have Kris Medlen bat lead off. McClouth needs to figure it out soon. This seems to be the biggest glaring weakness in the club moving forward. In all seriousness, if he continues this production throughout the Spring, I hope Bobby moves him down in the lineup and let Diaz, Prado, or Escobar bat lead off.

Not surprised that any of those got cut, just a little surprised that Mike Minor, Chris Resop, Todd Redmond and Cody Johnson went so early. I understand that it was the whole “not if, but when” with those four but I didn’t think they’d be on the first list.

oh, and btw. Where in the world (literally) is Luis Valdez?!?! Is the poor guy still having visa problems?

I would have liked to see some more of Minor but other than him, it’s what I expected.

Prado solo HR, Heyward broken-bat infield single so far in the 1st. I don’t much like watching the Nationals’ telecast, but hey…

I assume Minor was sent down so he could stretch out as a starter? Maybe not, thats just my assumption why he left – no innings for someone who has no chance here and might be stretched out to pitch as a starter.

Cody Johnson… well, he can rake, from what I’ve heard, but the K’s need to come down. I assume he’ll be at AA.

Is Canizares still at AAA?

Nice recovery by Escobar.

Yeah, Canizares wasn’t even invited to big league camp. This first inning was certainly much less eventful than the one that Lowe completed against the Mets last week. He induced a pair of groundouts and then ended the frame with a strikeout of Ryan Zimmerman.

Lowe proves equally as impressive in the second inning. Dunn hit a long foul ball and then saw his sharp grounder gloved by Escobar who was playing the shift on the right side of the infield. Dukes and Adam Kennedy went down looking.

Lowe is dealing so far… that two-seamer/sinker is particularly lively today.

Lowe is looking really good for this time of the spring. He has only what, 3 innings so far this spring prior to this outing?

Lowe worked a scoreless third that included a groundout, a sacrifice. The only thing that separated him from being perfect through three was the fact that Martin Prado’s throw found a hole in first baseman Eric Hinske’s glove. Well not literally, but you know what I mean. It appeared to be a routine groundout until the ball hit the top of the webbing and went toward the home dugout.

Forgot to throw a strikeout in there for the third inning. While facing 10 batters through three innings, Lowe has induced five grounders and recorded four strikeouts. The only other ball put in play was a sac bunt that followed Hinske’s error.

You know, McLouth’s avg. is getting so low that each succesive failure doesn’t really lower the points that far. Kind of the opposite of late in the season when a really great performance only raises your avg. a few points. And just as a point of reference I ALWAYS thought McLouth was a bad move. He hasn’t looked comfortable since he became a Brave and even for a while before that. Some might say I’m negative, but it only applies to players who I don’t believe in. I am such a big supporter of so many players on this team, but I don’t sing there praises every day. They don’t need for me to. I am just not blessed with Bobby’s undying support for players who I think have lost it.

Lowe was obviously pretty happy with his performance and yes, he made a remark about his inability to get that bunt down. During his four scoreless innings, he recorded six strikeouts and induced five groundouts. He would have had six groundouts if Eric Hinske didn’t bring back memories of those games that Ken Caminiti spent at first base in 2001.

Did Lowe forget how to bunt? That was terrible.

That a boy Dunn

Lyman is looking really good except for the wild pitch.

I’m starting to think that Bill isn’t a fan of McLouth. Anyone else picking up on this?

Look, it’s just spring training. Plenty of people have had awful springs and turned it around come April. Now if we’re talking 10 K’s after the first week in April then I’m all ears, but right now I couldn’t care less. I’d be more than happy with a McLouth that bats .260 and gives me 20 HR’s as long as he was in the 8th spot. I still don’t understand him in the leadoff spot.

On the bright side, McLouth is the only projected Opening Day starter that is struggling so far.
7 out of 8 (or 8 out of 9 if you include Melky) ain’t bad… C’mon bill, enjoy ST. There will be plenty of time for you to be negative over the next six months.

To be honest, I don’t think bill has ever been a fan of McLouth. Subtlety is not what I would call bill’s strong suit. However, I can’t help but agree with Billreef on this one. The only substantial contribution I can remember McLouth giving the Braves was the big homer vs the Brewers last year. However, McLouth is still young and has great potential. Let’s hope he turns it around in the upcoming weeks.

Well, let me tell you how I really feel…….. Just Kidding. You guys make my day.

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